“Half of British butterfly species on new Red List” Butterfly Conservation

May 25, 2022 ByIain H Leach

Wildlife charity Butterfly Conservation is warning that time is running out to save some of Britain’s best-loved insects, with the latest Red List assessment of butterflies published today, revealing a 26% increase in the number of species threatened with extinction.

Using data gathered by volunteers through the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme and Butterflies for the New Millennium recording scheme, scientists from Butterfly Conservation have put together the new Red List, which assesses all the butterfly species that have bred regularly in Great Britain against the rigorous criteria of extinction risk set out by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The new Red List is published today in the journal Insect Conservation and Diversity.

Of the 62 species assessed, four are extinct in Britain (Black-veined White, Large Tortoiseshell, Large Copper, and Mazarine Blue) with 24 (41% of the remaining species) classed as threatened (8 Endangered, 16 Vulnerable) and a further five (9%) as Near Threatened.

Large Copper (female/upperwing) – Tamás Nestor

Head of Science for Butterfly Conservation, Dr Richard Fox, says: “Shockingly, half of Britain’s remaining butterfly species are listed as threatened or Near Threatened on the new Red List. Even prior to this new assessment, British butterflies were among the most threatened in Europe, and now the number of threatened species in Britain has increased by five, an increase of more than one-quarter. While some species have become less threatened, and a few have even dropped off the Red List, the overall increase clearly demonstrates that the deterioration of the status of British butterflies continues apace.”

While land-use change remains the most important driver of decline, the impact of climate change on butterflies is also evident in the new Red List, with all four British butterflies with northerly distributions, adapted to cooler or damper climates, now listed as threatened (Large Heath, Scotch Argus, Northern Brown Argus) or Near Threatened (Mountain Ringlet).

Both the Large Heath and the Grayling have moved from Vulnerable to Endangered, and seven species have moved from Near Threatened to threatened, including the beautiful Swallowtail and Adonis Blue. Two new species have been added for the first time, Scotch Argus, which is listed as Vulnerable, and Dark Green Fritillary, listed as Near Threatened.

Large Blue – Sam Ellis

The focus of concentrated conservation efforts

It isn’t bad news for all butterfly species though, with some improvement in status for those that have been the focus of concentrated conservation effort, offering hope for other species.

The Large Blue, which became extinct in Great Britain in 1979 and has been the subject of an intensive, ongoing, and highly successful reintroduction programme, has moved from Critically Endangered to Near Threatened. The High Brown Fritillary, also formerly listed as Critically Endangered, has moved to Endangered; likely to be the result of intense conservation work from Butterfly Conservation alongside other organisations. The Duke of Burgundy and Pearl-bordered Fritillary, which have also benefitted from much targeted conservation effort, both moved from Endangered to Vulnerable.

Dr Richard Fox adds: “Where we are able to target conservation work, we have managed to bring species back from the brink, but with the extinction risk increasing for more species than are decreasing, more must be done to protect our butterflies from the effects of changing land management and climate change. Without action it is likely that species will be lost from Britain’s landscapes for good, but Butterfly Conservation is taking bold steps to improve key landscapes for butterflies and reduce the extinction risk of many threatened species.”

The production of the new Red List of British butterflies has been led by Butterfly Conservation with input and funding from Natural England, and the full scientific paper can be found here: https://doi.org/10.1111/icad.12582

Join Butterfly Conservation

Butterflies and moths are among the most threatened groups of wildlife in the UK. Without your support, we cannot continue our vital work to protect them. By becoming a member you will:

  • Save endangered species from extinction
  • Help restore natural habitats and create safe-havens for butterflies and moths
  • Be part of an active and friendly organisation that makes a difference at local and national levels
  • Enjoy access to our butterfly nature reserves across the UK
  • Share your voice to campaign and support wider environmental issues affecting wildlife and people
  • Get involved in the world’s largest Butterfly & Moth recording and monitoring programmes
  • Help create a world rich in butterflies for future generations to enjoy

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Happy Armed Forces Day — Caturday edition

World Bee Day!


World Bee Day is celebrated every year on May 20th.  The annual event takes place every year to raise awareness for the essential role bees and other pollinators play in our and the planet’s survival.  (World Bee Day first came about in 2017 after the United Nations adopted the celebration from the Slovenian Beekeepers Association.) Today, bees face threats from our industrialized way of life such as climate change, pesticides and lost habitats. Pollinators like bees are behind nearly all our crops worldwide, and so much of the food we eat such as fruit, vegetables and seeds, including crops eaten by livestock too. Without these intelligent creatures we would struggle to produce enough food to feed everyone, which is why it is so important we do all we can to protect them!

bees with gentle wings sipping water

What can you do to protect bees?

