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Thank You For Making 2017 A Success

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Your the best… 

You have signed petitions, shared links, stories and reblogged my posts. 

You stood in blazing heat, freezing cold, in wind, rain and snow.

All to make a difference for animals and the environment.

I’m looking forward to many more wins in 2018

Many Blessings to you and your family in the new year



2017 – the Year of Libre Inspired Advances for Animals

Humane PA

FullSizeRender2017 was a banner year for Pennsylvania’s animals – and for Pennsylvania’s community of dedicated animal advocates!  As we welcome in the New Year, please take time to congratulate yourselves on a job well done! Together, we showed what participating in public policy advocacy can accomplish – and made Pennsylvania history with the passage of HB 1238, which was signed into law as Act 10.

As we reflect on 2017, we first want to express our enormous gratitude to Libre, the little dog with the huge personality and the can do attitude, who experienced unimaginable abuse and suffering, and came through it all with an inspiring spirit. Libre gave a face to the suffering of so many, and propelled advocates from every corner of our state into action – and moved legislators to get down to work. And Libre continues to not only inspire political advocacy, but also frequently shows up to lobby in Harrisburg…

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Have a Safe New Year’s Eve


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Cute Dolphins Check Out Squirrels at Seaworld Orlando Dolphin Nursery 

Your help is urgently needed to fight poaching in Southern Africa

(WASHINGTON) #EPA Trump Administration: Seeking to roll back offshore drilling safety standards & allow fracking of tribal lands closing the door on Obamas era of rules & regulation standards in favour of #Oil & Gas Industries #AceNewsDesk reports

(SILICONE VALLEY, Calif.) iPhone Scandal Latest: Apple Apologises for ‘ Lying to Customers ‘ over using a ‘ Software Update ‘ to ‘ Slowdown their Phones ‘ and offers to ‘ Cut Battery Replacement Prices ‘ this is how a BILLION $ Company puts things RIGHT by EARNING Millions MORE #AceNewsDesk reports

Director of Humane Society Who Reportedly Instructed Employee to Break Cat’s Neck Must be Punished

The director of a humane shelter allegedly had employees break a cat’s neck, claiming it as a form of euthanasia. This cruel and barbaric practice must not be tolerated. Please sign this petition to demand that the director be severely punished and permanently barred from working with animals in the future.

Source: Director of Humane Society Who Reportedly Instructed Employee to Break Cat’s Neck Must be Punished

Dog Reportedly Forced to Live with Painful Skin Condition Deserves Justice

A dog suffered and nearly died when he was allegedly starved and neglected. The dog reportedly suffered from a painful skin condition and was so emaciated that his organs would have shut down within days. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Source: Dog Reportedly Forced to Live with Painful Skin Condition Deserves Justice

Punish Man Who Allegedly Killed Two Dogs in Act of Revenge

Two dogs were reportedly killed in a horrifying act of cruelty. Per police, the suspect snapped one dog’s neck and threw another dog into oncoming traffic as an act of revenge. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Source: Punish Man Who Allegedly Killed Two Dogs in Act of Revenge

Dead Dogs Apparently Forced to Cannibalize Each Other Deserve Justice

Sixteen dogs died horrifically when they were allegedly abandoned and starved for over eight months. Some were reportedly so hungry they ate each other in an attempt to survive. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

Source: Dead Dogs Apparently Forced to Cannibalize Each Other Deserve Justice

Mother Dog and Puppies Found Starving Outside in Freezing Temperatures Deserve Justice

A mother dog and her four puppies were allegedly abandoned outside in freezing temperatures. One puppy died, and the mother was reportedly chained underneath a porch without access to food. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

Source: Mother Dog and Puppies Found Starving Outside in Freezing Temperatures Deserve Justice

Dog Allegedly Abused and Left Outside in Snowstorm Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly punched and choked in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Police reportedly found the dog tied to a tree during a snowstorm without access to adequate shelter. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Source: Dog Allegedly Abused and Left Outside in Snowstorm Deserves Justice

Punish Vet Accused of Animal Abuse

A Baltimore veterinarian has been charged with animal cruelty, but his attorney is attempting to reverse the charges on the grounds that the man was ‘stressed.’ This is not a valid excuse for violating the trust and compassion associated with the profession. Sign this petition to demand the veterinarian face the consequences for his alleged crime.

Source: Punish Vet Accused of Animal Abuse

Don’t Bring Back Toxic Sulfide Mining

Sulfide mines produce pollutants that cause brain damage to humans and are deadly to aquatic ecosystems. Sign this petition to denounce recent efforts to expand these dangerous and deadly mines.

Source: Don’t Bring Back Toxic Sulfide Mining

Petition: Urge South Korea to End the Dog Meat Trade

South Korea is the only country in the world known to intensively breed dogs for human consumption. Thousands of dog meat farms across the country breed an estimated 2.5 million dogs each year who are confined in small, barren cages outdoors. They live in states of perpetual fear, boredom, hunger and disease, often resulting in self-mutilation, for those who survive their fade is a brutal death at one of nation’s markets or slaughterhouses.

Help Me Raise £250 For The Dogs Trust By Leaving Me A Link To Your Blog

 “Watch Baby Sea Turtles Run on Treadmills for Science Than Release Into the Ocean  “National Geographic”

Tiny Paws Are No Match For Powdery Snow. Mama Polar Bear Has To Show Her Cubs A Thing Or Two On How To Get Through The Snow ❄ 


Petition · Royal Caribbean International: Ban the use of plastic straws on Royal Caribbean cruise ships · Change.org

The average American uses disposable plastic utensils at an average rate of 1.6 straws per person per day. Based on the national average, this equates to each person in US using about 38,000 straws between the ages of 5 and 65. 90% of the ocean waste is made up of plastic trash and it is having a devastating effect on marine life. Animals and sea birds and just in plastic waste on a daily basis, in particular single-use plastic straws.


Petition: Speed Up the Pace to End Cruel Animal Fighting: Support the PACE Act.

Sentenced to Death!! This is Goldie. This amazing beautiful wolf Lives since 2014 and an area at Barnstorf. It originally from the Gartower pack,. In 2015 she found a partner. The male has travelled more than 400km to Barnstorf.  They had  beautiful cubs. The government wants to kill the wolves. Reason would be they would kill too many cattle and could become dangerous. The people had three years to make their fences against the wolves. But nothing was done and now they want to kill the whole pack.


Petition: Eddie Bauer Damaged Unsold Clothing Instead of Donating to Those in Need

In US territories such as Guam, American Samoa and Puerto Rico, the current law leaves an enormous loophole that allows residents to to continue using animal fights as a form of profit and entertainment.


Petition: Help Save Laska, New Zealand

We need your help to bring Laska a Husky/Golden Labroador home! Last week she went missing for 2 days, throughout that time her owners or actively looking for her involving the whole Community to help find their loving pet. When she was found and returned home it was short-lived when only a few hours later they had the heart-wrenching experience of having to give her up to the FNDC Animal Control, who came and took her from their property delivering her to the pound. FNDC Animal Control I received a phone call about her roaming this person also sent a picture of her with a duck in her mouth. They took her from her family saying they would release her when they probably had a fully contained and secure area for her to be in, they did every action to prepare their home to bring her back home so she would never escape again, but after one day the control said they were no longer willing to release her and instead she would likely be booked for euthanasia.


Petition: Tell the Utah Government To Address The Deadly Air Quality

The deadly fog hanging over the Wasatch Front that is filled with fine particulate pollution, or PM2.5 is an environmental emergency.


Petition: Save veteran war dogs, United Kingdom

The two Belgian Shepherds retired after dozens of life-saving missions as specially- trained search dogs in Afghanistan, are due to be put down next week, despite experience handlers offering to take them Army Chiefs are standing firm saying they aren’t safe to be given to new homes.


Safe Travels….


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Blessings and Thank You 🇺🇸


“Adorable Lemurs Roam Free on This Ancient Island”  Short Film Showcase National Geographic


Whishing You …


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