Crabs are just another victim of Wind turbines thanks to EMF pollution from undersea cables

Iowa Climate Science Education

Crabe dormeur (Cancer pagurus) commun

Edible crab like the one used in the study. Jean-Pol Grandmont Wiki

It?s a Nightmare on Crab Street.

Crabs are being drawn to high Electromagnetic (EMF) fields around undersea cables and getting trapped there, ?mesmerized?.

They are not just immobilized, in lab tests it screws up their blood chemistry too.

And if the field strength affects crabs so obviously, what other marine life is also being impacted? The magnetic fields may be playing havoc with migrating fish and turtles. Who would know?

Where is the Green outcry, or The save-the-crabs campaign? Do Greens even care or are some kinds of pollution OK ?for the greater good??

These are not some esoteric rare crustacean, by the way, but common dinner crabs. So that food chains and fisheries at risk too.

Underwater power cables are ?mesmerizing? crabs around Scotland

In a new study, researchers found brown crabs ?freeze? when they come…

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Earth Report

Elk Liberated

Wildlife officers have finally removed a rubber tire from around the neck of a bull elk in Colorado who had been carrying it around for over two years.


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Sad, Yet DANGEROUS With Joe Biden As President and That Queen Ditsy In His Shadows!

MN Prager Discussion Group

Dementia: Joe Biden Today, My Father Yesterday

By Robin M. Itzler at American Thinker:

When Joe Biden comes onto the TV screen, I switch to another channel. Not because he’s a stark reminder of the fraud that put him into the Oval Office but since he reminds me of my father—may he rest in peace—who passed away in 1992 following several dreadful years with dementia/Alzheimer’s. Americans who have watched a loved one mentally disappear due to this memory eating disease see similar traits with Joe Biden:

Brain freezes – Staring out with a disoriented look – Forgetting names of people he should know – Needing note cards to remember basic answers – Displaced anger – Lost in unfamiliar surroundings – Forgetting who he is, where he is,and why he is there.

That’s Joe Biden today and my father yesterday.

Home Sweet Home

One of the first things family and friends…

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Loudoun County VA: Rapist protected because he’s a “trans”? | Stella’s Place

Additional survival tricks

I’m sure most of you have heard this story, but details continue to be released, and I think (and hope) that the story will become more and more public. The mainstream media doesn’t want to cover it because it is against the party line and what the woke believe.

What happened is this: A high school girl was sexually assaulted by a male fellow student. How did this happen? He supposedly identified as trans-sexual and was using the Women’s bathroom. That is where he cornered and assaulted the high school girl.

Her father appeared at a school board meeting in June to protest against the way this matter was handled by the school. As a result, he was arrested. President Biden would probably call him a “domestic terrorist”.

In October the same boy was arrested again on different charges for allegedly assaulting a different girl, at a different school…

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US Senators Cruz, Lee, Blackburn Letter Re AG Garland’s Son-in-Law’s Company Profiting from Promoting Critical Race Theory & Garland Memo Directing FBI to Pursue Parents Who Oppose Critical Race Theory

Mining Awareness +

HOUSTON, Texas – U.S. Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Mike Lee (R-Utah), and Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, today sent a letter [1] to Attorney General (AG) Merrick Garland raising serious concerns and questions over a possible conflict of interest between AG Garland, whose son-in-law reportedly runs an educational organization that sells critical race theory to schools, and Garland’s recent memorandum directing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to pursue parents who oppose critical race theory.

In the letter, the senators wrote:
“On October 4, you issued a memorandum directing the Federal Bureau of Investigations (“FBI”) and United States Attorneys’ Offices to address purported harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school board members. Actual violence, harassment, and threats are criminal activities and must…

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Widespread Cancellations Already Caused by Biden’s Burdensome Vaccine Mandate; JCN Filing Suit for Small Businesses Over Mandates; Don’t Quit Your Job

Mining Awareness +

Don’t quit your job, if you are a civilian. Let them fire you, unless you don’t need unemployment and hate your job. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied over the still experimental vaccine – either way. It’s your life. You need to discuss with your spouse and/or adult children, who may be responsible for you, however. And, pray for guidance.

