Matthew McConaughey: Stop Shooting Captive Deer at Your Ranch

Matthew McConaughey: Stop Shooting Captive Deer at Your Ranch.

Saturday Smiles: Kids and their lookalike dogs

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5 Horrific Ways We Mistreat Animals All the Time - by F. Kaskais

The Humane Society wants to put an end to these cruel and barbaric practices. ​

Consider these recent, gruesome headlines:

  • In rural Alabama, police serving drug charges on Jerome Hughes found 65 emaciated dogs being used in “hog­-dog” fighting rings—a blood “sport” in which starving dogs are given a terrified, trapped hog to chase and tear apart for the entertainment of onlookers who place bets.

  • In Western Nebraska, the New York Times uncovered grisly experiments being conducted on farm animals by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Meat Animal Research Center, most involving trying to make livestock animals produce unnaturally large litters or grow more rapidly so that factory farms can send them off to slaughter sooner.

  • In Tuttle, Oklahoma and Natural Bridge, Virginia, investigations by the Humane Society of the United States uncovered severe cruelty toward baby tigers bred for photo shoots with paying customers, including video…

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7/2/15 – New Petition To Free ‘Lolita’ – Please Sign and Crosspost.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


lolita pool

7/2/15 – there is a new petition which has started to free Lolita

– here is the link; please make sure you sign and pass on to everyone that you are able

– Thanks SAV.


and pass on to all that you know !!

lolita pool

 In this dump since she was captured in 1970 – FREE HER NOW

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AWARE Act Would Amend AWA to Include Farm Animals Used in Federal Research

Vegan Lynx

Sign the petition here.

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Close Down Natural Bridge Zoo in Virginia For Proven Animal Cruelty

Please wait for next action to sign many more petitions…you may skip any by pressing skip lower right ~ Thank You

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WATCH my Video of the Day, and I will DONATE. “Beyond Carnism and toward Rational, Authentic Food Choices” by Melanie Joy

ISIS FAILS: Watch ISIS Terrorists Burn Alive by Their Own Bonehead Mistakes – What Comes Around, Goes Around

There is no blood and gore…

This is to funny,it’s like watching the Stooges….

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Demand An End To Horrific Slaughterhouse Practices Now!

Vegan Lynx

Sign the petition here.

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Mysterious Ash Covers Parts of Washington and Oregon

Christians form militia of 4,000 to fight ISIS in Iraq

License to kill: reforming federal wildlife control to restore biodiversity and ecosystem function

Between Thorn Bushes and Claws

For more than 100 years, the US government has conducted lethal control of native wildlife, to benefit livestock producers and to enhance game populations, especially in the western states. Since 2000, Wildlife Services (WS), an agency of the US Department of Agriculture, has killed 2 million native mammals, predominantly 20 species of carnivores, beavers, and several species of ground-dwelling squirrels, but also many nontarget species. Many are important species in their native ecosystems (e.g., ecosystem engineers such as prairie dogs and beavers, and apex predators such as gray wolves). Reducing their populations, locally or globally, risks cascading negative consequences including impoverishment of biodiversity, loss of resilience to biotic invasions, destabilization of populations at lower trophic levels, and loss of many ecosystem services that benefit human society directly and indirectly.


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ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Embedded image permalinkPhoto and this caption from Lajouetreine @lajouetreine    This is my child! This is your child! Obama funds Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood! Crimes against Humanity!

I can not prove that this boy is from a Christian family or the authenticity of the photograph.   However, there have been many photos of men, women and children beheaded, shot and hung, who knows what else, therefore I have no reason to doubt that it is real.   ISIS has literally butchered hundreds, probably thousands.  Islam, states they will kill all Christians.

Obama would just say, “Lets not over-react, lets maintain a state of resolve.”.  There was a time, America would have been outraged and we would have done something about it.    That was when America stood for something……

Today, we have a president that sympathizes with Islam (is Islamic), only acts when it benefits him and his…

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Jerk Tries To Kick Dog Discovers The Meaning Of Karma


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Dolphin Trainers Filmed Allegedly Abusing Animals At Marine Park