♥ Use only non-toxic weed-killer in your garden

♥ Mow your…

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Our President Retarded….Our Vice President Dense? Our Congress Incompetent?

MN Prager Discussion Group



Vice President Kamala Harris has offered up fresh profundities, this time on the manner in which we will all “work together,” though there is no reference to the time frame, as in, whether the time to work together is now, or every day, as we have been doing while working together, all the time.

You think I’m making this up? See for yourself (only 35 seconds, but it seems much longer, like time has stretched into tomorrow, or whatever):

How is it possible we are graced with such profundity in these divisive times?

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DeLauro: 4+ Months Between Infant Formula Recall & When FDA First Learned of Potential Danger; Report Shows Falsification of Records, Untested Infant Formula, Hiding Information During 2019 FDA Audit at Abbott Facility; Babies Died

Mining Awareness +

Abbott Nutrition is the exclusive supplier for the majority of state WIC agencies, and this has a serious impact on families served by WIC – over 1.2 million infants served by WIC are limited to specific brands of “contract formula,” like Similac.” (US Congresswoman DeLauro)

Infants eligible for and receiving the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) are less likely to ever be breastfed (76.9%) than infants eligible, but not receiving WIC (83.3%), and infants ineligible for WIC (91.6%).”https://www.cdc.gov/breastfeeding/data/facts.html. This is “ever” breast fed with the percentage dropping over time. In 2020, by three months only 1/3rd of WIC participants were breast feeding (32.6%), which dropped to 1/5th ( 22.1%) by 6 months. https://www.fns.usda.gov/sites/default/files/resource-files/WICPC2020-Appendix.pdf

Families are still eligible for WIC with earnings at 185% of the poverty level, which accounts for the high percentage of eligible families. WIC buys around half of…

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Notes on WIC Contracts, Baby Formula Use, and Baby Formula Recall; Sharing the Economic Burden: Who Pays for WIC’s Infant Formula

Mining Awareness +

(Click to enlarge) “Figure A.2. Breastfeeding Initiation Rates for 7- to 11-Month-Old Infants, 2014-2020 https://www.fns.usda.gov/sites/default/files/resource-files/WICPC2020-Appendix.pdf

This is about more than baby formula, as can be seen, below. This points to problems associated with the welfare state, which no one wants to talk about. It seems to combine the worst aspects of Soviet-like “communism” with the worst of monopoly capital. In this instance, it calls to mind Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle”, which dealt with the meat-packing industry in 1906. Similar issues need discussion for medical care, such as apparent transfer of welfare costs to paying customers through both higher prices and taxation. They used to call this robbing Peter to pay Paul. It impacts the middle classes, who struggle to survive without welfare, as well as those eligible for welfare, but who don’t want to accept it.

Below is a mix of relevant information, so it is entitled “notes”…

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Testing Cognitive Decline in Aging Dogs


“Researchers have found that a suite of complementary tests can quantify changes in dogs suspected of suffering from cognitive decline. The approach could not only aid owners in managing their elderly canine’s care, but could also serve as a model for evaluating cognitive decline progression in — and treatments for — humans with Alzheimer’s disease.”


Canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CCDS) is similar to Alzheimer’s disease in humans in that cognitive decline is associated with the development of amyloid plaques as well as cortical atrophy, a progressive degeneration of brain tissue. CCDS is also challenging to diagnose. Traditionally, CCDS is diagnosed based on ruling out any obvious physical conditions and an owner’s answers to a questionnaire. But the current method of diagnosing CCDS is problematic because there may be other factors at play that give the appearance of cognitive decline.  Researchers set out to uncover and compile a series…

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Reptiles Threatened with Extinction: Scientists


One in five reptiles faces extinction in what scientists say would have a ‘devastating’ effect on humans and the planet. The results from the largest analysis to date on the state of the world’s reptiles warns of threat to ecosystems as more than 1,800 species are currently fighting to survive. With 21% of reptile species (from lizards to snakes to geckos and turtles) currently facing extinction, such a loss could have disastrous impacts on ecosystems around the world.

