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Just had a bright idea to help to spread a little light around the world… create a few candle images to spread light on various aspects.

If you’d like to share the light on your own blog/site, please feel free to save any or all of the candle images from this post to use in a post, or as a sidebar widget, or however you feel the light should be shared. Quite a few of us are affected by the ‘darkness’ in various ways at present, and quite a few of us are doing our own thing to spread the light. Let’s do it together!


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How many African Green Monkeys are infected, euthanized and then organ harvested each year to make FDA-approved vaccines?


[Editor’s Note]

For those that think this is a joke, this very document at the CDC’s very own website shows this, and many other toxins within vaccines.  This is why its imperative people do their research, because if people really knew what vaccines had, they’d think they woke up in another reality.

Image: How many African Green Monkeys are infected, euthanized and then organ harvested each year to make FDA-approved vaccines?
Ethan Huff
March 26, 2017

Now that it’s been proven that vaccine manufacturers harvest kidney cells from African Green Monkeys to produce vaccines that are injected into children, many are now wondering just how many of these monkey are captured, euthanized, and processed into vaccine ingredients each year to make these FDA-approved poison jabs?

As you may recall, Natural News was falsely accused of spreading “fake news” after breaking the story on African Green Monkey kidney cells, and other horrific ingredients, being used in the manufacture of vaccines. For merely publishing the ingredients listed on…

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9 Months Later: Jesus’ Tomb Restored By Scientists In $4M Project

Nwo Report

Tomblayla velasquez

A team of Greek scientists and restoration crews have finally completed a nine-month project to restore Jesus’ tomb, the Guardian reports.

According to the Christian faith, after Jesus was crucified, he was taken off the cross and laid to rest in a tomb donated by a wealthy benefactor. A stone was rolled in front of the tomb and guards were stationed. Therein occurred the miracle that Christianity hinges upon—the Easter story. In a great earthquake, the stone rolled away and when guards inspected the tomb, they found his body was gone. Jesus was thought to have risen from the dead. Christian writings teach that he appeared to a handful of friends in the days following.

The tomb is on the property of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Christian quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City. It has been a tourist attractions for Christians the world over…

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How Bullfighting Breeds of Cattle can Save Jaguars

The Jaguar

Reducing rates of human-jaguar conflict, through the use of San Martinero cattle, might help to save jaguars. Jaguar by Cautrok77. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

One of the most significant threats to jaguars comes from human-jaguar conflict. In other words, people often kill jaguars in order to protect livestock. While the total number of cattle killed by jaguars is often low in comparison to other causes of death, it is not evenly spaced. This means that some ranchers lose a significant portion of their herds to predators. Also, since cattle ranching is not overly profitable in much of Latin America, any loss can be hard. The problem is not helped by the fact that most cattle varieties have been bred to be docile. This means they have few, if any, anti-predator instincts (Rabinowitz, 2014). The same is not true for San Martinero cattle.

This remarkable breed is descended from the…

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5 Plant Foods For Protection During Cold and Flu Season | VegNews

Who knew kiwi was so good for you…. Helps to prevent colds and helps you to sleep. I guess I’m going to have to wear gloves, because I can’t stand the feel of the skin…LOL

Life or Lunch?

Consuming healthful plant-foods regularly will decrease your risks of catching the dreaded cold or flu.

You know it is going to be a rough few days the moment when the sore throat, runny nose, headache, cough, and body aches begin. Often, these ailments—aka, a common cold and the flu—are caused by the rhinovirus, coronavirus, respiratory syncytial virus, parainfluenza virus, and the influenza viruses. Contrary to popular belief, vegans can get sick, too, as vitamin and nutrient deficiencies can trigger a significant decrease in our immune system function, therefore allowing the invasion of one of these viruses into our bodies. The good news is that certain plant foods can help prevent—and even treat—the common cold and flu. Here are five foods I recommend to my sick patients. Of course, if you find that you develop a high fever, have trouble breathing, or have a sudden worsening in your symptoms…

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Senate votes to let ISPs sell your Web browsing history to advertisers

Nwo Report

ISP now stands for “invading subscriber privacy,” Democratic senator says.

Jon Brodkin

The US Senate today voted to eliminate broadband privacy rules that would have required ISPs to get consumers’ explicit consent before selling or sharing Web browsing data and other private information with advertisers and other companies.

The rules were approved in October 2016 by the Federal Communications Commission’s then-Democratic leadership, but are opposed by the FCC’s new Republican majority and Republicans in Congress. The Senate today used its power under the Congressional Review Act to ensure that the FCC rulemaking “shall have no force or effect” and to prevent the FCC from issuing similar regulations in the future.

