Intelligent people more at risk of mental illness, study finds

Peace and Freedom

Study surveys 3,715 members of American Mensa with an IQ higher than 130

By Henry Austin

The Independent

The stereotype of a tortured genius may have a basis in reality after a new study found that people with higher IQs are more at risk of developing mental illness.

A team of US researchers surveyed 3,715 members of American Mensa with an IQ higher than 130. An “average IQ score” or “normal IQ score” can be defined as a score between 85 and 115.

The team asked the Mensa members to report whether they had been diagnoses with mental illnesses, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

They were also asked to report mood and anxiety disorders, or whether the suspected they suffered from any mental illnesses that had yet to be diagnosed, as well as physiological diseases, like food allergies and asthma.

After comparing this with…

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International Group Of Award Winning Photographers Came Together To Expose The Illegal Wildlife Trade

Openhearted Rebel

By Amanda Monteiro, Collective Evolution

People in developed nations are rarely exposed to wildlife or animals beyond domestic pets. This, of course, doesn’t mean that they aren’t around us, but rather that their relative invisibility makes them easy to forget about — out of sight, out of mind. Yet as our demand for land increases, their habitats become increasingly threatened, and now, more than ever, we are seeing them occupy ‘our’ spaces once more because they simply have nowhere else to go. In Toronto there is a raccoon crisis, for example, and in Mumbai, it’s leopards.

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Just in time for Halloween: a sex-offenders map of your city

Fellowship of the Minds

All 50 states in America, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, have Megan’s Law web sites containing information on sex offenders.

For links to the 52 Megan’s Law web sites, go here.

Those web sites enable you to look up a map of your city (or by your zip code, your street address, or the sex offender’s name), which shows the locations of registered sex-offenders.

When you click on a location, it’ll show that sex offender’s name, address, height, weight, date of birth, charge(s) and other information.

As an example, I went on the California Megan’s Law Website, and searched for the sex offenders map for Long Beach, CA — home of the Long Beach Public Library that invited a frightening-looking horned-demon drag queen to read to little children.

The map shows there are 813 registered sex offenders in Long Beach. I clicked on…

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Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Offshore Louisiana: LLOG Exploration Estimates Quantity as 7,950 to 9,350 Barrels

Mining Awareness +

At least oil spills can be seen, unlike the legal and illegal lethal discharges from nuclear power stations and the entire nuclear fuel chain.

BP Oil Spill 2010: Dr. Brian Stacy, NOAA veterinarian, prepares to clean an oiled Kemp’s Ridley turtle. (Photo: NOAA and Georgia Dept of Natural Resources)

BSEE Responds to Oil Release in the Gulf of Mexico
NEW ORLEANS, LA – The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) is responding to a report from LLOG Exploration Offshore, LLC of an oil release from subsea infrastructure in 4,463 feet water depth in the Gulf of Mexico approximately 40 miles southeast of Venice, La.

The offshore oil and gas operator, LLOG Exploration Offshore, LLC reported to BSEE that production from the field that flows through the subsea infrastructure is shut-in at this time. The release of oil has ceased. A sheen was observed and reported through…

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Petition update · Rechtsradikaler Troll unserer Petition: Brian Pulaski, USA ·

To read about him and sign the petition. Use my Google Translate, located halfway down on the right.

Las Vegas Shooting Victim: “There Was 100% More Than One Shooter,” Gates To Concert Were Locked Shortly Before Attack

Nwo Report

Alex Thomas

Las Vegas mass shooting victim Rocky Palermo was shot in the pelvis during the horrific attack and is now speaking out about what he saw and believes happened, including the presence of multiple shooters as well as locked concert gates and police telling frantic civilians to go in the other direction.

Palermo, who has done various interviews since the attack, appeared on “The Blast” with a series of shocking comments that correlate with various other reports indicating that multiple shooters carried out the attack and that the FBI is actively covering this up.

“I definitely do believe that there was 100% more than one shooter, every other person that I’ve talked to that did unfortunately get hit as well, have all said the same things,” Palermo detailed.

The man then goes on to explain that after being shot he ran “about 200 yards” to hide behind a car…

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Horror Behind Closed Doors of Dog Shelter


Behind closed doors of a concentration camp for stray dogs

Praca is a shelter for stray dogs in Bosnia, owned by the private company Murai commerce Ltd. Vogosca. This company is owned by Muriz Alic, a businessman very close to the Bosnian authorities.

The shelter was opened in 2012 despite the fact that it was not built in accordance with the provisions of the Bosnian Act on Protection and Welfare of Animals nor the Ordinance on establishing and conditions that shelters for stray animals must fulfil,

This illegal decision and the contract between the owner of Praca and the prime minister of Canton Sarajevo is the reason the shelter was not in fact built in Sarajevo Canton (a canton is an administrative division).

The problem has always been that dogs are caught in Canton Sarajevo but it is the veterinary inspection of Podrinje Canton  – not Sarajevo – who is…

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Las Vegas Shooter Had Access To Mandalay Bay’s Secret Elevator

Nwo Report

Las Vegas police sources have revealed that Stephen Paddock had access to a secret elevator inaccessible to guests at the Mandalay Bay hotel. 

The Las Vegas shooter was able to carry weapons to his penthouse suite using the service elevator at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, after unnamed hotel staff granted him access. reports:  Officials briefed on the investigation told ABC News that Paddock’s access to the service elevator was a perk for high rollers. No further information about when and how he used the elevator has been released.

The revised timeline given by investigators for the Las Vegas massacre raises questions about whether better communication might have allowed police to respond more quickly and take out the gunman before he could kill and wound so many people.

On Monday, Sheriff Joe Lombardo said Paddock shot and wounded a Mandalay Bay hotel security guard outside his door and…

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The MSM Is Lying About Puerto Rico

Nwo Report

Find out what the establishment is hiding

Owen Shroyer & Michael Zimmermann

The media has attempted to spin the devastating situation in Puerto Rico to destroy Trump, but it’s all built on lies.

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5 People You Won’t Believe Worked For The CIA

Nwo Report

(Last American Vagabond) When you think of a CIA agent, you probably think of the Hollywood stereotypes: a tall, athletic man in a black suit with dark sunglasses, walking around with one hand on his gun and the other on his ear piece.

But that’s stupid. Spies are meant to blend in, not stick out, and the best spies are the ones you’re least likely to expect. So I bet you never knew these people were secretly working for the CIA.


When you think Julia Child, you probably think “soufflé” before you think “spy.” But you’d be wrong.

Julia McWilliams was an advertising copy writer for a New York City furniture store when Pearl Harbor changed her life. Wanting to join the war effort, she applied to the Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of today’s CIA, and started work as a research assistant…

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(WASHINGTON) US Weapons Data Stolen During ‘ Cyberattack ‘ of Australian Defence Contractors Computers: Another day, another report of a major breach of sensitive U.S. military & intelligence data revealed from 2016 made so easy with passwords like ADMIN & GUEST #AceNewsDesk reports

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Oct.14: A cyberattacker nicknamed ‘Alf’ gained access to an Australian defense contractor’s computers and began a four-month raid that snared data on sophisticated U.S. weapons systems #AceNewsDesk reports

Published on October 12, 2017 at 11:40AM:According to a report by The Wall Street Journal: Using the simple combinations of login names and passwords ‘admin; admin’ and ‘guest; guest’ and exploiting a vulnerability in the company’s help-desk portal, the attacker roved the firm’s network for four months………The identity and affiliation of the hackers in the Australian attack weren’t disclosed, but officials with knowledge of the intrusion said the attack was thought to have originated in China………..The article goes on to state that “Alf obtained around 30 gigabytes of data on Australia’s planned purchase of up to 100 F-35 fighters made by Lockheed Martin, as well as information on new warships and Boeing-built P-8 Poseidon maritime-surveillance aircraft, in…

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#AceSecurityNews – Hyatt Hotels has suffered a second card data breach in two years. In the first breach, hackers had gained access to credit card systems at 250 properties in 50 different countries this time affected payment card information — cardholder name, card number, expiration date and internal verification code #AceNewsDesk reports

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Oct.14: Here is the second one as it is reported that Hyatt Hotels Discovers Card Data Breach At 41 Properties Across 11 Countries #AceNewsDesk reports

Published on October 12, 2017 at 12:20PM: Krebs on Security reports: Hyatt said its cyber security team discovered signs of unauthorized access to payment card information from cards manually entered or swiped at the front desk of certain Hyatt-managed locations between March 18, 2017 and July 2, 2017………..Upon discovery, we launched a comprehensive investigation to understand what happened and how this occurred, which included engaging leading third-party experts, payment card networks and authorities, the company said in a statement………”Hyatt’s layers of defense and other cybersecurity measures helped to identify and resolve the issue…..While this incident affects a small percentage of total payment cards used at the affected hotels during the at-risk dates”……The hotel chain said the incident affected payment card information —…

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A Massive 23,000 Square Mile Hole Opened In Antarctica: No One Knows Why

Nwo Report

(Truth Theory) On this truly auspicious day (10/10/10), news of the mysterious nature was revealed by atmospheric physicist Kent Moore, a professor at the University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus. Reportedly, a hole as large as Lake Superior — or the entire state of Maine — has opened up in Antarctica, and scientists are stumped as to why it is there.

Moore told Vice that the hole “is quite remarkable,” and that “it looks like you punched a hole in the ice.” According to the atmospheric physicist, areas of open water surrounded by sea ice are known as  polynias. Though they are common in coastal regions of Antarctica, this one is confusing to scientists because the polynia is “deep in the ice pack.” As a result, it has been formed by processes that aren’t understood. “This is hundreds of kilometres from the ice edge. If we didn’t have…

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Speak Out Against Trapping on National Wildlife Refuges as Trapping Season Begins Again!

Exposing the Big Game

Thursday, October 12, 2017
Photo from Flickr by Javier Sanchez

Dear Humanitarian,

This week is National Wildlife Refuge Week, a time to celebrate these wild and beautiful public lands. The stated mission of the National Wildlife Refuge System (NWRS) is to conserve land and water for the sake of “biological integrity, diversity, and environmental health.” These spaces are intended as sanctuaries where wildlife can thrive and all Americans can enjoy our great outdoors. Shockingly, however, more than half of all refuges allow the use of inhumane and dangerous traps. This is a clear violation of the NWRS’ mission and is a threat to the safety of wildlife, humans, and pets.

The Refuge from Cruel Trapping Act, sponsored by Representative Nita Lowey (D-NY) in the House and just reintroduced by Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) in the Senate, would prohibit the possession or use of body-gripping traps within the NWRS. This bill would ensure that management of…

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Distressed Investors Are Already Buying Houston Homes for 40 Cents on the Dollar

AGR Daily 60 Second News Bites

One of Schild’s prospects is Joseph Hernandez, a disabled U.S. Army veteran married to a housekeeper. The couple are living in a hotel and saving money by eating only two meals a day. Schild has made them a painful offer. If they walk away from their two-bedroom house, worth $127,000 before Hurricane Harvey, Schild will pick up the mortgage payments, paying nothing else. Although he says he sympathizes with the Hernandezes’ plight, he thinks the offer is fair because he figures the home is now worth less than its $65,000 mortgage.
Hernandez is in a bind. He didn’t buy flood insurance because his house wasn’t in a high-risk area. He can’t afford to rebuild, and he’s been told he’s eligible for only $23,000 in federal assistance. If he turns over the deed, he’s looking at losing the entire $60,000 in equity he had before the flood. “It’s blurry, what’s coming,”…

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Louisiana Nuclear Power Stations’ Dangerous Problems with Thunderstorms – Hurricane Should Serve as Reminder; Petition to Intervene Deadline Oct. 13th; Comment Deadline Oct. 23rd; Relicensing Must Be Stopped

Mining Awareness +

Hurricane Nate’s path and the Louisiana Nuclear Power Stations – Waterford and River Bend.

Both Louisiana Nuclear Power Stations are up for relicensing. Both appear to have serious issues with thunderstorms, despite their rainy, hurricane-prone locations. It is unclear if this is because of defective breakers, the open-phase defect afflicting all but one US nuclear power station, both, or if they are the same. The open phase defect has been known since 2012. Comment deadline-petition to intervene links for River Bend further below. Petition to intervene deadline is Friday the 13th. Serious accidents would impact the petrochemical corridor, shipping and port operations, apart from the environmental and health impacts. As most Louisiana natives appear too busy with parties and church suppers, other people need to take action. Besides, John Grisham’s Pelican Brief is close to the reality – it’s dangerous to be a Louisiana environmentalist. See: However…

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Fragrances for Fall {DIY}

GrannyMoon's Morning Feast

Without question, people adore the cozy smells of fall that brings pumpkin spice, tart apples, crisp leaves and spicy cinnamon. Bring those scents into your own home to celebrate fall without using harsh artificial chemical scents by making your own natural home fragrance on your stove. All you need to do is bring a pot of water to a simmer and add in spices with other fresh ingredients, such as apple peels, cinnamon, and cloves.

Combined together, these ingredients will send an autumn aroma throughout your home. As an added benefit, not only will your home smell like you have been baking (without all the effort) but the simmering water will help to humidify your home, which often suffers from dry air in the fall and winter.

Pumpkin Spice Simmering Pot


  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 4 pieces of candied ginger
  • 1 clove of nutmeg


  1. Bring a pot of water to a boil, add the candied…

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Save Vulnerable Bird from French Menus ~ Please Sign This To

Chefs are lobbying to lift a ban on hunting the vulnerable ortolan bunting, a bird captured and subjected to a slow and painful death for the sake of fancy culinary fare. These birds deserve better. Sign this petition to ensure that the ban stays in place.

Source: Save Vulnerable Bird from French Menus

Monday Funnies…

“Who was Stephen Paddock – the Alleged Las Vegas Shooter?” or How can a dead man shoot people in Las Vegas…Maybe the CIA and FBI should stop covert gun sales to terrorist groups.

a12iggymom's Blog

Nikki RhodeenYesterday at 12:05am ·

“Who was Stephen Paddock – the Alleged Las Vegas Shooter?” (By Robert David Steele).

A retiree, a successful real estate investor, a grandfather, a hunter and fisherman, pilot, and a former federal employee even. He had no motive to slaughter dozens – and dozens of his own demographic at that.He had no expressions of radicalism, racism, or complaints ( not true as far as left wing agendas nad gun hater)of remotely applied MK-Ultra mind/behavioral control conditioning like many mass shooters that come out of the “electromagnetic psycho-pharmaceutical” gulag as Professor Darrel Hamamoto terms the mass subversive conditioning of the public and youth. He seemed to be quite normal, except for one minor point of note. Much of the press snuck in a reference to his employment at a Lockheed Martin acquired company. What was that company? Morton-Thiokol, Inc (Thiokol).

Why is Thiokol…

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Las Vegas Shooting: 4chan Exposes Those Set to Make Huge Profits from Attacks – Criminal masterminds exposed behind the scenes of attacks

a12iggymom's Blog

Las Vegas Shooting: 4chan Exposes Those Set to Make Huge Profits from Attacks — Follow The Money

By: Daniel Newton |@NeonNettle on 3rd October 2017

4chan poster revealed an elusive missing motive behind the las vegas attacks

Following the horrific Las Vegas shooting, which an anonymous 4chan poster warned three weeks prior to to the event, a more sinister agenda outlining the secret agenda which drove the actions was also revealed by the same poster.

The anonymous 4Chan poster revealed an elusive ‘missing motive’ behind the Las Vegas attacks, which most of the official mainstream press have been unable or simply refused to provide. But how plausible is this theory?
4chan poster revealed an elusive missing motive behind the las vegas attacks

Names of individuals and companies who had conspired behind the scenes have come to light with some obvious suspects. George Soros, who warned about ‘conspiracy theories’ just one day before the attack took place…was he expecting a backlash? Are we…

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Petition: Take Action: Historic Opportunity to Protect Menhaden

Urge the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission to protect the most important fish in the sea

Kidney Disease In Pets

Castle Vets Reading

Kidney (or Renal) disease or failure are general terms used to describe problems with the kidneys and their ability to function properly. Kidney disease is one of the most common problems we see in pets at Castle Vets.

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Pet Emergencies & First Aid Tips

Castle Vets Reading

We all hope our pets will never need emergency treatment, but sadly some will and emergencies always seem to happen at the most inconvenient time.

The first and most important thing in an emergency is to check that it is safe for YOU to help the animal. You will do no good if you are injured, while trying to help. Remember that

  • Animals in pain or shock, or animals that are frightened, may bite, scratch or kick whoever is trying to help (even their much loved owners)
  • If your pet has been involved in a road traffic accident, make sure it is safe for you to go on to the road.
  • Don’t jump into water after a pet, unless you are sure it is safe to do so. Many pet owners get themselves into serious trouble and often need rescuing themselves, after jumping into water when trying to rescue pets –…

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Puppy Awareness Week 2017

Castle Vets Reading


The kennel club is working hard to raise awareness about buying puppies by holding it’s National Puppy Awareness Week (PAW) from 4th to the 10th September 2017. It aims to make sure that puppies live healthy, happy lives with suitable owners. The aim is to educate potential puppy owners, in the hope that they will buy puppies from reputable breeders or rescue centres and not from puppy farms. Puppies from puppy farms are bred with no regard for their health and well-being and are kept in appalling, unsanitary conditions.

Kennel Club research (*) shows that shockingly

  • 49% of puppies that are purchased online or from newspaper ads, without being seen first, fall sick and around 1 in 5 of those puppies end up with serious gastrointestinal problems.
  • One in five people who bought a puppy online or from a newspaper advertisement are forced to spend between £500 and £1,000 on vet bills in…

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Troublesome Ticks & Harvest Mites

Castle Vets Reading

Ticks and Harvest Mites are small parasites that survive by feeding on different animal hosts, including mammals, birds and even humans if they get the opportunity. They can be a real nuisance for affected pets, often causing irritation, inflammation and sometimes infection and disease.


There are many tick species in the UK but the ones that commonly cause problems by feeding off our pets are the sheep tick (Ixodes ricinus) and the hedgehog tick (Ixodes hexagonus).

Ticks are mostly found in areas with long grasses, in woodlands or in heathland but they can be found in gardens if they have been transported by wild animals during their larval or nymph stages. They can attach anywhere on the animal’s body but are usually found around the head, neck and ears. Owners often mistake ticks for wart-like growths on their pets because of their size and colour.

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Pet Law – Your responsibilities as a pet owner

Castle Vets Reading


Owning and caring for a pet can be a source of great enjoyment, but being a pet owner is also a huge responsibility and part of being a responsible owner includes knowing about and understanding the law surrounding pet ownership.  A surprising number of pet owners in the UK are not aware of the law, or of what they are required to provide for their pets to ensure their physical and mental well being. The PDSA’s Annual PAW Report 2016 showed that only 39% of pet owners surveyed were familiar with the Animal Welfare Act (this is an improvement on 35% from 2016) .

Although not all owners are familiar with the ins and outs of the actual Animal Welfare Act, the majority are providing everything their pet needs already. Sadly though, the RSPCA investigated a total of 149,604 complaints of animal abuse last year,  successfully prosecuted 744 people (down by 6.53%) and secured 628 disqualification orders following prosecution (down 4.46%)

The Animal…

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I am an American Mustang, I need your help

Wild Horse Education

American Flag Legally defined by the land they stand upon, our wild horses truly are a doorway to the American spirit of the West.

Very few things can stir the American soul like a herd of galloping wild horses  across a valley floor. They can transport you in time like a living history book with the beat of their thundering hooves that matches the rhythm of your beating heart.

In 1971 the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act was passed unanimously by both houses of Congress. “The living symbol of the pioneer spirit” was to be protected and preserved as integral to our landscape and American identify.

Instead wild horses have been minimized on our western ranges. Given less than 16% of forage on less than 12% of public land they have been played like a throw away card in a poker game. For decades our wild horses have been the…

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Former SEAL Team Commander Speaks On Las Vegas Shooting – YouTube