Countdown; the years of review

Wild Horse Education

120817BA_FLR - 1 (6) Fox Lake and Range stallion, just captured, now awaiting his fate in captivity. Will 2018 bring a bullet to his head, literally? (I love his old eyes. A cataract, but he can still see me)

In two weeks the year 2017 comes to a close, we step into 2018. 2017 brought the reality of the battlefield of public land, and the fight for our wild horses to gain a fair shake, to  the surface of the American consciousness. However, this war for public land and resource has been waged over decades. The last ten years have seen what many have dubbed “the third rise of the sage brush rebellion” show it’s identity in full color. A land grab by States, and deep private pockets, to usurp resources that belong to all Americans, has been mounting and is now running full steam with very little in the ay to stop it…

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The sun is blank, NASA data shows it to be dimming

Watts Up With That?

As the sun gets successively more blank with each day, due to lack of sunspots, it is also dimming. According to data from NASA’s Spaceweather, so far in 2017, 96 days (27%) of the days observing the sun have been without sunspots. Here is the view today from the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite:

Solar Dynamics Observatory HMI Continuum image more at WUWT’s solar reference page:

Today at Cape Canaveral, SpaceX launched a new sensor to the International Space Station named TSIS-1. Its mission: to measure the dimming of the sun’s irradiance. It will replace the aging SORCE spacecraft. NASA SDO reports that as the sunspot cycle plunges toward its 11-year minimum, NASA satellites are tracking a decline in total solar irradiance (TSI).

Across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, the sun’s output has dropped nearly 0.1% compared to the Solar Maximum of 2012-2014. This plot shows the TSI since 1978…

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(WASHINGTON) #FCC Just Killed Net Neutrality With Votes of 3-2 NOW What Does This Mean? & What Next? For the Internet and Bloggers Like YOU & Social Media Companies Want it Stopped #AceNewsDesk

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Dec.15: Editor says it’s all guess work at present after FCC voted last night but here’s what we know so far: Net neutrality is DEAD—3 out of 5 federal regulators have voted Thursday to hand control of the future of the Internet to cable and telecommunication companies: This means giving them powers to speed up service for websites they favour or slow down others #AceNewsDesk reports

// The Hacker Newsreports as proposed this summer, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has rolled back Net Neutrality rules that require Internet Service Providers…….// BuzzFeed reports that the FCC Just Voted To Allow Your Internet Company To Charge You More For Netflix And Facebook

A woman protests the repeal of net neutrality outside the Federal Communications Commission headquarters in Washington, DC, on Dec.13: Alex Edelman / AFP / Getty Images: The Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal Obama-era regulations…

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Bears Ears National Monument Undermines Unofficial Nuclear Waste Dump-Uranium Mining: Owner Energy Fuels Lobbied Trump Admin Against Bears Ears

Mining Awareness +

Canadian Company Energy Fuels’ interest in stopping Bears Ears National Monument may not be the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle as much as the tail end of radioactive waste. Their White Mesa Mill functions as an unofficial back-door nuclear waste dump. Bears Ears National Monument abuts White Mesa Mill property and it includes two White Mesa water sampling sites, according to Energy Fuel’s filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Why does Energy Fuels fear the water sampling sites being on public land? Are they lying about the results? At least the Italian Camorra mafia, according to Schiavone’s testimony, put German radioactive waste sludge in lead boxes before burying it in Italy, which is already superior to the US putting waste in poor quality metal cans. However, the handling of nuclear waste at White Mesa mill is of an even lower standard than most US radioactive waste, even…

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Five ways to look after your cat in the cold weather

4cats Blog

English Post | German Post

Five ways to look after your cat in the cold weather

As the winter months begin, the weather gets a lot colder and we worry about our feline friends who enjoy exploring the outdoors. While cats are well adapted to the cold weather, they can still become unwell when exposed to extreme weather. Making sure they are looked after is important.