Study overview

The study was led by NatureServe, the IUCN and Conservation International. Fifty-two experts analysed data from the Global Reptile Assessment, which has received contributions from more than 900 scientists across six continents in the past 17 years. While 1,829 of 10,196 species are known to be threatened, the status of 1,489 could not be determined. Allowing for these data deficient species, the authors estimate that, in total, 21%…

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FDA to Lower Lead Levels in Fruit Juice

Chemical Free Life

Based on a report that has found “concerning levels of lead” in U.S. fruit juice* the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now plans to lower the acceptable levels of lead permitted in fruit juice. The change will amount to a 46% reduction in exposure to lead from apple juice and 19% reduction from all other juices**.

Some researchers think the FDA is not going far enough

Consumer Reports, a non-profit consumer research and advocacy organization, wants the lead limit to be 1 ppb or less, which they say is possible for manufacturers to achieve based on previous studies.

Tell the FDA what you think

The FDA said it is currently accepting comments on the draft guidance until June 28, 2022 and hopes the levels will be lowered over time.


*A 2019 Consumer Reports analysis found “concerning” levels of heavy metals in many fruit juices, many of…

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Breed is an Unreliable Predictor of Individual Dog’s Behavior: Scientists


Listen up insurance companies that discriminate against dog breeds: New scientific research has recently revealed that in modern times a dog’s breed has relatively little correlation with an individual dog’s behavior. Additionally, the study found that behavioral traits do not define breeds the way aesthetic traits like size do…

dog breed study chartStudy overview

To investigate how genetics aligns with breed characteristics, scientists sequenced the DNA of 2,155 purebred and mixed-breed dogs. These data, coupled with owner surveys–18,385 dogs (49% purebred)–were used to map genes associated with behavioral and physical traits.

Results overview

The researchers found that most behavioral traits are heritable [heritability (h2) > 25%], but behavior only subtly differentiates breeds. Breed offers little predictive value for individuals, explaining just 9% of variation in behavior. For more heritable, more breed-differentiated traits, like biddability (responsiveness to direction and commands), knowing breed ancestry can make behavioral predictions…

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Impending insect apocalypse threatens human health and well-being


The results of a new scientific study indicate that extreme land use combined with warming temperatures are pushing insect ecosystems toward collapse in some parts of the world. The study demonstrated a clear and alarming link between the climate crisis and high-intensity agriculture* and showed that in places where those impacts are particularly high, insect abundance has already dropped by nearly 50%, while the number of species has been slashed by 27%. Why should you care? Well, given the important role of insects in local ecosystems, pollination and food production, losing insects threatens human health and food security.

“Three quarters of our crops depend on insect pollinators. Crops will begin to fail. We won’t have things like strawberries. We can’t feed 7.5 billion people without insects.”
-Dr. Dave Goulson, professor of biology, University of Sussex in the UK
Study overview
Researchers analyzed data from a 20-year period…

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Biden is playing dumb about how he made millions of dollars: Dana Loesch

Fox News Staff

Dana Loesch says Biden must provide transparency to a reported $5.2 million in unexplained income Tuesday on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

DANA LOESCH: This is cash that they need to be completely transparent about. Even though there was that window where he [Biden] wasn’t in D.C., there was the leveraging of the vice presidential office. If you remember, there were a number of times that Hunter Biden’s business associates were on the White House visitors logs visiting Obama-Biden and meeting with Biden and meeting with the vice president’s office. He was leveraging those relationships. He’s pretending to be a nice, forgetful papa. Everyone remembers how mean he [Biden] was during the Reagan years. Everyone remembers how mean he was when he was questioning Clarence Thomas. They know how he made this money. He’s playing dumb about it, and they are trying to leverage Hunter Biden’s inappropriate activity. You wanted this office. You get the transparency that comes with it.



Dispelling the doomsday propaganda in DisneyNature’s new polar bear ‘documentary’


In a move that echoes the collaboration of activist organization World Wildlife Fund (WWF) with Netflix that brought us Sir David Attenborough’s walrus deception in ‘Our Planet’ that I chronicled in my latest book, ‘Fallen Icon’, streaming service DisneyNature has joined with activist organization Polar Bears International (PBI) to create a polar bear ‘documentary’ (called ‘Polar Bear’) that we can tell is propaganda because they’ve chosen to release the “cute and worrying” film on Earth Day (Friday 22 April 2022). In fact, the two films have a producer in common: Alastair Fothergill.