If you are in the military, the situation is much more dire and you need to get legal advice ASAP. There is no testing option allowed. You can request a religious or medical exemption. Link: You can start looking here:

Vaccine mandates with Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) vaccines: Moderna, BioNTech-Pfizer and Jansen-J&J are illegal. In the US and Canada Pfizer-BioNTech will be using vaccines expired for 3 months (which is apparently also illegal except under the emergency order) as late as May of 2022. Several African countries have…

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US President Trump Statements Today

Mining Awareness +

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
Not even possible to believe the lies, exaggerations, and outright fraud committed by very poorly rated Morning “News” Shows about the January 6th protest. They say whatever comes to their mind, like writing a fictional novel. The press has lost its way at a level that is not even believable. Books, likewise, are made up stories and should only be sold as fiction. These are terrible human beings that do this to our Country.

The 2020 Election was a fraud rife with errors, irregularities, and scandal. The Radical Left knows it, the media knows it, and the Patriots of our Country know it, and now the U.S.A. is paying a big price—it is very sadly going to hell!  “

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

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Are leaky vaccines driving delta variant evolution and making it more deadly? | Aletho News

Additional survival tricks

by el gato malo –bad cattitude– october 10, 2021

one of the great fears in any vaccination campaign is that the vaccine can wind up becoming the driver viral evolution and making the virus more dangerous. this is a special concern around imperfect (so called “leaky”) vaccines that are non-sterilizing. such vaccines do not stop spread or contagion of the virus. this means the virus will have lots of chances to replicate.

when you combine this with a vaccine that reduces severity of cases and prevents deaths in the vaccinated, it’s a bit of a perfect storm. you get full spread but break the evolutionary gradient towards mildness that viruses tend to follow (and that protects humanity from them).

all a virus wants is to replicate. “make a copy of me and pass it on.” that’s the biological imperative of the selfish gene. excel at it, you…

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US District Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order in United Airlines Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate Case

Looks like they realize they need pilots and pilots don’t need to work for them, they can work anywhere including for themselves!

Mining Awareness +

This case has to do with religious and medical exemptions. It doesn’t cover not wanting to take an experimental, still unapproved, vaccine, which is still under Emergency Use Authorization. Nor about them extending the expiration date for the vaccines by three months.

v. No. 4:21-cv-1074-P

TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER Before the Court is Plaintiffs’ Motion for Temporary Restraining Order, filed September 22, 2021. ECF No. 5. The Court set the Motion for a hearing on September 24, 2021. ECF No. 10. At the hearing, the parties reached an agreement that obviated the need for the Court to then rule on the Motion. See ECF No. 28. The Court thus deferred ruling on the Motion at that time. See id. The Court also set Plaintiffs’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction…

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Smart Parrots Need A Lot of Stimulation: Study


Roughly half of the world’s estimated 100 million parrots now live in homes, zoos and breeding facilities and many of these birds have a difficult time adjusting. The results of an important new study help to explain why many intelligent birds–and perhaps other animals–struggle in captivity. More specifically, the results revealed that the smarter the bird, the more unique welfare needs it has in captivity*.  In other words, greater intelligence — a benefit in the wild — can hinder large-brained parrots’ adjustment to captivity.  This finding may apply to other brainy captive creatures including great apes, elephants and whales, among other intelligent creatures. Additional findings of this study are also important to owners of intelligent birds, and that is to ensure they provide them with naturalistic diets rather than processed foods.


*Cockatiels, Jandaya parakeets and yellow-naped Amazons typically thrive in domestic settings. But relatively large-brained parrots such as…

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Premature Deaths Linked to Hormone-Disrupting Phthalate Chemicals

Chemical Free Life

A new study has revealed that daily exposure to toxic chemicals called phthalates, commonly used in the manufacture of plastic food containers and many cosmetics, may lead to roughly 100,000 premature deaths among older Americans every year.


For decades, phthalates have been shown to pose a potential danger to human health because the chemicals can interfere with the function of hormones, signaling compounds made in glands that circulate to influence processes throughout the body, experts say. Exposure is believed to occur through buildup of these toxins as consumer products break down and are ingested, with exposure linked to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Study overview

For the investigation, the research team analyzed data including phthalates found in urine samples obtained from adults who participated in the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Survey from 2001 to 2010. The researchers limited their analysis to those whose cause of death…

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Dominion Voting Systems Head of Product Strategy & Security Deposition; Admits to Thinking Trump Voters are Idiots; Ballot Security Patents

Mining Awareness +

Excerpt from Dominion Voting Systems head of product strategy and security, Eric Coomer’s Facebook Page, as transcribed during his deposition:

Facebook friend land – open call…” If you are planning to vote for that autocratic, narcissistic fascist asshat blowhard and his Christian jihadist VP pic, UNFRIEND ME NOW! No, I’m not joking. I’m all for reasoned political discourse and healthy debate – I’m looking at you, Geoffrey Cushing-Murray, Gus Munem, Benjamin Rice – | disagree with you” there on — “you three on many philosophical grounds but respect your opinions. Only an absolute FUCKING IDIOT could ever vote for that wind-bag, fucktard FASCIST RACIST FUCK! No bullshit, | don’t give a damn if you’re a friend, family or random acquaintance, pull the level, mark an oval, touch a screen for that carnival barker … UNFRIEND ME NOW. | have no desire whatsoever to ever interact with you….

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Maybe Funny, Maybe Not

Skin Problems, Neuropathy, Paralysis All Part of Over 500,000 Adverse Events Reported After COVID Vaccine – Nwo Report

Additional survival tricks

…Source:Mike Landry

“COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective,” a page on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website reads.

No discussion. No question. No variation. If you dig around a bit, you might find the CDC saying there are some vaccine problems, but they are repeatedly linked to the word “rare.”

In fact, we’re told by the Biden administration that you need to get the shot. Or else.

But there’s a reason we refer to doctors as “practicing” medicine. Because it’s not just about science. It’s also about the personal skill and knowledge of specific medical professionals, about variations in technical applications and about some dimensions that can only be described as an art.

That’s why, when faced with a serious medical diagnosis, prudence dictates the seeking of a second opinion.Trending:After Deputy Stops to Help Her, 96-Year-Old Woman Demands to Speak with His…

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On Unemployment, Joe Manchin Hit The Nail On The Head | The Daily Wire


Joe Manchin said it best: “We have 11 million jobs that we haven’t filled, 8 million people still unemployed. Something’s not matching up here.” The West Virginia senator’s instincts are right. Something in the labor market fundamentally changed during the pandemic. Fewer people seem willing to work.

The National Federation of Independent Business has been conducting a monthly survey of small business owners since 1974. The August results were disconcerting. A 48-year record high — 50% — reported job openings that could not be filled. Of those owners hiring or trying to hire, 91% reported there were few or no “qualified” applicants. A record high 29% reporting no — zero — qualified applicants. All this despite a record high 41% reporting that they had increased compensation. As a result, another record high — 28% — identified labor quality as their top business problem.

So, what’s causing these historically bad results?

Conservatives believe the $300 weekly federal unemployment insurance bonus that expired in September suppressed the labor market. That makes intuitive sense and Goldman Sachs’ economists project that ending this program “will account for 1.5 million job gains through the end of the year.” But even assuming that is true, there were 5.3 million fewer jobs in August than when the pandemic began.

Attempting to explain the dismal August jobs numbers, President Biden blamed the Delta variant. But 77% of Americans over 18 have had at least one vaccine shot and 68% have had both. About 700,000 additional doses are being administered every day. Add in unvaccinated individuals with natural immunity and one analysis recently found that roughly 80% of the country already has vaccinated or natural immunity.

Bottom line, neither the virus nor the weekly unemployment bonus fully explain the extent of the current labor shortage. To determine if there were other explanations for the slow return to work, I spoke with 10 business owners in the retail sector that I’ve known for years.

While some mentioned COVID and the federal unemployment bonus as concerns, to a person their primary concern was that people seem to have lost the desire to work following more than a year of government support. Their experiences ranged from literally no one willing to work to prospective employees refusing to take jobs that required working full time, weekends, or evenings.

The business owners were all willing to increase pay to get good employees, but believe they are competing with work-free government largesse – and losing.

While Americans had $400 billion more in savings in July than when the pandemic began, the Biden administration has increased food stamp benefits by 25% and Democrats now want to make the current $3,600 per year tax credit for children under 6 — and $3,000 for older children — permanent rather than letting it expire next July.

The child tax credit is a good example of the growing government support mentality businesses are up against. The very successful 1996 bipartisan welfare reform effort required that a substantial percentage of those receiving welfare work, if they were able bodied. Those reforms were good for employees as well as employers looking to hire. They helped struggling parents find jobs, become financially independent and lift their families out of poverty. The labor market grew.

The child tax credit ignores that success. Expressing concern with the structure — not the substance — of making this program permanent, Sen. Manchin complained that “[t]here’s no work requirements whatsoever. There’s no education requirements whatsoever for better skill sets. Don’t you think, if we’re going to help the children, that the [parents] should make some effort?”

Manchin got that right as well. But, apparently, encouraging work is not his party’s goal.

We all want to lift children out of poverty. We also want — and employers want to provide — good jobs and fulfilling careers. But people struggling financially will never find those jobs if the government seduces them into living off what other people produce rather than realizing their potential, accomplishing financial independence, and experiencing the dignity and self-respect that come with a job.

Government dependence is neither the way out of poverty nor the path back to 2019’s thriving pre-pandemic labor market — where the labor force and real incomes were growing, family income hit a historic high while poverty hit historic lows both generally and for minorities. As for child poverty, it decreased to 14.4%, the lowest child poverty rate since 1973 — down from 18% at the end of the Obama/Biden era. The best family welfare program truly is a job.

So, if encouraging work is not the goal, what is?

Increasingly, Biden and the Democrats are attempting to cobble together the socialists’ dream program — universal basic income with cradle-to-grave government dependence. That should come as no surprise. As Biden acknowledged in May of 2020, progressives have long viewed the pandemic as an “incredible opportunity” to “fundamentally transform” America. With lackluster jobs numbers, the inability of business owners to find workers and a declining work ethic, we have every reason to take them at their word.

The views expressed in this opinion piece are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.

Andy Puzder is the former CEO of CKE Restaurants, a board member of the Job Creators Network, a senior fellow at Pepperdine University’s School of Public Policy, and the author of “The Capitalist Comeback: The Trump Boom and the Left’s Plot to Stop It.”

You can’t make this stuff up…..

Redneck Mormon

Here’s The Whole List Of The Animals, And Creatures, And Blood Suckers Who Live In The Swamp!!!! You’ve Seen Some Of The Names Before. But Many On The List You Haven’t Seen Or Known About Before — And It’ll Surprise You, Or Maybe It Won’t.

It’S A Great List To Keep As A “Reference Guide” When You Need To Know Which Of The Creatures Are At It In The Future And Why!!!

Be Sure To See The Bottom Of The List — Very Revealing!!!! “Fact Checked!!” & The Deck Is Stacked!!! Things You Must Know To Be Informed: ‘

*Yes, The Governor Of Michigan Used To Work For George Soros.*

*Yes, Calif Gov. Gavin Newsom Is Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew

* Yes, Adam Shiff’s Sister Is Married To One Of George Soros’ Sons.

* Yes, Hillary’s Daughter Chelsea Is Married To George Soros’ Nephew.

* Yes, John Kerry’s Daughter Is Married…

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Mapped: Afghan refugees headed to 46 states

Flurry of Thoughts

California is projected to receive the largest number of Afghans at 5,255. Next is Texas, at 4,481.

Source: Mapped: Afghan refugees headed to 46 states

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Biden Admin Proposes Green Cards & Welfare for Unknown-Unvetted Afghans; Refuses to Reimburse Hurricane Victims for Food (Meaning Hunger for Many)

Mining Awareness +

The proposal would give better benefits and less stringent screening to completely unknown Afghans than to our Afghan allies and interpreters” (US Sen. Cotton).

These are the ones caught, as of August 25th. There must be many where biometric data is lacking: “Up to 100 Afghan evacuees flown out of war-torn Kabul are on intelligence agency watch lists, US official warns, as it’s revealed one passenger flown out to Qatar has potential ties to ISIS

Now remember that Biden’s butt kissing advisor-surrogate, Cedric Richmond, represents Louisiana; Louisiana has a Dem Governor. Yet, in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida: “He went three and half days without electricity, losing about $500 worth of food. “We lost all the contents in our refrigerator and freezer,” said Tirante, who applied for assistance from FEMA but he was denied… FEMA spokesman Nate Custer said, “We don’t reimburse for lost groceries or…

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3 Secret Service agents reveal what happened behind the scenes on 9/11


Nick Trotta, Tony Zotto and Eddie Marinzel worked closely with the president, vice president and the first lady on Sept. 11, 2001.

Sept. 11, 2021, 4:06 PM EDT / Source: TODAYBy Yi-Jin Yu

Following the 9/11 attacks, three key Secret Service agents — assigned to protect then-President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and first lady Laura Bush — sprung into action.

On the 20th anniversary of the attacks on Saturday, Nick Trotta, Tony Zotto and Eddie Marinzel shared their firsthand accounts with Weekend TODAY co-anchor and NBC News chief White House correspondent Peter Alexander.

At the time, Trotta was the assistant special agent in charge of the president’s detail, Zotto was a special agent in charge of the vice president’s detail, and Marinzel was the primary supervisor for the Secret Service on Air Force One.

From left to right, Tony Zotto, Nick Trotta and Eddie Marinzel speak with NBC's Peter Alexander.

From left to right, Tony Zotto, Nick Trotta and Eddie Marinzel speak with NBC’s Peter Alexander.TODAY

When Marinzel first heard the news of the World Trade Center attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, he had one prevailing thought in his head: “We need to move the president.”

Marinzel told TODAY, “We figured that if we got on Air Force One and went up, up into the sky, that we would be able to hide in the sky. The President was saying, ‘We’re at war and I need to be running this war from the Oval Office. I’m the commander in chief and that’s where I need to be.’

But what the former president wanted wasn’t what Marinzel considered was the safest option. “I thought, ‘No, we can’t do that, you know, we can’t take him into an unsettled area.

‘”Eddie Marinzel had to convince former President George W. Bush to stay on Air Force One on Sept. 11, 2001.TODAY

Marinzel coordinated a plan with Andrew Card, who was President Bush’s chief of staff at the time. “I was again telling Secretary Card that we needed to go west, not go east. He was telling me that the president isn’t going to like that. So, as we got up, Andy said, ‘I want you to come with me when I go into the president’s office, but you have to tell him that he’s not going back to the White House now.

“And so I told him, ‘We can’t risk taking you there.’ And he said, ‘That’s where I want to go.’ I said, ‘Our job is to protect you. If they get you, game over,'” Marinzel recounted.Nick Trotta was with then-first lady Laura Bush on Sept. 11, 2001.TODAY

On that Tuesday in September 2001, Trotta recalled that then-first lady Bush was not just concerned about her family’s wellbeing but also concerned about the staff around her and their loved ones.

“We had made a decision and communicated that we’re going to move the first lady right here (to Secret Service headquarters),” Trotta remembered. “When I got here, the first lady had just arrived.”

He recalled the first lady asking, “‘Where are the girls? What’s going on? Barbara and Jenna (Bush’s twin daughters). And then she was asking, when can she speak to the president? She was very calm and she was inquiring how our families were. It gets emotional because, you know, we’ve got a job to do and when workers would come in, she would ask these agents and these administrative staff, ‘Is your family OK?'”Tony Zotto collaborated with both former Vice President Dick Cheney and former President George W. Bush on Sept. 11, 2001.TODAY

Zotto first heard the new of the 9/11 attacks over a radio.

“Inbound plane to the White House. Get him down, get him down,” he heard the message coming in on the radio.

“I just started running,” Zotto recalled. “I ran into the office. He was gone. The V.P. was down below and knowing that he had heart problems before, I wanted to make sure that them running him down the stairs didn’t knock his ticker out.”

When Zotto caught up to Cheney at a secret bunker in the White House, he said he “didn’t look flushed or anything. He looked calm, cool.”



News3 Secret Service agents reveal what happened behind the scenes on 9/11

Zotto remembers when the situation took a serious turn and the vice president ordered the takedown of one of the hijacked planes. “The military officer came in and he said, ‘Mr. Vice President, there’s a plane coming down the Potomac area, direction from Pennsylvania. It’s a hijacked plane, we need your authorization to take it down.’ And the V.P. said, ‘Is it a confirmed hijack?’ And the officer said, ‘Yes, sir. The FBI has confirmed it.’ He said, ‘Take it down.’ That was it.”

In the end, the U.S. military didn’t end up having to strike down any commercial planes that day but the decision still left an impact.

“It was surreal, you know, it’s just something that you don’t forget,” Zotto said.

Related:Yi-Jin Yu

Yi-Jin Yu is an editor and reporter for TODAY Digital and leads digital coverage for Weekend TODAY on Saturday mornings. She is based in New York City.


Launch Update


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

The 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund was (by Congress) to pay out a maximum amount slightly over $ 7 Billion dollars. SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS! Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan (a wreckless, incompetent procedure, a grade school student would know better) gave nearly $90 Billion dollars worth of military equipment to the TALIBAN! Think about that for just a moment! $7 billion went to American families who lost their loved ones by the same identical mold of people like the Taliban, and yet Joe Biden gives the Taliban a $90 Billion dollar gift, and strengthens their terrorist abilities.,to%2097%25%20of%20the%20families.