Here are five tips from Argos Pet Insurance on how to look after your cat in the cold weather:

1. Check your cat’s health

When the temperature drops below 0⁰C, your cat may be at risk of frostbite and hypothermia if they spend prolonged periods outside. Unchecked, hypothermia can lead to serious consequences, so make sure they’re in good physical condition during winter.

Make sure your cat is always dried when they come in from the rain, and ensure they can get back into the house…

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Tribal Leaders-Bears Ears Commission Of Tribes Indignant Over Trump’s Proposal To Destroy Bears Ears National Monument Leaving It Vulnerable To Looting; Grave Robbing; Fossil Fuel And Uranium Exploitation

Mining Awareness +

We’ll tell the next generation, ‘You see that ash pit over there, that’s where Bears Ears was. Now it’s a uranium mine“, Davis Filfred, Navajo Nation.

Bears Ears and ruins By Josh Ewing

@savebearsears‪ “We as a sovereign nation, a Tribal Council, approved the resolution saying that we want the Bears Ears designation.” – Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye. #StandWithBearsEars! @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse #MonumentsForAll‬

President Trump’s proposal to shrink the Bears Ears National Monument leaves tens of thousands of sacred sites vulnerable to looting and grave robbing—the very threats the Antiquities Act was designed to protect against—as well as to fossil fuel development and uranium mining.” (Bears Ears Coalition News Release)

The Bears Ears Commission of Tribes holds a vision of a Bears Ears National Monument that is a landscape of healing for all Americans and a symbol of Native American and community…

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Petition update · THE TIME IS NOW! Act to Help Preserve the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ·

THE TIME IS NOW! Act to Help Preserve the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Michael Cianos and Frank Escalona
Baltimore, MD

Dec 11, 2017 — Dear Supporters,

The moment is upon us to take action in our fight to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. PLEASE take a moment today to call the following House Representatives and urge them to continue their leadership and outspoken support for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by doing everything they can to insist that Arctic drilling is removed from the bill.

PLEASE NOTE: The following representatives are already working to keep Arctic drilling out of the final bill. We are calling to THANK THEM and to REINFORCE THEIR EFFORTS. Our decision to call these individuals is a result of extensive research and deliberation.

Dan Donovan [R-NY]: (202) 225-3371
Frank Lobiondo [R-NJ]: (202) 225-6572
Brian Fitzpatrick [R-PA]: (202) 225-4276
Ryan Costello [R-PA]: (202) 225-4315

IF ASKED BY A RECORDING IF YOU ARE A CONSTITUENT, select “Yes.” Then tell them later that you are not, but that you are working in their district alongside environmental organizations to bring awareness to the Representatives’ views on this issue.

Remember, we’re working not only to protect the Arctic, but also to show that our democracy still works. The people DO NOT want drilling in the Arctic. Here is a poll from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication to prove it:

There is bipartisan alignment AGAINST this provision–we must not stop our fight now. Please take a few moments to call the numbers above, and tell your friends to do the same. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT UPDATE TO SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS.

Also, please share Robert Redford’s video from the NRDC:

Thank you again for all your support. Let’s do this!
Americans oppose drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Americans oppose drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
The tax bills that were recently approved by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives each contain…

GET READY TO TAKE ACTION! ANWR Updates and a New Member to the Team!
Share this petition
88,343 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000.
© 2017,, Inc.Certified B Corporation

Drape The Flag Over My Casket


entry picture

{Drape The Flag Over My Casket} 

As I lost the war that I was facing but please deliver this message to my family and loved one’s back in the states 

I am sorry that I couldn’t make out of this nightmare but I’ll always be flying with you only from heaven above now but I do miss you and love you all and please don’t cry because this military woman is finally at peace and they are shipping my dog tags to you please if you miss me please hang them around your neck because I’ll be right there waiting in your 💓 heart for you where I’ve been the whole time and I’m sorry that I am not coming back home to you all but this is the sacrifice that I made for you all so you can continue to have freedom 

But they’ll be handing you my flag…

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Remembering Pearl Harbor Thank You For Your Services


Thank you all for your services to our country and you are hero’s to us still today

If that day never comes and we thank you heroic soldier’s

Thank you for your services to our country we appreciate it we support you until the day you all make it back home

Yes thank you for your services to our country and you are always welcomed home amen my weary troubled traveling soldier’s and until you all make it back home

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A Look Back At The 2014 Fire Near San Onofre Nuclear Power Station Which Is Again At Risk Due To Fires

Mining Awareness +

Overlays of NOAA weather forecast, Near Real Time Fire Data, and San Onofre and Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Stations. This is just to give a general idea. Fire data changes by the second. From Day 1 to Day 2 Forecast extreme area expands well into the critical area. See population and land area at risk on twin maps below.

48 H Fire Data Source: Fire Weather Outlook Source:
2014 Fire Near San Onofre Nuclear Power Station
May 2014 wildfire near San Onofre NGS, NRC
Zoom showing that the yellow indicates radioactive area
zoom of fire near San Onofre

Fires have been raging again in California. In 2014 a wildfire threatened San Onofre nuclear power station. The US NRC doesn’t appear to have taken it very seriously – not surprising since they appear to take virtually nothing about nuclear safety seriously. According to the NRC it was started by a fire on Highway 5. http://public-blog.nrc-gateway. gov/2014/05/20/southern-california-fire-puts-spotlight-on-nrc-regs/
San Onofre Highway 5

However, NASA took note of the…

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Southern California Fire Weather Forecast Extreme: Many Millions Of People At Risk

Mining Awareness +

If you are getting rain or snow be grateful.
The Ventura wildfire exploded to nearly 80 square miles (207 square kilometers) in a matter of hours. It was fanned by dry Santa Ana winds clocked at well over 60 mph (96 kph) and spit embers up to a half-mile (0.8 kilometers) ahead of fire lines.” (“California Communities Under Siege From Wind-driven Fires“, December 05, 2017 10:30 PM)

11:50 p.m.: –  The biggest and most destructive wildfire burning in Southern California has jumped U.S. Highway 101, nearly reaching the ocean and forcing new evacuations.” (California Wildfire Hops Highway, Nears Ocean, Tuesday, December 5, 2017, Sacramento, CA. )

California Fire Maps and more:

Overlays of NOAA weather forecast, Near Real Time Fire Data, and San Onofre and Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Stations. This is just to give a general idea…

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Hunt Elephants to Save Them? Some Countries See No Other Choice

Exposing the Big Game

[New York Times does it again! With friends like them, what animal needs enemies?]

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service last month moved to allow hunters to bring home trophies from elephants killed in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Safe to say, few conservationists saw it coming.

In a 39-page report, the agency cited Zimbabwe’s progress in creating a sound management plan for its 82,000 elephants and evidence that hunting revenue is in fact reinvested into conservation. Well-managed trophy hunting “would not have an adverse effect on the species, but can further efforts to conserve the species in the wild,” the agency concluded.

The announcement, which would have turned back an elephant-trophy prohibition instituted during the Obama administration, was met with praise from pro-hunting groups, like the National Rifle Association and Safari Club International, and criticism from animal-rights advocates on all sides of the political spectrum.

Unexpectedly, President Trump intervened on…

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Tuesday Funny! Sale on NFL cover-up tattoos

Fellowship of the Minds

Capitalist ingenuity making America great again:

H/t Reddit

Meanwhile, NFL TV ratings continue to fall.

Richard Morgan reports for the New York Post, November 28, 2017, that “NFL fans flipped the league the bird over Thanksgiving” with ratings for each of the three games played on Thanksgiving falling double-digits from last year:

  • The Minnesota Vikings-Detroit Lions early game on Thursday produced a ratings decline of 10% compared with the early game a year earlier.
  • The second game, between the Dallas Cowboys and LA Chargers, saw ratings tumble 25%.
  • The late game between the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins produced a rating down 19% from 2016.

Continue #BoycottNFL!


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Updated Privacy Policy For January 3,2018 On WordPress Here


Updated Privacy Policy

by hollyannehogan

As part of our commitment to privacy and transparency, we’re updating our Privacy Policy. We want to give you more and clearer information about how we collect and use personal information — in a more organized and readable format.

Your privacy is critically important to us. These are the first words of our Privacy Policy, and words we live by when designing and building our products.

Here are some of the updates you’ll see:

  • We split the Privacy Policy up into sections titled: “Information We Collect,” “How We Use Information,” “Sharing Information,” “Choices,” and “Security.” Our aim is to make the Policy easier to follow and understand. We really want you to read the whole thing!
  • We added specific information about how our Privacy Policy applies to Jetpack sites and the WordPress mobile app.
  • We included real-world, concrete examples to illustrate our policies and…

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V-Dog Wiggle Biscuits Review – Vegan Treats Your Dog Will Love!

The Vegan Treasure Hunter

Company: V-Dog

Product: Wiggle Biscuits


Dogs can thrive on a vegan diet just like humans can! V-Dog makes high-quality plant-based dog food and treats that will make your dog’s tastebuds happy… and you can feel good about giving your dog with a good, clean diet.


These Wiggle Biscuits are absolutely adorable! They’re small, crunchy heart-shaped treats that contain all natural ingredients that are great for your little fur baby!

Peanut butter provides protein, fiber and biotin, and flaxseed provides omega-3s, vitamin E and is an anti-inflammatory. Banana packs these little biscuits with potassium and electrolytes and coconut oil helps your dog’s skin stay healthy and adds Vitamin K and choline!


Right out of the bag, you can smell the cinnamon which really helps to reduce stinky dog breath! You can’t get all of these benefits in an everyday dog treat! These are truly special and your dog deserves the best!

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Please sign petition to rectify the heavy impact of livestock grazing on public lands

Straight from the Horse's Heart

photo:  Western Watersheds Project

Please sign this petition HERE.


We the people ask the federal government to Call on Congress to act on an issue:

Livestock Grazing on Public Lands Rectify the Heavy Impact

Created by T.B. on November 23, 2017

Reductions will address ecological problems caused by commercial livestock grazing such as:

● displacement of wildlife, reduction of wildlife populations;
● degradation is occurring to the land;
● transmission of pathogens;
● degradation is occurring to plant communities;
● native wildlife are killed to advance the interests of public lands ranchers;
● livestock are…

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Published essay: the conservation fiasco that is the ESA listing of polar bears


In early October, the US Fish & Wildlife Service reversed its 2011 decision to list Pacific walrus as ‘threatened with extinction’, saying they could not “determine with certainty that walruses are likely to become endangered “in the foreseeable future.” [details below]

I have arguedthat the 2008 decision by the USFWS to list polar bears as ‘threatened’ is similarly lacking in certainty (Crockford 2017) and as for walrus, the previous determination of ‘threatened’ for polar bears was premature and should be reversed.

Conservation Fiasco_lead photo_WINTER 2017 RANGE

A prominent biology colleague and I recently put it this way in a newly published essay:

“Is it ethical or fair to the many citizens impacted directly and indirectly by the 2008 polar bear ruling for the FWS to allow polar bears to remain on the Endangered Species List?”

Read our piece in the winter 2018 issue of RANGE Magazine (open access), authored by…

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Colorado VA kept secret wait lists for vets’ mental health care

Serbia / USA: USA Auction To Help Fellix Kitties – Get Your Xmas Presents Here Now !

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Our dear friend Katrina Fillo has organized a USA based auction in order to help CSF kitties –

Thank you so much, Katrina!

Please take a look at these lovely items, perhaps you’ll find something you like.
And share with your friends and family, perhaps they’ll find something too.

Love to all and thank you for caring about our kitties.


Items are available for immediate purrrrchase rather than bidding style. Prices are listed in the …

View on Facebook:

Some of the items available:

Buy now and help Serbian cats at the shelter.

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Serbia: Felix Shelter News 19/11 – No Heating For Over A Month – Please Donate If You Can.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Today was our monthly interferon day for all FiV+ kitties in CSF.

Gemma, Jaki, Alana, Attila, Kremko, Samson and Cormac have received their Roferon dose via subcutaneous injections.


Since the cold weather and no heating gas have been giving us a hard time for over a month now, all kitties with runny noses and teary eyes received Hemomicyn antibiotics and eye drops. 😓😖

And because all of them were so brave during their medical treatment

💪💪💪, even those who were brave enough to watch 😹, all 150 residents of our CSF Sanctuary received some extra delicious snacks 😻 – a gift from one our donors who wished to stay anonymous. 😽💕

Most of you are aware of our current and alarming situation – we have no heating gas, no wet canned food, and we are in debts for earlier supplies of wet canned feline food and…

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Let’s End Live Pigeon Shoots – Now!

Humane PA

I will never give up on passing a straight-forward bill to end live pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania.  My resolve to do so is unwavering due in large part to Splash – the beautiful white pigeon pictured below – a bird rescued from a shoot held many years ago at the Philadelphia Gun Club in Bensalem.  The rescue of Splash lives indelibly in my memory.  I stood on the shoreline of a neighboring property to the club, my ears hurting from the sound of gun shots, my eyes burning from the cold and from watching wounded

splash 8 (2)
Splash, rescued from a live pigeon shoot by Humane PA president, Elissa Katz, enjoying his new life.

birds plunge into the frigid Delaware River, helplessly watching them bob and struggle and ultimately drown.  And then one bird kept bobbing and struggling, and was so close to shore! Finally, he was in shallow enough water that I could grab him. I quickly placed this battered and wounded…

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Norway court grants reprieve to seven wolves

Exposing the Big Game

November 21, 2017
There are between 105 and 112 wolves in Norway
There are between 105 and 112 wolves in Norway

A Norwegian court on Tuesday granted a reprieve to seven wolves near Oslo caught in the middle of a battle between environmental activists and sheep farmers.

The Oslo district court granted a request from the Norwegian branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and issued an injunction temporarily stopping the hunt of 12 wolves in the Oslo region—five of which have already been killed—pending a final decision on the matter.

The number of wolves in the Scandinavian country is modest—between 105 and 112 individuals, according to the latest count—and the species is listed as being at risk of extinction. But its current population is above the target set by Norway’s parliament.

This winter, regional wildlife management authorities gave the go ahead to the culling of 50 wolves. While the final number still depends on a government decision…

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Bricey’s Blog – Discover Dogs at the ExCel Centre

World Protection for Dogs and Cats in the Meat Trade

22814452_1118408371627772_879467841401533689_nSaturday 21st October 2017 was a significant day for me. A day I realised some people love animals – and want to save them – as much as me. There is always a niggling feeling in my tummy, and I am not fully focused even on the best days, as I am always thinking somewhere right now an animal is in need and I can’t save them. Especially with the Dog meat trade which is the worst hell imaginable…BUT Saturday 21st there was hope.

‘Discover Dogs’ at ExCeL in London was a huge event for all things doggy! I entered the venue (after Notodogmeat founder Julia handed me my pass) and straight away I wished I had a spare £500, as there were ‘dog’ purses, birthday cards, books, framed pictures, charity stalls, and that was just for the dog loving humans. For our canine friends there were dozens of collars…

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Flashback Friday, #BlackFriday

Wild Horse Education

One year ago we sat at the Owyhee roundup. It wasn’t the first roundup of wild horses in the complex and it wont be the last. For weeks we reported from the roundup, alone. Things had changed, winds had shifted and politics, that always had more power than reality no longer had reason to temper itself. The push was on to make “spay and slaughter” a mainline item in the next round of legislation. (you can read the recap from the first phase here, it’s not pretty:

“I get so tired of having to fight stupid games. Having to fight for the First Amendment, as the grandchild of a man that fought in two world wars, is an obscenity.” Laura Leigh of WHE

We had to address our own fight. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) contractor began threatening us with a “libel” suit during operations. We had…

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National Day of Mourning, Thursday, November 23rd

Mining Awareness +



Since 1970, Native Americans have gathered at noon on Cole’s Hill in Plymouth to commemorate a National Day or Mourning on the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.

Many Native Americans do not celebrate the arrival of the Pilgrims and other European settlers. To them, Thanksgiving Day is a reminder of the genocide of millions of their people, the theft of their lands, and the relentless assault on their cultures.

Participants in National Day or Mourning honor Native ancestors and the struggles of Native peoples to survive today. It is a day of remembrance and spiritual connection as well as a protest of the racism and oppression which Native Americans continue to experience.

Erected by the Town of Plymouth on behalf of the United American Indians of New England

Submitted by @SparkleMask (
Location – 41°56’24.6″N 70°38’53.0″W ”
See map and original here:


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Yes, There Is A Way To Work Through Family Conflict Mindfully. Here’s How

Forever Unlimited

Yes, There Is A Way To Work Through Family Conflict Mindfully. Here’s How

Photo: Maa Hoo

While Thanksgiving grants us an opportunity to give thanks and reunite with loved ones, it also puts us in tight quarters with family members who may may know how to push our buttons. Conflict in families is natural, but to make your holiday a happy one, here are a few practices that can help you move through tension mindfully.

Use the right phrases and avoid generalizations.

While it might be tempting to raise your voice if you feel like no one is hearing you, do your best to keep your tone even and use phrases that diffuse conflict. “Try using phrases such as ‘I hear what you’re saying’ or ‘I understand that you’re upset’ so your family member feels acknowledged,” suggests…

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Thanksgiving Day In America – 2017

Shepherding All God's Creatures

It’s that time of year again when America celebrates the Thanksgiving Day Holiday. Wherever you are celebrating this day, make it a humane celebration especially when it comes to what we put on our plates!

We are reposting an article we published in 2015.  Enjoy!

During this Thanksgiving Holiday, what are you thankful for?  Even if you are not from America, celebrate this day with us!  Let’s all give pause to stop – and think about what is really important in life.  The answers will vary greatly, depending on many factors, including where we happen to live on the planet.   Let’s also, as we are pausing, think about life itself – the gift that it is.

“…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”  Philippians 4:8

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Petition: Turkish tragedy: Dog starvation on a colossal scale – Network for Animals

The law says that authorities must help, but they do not. 10,000 dogs have no food,no veterinary care and no shelter, but with your support they will have hope

Please sign the petition and if you can give a donation.

Save the Internet: Petition; Call Congress; Share; Info About the Trump Administration’s Attack On Net Neutrality

Mining Awareness +

From Free
Stop the Trump administration’s attack on Net Neutrality
Take Action here:

Net Neutrality is not negotiable. It’s essential to everything we need in our society and democracy — from educational and economic opportunities to political organizing and dissent. Millions of people fought for over a decade to secure lasting Net Neutrality protections. We will not accept anything less. We urge you to reject any attacks on real Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality keeps the internet free and open — enabling anyone to share and access information of their choosing without interference from companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon.

But the Trump administration wants to shut down the open internet.
The Federal Communications Commission passed historic rules protecting Net Neutrality in 2015, but Trump’s FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, wants to destroy them. Despite Net Neutrality’s popularity across the political spectrum, Pai is conspiring right now with industry…

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Petition · Mike Pence, Sue Errington: Ban the hog wrestling events throughout the Indiana state county fairs. ·

This is NOT a petition for the Humane treatment of animals. This IS an abuse type of petition. Animal cruelty as you would see when dealing with dogs and abuse as you would with such as domestic violence,child abuse, Etc. It’s not to push the vegan agenda, or the animals rights movement. Pigs are covered under the criminal cruelty law. So it must be enforced.

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