TigerTime – Save the Tiger ~ Please Add your Name!

Great Cats of the "World"

Will you sign so this petition is “delivered” with it’s Targeted Goal ?????? I hope so ❤ ~ Greatcatsofthe”World”
Via –TigerTime – Save the Tiger
We’re on a mission – will you help us? We want to deliver 500,000 signatures to the Chinese Embassy in London this October to show how important we feel China’s role is at CITES 2016 for the future of the tiger. Find out more and join us at
http://bit.ly/SpeakUp4Tigers please share
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Pick Your Abusers Well. And Colorado Horse Rescue Network’s Bright Idea.

Horse Advocates of Colorado

CHRNThe Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region reports they got 4200 abuse calls last year–that’s 11 ½ a day. Some are about horses that are a bit ribby and some are horror stories of blood and fear, whole herds starved or victims of cruelty. How do we even approach this overwhelming problem with our limited resources?

To begin with, it’s a huge, complicated issue. I’m just going to chew on one corner of it here. Can we agree that not all “abusers” are created equal?

This is Captain. Members of the Colorado Horse Rescue Network got him at the Calhan auction last weekend, and Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue took on his re-feeding program. First, humor me and go watch a short video (here) of him eating mush. I want to nominate him for the Academy Award for Sound Effects. It’s the first day of the rest of his life, and long or…

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End the Iditarod

Exposing the Big Game

Action Alert from All-Creatures.org


February 2015


Iditarod season is upon us again – March 7, 2015

Go here and Write to Iditarod sponsors and supporters


Sled Dogma: Reality Bites believes that a tethering ban on a federal level is necessary to significantly improve conditions for the sled dogs associated with commercial mushing. Currently commercial sled dog operations are exempt from federal regulations under a “working dog” exclusion.

Please watch Dream an Iditarod Dream (with links to other videos). This video shows the living conditions of the Iditarod “participants” when they’re not “racing”.

See for yourself the conditions in which commercial sled dogs in Alaska are forced to live. These animals are located on a property deep in the woods with no residence on site — they are left alone to fend for themselves without any human supervision besides a daily distribution of…

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Animal research

Rethinking Life

Animal research


I have a LOT of buttons and decided to share some of them. So…

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The WP customer response request I received today

Tell Me About It

BELOW MY 4th or 5th response maybe 4th because I know one I received an error message in one!!! Go figure:

I like the old admin secure pages, I do not like the new stats page! I feel like we are being forced to use the new design! I DO NOT understand why WordPress cannot stop making changes! It’s VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!
Takes the fun out of blogging if I constantly have to figure out a way around the new changes!
I had several bed bound friends that have all but quit blogging because they cannot keep up or figure out how to respond to comments.
I’m techie so this of course it just a pain for me but for those who rely on WP to reach out to others it’s cruel to do to them! I realize “NEW AND INNOVATIVE” is the wave of the future, but the elderly/sick/not techie…

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The Right To Be Wild

The Wolf Preservation Blog

mexican wolf

Image of Nina: the last female Mexican Gray Wolf found in the wild. Courtesy of Emily Renn: Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project  

“About The Film and our Mission

The Right to be Wild, is a tale of Hope, Struggle, Survival and Determination.  It is the story of the Mexican Gray Wolf; a wolf that is one the Most Endangered Mammals in North Americaand the most endangered subspecies of Gray Wolf in the World. It is also a story about people who work hard and tirelessly trying to save them.


Mexican gray wolveswere completely eradicated from the United States by the mid 20th century, and extremely close to extinction in the wild.

In 1976, they were listed under the endangered species act and protecting the species  became the law. Then, after an agreement was made between the U.S. and Mexico, a trapper hired by the…

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Should You Double Your Protein Intake?

ISIS Sends Out This Message To All Christians: ‘You Will Soon See An Ocean Of Blood For All The Nation Of The Cross’

Vietnam, Thailand Look To India, Ecuador As Possible Suppliers of Shrimp During Shortage

Sustainable Cowboys or Welfare Ranchers of the American West?

Straight from the Horse's Heart


Report analyzes taxpayer bailout of U.S. public lands ranching [Part II of a series on ranchers]

by Vickery Eckhoff

Cliven-Bundy-on-Horseback-e1423775080754-620x264 Public lands livestock operators each cost taxpayers nearly a quarter of a million dollars in subsidies over the last decade. (AP Photo/Las Vegas Review-Journal, John Locher)

Five hundred million dollars[1]. That’s what 21,000[2] ranchers who graze their livestock on America’s iconic western rangelands are estimated to have cost US taxpayers in 2014 — and every year for the past decade. This averages out to an annual taxpayer subsidy of $23,809 per rancher — approximately a quarter of a million dollars each since 2005. So why does this small subset, representing just 2.7% of US livestock producers, protest the “welfare rancher” label?

 The public lands grazing program is welfare.

That $23,809 — and it’s a lowball figure — is a form of…

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“Cute Baby Wolf Puppy Playing at the San Diego Zoo”

Howling For Justice

I couldn’t resist posting this cute little video of two month old wolf pup Shadow ❤


Video: Courtesy YouTube San Diego Zoo

Posted in: gray wolf

Tags: Shadow the wolf pup, San Diego Zoo, cuteness overload

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Beating high blood pressure with coconut oil and exercise


Beating high blood pressure with coconut oil and exercise
– Either coconut oil supplementation or exercise training was shown to reduce blood pressure. However, only combined coconut oil and exercise training were able to bring the pressure back to normotensive values. The reduction in blood pressure caused by the combination of coconut oil supplementation and exercise training might be explained by the improvement of the reduced baroreflex sensitivity and by the reduction in oxidative stress in the serum, heart and aorta.
* Coconut oil supplementation and physical exercise improves baroreflex sensitivity and oxidative stress in hypertensive rats
Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 10.1139/apnm-2014-0351

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Nosey The Elephant In Need Of Our HELP.

Getting nowhere fast: How having more stuff is eating up all the gains from being more efficient | MNN – Mother Nature Network


via Getting nowhere fast: How having more stuff is eating up all the gains from being more efficient | MNN – Mother Nature Network.

Our homes are way more efficient than they used to be, but we’re using more energy per capita.

By: Lloyd Alter

Fri, Feb 13, 2015

Our houses are better (but bigger), and we keep burning more energy. (Graphic: U.S. Energy Information Administration)

It’s really quite remarkable, how much more energy-efficient everything is these days. Our houses are built to higher standards; our fridges use a fraction of the power they used to, our cars get better mileage — yet we are using more energy per capita than we ever have.
I blame Stanley Jevons. His theory, also known as the rebound effect, was that if things become more efficient, we use more of them. Even as our houses get more efficient, they get bigger and…

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Nwo Report

Ajit Pai, the sole Republican Commissioner on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), inferred in a Tweet that President Barack Obama’s secret, 332-page “Net Neutrality” document is a scheme for federal micro-managing of the Internet to extract billions in new taxes from consumers and again enforce progressives’ idea of honest, equitable, and balanced content fairness.

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Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog



To my (still relevant)


post in October 2014!

Because you never know what the day may bring

So Stay Safe – Not Sorry




Backup cartoon



(For WordPress Users)




EXPORT (again)


set it to ALL CONTENT then press


CHECK to ENSURE the downloaded file has a size value LESS THAN 15 MB

IF the file reads ZERO – then delete it and do the following

GO BACK to Admin – Tools – Export – Export

Select POSTS

Select START and FINISH dates (say from January to December of the first year)



CHECK to ENSURE the downloaded file has a size value LESS THAN 15 MB

If it DOES.

Make a folder for the POSTS

labelled with the period the file covered…

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