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*********************WEEKEND OF PROTESTS FOR T-24********************

Great Cats of the "World"

The Weekend is getting Close as those Continuing to Roar for Ustad are doing so near and far. ❤

>>> 3 DAYS TO GO BEFORE THE TWEET-STORM FOR USTAD ~ OCT. 3rd Saturday 7pm UK time:

>>> 4 DAYS TO GO BEFORE THE “Wildlife Awareness Rally (WAR)” AS INDIA WALKS FOR THEIR WILDLIFE AND USTAD ~ Sunday, October 4
at 9:30am in UTC+05:30

Continuing to Help Spread Ustad’s plight Internationally , again a big Shout out to BCR for submitting Ustad in their “Newsletter” which hit 100,000 people yesterday.
If you have missed the link you can read it here :

Please Share!
Thank you !

Original image of Ustad courtesy Archna Singh with much thanks xx

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Petition · Stop Tourists and Poachers from Interrupting Sea Turtles from Nesting in Costa Rica ·

Action Alert! Support the Protest Against GE Trees at ArborGen – Global Justice Ecology Project

Petition · Save the CATS of Washington D.C. ·


Urgent: Help Stop SeaWorld’s Plans to Continue Keeping Orcas in Tanks;jsessionid=0D53DC00B8FB90917DDC3FFBCF3EB6F5.app330a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=6111&autologin=true&utm_campaign=092615%20Advocacy%20Digest&utm_source=PETA%20E-Mail&utm_medium=Alert

Friends of the Earth: The Biggest Jobs on Earth

Petition Update · Deadline Ends Today ·

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Churchill problem polar bear report for 7-13 September 2015


Latest report on problem bears in Churchill, Manitoba, from the town’s Facebook page. See previous post herefor map and background.

19 polar bears handled to date this year; 12 bears in the holding facility.

Polar bear-TRANSPORTED-TO-POLAR-PRISON_w Huff Post 2011

Photo above: A bear is transported to Churchill’s polar bear holding facility (from a 2011 Huffington Post article, “Polar Bear Prison”).

Activity report for 7-14 September 2015 copied below (click to enlarge):

2015 Sept 7-13_at Sept 14

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50,000 Animals About To Be Brutally Sacrificed On Streets Of NYC

Life or Lunch?

Yom Kippur is right around the corner — and tens of thousands of chickens are about to be sacrificed in a highly controversial ritual.

“It’s a carnival of cruelty,” Karen Davis, president of United Poultry Concerns (UPC), told The Dodo.

WARNING: Graphic photos below.

In the practice of kapparot, supplicants swing a live chicken around their heads three times while saying a prayer that translates to: “This is my exchange, this is my substitute, this is my expiation. This chicken shall go to death and I shall proceed to a good, long life and peace.” The chicken is then slaughtered and, traditionally, donated to the poor.

Not many Jews practice kapparot, and an even smaller portion use a live chicken, as a bag of money is an accepted alternative. But the practice has drawn intense scrutiny both from within the Jewish community and without, particularly in places like Brooklyn…

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First Arctic Nations Circumpolar Polar Bear Action Plan Fails to Mention Impacts of Radiation

Mining Awareness +

Comment deadline within hours for US Polar Bear Plan (11.59 pm Saturday, 19 Sept. Eastern Time). See summary points and comment link below the WWF press release.
USFWS Photo in Circumpolar Action Plan: Conservation Strategy for Polar Bears.
USFWS Photo in “Circumpolar Action Plan”

The new Arctic Nations International Polar Bear “Circumpolar Action Plan” speaks generically about pollution risks, but does not specifically mention radioactive pollution, even though AMAP, Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program has recently stated: “The Arctic is vulnerable to radioactive pollution transported from distant sources, whether by ocean currents or via the atmosphere. These sources include the atmospheric nuclear tests conducted in the 1950s and 1960s, nuclear fuel reprocessing, historical dumping and, more recently, accidents such as those at nuclear power plants in Chernobyl in 1986 and Fukushima in 2011./ New potential sources of radioactive contamination in the Arctic include the decommissioning of nuclear power plants in Europe, which may lead to temporary increases in radioactive discharges…

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Nuclear radiation depletes the ozone layer, will eventually destroy planet’s oxygen


HAZARDS OF LOW LEVEL RADIOACTIVITY, Nuclear Reader, ………OZONE BREAKDOWN The protective layer of ozone around the Earth filters out solar and cosmic rays and prevents them from reaching our planet. Ozone surrounds the Earth in a layer between six and thirty miles above sea level. It is formed when light rays strike molecules of oxygen, which is 02, and causes them to break into two separate oxygen atoms, or an 0 and 0. An atom of oxygen then combines with a molecule of oxygen and forms ozone which is 03. It breaks down again and then recombines again. And so on; unless it is interfered with.  Radiation interrupts the process of ozone formation.

text ozone-depletion

1957 – Walter Russell published his book Atomic Suicide, whose principle message was that the development of the nuclear weaponry and nuclear industry, if it continued, would eventually destroy the planet’s oxygen.

“The element of surprise which could…

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The Ongoing Saga 61: News, Updates, Tidbits & Trivia

Mining Awareness +

Polar Bear Comment Deadline this Saturday Night (North America) Sunday in many places. See more below
polar bear on dirt USFWS
This Ongoing Saga post is usually updated daily. Most recent updates are on top, after images, and comment info, so that daily readers will not have to scroll-down far. Time is UTC-GMT. This is a continuation of:
70 Years is Enough Campaign:  Nuclear Energy is Nuclear War EverydayPro Nuclear Call up to Clean up WiPP and FUkushima
Call-up to Clean-up Nuclear Sites
These images or something similar will probably stay on top until a) pro-nuclear people volunteer to work at nuclear waste sites (WIPP, Fukushima, Hanford, etc.) in droves, and b) the nuclear industry is shut down. Then, after b), there will still be the problem of a) the nuclear waste to be secured. We live on borrowed time. Let’s shut the nuclear industry down now! There’s 3 months left to do it this year.

Take advantage of the US NRC comment extension about cancer for everyone (100 mSv per year exposure) to…

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The Arctic is a Sink for Radioactive Pollution Transported from Far Away

Please take the time to make a comment Before the deadline This is too important! Thank you.

Mining Awareness +

USFWS Polar Bear Draft Plan Comment Deadline is soon – almost midnight Saturday night (11.59) on the US East Coast. See more here:
US FWS polar bear with cubs 2
Around Half of the Radioactive iodine 129, half-life 15.7 million years, emitted by the nuclear facilities of Sellafield (UK) and La Hague (France), is estimated to end up in the Arctic. Now you see how. (See more at the bottom of the post). Nuclear power emits deadly radionuclides during the entire fuel chain. Nuclear reactors legally leak radiation. When they have accidents, they leak even more. Much nuclear waste is also allowed to leak. Some will end up in the Arctic.
Air Pollution to Arctic 2005 From collection: Barentswatch Atlas Author: GRID-Arendal
Year: 2005
From collection: Barentswatch Atlas
Author: GRID-Arendal
The pollution from industrialized nations are affecting the environment in the Arctic region. The main areas of industrial activity in the northern hemisphere are spreading to specific areas in the Arctic though air currents

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Polar Bear Plan Must Include Impact of Radionuclides – Comment Deadline Sat. 19 Sept. 1159 pm ET (DC-NY) US Fisheries Wildlife Service

Mining Awareness +

polar bear on dirt USFWS
US Fisheries and Wildlife Service (USFWS)
polar bears and every other living thing are all part of Earth’s living system. If that system changes so that it is no longer friendly to polar bears, then it may not be friendly to many other species, including humans. So we need to look at the polar bears’ problems as a warning for ourselves.
USFWS Polar Bear Plan Cover

The US Fisheries and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has a draft Polar Bear Conservation plan. There are only an estimated 22 to 25 thousand polar bears alive, worldwide, compared to 7.3 billion people. While the plan discusses some other toxins found in arctic water, it fails to discuss the impact of radionuclides on polar bears, even though radionuclides are present in the arctic (see below), and continue to accumulate from routine and accidental releases from nuclear reactors, nuclear fuel reprocessing facilities, etc. Radionuclides are…

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