In the case of ‘Our Planet’, WWF bankrolled the film series for Netflix to ensure the content they desired; in ‘Polar Bear’, the tables are turned: DisneyNature is paying PBI for their assistance getting the polar bear film shots and providing their biased content, via money they are calling a research grant. I…

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Shocking Number of Pets OD-ing from Weed: Veterinarians


 A new survey of North American veterinarians revealed cases of marijuana poisoning among pets are on the rise and have “increased significantly” since October, 2018.   More specifically, the trend in pets OD-ing on pot correlates with the movement to legalize the herb for recreational and medical use across the U.S.

Survey results overview

Reports compiled by drug researchers at the University of Guelph in Ontario showed that dogs were the most common victim of THC poisoning among pets, though cats were also victims. But their list also noted more unusual animal allies to have overdosed, including iguanas, ferrets, cockatoos and horses.

More than 200 veterinarians were polled in 2021 for the survey, which asked them to recall such patients prior to 2018 — the year cannabis was fully legalized in Canada — and after.   Around one-third of vets noted an increase in instances of THC toxicosis since 2018, with…

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I give that belly flop a 10 💫

What Biden Didn’t Tell you (and Your Friends Don’t Know) about Guns and Serial Numbers


Things are not always as they seem. President Biden said guns are causing crime. The President needs an excuse for the increase in crime while he has been in office. I have to wonder why guns didn’t cause crime before Joe Biden took office but are causing crime now, particularly in Democrat controlled cities. This recent surge in violence isn’t a surprise to anyone but confirmed Democrats. The President needs to blame guns to distract us from his failed political decisions. Here is some perspective that the President hid from us.. or maybe he just forgot.

The obvious fact is that we let criminals out of jail during Covid. The inmates didn’t stop being criminals simply because we faced the Chinese flu and released them on the public. That political decision meant we had more dangerous criminals on the street who might commit crimes. We also refused to put criminals…

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“Harpy Eagle”

The Harpy Eagle lives in Brazil and United States is 3 ft 6″ high and the female weighs 20 pounds and the male 13 pounds, with talons bigger than bear claws.

US VP Kamala Harris’ Pro-Russian Uncle, Who Bragged About India Deceiving the US-CIA on India’s Nuclear Weapons Tests, Visits Kamala in DC Shortly After Russia Invades Ukraine

Mining Awareness +

Kamala Harris’ Pro-Russian Uncle, Who Bragged About India Deceiving the CIA on India’s Nuclear Weapons Tests, Visits Kamala in DC Shortly After Russia Invades Ukraine

Above: Kamala Harris center and Uncle Gopalan Balachandran behind

Kamala Harris Uncle Gopalan Balachandran on India Deceiving CIA: “India readily admitted that it knew how to deceive the United States. It referenced information the United States had shown it in the past and also downloaded tools freely available from the Internet. In an Associated Press article of 15 May 1998, Indian nuclear researcher G. Balachandran stated, “It’s not a failure of the CLA. It’s a matter of their intelligence being good, our deception being better, An action that further assisted the Indians in their deception campaign was the “sharing” of intelligence and overhead imagery by the United States. In an effort to thwart a nuclear test in December 1995 and January 1996, the United…

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“Clinton Crimes Cover-Up By Big Tech and Big Media!” 🤜💥🤛

“Ukrainians should not die just because someone cannot find enough courage to hand over the necessary weapons,” Zelensky said. “Fear always makes you an accomplice.” – BBC News

Additional survival tricks


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has prodded Western nations to toughen sanctions on Russia, including an oil embargo.

In his nightly video address, he harshly criticised the “passive” nature
of some sanctions, saying the world cannot wait for Russian actions to respond.

Zelensky lamented that “strong preventive sanctions”, if they had been adopted by world powers earlier, might have prevented the invasion.

He slapped his hand on the table at times to press his point during the seven-minute address:

“A full-scale war has begun,” Zelensky said. “Now there are many hints and
warnings that supposedly tougher sanctions, such as an embargo on Russian oil supplies to Europe, will be put in place if Russia uses
chemical weapons.

“There are simply no words. We, people who are alive, have to wait. Doesn’t
everything the Russia military has done to date warrant an oil embargo?
Don’t phosphorous bombs warrant it? A shelled…

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VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: The Real ‘Reset’ Is Coming | The Daily Caller

Cancelling Cancel Culture: when being Anti-Woke IS not a secret but a Selling Point

Iowa Climate Science Education

Cancelling Cancel Culture: when being Anti-Woke IS not a secret but a Selling Point

Jeremy's Razors


Cancel Culture only works if people let it

Harry?s Razors capitulated a year ago and pulled advertising from the DailyWire, and then attacked them and their audience. But Jeremy Boreing, CEO of DailyWire, didn?t apologize, and didn?t change his views; instead he set up his own razor company and is launching it now with 100%-testosterone advertising.