The House, also controlled by Republicans, would need to vote on the measure before the privacy rules are officially eliminated. President Trump could also preserve the privacy rules by issuing a veto. If the House and Trump agree with the Senate’s action…

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Koch Bromance with Russia Needs Investigating; Koch Funding Behind Nunes-Gowdy Attempts to Scuttle Russia Investigation?

Mining Awareness +
Representatives Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy who appear to want to undermine the Trump-Russia investigation by the House Intelligence Committee are recipients of Koch money. From 2006 to 2010 Devin Nunes got $45,000 from Koch related PACs: Trey Gowdy got $8000 from Koch PAC(s) for the last election alone:,_2016#California This, of course, pales compared to the $300,000 or more which David Koch has given VP Mike Pence:

In 1929 to 1931 Fred Koch, father to the Koch brothers, was in the Soviet Union building oil refineries for Stalin. He built refineries for Nazi Germany, too, prior to World War II. He returned to Russian in 1956 with a group of business people. He was in Iraq in 1958, just prior to the Iraq Coup/Revolution. Prior to working in the Soviet Union, he worked in England. See FBI documents embedded here: and here:

Where is…

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Italian Communities Block Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) to Save Ancient Olive Trees-Environment

Mining Awareness +

40°18’22.0″N 18°23’02.4″E

Italian communities block pipeline works to save ancient olive trees
, by Elena Gerebizza, Energy campaigner March 23, 2017
An ancient olive grove in southern Italy is currently on the frontlines of grassroots resistance to the Southern Gas Corridor project, the EU’s flagship energy project.

Earlier this week, members of the No TAP Committee, a local civil society group, and residents from the town of Melendugno mobilised to protest against what appears like the beginning of the works on the Italian section of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), the westernmost point of this gigantic energy infrastructure. The protesters have been met with fierce police response, and this development is an unprecedented escalation of a years long stand-off around the landfall site of the pipeline.

In the early hours of Monday (March 20), TAP excavators moved in, in a bid to uproot the olive trees and…

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Security Alert: Windows 10 Has Been Quietly Logging EVERY KEYSTROKE You Type And Sending It To Microsoft (This Is How To Stop It)

Tales from the Conspiratum

If you are OK with sharing your personal messages, usernames and passwords with Microsoft for the betterment of the Windows universe, then there is nothing else you need to do at this time.

Source: Security Alert: Windows 10 Has Been Quietly Logging EVERY KEYSTROKE You Type And Sending It To Microsoft (This Is How To Stop It)

Mac Slavo
March 23rd, 2017

Yesterday we reported that an international group of hackers claim they have breached Apple’s iCloud user database and stolen 300 million usernames and passwords. The group has threatened to initiate a widespread factory reset on April 7th, 2017, potentially wiping out data on tens of millions of iPhones and iCloud accounts should Apple fail to pay a ransom.

But that breach by nefarious hackers, while serious, is nothing compared to what your trusted operating system provider may be doing on your personal computer.

According to a…

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Get ready for our 2017 Governor’s Day Twitter campaign against horse slaughter

Tuesday's Horse

MARCH AGAINST HORSE SLAUGHTER — Next Tuesday, March 28, 2017 is our Governor’s Day Twitter campaign against horse slaughter. Let’s get ready now.

As pro slaughter forces lobby to raise support for returning horse slaughter to US soil let’s get together and let our US Governors know that their citizens are against horse slaughter.

Here is a sample tweet. It includes a short message to the Governor @GovernorsName and hash tagged horses, the name of your state and zip code.


I am strongly opposed to horse slaughter @GovMattBevin #horses #kentucky #40208

Keep the slaughter of #horses out of #Kentucky @GovMattBevin from #40208

Protect our #horses from slaughter @GovMattBevin #kentucky #40208

Horse slaughter is an UNnecessary evil. Say NO @GovMattBevin #horses #kentucky #40208

You can see how this not only let’s our Governors know how we feel but also raises awareness around the country and particularly right where you live.

Give us your ideas for some great anti horse…

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Reindeer Herders-Ecosystem in Russian Nature Park Endangered by Oil Co. Surgutneftegas

Mining Awareness +


Russia and Europe has been doing resource related colonialism/ imperialism for longer than the US has existed. The US itself is the product of European imperialism and imperial competition, including Russian. Even today, Putin “kingmaker” and oligarch Roman Abramovich is among oligarchs owning the company Evraz, which provided a large percentage of the pipes for the Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines. Evraz will probably provide pipes for the Bayou Bridge pipeline, as well, which will impact US wetlands. Abramovich made much of his money exploiting the indigenous lands of the Russian far-east for gold and oil. His roots are far away along the Volga. The father of the Koch brothers taught Stalin how to process oil, but mining, agricultural extraction and colonialism pre-date this.–1800.

