Petition · Congress: require veterinarians to give drug side effect information when prescribing animals drugs ·

If you have a dog, please read this information for the safety of your family and your pet.

Congress: require veterinarians to give drug side effect information when prescribing anim
Brandi Ryals Wildomar, CA

My dog was recently diagnosed with a health condition that required medication for treatment. His veterinarian prescribed an antibiotic, a steroid, and a drug to suppress his immune system. I received no written information about any of the medications. The vet told me my dog would experience increased thirst and urination. But I received no other information about potential medical side-effects.

My dog had been taking his medications for two days when he suddenly leaped from the couch and attacked my 3-year-old son who was walking nearby. My son’s injuries required a trip to the emergency room and plastic surgery. He was emotionally traumatized by the attack.

A friend later asked if my dog’s sudden aggression could be linked to any of the medication that I’d given him recently. That’s when the lightbulb went off in my head. I remembered that one of the drugs was a steroid — Prednisone. I did some research and discovered that “sudden aggression” was a common side-effect. I was stunned.

Had I been informed about this dangerous behavioral side-effect of the medication, I would have asked the veterinarian for an alternative. I also could’ve taken steps to keep the kids away from the dog while he was on the medication. What I didn’t know caused me to put my own family at risk.

I believe that every pet owner should be fully informed of any potential side-effects or interactions of a medication on their pet.

Please sign my petition and tell Congress to mandate FULL WRITTEN INFORMATION about pet medication to pet owners today.
This petition will be delivered to:

Jerry Brown
U.S. Congress

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Require Animal Abusers to Register Themselves

Convicted animal abusers may soon be required to place their names on a registry which animal control and shelters would have access to, thanks to a proposed new law. Demand that the governor sign this legislation.

Source: Require Animal Abusers to Register Themselves

Alleged Animal Abuse at Pig Farm Must Be Stopped

Pigs at a swine facility are allegedly abused and beaten with sharp objects on a daily basis. Multiple reports have been filed against this company, yet nothing has been done about it. Sign this petition to demand that the company be shut down for allegedly allowing the pigs to be beaten and abused.

Source: Alleged Animal Abuse at Pig Farm Must Be Stopped

Demand Justice for Bear Run Down and Crushed to Death

A graphic video of men repeatedly running over a defenseless bear was posted in Russia. It shows the men going after the bear as it tried to escape through the snow, and then continuing their cruelty until they were sure it was dead. Sign this petition to demand justice for this bear.

Source: Demand Justice for Bear Run Down and Crushed to Death

Save Cheetahs From Imminent Extinction

The mass extinction of cheetahs has gone unnoticed for far too long, and now animal conservation activists are asking that this species be added to the list of endangered animals. Sign this petition to demand that cheetahs are added to the endangered species list so that they can receive additional protections.

Source: Save Cheetahs From Imminent Extinction

Save Fish and Marine Environment in the Arabian Sea

Precious marine habitat and sea life are being threatened by a planned memorial to a warrior king off the coast of Mumbai. Sign this petition to stop the building of this memorial and protect the marine environment and sea life in the Arabian Sea.

Source: Save Fish and Marine Environment in the Arabian Sea

This Zoo Is Sending All Of Its Elephants To A Sanctuary | Care2 Causes

41 elk died Wednesday morning after falling through ice in East Oregon😭



A  herd of 41 elk died Wednesday morning after falling through ice in east Oregon, according to wildlife officials.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said in a Wednesday Facebook post that the elk perished after falling through the ice on the Powder River.

“After several years of drought, Eastern Oregon is experiencing a real winter this year,” wildlife officials said in the post. “The extra moisture and snowpack will be good for wildlife and habitat in the long run, but conditions may be tough on critters this winter.”

Wildlife officials received a call from a person who lives near the reservoir and witnessed the incident, Brian Ratliff, district wildlife biologist at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Baker City office told the Baker City Herald.

Ratliff said wildlife officials went to the river to see whether they could save any of the elk, but the conditions were…

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30% off Logitech Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad for Internet-Connected TVs – Deal Alert

Emilio Cogliani

Logitech’s K400 Wireless Keyboard for internet-enabled TVs is designed to be compact, comfortable, quiet, and easy to use from the comfort of your couch. It features a familiar key layout and a large 3.5-inch touchpad. A 33-foot range makes for a trouble free connection even in large rooms, and its battery is strong, lasting up to a year and a half without needing a charge, even with 2 hours of typing per day. The keyboard averages 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 1,700 customers (read reviews). It’s regular list price of $39.99 has been reduced by 30% to just $27.99. See the discounted K400 wireless keyboard now on Amazon.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

from Computerworld Mobile & Wireless

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SeaWorld Orlando’s 2016 Praise Wave Concerts Are Almost Here!

Horse Rescues Himself From Slaughter





December 28, 2016

Frisco, TX – A senior white horse with short ears destroyed by frostbite wasn’t on the rescue list at a kill pen in Frisco when Becky’s Hope was saving 9 mini donkeys from shipping to slaughter. Becky’s Hope had raised the funds needed to rescue the 9 miniature donkeys but were not planning on saving any other animals. The white horse saw the donkeys loading up, and determined to be on that trailer.

The white horse pushed his way through gates, down alleyways, passed yelling workers trying to stop his forward progress, but nothing would stop the horse. He reached the trailer, climbed aboard, and tried to melt into the herd of donkeys. “I firmly believe that he thought if he mixed in with the mini donkeys we wouldn’t notice. He’s like I’m just one of them. Got on the trailer with them, stood there like you don’t see me, and kept his head kind of down,” Sue Champman of Becky’s Hope told reporters.
The rescue paid $450 to the feedlot rather than turning the white horse out, and promptly named him Bubbles. He is doing very well at the rescue. You can follow his progress on the Becky’s Hope Facebook page.


Bubbles after being rescued.

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England: Shocking scenes of violence & suffering captured on a British dairy farm.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)



Shocking scenes of violence & suffering captured on a British dairy farm

Dear Mark


Today we have released shocking scenes

of animal abuse filmed earlier

this month by Animal Equality investigators

on a dairy farm in Somerset,

UK.   The investigation, which came on

the back of a tip-off

from a local resident, revealed farm

workers violently punching tiny

calves and kicking cows in the face.

Multiple other incidents of abuse by

workers were filmed in just one day,


– repeatedly kicking young calves to

make them stand up

– aggressively twisting cows’ tails and

repeatedly slamming metal gates

into them

– pinning calves to the floor and shouting

obscenities in their face

– repeatedly kicking and slapping

nursing cows

– violently throwing small calves

to the floor.




Abusive treatment was not the only

suffering we found on this West

Country farm, which runs…

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The Truth is the LIGHT

Published on Dec 27, 2015


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Would You Stop Child Abuse? (Social Experiment)

The Truth is the LIGHT

Published on Apr 22, 2015

What would you do if you saw someone abuse and/or neglect a child out in public? Since April is child abuse prevention month, we decided to test Stockholm’s citizens by creating a public scene resembling child abuse. We strongly ask you to share this video to spread the awareness of child abuse. Our future is only as bright as a child’s smile. DISCLAIMER: All scenes were choreographed, we didn’t harm the kids in any way. Please follow these links to get more information. USA & English speaking countries: https://www.childhelp.org…/abuse/child-abuse-and-neglect.htm…/positive/talk/child_abuse.html (good info) For Sweden:…/utsatta-situati…/misshandel ► SUBSCRIBE –… FACEBOOK – Subscribe to STHLM Panda – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – ►Personal Instagram: ►Personal Snapchat: vladreiser danielnorlin We are just…

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Montreal’s Pit Bull Ban Is Getting Even Worse

Vegan Shoe Shines Light on Cruelty of Ostrich Farms | VegNews

Life or Lunch?

Los Angeles company Mink debuts cruelty-free ostrich leather flats to raise awareness of the big bird’s plight in the fashion industry.

Los Angeles-based vegan shoe company Mink released the first-ever pair of Italian-made faux ostrich shoes. Mink partnered with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to create the new hand-stamped ostrich-print ballerina shoe—available in black and “wine”—in an effort to raise awareness about the conditions ostriches face on leather farms. Celebrity stylist Rebecca Mink founded the company in 2000, which produces vegan shoes in the same Italian factory as top brands Christian Louboutin, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, and Dolce and Gabbana, amongst others. The PETAxMINK faux ostrich shoe is available for custom pre-order until January 8, 2017, and 20-percent of profits will be donated to PETA.

Source: Vegan Shoe Shines Light on Cruelty of Ostrich Farms

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Find Thief Who Stole a Disabled Falcon from a Wildlife Rehab Center

Buster, an American Kestrel Falcon, was stolen from a wildlife rehabilitation center. Buster was on a special diet that prevented him from living in the wild and requires him to be given special care. Sign this petition to demand that the police find Buster and return him to his worried caretakers.

Source: Find Thief Who Stole a Disabled Falcon from a Wildlife Rehab Center

Ban Cruel Trapping on Public Land

A dog recently died an excruciating death after being caught in a trap set out to catch wildlife. Demand that these barbaric and indiscriminate snares are banned.

Source: Ban Cruel Trapping on Public Land

Catch Killer Who Cut Off Water for Wild Horses

Multiple wild horses were found dead of dehydration, after someone sabotaged their water supply in an act of pure cruelty. Demand that the person responsible is found and given the maximum sentence possible.

Source: Catch Killer Who Cut Off Water for Wild Horses

Stop Burning Horses’ Legs to Improve Their Gait

Horse soring is a cruel and painful practice that puts extreme burns on horses’ legs in order to enhance their gait. The practice is illegal, but the industry has been easily working around the law. Sign this petition to demand real protections for horses.

Source: Stop Burning Horses’ Legs to Improve Their Gait

Stop Letting Animals Freeze to Death in Trucks

Twenty-seven pigs froze to death after being cruelly transported in below-freezing temperatures. It’s horrible enough that these animals are being slaughtered, they don’t also need to be tortured on the way to their deaths.

Source: Stop Letting Animals Freeze to Death in Trucks

Meet the Master Of Sorcery, Fakery and Deceit- Reviewing the Obama Years (Part 1)

You Won’t Believe Your Eyes, Obama Just Approved Bombing Of U.S. Troops Fighting ISIS In Syria

Nwo Report

Source: Asia Mayfield

Obama refuses to stop arming Syrian rebels. The outgoing president is tampering with foreign policy with only weeks left in office.

Rebel forces in Syria are collapsing under the weight of never-ending bombardments by Iranian and Russian forces. They’ve been blasted out of Aleppo, their last stronghold. Obama’s weak support is the last lifeline that the rebels have.

The question is, why is Obama doing it? There’s no moral high-ground that Americans can find in Syria. Our allies are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Muslim-majority countries that routinely trample on basic human rights.

Arming the rebels in Syria irritates Russia and divides forces that should be fighting ISIS. Obama the war-monger doesn’t mind. Fighting both sides of the war increases military spending and prolongs the conflict.

The Syrian rebels aren’t a ragtag group of do-gooders. Many are rightfully enraged at the treatment they’ve endured under President Bashir al-Assad…

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Obama DESTROYS 9/11 security system… to insult Trump!

Nwo Report

obama-pointSource: Horn News

President-elect Donald Trump represents the American people’s bitter rejection of President Barack Obama’s policies — and Obama despises Trump so much for that, he’s willing to jeopardize American safety.

Just how far the president is willing to go to make a point is shocking.

The Obama administration announced Thursday it has officially destroyed the decades-old U.S. registration system for Muslim immigrants — and critics say the move has made America more vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

If Trump wants to introduce an expanded version of the program, which was put into place after the Sep. 11 attacks and used for years by the last two presidents, his administration will be forced to start from scratch.

The post-9/11 registration program for immigrant men arriving mainly from the Islamic world was created under former President George W. Bush and later used by Obama… before he stopped American security forces from…

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Cheetahs are Racing Towards Extinction, Study Finds

The Jaguar

A screenshot of a beautiful cheetah on Wild Safari Live. Watch at A screenshot of a beautiful cheetah on Wild Safari Live. Watch at

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL), Panthera, and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) recently collaborated on a comprehensive global survey of cheetah populations. Their findings are alarming.

According to this press release from Panthera, there are only 7,100 cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) left in the wild. They have lost 91% of their historic range, and 79% of wild cheetah populations number less than 100 individuals. The situation is particularly bad for the Asiatic cheetah; totaling fewer than 50 cats in Iran. In short, the cheetah is running out of time.

A number of factors have contributed to this decline. Habitat loss, poaching, live trafficking for the exotic pet trade, and loss of prey from bushmeat hunting threaten cheetahs throughout their range. Outside of protected areas, human-wildlife conflict (when cheetahs are killed due to…

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Three Years Ago, Obama Signed a Law Allowing the Federal Government to Take over the Entire Media

Nwo Report

Obama-dealwithitSource: Don Wrightman

There’s an insidious law for us to ponder, courtesy of Barack Obama. An online radio host pointed out back in 2013 that the law would grant the federal government huge power to saturate Americans with domestic propaganda at the taxpayer’s expense. “This law allows the federal government to have sweeping power to push television, radio, newspaper and social-media propaganda onto the U.S. public,” warned Michael Evans, host of America’s Voice Now. He said that the law would remove protection for Americans from the ideologies of Obama’s administration. The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 was specifically what Evans was referring to; it was inserted into the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act.

A so-called anti-propaganda law formerly prevented the U.S. government’s broadcasting arm from reaching American viewers. On July 2, 2013, the implementation of the new reform marked an end to shielding Americans from government delivered programming. The government now…

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Dog Spends 2 Days on Frozen Rail-tracks Trying to Save Injured Pal (Photos, video) » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Save Norway’s Wolves: Tweetstorm 

All Petitions are Still Available to Sign.

Petition: Demand that Norway stop killing off endangered Wolves, Now !

Petition · U.S. Transportation Secretary: Make seat belts mandatory in our public school buses ·