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America’s History

Remembering The 2,996 That Died

Questions To Ask Your Congressman

The Lone Cactus

Congress will be up for renewal next year. Already we’re starting to get some people that have said they’d be running. Other incumbents have decided to retire rather than face what will be a tough slog through the campaign with a bunch of embarrassing questions coming their way. I thought I would pass on something from AMAC, which is the Association of Mature American Citizens. Think of it as the conservative response to the AARP, which is extremely liberal. Here are six questions that they felt you should ask Democrat Congressmen when they come home to their districts:

  1. Why isn’t Congress doing more to mitigate the situation in Afghanistan and hold the Biden administration accountable for it’s actions?

You have to understand the Biden administration screwed up back in the campaign by actually announcing that they would not only withdraw troops from Afghanistan (which Trump had already said he was…

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U.S. Military Leaving Behind PFAS, Other Highly Toxic Chemicals in Afghanistan

Chemical Free Life

Some of the military bases the U.S. are leaving behind in Afghanistan are filled with toxic chemicals that can pose serious health and environmental problems.  What is worse: these toxic sites may never get a full cleanup.

“The U.S. has operated some of these facilities for almost 20 years. As part of the sites’ routine functioning, the American military and its allied partners generated waste, including substances that increase the risk of cancer and other diseases. These materials can produce long-lasting environmental hazards in and around such sites as they seep into the ground, remain exposed in uncovered landfills and—when some items are incinerated—drift into the air as smoke particles…For example, open-air burn pits are often used to dispose of waste in the field. They are common across areas where the U.S. has fought, despite the fact that an official Department of Defense policy prohibits them “except in circumstances in…

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Earth Report

Rodent Takeover

The residents of a gated community in Argentina are struggling to get along with some unruly new neighbours: hundreds of the world’s largest rodents. Local residents have reported that the robust rodents, which can reach over 4 feet (1.2 meters) long and weigh up to 174 pounds (79 kilograms), have been pooping in gardens, destroying flower beds, causing traffic accidents and allegedly biting pet dogs.

Environmentalists say the capybaras are not invading the area but rather taking back their natural home from the multimillion-dollar development, which, in the late 1990s, was built on top of ecologically important wetlands surrounding the banks of the Paraná River, the second-largest river in South America, which was their home.

Screen Shot 2021 09 04 at 12 55 42 PM

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Powys Animal Rescue Founder Among Volunteers Who Helped Transport Nowzad’s Dogs


Graham Geran of the Wales Ape & Monkey Sanctuary in Powys collected a number of dogs.


The founder of an animal rescue centre in Wales was among the volunteers who helped transport Pen Farthing’s cats and dogs.

Farthing arrived at Heathrow Airport with 173 rescues from hisNowzadanimal charity in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Sunday, August 29, and was met by a number of vehicles involved in transporting them to their quarantine centres.


Among them wasWales Ape & Monkey Sanctuaryfounder Graham Geran, who had volunteered to collect some of the dogs in a special transport vehicle free of charge.

The animal rescue, based in Powys, is on thelistof premises and carriers authorised by the Government for rabies quarantine in England, Wales or Scotland.

Graham said “I was up at three o’clock…

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Violet-green Swallow | American Bird Conservancy

Violet-green Swallow

Violet-green Swallow range map

Violet-green Swallow range map by American Bird Conservancy

Prominent ornithologist John James Audubon described the colorful Violet-green Swallow as “the most beautiful of all the genus hitherto discovered.” Like the closely related Tree Swallow, this acrobatic bird usually appears dark above and white below. But when caught in just the right light, the Violet-green Swallow dazzles observers with its iridescent green back and purple rump.

This species can also be identified by its white flank patches, or “saddlebags,” easily seen as it zips through the air. Also, the white on its face extends part-way around its eye, giving this small swallow an innocent, elfin look.

Flying Under the Radar

Compared to other North American swallows, the Violet-green is poorly studied owing to its propensity to nest in remote, high-elevation sites such as cliffs and mountain forests. Much remains to be discovered about this bird’s social and breeding behavior, diet, and annual survivorship.

Two subspecies of Violet-green Swallow are recognized, one migratory and one resident in northwestern Mexico. The migratory subspecies breeds west of the Rockies, from central Alaska and western Canada south to Mexican highlands. It migrates in large flocks to winter in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

In flight, the Violet-green Swallow gives a short, twittering chee-chee-chee, often heard at dawn or when it interacts with other swallows. Listen here:

“Violet-green Swallow (Tachycineta thalassina)” xeno-canto Matt Wistrand

Audio Player

(Audio: Matt Wistrand, XC336946. Accessible at

High-flying Feeder

Like the Chimney Swift, the Violet-green Swallow is an aerial insectivore, catching and eating its prey on the wing. It feeds on a wide variety of flying insects, including flies, wasps, winged ants, bees, beetles, moths, and many others.

The Violet-green Swallow forages at higher altitudes than other swallow species, although it will also descend to feed low over ponds, particularly in bad weather. It usually forages in flocks, sometimes in association with other swallows or swifts.

Getting Cavities

Violet-green Swallows are secondary cavity nesters, meaning that they use tree holes excavated by another bird or animal, or previously occupied nests. This strategy is employed by a wide range of other birds such as the Red-crowned Parrot and Mountain Bluebird.

Violet-green Swallows also nest within crevices on large cliff faces and will sometimes choose niches and cavities on buildings as well. Like the Purple Martin, this swallow readily accepts artificial nest boxes. Although pairs typically breed independently, small colonies of up to 25 nests can be found at cliff sites.

Within the chosen cavity, the female builds a nest of grass, twigs, and rootlets. She lines it with feathers she and her mate have gathered. The male continues to bring feathers while the female broods her clutch of four to six eggs. Both parents feed the hatchlings, which leave the nest in a little under a month. Parents will continue to feed the young birds for a while after they fledge.

Violet-green Swallow female feeding young

Violet-green Swallow female feeding young. Photo by Bob Gunderson

Withering Weather

The Violet-green Swallow is fairly common throughout its range but is affected by the loss of natural nest cavities due to deforestation, plus competition for remaining nesting sites, which are often dominated by the House Sparrow and European Starling, two introduced species.

Like other aerial insectivores, including swallows, swifts, the Common Nighthawk, and the Olive-sided Flycatcher, the Violet-green Swallow faces threats from widespread pesticide use, including the neonicotinoid insecticides, which decimate insect prey on breeding and wintering grounds.

Hundreds of Violet-green Swallows were among the victims of a massive migratory bird die-off in New Mexico in 2020. Experts think that this mass mortality was caused by a sudden cold snap, exacerbated by earlier fires and drought caused or worsened by climate change.

ABC is leading efforts to reverse declines in bird populations. Find out how you can help.

Donate to support ABC’s conservation mission!

US Congressman Gosar Sponsors 10-Year Moratorium on All Immigration

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US Congressman “GOSAR SPONSORS 10-YEAR MORATORIUM ON ALL IMMIGRATION Washington, July 23, 2021 | Jessica Lycos (202-379-6385)
WASHINGTON D.C.  – This week, Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S (AZ-04) issued the following statement after introducing legislation providing a 10-year moratorium on all immigration into the United States:

“America is a nation of laws. And like every country on earth, it has laws limiting how and when, and who, can come into our borders. Not just to visit, to live and work.  

The current regime is ignoring and actively assisting the violation of our federal laws. The Biden administration has literally and figuratively opened the gates and is waving hundreds of thousands of criminals into our country. We are looking at 2 million criminals being let in this year alone.  On top of over 30 million already here. 

Then to harm our people more, the Biden administration uses tax money to pay for…

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Biden is Now Complicit in Gov. Cuomo’s Nursing Home Coverup – US Congresswoman Stefanik

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US Congresswoman “Stefanik: Biden is now Complicit in Gov. Cuomo’s Nursing Home Coverup July 23, 2021 Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik released the following statement regarding President Biden’s Department of Justice’s decision to reject the New York delegation’s request that they investigate Governor Cuomo for his COVID-19 nursing home coverup.

“This decision from President Biden’s Department of Justice makes President Biden complicit in the criminal corruption scandal and coverup of deaths of thousands of vulnerable seniors,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “New Yorkers deserve answers and accountability. I was the first member of Congress to call for an investigation into Governor Cuomo’s corrupt criminal coverup and I will continue to fight for the families who lost loved ones because of the cruelty and corruption of our Governor. 

“I call on the DOJ Inspector General to look into this matter. What did Governor Cuomo promise President Joe Biden in his White House meeting?…

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