When CEO?s cave in to the bullies, there must be a cost.

Corporate America wants it both ways ? they want conservatives to buy their goods and services? but they also want to virtue signal to the woke mob and their 23-year-old employees by publicly repudiating those same conservative customers.

Make no mistake, they know our politics before they advertise with us. That?s why they advertise with us! We reach a large audience that they want…

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Climate Change is About Control, Stupid – Not The Environment

Iowa Climate Science Education

William L. Kovacs

The apocalyptic talk about climate change is nothing more than a diversion tactic by the government, the radical Left, and their mainstream press. The many laws, the trillions in federal appropriations and tax credits, and the unworkable proposals to address climate change will not slow the rise of the oceans or heal the planet.

Lobbying for more climate regulation is to enhance the power of the authoritarian state, not protect the environment.

The radical Left has the world obsessing over whether we have 10, 20 or 50 years before the eve of destruction. The hysteria gives the government the excuse it needs for more controls over the energy we use, the products we purchase, the homes we live in, the food we eat, and since the pandemic when we can leave our homes. However, the data supporting the climate studies are rarely made public so that…

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President Trump Still Causing Heads to Explode on Climate Change

Iowa Climate Science Education

Essay by Eric Worrall

President Trump was asked a question about climate change on Fox News. His answer has driven liberals nuts.

Huff Post has accused Trump of ignorance;

Trump Still Can?t Wrap Head Around Climate Change: ?You Have A Thing Called Weather?

?And you go up and you go down,? the former president explained on Fox Business when asked if human activity has anything to do with climate change.

ByMary Papenfuss
Mar. 21, 2022, 09:06 PM EDT

Former PresidentDonald Trumpclearly hasn?t been studying up onclimate changesince his stint in the Oval Office. The observation he offered in aFox Businessinterview Monday is that ?you have a thing called weather.?

Trump pushed his ?weather? theory when host Stuart Varney asked him if thought ?human activity? ? such as the burning of fossil fuels ? is responsible for climate change.

?In my opinion, you have…

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Millions of people fully vaccinated for COVID are now suffering from excruciating illnesses – DC Clothesline | Truth2Freedom’s Blog

Additional survival tricks


(Natural News) A blogger who calls himself “A Midwestern Doctor” has issued a warning that Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” adverse events are far more prominent than many people realize.

Potentially millions of “fully vaccinated” people are now suffering with a range of jab-induced illnesses that may or may not be curable. And the unfortunate reality for them is that they will probably never find the answers or solutions they need.

“I’ve tried to use very neutral language to describe these events, but this has been a very difficult process for me to watch,” the doctor wrote, referring to the many stories that are pouring in from jab-damaged folks.

“Many of the people I know and have guided through the process have access to options for mitigating these injuries, something most people don’t. I’ve read through various support groups, and in general found their experiences are typically worse…

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Do you have those nights where your mind will not stop thinking and relax

May the angels of the north south east and west….watch over you and give you rest…

This will play for a full 10 hours, if you’re one that charges your battery overnight and it sits on your nightstand you may want to wear ear buds or make sure your battery is completely charged turn your screen light down low and set your volume and slip it under your pillow.

America Disappearing INTO DEMS’ WORLD OF Fascist Fems, Wokes, AND THEIR PAGAN GODS!?

MN Prager Discussion Group


Poking the Deplorable Bear

Three recent left-wing tracts demonstrate how the Woke Occupation Army, and its pagan gods, are at war with traditional America and how they are determined to pin the blame on us.

By Glenn Ellmers at American Greatness:

March 15, 2022

“The United States is coming to an end. The question is how.”

Those are the opening lines ofThe Next Civil War: Dispatches from the American Future, by Canadian journalist Stephen Marche. It is one of several new books examining the possibility of our current political differences escalating into open conflict.

Marche’s book purports to be a fair-minded analysis of our partisan divide, but isn’t. His effort is interesting mainly as a sociological exhibit of the incurious leftist mind. The author launches his investigation by claiming that he has no stake in American politics, considering himself neither a Democrat nor a Republican. Yet on…

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“Saudi, UAE won’t back U.S against Russia on Ukraine; Gulf Royals refuse to speak to Biden”

“Six nations are backing Putin’s Ukraine invasion. Here’s Why | Explained”

“Don’t want to beg for NATO membership”, says Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky”