US Court Rules Trump Administration Violated the Law By Shortcutting Environmental Review of Dakota Access Pipeline; More Environmental Analysis Required

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Oil Pipeline spill in a residential area of Mayflower AR (US EPA photo of Exxon Mobil oil spill) See photos of impact of another pipeline spill on birds at the bottom of this blog post.

Federal judge orders more environmental analysis of Dakota pipeline
Posted:Thu, 15 Jun 2017 05:32:14 -0400
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A federal judge ordered the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to reconsider its environmental review of the Dakota Access Pipeline on Wednesday, opening up the possibility that the line could be shut at a later date

News Release from The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe:
In Victory for Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Court Finds That Approval of Dakota Access Pipeline Violated the Law Posted on June 14, 2017. Filed to: News, Press Releases

Ruling: Trump administration shortcut environmental review; Court seeks additional briefing on whether to shut down pipeline
Washington, D.C. —

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Trump’s Air Traffic Privatization Plan Would Sell Out America’s Airspace; US Air Traffic By Numbers

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Airline passengers shouldn’t have to pay an extra upgrade fee to ensure their safety.  And the American people shouldn’t be forced to turn over billions of dollars of investments they’ve made over the years to a quasi-private corporation that doesn’t have their best interests at heart and isn’t subject to meaningful oversight“. “

In addition to the possibility of soaring costs for consumers, President Trump’s privatization plan could threaten safety and oversight and lead to less service to small airports and rural areas. ” (US Senators Reed and Leahy)

From the US FAA:

(continued below Leahy-Reed statement.)
From the Office of US Senator Reed of Rhode Island:
Leahy, Reed: Trump’s Air Traffic Privatization Plan Would Sell Out America’s Airspace Safety 6/07/2017 — 
WASHINGTON, DC – Vice Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing And Urban Development And…

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#StandWithBearsEars: Retweet to Stand with Tribes (Protect Bears Ears: @savebearsears twitter)

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Monument Valley, UT (May 25, 2017) As part of an abbreviated 15-day comment period, more than 685,000 comments have been submitted online in support of the Bears Ears National Monument to the Department of the Interior.

“Our sovereign nations spoke with one voice in support of the Bears Ears National Monument.  This comment process makes it clear that all of the American people have joined us in solidarity to continue fighting to protect this living landscape,” stated Carleton Bowekaty, Zuni Councilman and Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition Co-Chair, a coalition of five sovereign Tribal Nations – Hopi, Navajo, Ute Indian Tribe, Ute Mountain Ute, and the Pueblo of Zuni.

The Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition comments were submitted on May 25, 2017. The comments and the original proposal can be found on”
Read the rest of the news release here:

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Why Special Interests Want Bears Ears National Monument Gone: Uranium, Oil and Gas

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The comment deadline for “Review of Certain National Monuments Established Since 1996; Notice of Opportunity for Public Comment” is July 10th. However, further down the page it says “To ensure consideration, written comments relating to the Bears Ears National Monument must be submitted before May 26, 2017. Written comments relating to all other National Monuments must be submitted before July 10, 2017.

The Bear Ears National Monument was already a compromise. A huge chunk of the original proposal was excluded, as can be seen on the map at the bottom of this post, apparently – at least in part – to protect Canadian miner Energy Fuels’ Daneros uranium mining expansion.

Their biggest shareholder and uranium customer is South Korea:

Under the 1872 mining law, the miner doesn’t pay royalties for hardrock minerals, such as uranium:

Excerpted from “American Treasure at Risk:…

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Original Inhabitants of US West: Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition Letter re Trump Executive Order Directing Revue of National Monuments

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Ryan Zinke-Trump administration are so disrespectful that they didn’t bother to answer a letter written by the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal coalition for over 100 days! Below is a second letter sent.

Bureau of Land Management Description of Bear Ears National Monument

The comment deadline, “Review of Certain National Monuments Established Since 1996; Notice of Opportunity for Public Comment is July 11th except Bears Ears where the comment deadline was May 26th, two weeks after posting May 11th:

Letter from Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition to the US Secretary of the Interior:
Honorable Ryan Zinke, Secretary of the Interior Department of the Interior 1849 C Street, N.W. Washington DC 20240 April 26, 2017

Dear Secretary Zinke,

The Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition, a partnership of the Hopi, Navajo, Ute Indian Tribe, Ute Mountain Ute, and Zuni Tribal governments, is deeply troubled by the Executive Order directing the Department of Interior…

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Punish Man Accused of Killing His Mother’s Pets for Money

A dog and chicken were reportedly killed in a son’s disturbing act of revenge against his mother. Per police, the son demanded $50 from his parents and threatened to do something bad when they did not comply. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Source: Punish Man Accused of Killing His Mother’s Pets for Money

Wisconsin WildCare: A Ray of Sunshine in Our Brutal State

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife

IMG_4256 Nursing mother raccoon that the blog author photographed last week.

Being a wildlife advocate is not easy. The day after day losses and exposure to the endless cruelty is heartbreaking, demoralizing, and can often push one to the breaking point. This is why every once in awhile we must be able to cling to rays of sunshine in an increasingly cruel and bleak world for our wild friends. One of those “rays of sunshine” exists in our own state in the form of Wisconsin WildCare.

What is Wisconsin WildCare? This description comes from their website:

Wisconsin WildCare is made up of a network of licensed rehabilitators and volunteers who work together to educate the public about the benefits of and how to live with our native wildlife. Together, we strive to help people not only notice, but appreciate, the wildlife around them.When wildlife comes into conflict with people, we…

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Is there a Wild Horse Overpopulation Problem? Mining, Oil & Gas Corps. & Cattle on Public Land; Over 600 Rescued Wild Horses Endangered by Uranium Mining

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Why has a US BLM Advisory Board just recommended slaughter of much of America’s Wild Horse and Burro population? Although the US BLM claims they will not follow the advice, they have left open a loop-hole to kill sick and elderly horses. And, they have already sold horses for slaughter and consumption.
1971 Public law Wild Horses
Palomino in holding pen
Above: Palomino Wild Horse in holding pen.
Below: US Border Guards Put Wild Horses to Work

US Border Patrol On Horseback
Read here:

Under the 1872 Mining Act, companies, even foreign companies don’t pay royalties for uranium, gold, and silver taken from public land and public mineral rights on private land. A Canadian Mining Co., Energy Fuels, is even trying to mine uranium near the Grand Canyon. Much of the uranium mined by Energy Fuels goes to South Korea. It is the second largest uranium miner after Canada’s Cameco. Even Russia now owns US uranium mines. Wild Horses are probably more disruptive…

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Honoring Those Who Sacrificed for Freedom

IMG_0100A wild horse captured in 2000 from the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. All horses and burros have been removed from the Sheldon Refuge. Photo taken at Return to Freedom’s American Wild Horse Sanctuary by Sarvey Tahmasebi Rector.

Honoring Those Who Sacrificed for Freedom

Today, we honor the brave men and women who gave their lives to our country.

We honor the brave dogs, burros and mules that worked by their sides.

We honor the brave war horses that carried them. More than 8 million horses, donkeys and mules died in World War I alone.

Many of these horses were bred for the cavalry and, later, when large ranchos were sold to the U.S. Government refuge system, many of these free-ranging horses returned to a natural state on federal lands.

Today, descendants of these war horses have been permanently removed from their ranges.

Contact Us

Return to Freedom

P.O. Box 926
Lompoc, CA 93438

Phone: (805) 737-9246

FRIDAY MAY 19 2017 @ 7:15am CST ALDF’s Tony Eliseuson Discusses Tony

Free Tony The Tiger

Animal Legal Defense Fund attorney Tony Eliseuson is on Talk 107.3 at 7:15 AM CST in Louisiana tomorrow (FRIDAY MAY 19th) to discuss Tony the Tiger. Tune in!

Click: and then “LISTEN LIVE” on the right-hand side.

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Important Update to the Tony the Tiger Case

Free Tony The Tiger

Thank you Tony Eliseuson, Animal Legal Defense Fund Senior Staff Attorney for posting this update about Tony on Linked In.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a summary judgment motion asking the Court to enter a final judgment that will end this six-year legal battle and enforce the Louisiana Big Cat Ban as to Tony, who has unfortunately spent the last 16-years of his life trapped at the Tiger Truck Stop.

This Motion is a significant development in the case as it attacks the two legal tactics used by Tiger Truck Stop to avoid a prior judgment from 2013 that was entered in the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s favor. If this Motion is granted, it should allow the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to take possession of Tony and move him to a naturalistic home at a reputable sanctuary that he has deserved for 16 years.

Read more at the…

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Note to fellow Celiacs: How to reduce symptoms – especially rash – if accidentally eating gluten!

Lantern Timeglass Journal

First, excerpts from for “What Causes Dermatitis Herpetiformis?”:

  • From the sound of the name, many people think this rash is caused by some form of the herpes virus. This isn’t the case, as it has nothing to do with herpes. Dermatitis herpetiformis occurs in people with celiac disease. Celiac disease (also called celiac sprue, gluten intolerance, or gluten-sensitive enteropathy) is an autoimmune disorder characterized by intolerance to gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. It’s also sometimes found in oats that have been processed in plants that handle other grains.
  • According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), 15 to 25 percent of people with celiac disease have DH. Celiac disease can also cause intense abdominal pain, constipation, nausea, and vomiting. People with DH typically don’t have any of the intestinal symptoms. However, even if they don’t experience any intestinal symptoms, 80 percent or more…

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Monsters on horseback bully the moms just trying to nurse their babies

The Monsters Among Us


By Buffalo Field Campaign

Government hazers descended upon our soon-to-be national mammal this Monday, marking the season’s first forced removal operation west of Yellowstone National Park. Agents with the Montana Department of Livestock (DOL) and Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) disturbed and chased forty-four buffalo with about twelve newborns from lands west of the South Fork of the Madison, in the Denny Creek area, a place buffalo love. Unfortunately, this is one of the last strongholds for the few seasonal…

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Save elephants, stop ivory trade in Taiwan

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This 23 August 2016 video is called China destroys seized ivory in illegal trade crackdown.

From the African Wildlife Foundation:

Stop ivory sales: Protect elephants

Africa’s elephants are in crisis, with the number lost to poaching exceeding 30,000 a year. Sadly, these majestic animals are killed to feed the demand for unnecessary ivory trinkets.

This is driving a beloved species toward extinction and undermining the African economy as one of its primary tourism drivers disappears.

The African Wildlife Foundation, our followers and the worldwide conservation community, have already persuaded numerous governments to ban their domestic ivory trade.

Now it’s Taiwan’s turn. A total ban would support the resolution reached by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) COP 17 to prohibit all ivory trade. It would also prevent wildlife traffickers from using Taiwan’s legal ivory trade as cover for transporting…

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Cool science: Watch water droplets navigate a maze

Watts Up With That?

From the American Chemical Society.

WASHINGTON — Have you ever seen a drop of water navigate a maze? It’s possible thanks to the same phenomenon that lets you know if a griddle is hot enough for pancake batter. Water droplets that dance and skitter across a hot surface instead of boil away on the spot are experiencing the Leidenfrost effect.

Understanding Leidenfrost — first described more than 200 years ago — helped engineers make more efficient steam engines. Today, scientists are using high-speed cameras to better characterize how superhot water behaves on metal surfaces. The investigation might lead to improvements in power generation. Watch the superhot dancing droplets here:

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Victory – TK Maxx Now Moves To Stop Cruelty After Major Campaign.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)



You did it. Your voice has been heard!

TK Maxx has responded. They have accepted the Blood Feather award and turned it into something positive:

They have agreed to stand up for the geese and ducks in their supply chain.


As you may remember, we believed that TK Maxx was not doing enough to prevent cruelty from entering their bedding supply chain. They were ignoring our 40Lives campaign and our efforts to get in touch.

Luckily, over 13,000 FOUR PAWS supporterscontacted TK Maxx directly, asking them to budge. And it worked! 

We finally heard from TK Maxx the night before our planned Blood Feather Award ceremony.

Regardless, we went ahead and delivered the award at their headquarters. It was THE red carpet event of the year.


Check out our video and feel free to share:

 or view at:


The TK…

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OK, while this may not be exactly breaking news, it is STILL HUGE! I FINALLY received an answer about M1396 GUARDIAN albeit late:

Hi Mr. Lopes,
M1396 was removed from the wild/Luna Pack in May, 2016. At the time of his removal, M1158 was also traveling with the Luna Pack and we believe likely functioning as the alpha male. At the end of 2016, the Luna Pack consisted of 5 animals: M1158, F1487, and 3 surviving offspring (one of which was confirmed to be sired by M1158).
After a brief stay at the Ladder Ranch Wolf Management Facility, the Mexican wolf Species Survival Plan group recommended M1396 be transferred to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas, for breeding to help maintain the genetic health of the captive population. This transfer occurred in October, 2016. M1396 and his mate have settled in and are doing well at Fossil…

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70 Years In Prison: Woman Faces Brutal Jail Time After Revealing What Migrants Did On Her Street

Nwo Report

Asia Mayfield

A 70-year-old Swedish woman is the latest victim of the left’s maniacal commitment to “tolerance.” The elderly woman faces up to four years in jail for complaining on Facebook about migrants fouling her neighborhood. Migrant men have been caught defecating in the streets. Cars have been torched as migrants attempted to incite a riot.

In a post from 2015, the unnamed woman commented on the effect migrants were having in her city. Liberals drudged up the post two years later and are now attempting to hurry the woman into court. The entire case rests on a screenshot of an old Facebook post.

Migrant violence, on the other hand, usually goes unprosecuted. The moral relativism espoused by most liberals allows them to excuse almost any ill on cultural grounds. A Muslim migrant sexually assaulted a young woman? It must be because he hasn’t learned how to treat women. A…

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USDA warns Pennsylvania restaurant that serving horse meat violates federal law

Tuesday's Horse

PITTSBURG, Pa. — We have been following the story of the Pittsburgh area restaurant serving steak tartare made with horse meat. Because it was making national headlines we figured you have been following it too.

We write about it now that the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has stepped in. It is interesting how FSIS handled it pointing out their concern — it is illegal to import horse meat into the U.S.

CBS News Pittsburgh reported:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has warned a Pittsburgh restaurant to not serve horse meat again.

KDKA-TV first reported that Cure Restaurant hosted a special dinner with Canadian chefs on May 8 that included horse tartare*.

Cure released this statement from chef/co-owner Justin Severino:

“On Monday night we hosted a collaborative dinner with chefs from Canada, a Québécois feast. One of the courses included horse tartare, which is traditional Québécois. It was sourced…

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US Congressman Conyers Condemns Trump Tuesday Night Massacre: Comey Firing is a Clear Cover up; Independent Investigation Needed

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Twitter House Judiciary Democrats:

Maybe it looks like Watergate because it is some of the same players? Roger Stone, who was part of Nixon’s CREEP, appears to be involved.

In shock move, Trump fires FBI Director Comey
Posted:Tue, 09 May 2017 19:44:15 -0400
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday abruptly fired FBI Director James Comey, who had been leading his agency’s investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign and possible collusion with Trump’s campaign.

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Radioactive Waste Filled Tunnel Near Hanford Plutonium Uranium Extraction Plant Reported Collapsed Today

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THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE ANYTHING THERE TO MONITOR GROUND SHIFTING TO ALERT PRIOR TO COLLAPSE DESPITE ALL OF THE TAX PAYER MONEY SUNK INTO THE HANFORD NUCLEAR SITE? How routinely do they do surveillance of the area? Did the tunnel just collapse? Or did they just notice it?

The collapsed radioactive waste tunnel probably contains plutonium 239, with a half-life of over 24,000 years and plutonium 241, half-life of over 14 years, but which becomes Americium 241 with a radioactive half-life of over 400 years: “Plutonium-239 is one of the three fissile materials used for the production of nuclear weapons and in some nuclear reactors as a source of energy. The other fissile materials are uranium-235 and uranium-233. Plutonium-239 is virtually nonexistent in nature.

Event Summary 5/9/2017 10:37 AM
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Richland Operations Office activated…

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Sparking Fears of Airborne Radiation, Wildfire Burns in Fukushima “No-Go Zone”; Forests Contaminated by Fukushima and Chernobyl “are Ticking Time Bombs”

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From Common Dreams:

Sparking Fears of Airborne Radiation, Wildfire Burns in Fukushima ‘No-Go Zone’ Contaminated forests such as those outside fallout sites like Fukushima and Chernobyl ‘are ticking time bombs’ by Lauren McCauley, staff writer, Published on Monday, May 01, 2017

A wildfire broke out in the highly radioactive “no-go zone” near the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant over the weekend, reviving concerns over potential airborne radiation.

Japanese newspaper The Mainichi reports that lightning was likely to blame for sparking the fire Saturday on Mount Juman in Namie, which lies in the Fukushima Prefecture and was one of the areas evacuated following the 2011 meltdown. The area continues to be barred to entry as it is designated a “difficult-to-return zone” due to continually high radiation levels.

Local officials were forced to call in the Japanese military, the Ground Self-Defense Force (GSDF), to help battle the blaze, which continued to…

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Trump’s Executive Order Spree Explained: From Monuments to Oil Spills

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Deepwater Horizon Response, 100727-G-9091S-43, USCG Photo by Dave Silva. cleaning tar balls in Florida, Pensacola, FL

Dr. Brian Stacy, NOAA veterinarian, prepares to clean an oiled Kemp’s Ridley turtle, Photo Credit: NOAA and Georgia Department of Natural Resources

From Greenpeace:
Trump’s Executive Order Spree Explained: From Monuments to Oil Spills by Cassady Craighill April 28, 2017

The latest moves by the Trump administration could open up protected areas to oil and gas drilling.
We may say this every Friday, but this time we really mean it — this has been one hell of a long week.

Trump marks his first 100 days in the White House this weekend, and in an attempt to squeeze in just a few more attacks on our communities and environment, he went on an Executive Order blitz.

It started on Wednesday when he signed an executive order that ordered the Interior Department to review…

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Man That Tortured Three Coyotes With a Snowmobile in 2009 Received $5000 in 2016 for “Hound Depredations”

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife

Coyote_portrait Coyote photo via Wikimedia Commons

Last week I wrote about a hounder by the name of Michael Wood from Amery, Wisconsin that received $5000 from the Wisconsin DNR in 2016 for two hounds that were allegedly killed by wolves. In the post we pointed out that a subject with the same name out of Amery had a conviction on three counts of intentionally mistreating animals in 2009 out of Bayfield County.


Upon further research we found that the same subject was also under open charges for poaching a bear and resisting a warden in September of 2016, two months after the alleged “depredation” of his hounds.


Through an open records request we were able to obtain the original criminal complaint for the 2009 incident that Wood was convicted of and it is even more horrifying than we imagined.

From the criminal complaint:

Complainant is a Conservation Warden with the…

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We Are Back…The Fight is On

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife



After thinking that our cause could get a wider reach exclusively with Facebook posts only we have decided to return with a a dual reach format with Facebook and our blog here. Our wildlife is under threat more than ever before and when political and climate factors intersect we could be looking at a mass extinction caused by our own hand and the greed of man. Wildlife was once pushed to the brink in the name of “market hunting,’ misguided hatreds and fears, and all around human greed. Despite what the killing cartels and state killing agencies tell you “market hunting” never went away. It is now re-branded as outfitting, game farms, “sustainable harvests,” and a myriad of other fluffy terms that equate to wholesale killing for profit, recreation, or misguided fear and hatred. Some wildlife advocates refer to this new form of “market hunting” as the “Recreational Industrial…

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When “Energy” Drinks Actually Contained Radioactive Energy

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From “The Conversation”:
When ‘energy’ drinks actually contained radioactive energy
By Timothy J. Jorgensen, Georgetown University

Modern life have you feeling frazzled? Flagging a bit as you rush through your day? Maybe you’re one of the millions of consumers who lean on energy drinks to put a little extra pep in your step. The Conversation

Though emblematic of our time, energy drinks aren’t an invention of the new millennium. People have relied on them to combat fatigue for at least a century. Today, their “energy” typically derives from some type of neurological stimulant that makes people feel more energetic, or sometimes just sugar.

But there was a time when energy drinks actually contained real energy. The active ingredient in these drinks was radium, a radioactive element that releases a packet of radiant energy with every atomic decay. While the connection between consuming a radioactive element and reaping a…

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At Chernobyl and Fukushima, Radioactivity Has Seriously Harmed Wildlife

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From “The Conversation”: “At Chernobyl and Fukushima, radioactivity has seriously harmed wildlife By Timothy A. Mousseau, University of South Carolina

The largest nuclear disaster in history occurred 30 years ago at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in what was then the Soviet Union. The meltdown, explosions and nuclear fire that burned for 10 days injected enormous quantities of radioactivity into the atmosphere and contaminated vast areas of Europe and Eurasia. The International Atomic Energy Agency estimates that Chernobyl released 400 times more radioactivity into the atmosphere than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. The Conversation

Radioactive cesium from Chernobyl can still be detected in some food products today. And in parts of central, eastern and northern Europe many animals, plants and mushrooms still contain so much radioactivity that they are unsafe for human consumption.

The first atomic bomb exploded at Alamogordo, New Mexico more than 70 years ago…

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Not to Be Outdone By Putin, Trump Signs Order Opening Arctic for Oil Drilling

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Protesting Russian State owned Gazprom; Albertina Museum in Vienna

Deepwater Horizon, BP oil spill, Gulf of Mexico
From the VOA:
Trump Signs Order Opening Arctic for Oil Drilling
April 28, 2017 3:23 PM, Steve Baragona
President Donald Trump is re-opening for oil exploration areas that President Barack Obama had closed, a move that environmental groups have promised to fight.

In an executive order Friday, the president reversed the Obama administration’s decision to prohibit oil and gas drilling in the Arctic waters off Alaska.

The order also instructs the Interior Department to review current restrictions on energy development in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. In addition, it bars the creation or expansion of marine sanctuaries and orders a review of all areas protected within the last 10 years.
The action is the latest from the Trump administration aimed at boosting domestic energy production and loosening…

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Wildlife on the Brink, Where Do We Go From Here?

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife

12573775_10153201729125933_8361318789507284596_n This is what Wisconsin considers “managment” of wildlife. Legal dog fighitng is not only condoned but encouraged by the State of Wisconsin. Upon delisitng this form of legal dog fighting will be allowed against wolves….if it isn’t occurring already. Photo used under Fair Use for Educational Purposes. 

Once again it seems that the gray wolf population in Great Lakes will handed over to states full of individuals and groups wishing to see them wiped off the face of the earth. Hostile state agencies, along with their contracted federal goon squads known as “Wildlife Services” are primed and ready to immediately begin the killing once federal “protections” are removed. As most wildlife advocates know those “protections” were in name only as poaching and 24/7/365 harassment by Wisconsin hounders have kept the wolf population under constant threat. With a looming delisting this harassment is only going to get worse and be more…

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