Homeless Puppy Bowl Participants Find Loving Homes

Igor Purlantov

Eighty-five puppies divided into teams Ruff and Fluff will tumble, prance and chase chew toys across a faux football field for the 11th annual Puppy Bowl, airing Sunday at 3 p.m. on Animal Planet — and two of those contenders will watch the program from the comfort of their new homes in the New York area.  Finn and Duncan, like all of the participants, were homeless mutts before being selected for the event, which was filmed in Manhattan last October. Players are handpicked by producers via photos submitted from thousands of animal rescues across the country.


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Inside the California Prison Where Inmates Train Rescue Dogs

Bears, ants and flowers in Colorado, USA

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This video from North America is called DISCOVERING THE BLACK BEAR.

From Wildlife Extra:

The bear, the ant and the yellow flower – scientist discovers an odd relationship

For a huge Black Bear, a very small ant would hardly seem to make a meal but in numbers these tiny insects are protein-packed.

Not only that, but the fact that bears eat ants is a crucial part of a complicated food chain that has wide-reaching benefits for wildlife in the US.

In a paper published in Ecology Letters, Florida State University researcher Josh Grinath examines the close relationship between bears, ants and rabbitbrush — a golden-flowered shrub that grows in the meadows of Colorado and often serves as shelter for birds.

Scientists know that plant and animal species don’t exist in a vacuum. However, tracing and understanding their complex interactions can be a challenge.

Grinath, working with…

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BLM Awards $740,000.00 U.S. Tax Dollars to Wild Horse Stampede Contractor

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Last week ‘The Hill‘ reported that  the BLM cited overpopulation and drought to be the reason they gave away 3/4 of a million tax dollars to the Cattoors, again, to terrorize and stampede federally protected wild horses off from their legal and rightful land.  Ain’t it great?” ~ R.T.

BLM running down wild horses from Cloud's herd - Photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation BLM running down wild horses from Cloud’s herd – Photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) awarded four contracts worth a total of more than $740,000 for wild “horse gathering” services in the western United States. The Department of Interior captures horses to control the populations in the wild. Some are taken and placed up for adoption, while others are given fertility-control drugs and released. The BLM has contracted with Cattoor Livestock Roundup to remove hundreds of horses from the land. In the four areas — primarily in Nevada — where the…

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Why were thousands of starfish washed up on a stretch of a Welsh beach?