As Russia just started a PR push about Arctic eco-tourism, it’s a good time to examine what’s going on there. Frighteningly…

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Censorship: Google to start flagging “offensive” content as another form of censorship 


Source: Natural News, by Jayson Veley

One of the most dangerous words in America today is the word “offensive,” not because it’s used to describe something that hurts one’s feelings, but because of how it is used by the progressive Left. It goes without saying that the word “offensive” is a subjective term that can mean many different things to many different people; what Sally finds offensive may not be offensive to Joe, and vice versa. Because of the term’s lack of definition, it is up to us to give it definition. This is dangerous because it invites people to use the word in a way that best suits their own biases or agendas. Such is the case with the Democratic Party, which has essentially hijacked the word “offensive,” and now uses it to mean anything that comes out of the mouth of a conservative.

Americans should be very weary whenever…

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Rise in scammers and swindlers in China puts online payment security in the spotlight

Peace and Freedom

By replacing legitimate merchants’ codes with malevolent copies, fraudsters can gain access to consumers’ data and even raid their bank accounts

By Li Tao
South China Morning Post

Tuesday, March 21, 2017, 5:36pm
QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode) first designed for the automotive industry in Japan. A barcode is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached.

It may look harmless enough, with its random pattern of tiny black squares on a white grid, but the next time you scan one of China’s ubiquitous QR codes, you could end up seriously out of pocket.

Because the seemingly innocuous barcode may be hiding malevolent software ready to latch…

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Prehistoric polar bear find has elongated body type Inuit know as a ‘weasel bear’


A story that broke in Alaska newspapers a month ago made the UK press this weekend about the archaeological discovery of 1,300 year old polar bear skull that may be associated with an unusual body type known to Inuit hunters. See the Mail Online cropped headline below, full storyhere– and some quotes and critical background below.

Weasel bear headline with skull graphic 18 March 2017

From the Alaska Daily Mail story (19 February 2017) below:

A huge, unusually shaped polar bear skull, left, emerged in 2014 from an eroding archaeological site southwest of Utqiagvik. It is quite different from most modern polar bear skulls, right. (UIC Science)

Aboriginal hunters from Arctic Canada have a couple of names for what they say is an extremely rare polar bear that is huge, narrow-bodied, fast-moving and lithe: “tiriarnaq” or “tigiaqpak,” meaning “weasel bear.”

Now the thawing and rapidly eroding Chukchi Sea coastal permafrost has produced evidence that one…

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These Are The Most Dangerous Countries For American Tourists

peoples trust toronto

By Priceonomics Data Studio

Each year, the State Department issues dozens of advisories with the intent of keeping Americans safe as they travel abroad. What countries are targeted by these advisories, and what risks do Americans face by visiting them? Are State Department advisories effective in keeping American travelers safe?

We decided to investigate what are the most dangerous countries for American to visit as measured by State Department warnings and also by actual deaths. We used data from Priceonomics customer, a platform that ties many different data sets together so it’s easy to analyze them (you can download their dataset here).

We found that Mexico, Mali, and Israel have been targeted by the most travel advisories in recent years, but that Americans are more likely to face life-threatening danger in Thailand, Pakistan, and Honduras. Indeed, warnings and deadly violence are correlated on the whole. And fortunately…

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Whose Side Is God On?

Reclaim Our Republic

Lincoln 1865 oath

Mar 10, 2017 by BILL MUEHLENBERG

Around the time of the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was asked if God was on his side. His response is a classic: “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.”

Lincoln actually thought much about this matter. For example, he wrote a “Meditation on the Divine Will” in which he said: “In the present civil war, it is quite possible that God’s purpose is something different from the purpose of either party.”

All that is good advice, and we should heed these wise words. As I am now reading through the book of Joshua again I just came upon some rather similar words. Joshua has just been confronted by a person of great authority with sword drawn, so like an alert sentinel, he asks him: “Are…

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Russia Plans to Fuel Floating Nuclear Reactor(s) in St. Petersburg – Endangering the City of 5 Million, Before Towing It Around Scandinavia

Mining Awareness +

Russian State owned Rosatom, which answers directly to the President of Russia (Putin). Thus, it appears more accurate to say Putin Plans. He/it has recently forced an expensive, unwanted, nuclear power station upon Bulgaria through international legal action, and is building reactors in Iran, Turkey, and elsewhere. As Toshiba-Westinghouse’s probable bankruptcy shows, the nuclear industry cannot survive in free markets, even where it gets massive subsidies. The US taxpayer may lose part of its $8.3 billion loan given for reactors. French State owned Areva is undergoing massive injections of money but must answer, somewhat, to the French parliament. Russian State owned Rosatom is unique – it only answers to the Executive, i.e. Putin. Apart from free speech issues, this is the single biggest reason not to be owned by Putin.

From Greenpeace: “Greenpeace protests against the launch of fueling of a nuclear power plant inside the city of St…

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Trump Cuts Spell Trouble for Security at Indian Point Nuclear Power Station and New York Harbor; Removing Critical Coast Guard Resources May Hamper USCG’s Patrols and Emergency Response

Mining Awareness +

To the left is open-air, spent nuclear fuel. The spent fuel casks have been called “Chernobyl in a Can” by

If Trump doesn’t even care about New York City, what does he care about? Only navel-gazing? His petty spat with Arnold Schwarzenegger suggests that to be so. Nero fiddling while Rome burned! Oh, wait, does Trump prefer Moscow to Manhattan, perhaps?


Senator Says Budget Aims To Slash Already Tight Coast Guard, & Other Vital Security Force, Budgets By A Billion Dollars; Schumer Highlights Security Necessities That Would Lose Amidst Cuts

Schumer: Public’s Safety Is Paramount, Especially At Indian Point, Airports &…

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Our public lands are not killing fields: Stop unethical hunting practices 

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

Opinion Editorial by Carole P. Ryan Ph.D., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I oppose the restoration of cruel “so-called” hunting practices on Public Wildlife Refuges in Alaska (H.J. Res. 69 & S.J. 18)

I strongly oppose the recent voting actions by five of our Wisconsin United States Representatives, who swiftly and quietly, voted in favor of H.J. Resolution 69, authored by Alaska’s Rep. Don Young (R). The intent of Resolution 69, is to rollback a federal rule that was crafted to stop some of the most appalling “so-called” hunting practices imaginable on 16 national wildlife refuges covering 76 million acres in the state of Alaska. The Wisconsin Representatives who voted to remove critical rules protecting wildlife from cruel hunting practices on Alaskan Public Lands were Duffy, Gallagher,Grothman, Kind, and Sensenbrenner. Representatives Moore and Pocan opposed! Sadly, the US House of Representatives’ Republican majority vote passed this resolution, 225 to 193.

The Humane Society…

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DAPL: Judge Boasberg Rejects Sioux Injunction Request; Tipis Arrive On the National Mall in DC

Mining Awareness +

From Common Dreams:
Sioux Vow to ‘Stand Strong’ as Judge Paves Way for DAPL Oil to Flow
DAPL may be operational as soon as next week, but tribes’ legal battle will continue after judge rejects injunction request by Nadia Prupis, staff writer, Published on Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) could be operational by next week, after a U.S. district judge in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday ruled against two tribes who had asked him to issue a preliminary injunction pausing construction.

The Standing Rock Sioux and the Cheyenne River Sioux said their legal battle would continue, despite Judge James Boasberg’s ruling.

“While this preliminary ruling is disappointing, it’s not surprising. It is very difficult to get an injunction in a case like this. The bigger legal battle is ahead—we stand strong,” said Dave Archambault II, chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux.

The tribes had asked Boasberg…

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Tipi Outside Trump Hotel in DC: Thousands March for Native Nations ‘Standing Rock was Just the Beginning’

Mining Awareness +

From Common Dreams:
We Exist, We Resist, We Rise’: Thousands March for Native Nations
‘Standing Rock was just the beginning’ by Nika Knight, staff writer, Published on Friday, March 10, 2017

“Water is life!” was the cry heard throughout Washington, D.C., on Friday as thousands of people filled the streets and marched for Indigenous rights and the sovereignty of native nations, demonstrating that the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline has sparked an ongoing movement.

The Native Nations Rise march was the culmination of a week of workshops, actions, and prayers to battle for native rights in the face of the right-wing Trump administration and the ongoing #NoDAPL fight.

The march began at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers headquarters and ended at Lafayette Square, in front of the White House. En route, demonstrators erected a tipi at the Trump Hotel to “reclaim stolen land”.

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Monsanto Has Lost $11 Million As Indian Cotton Farmers Begin To Use Indigenous Seed

peoples trust toronto

by Jessica Murray, True Activist

After illegally pushing aformof Bt cotton into India and Africa over 10 years ago, agrochemical company Monsanto is now losing millions of dollarsdue tofarmers now planting their own indigenous seed. In the past, Monsanto has been accused of writing laws andbreaking themin order to enter the Indian market. However, the company has now begun paying heavily for their misdeeds, following more than 300,000 farmerdeathsbetween 1995 and 2013, many of which were attributed to Monsanto. Farmer suicides throughout Maharashtra, which is considered to be the ‘Cotton Belt’ in India, have also been linked to the greed of the corporation, according toreports.

The Indian government has now begun actively promoting the use of indigenous seed, whilst also publicizingMonsantoprofiteering illegally on Bt cotton seed. This year has already seen Monsanto lose nearly $75 million in royalties (5 billion rupees)…

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Dog with ears and nose chopped off likely a victim of dogfighting.


Baron, the rottweiler mix found abandoned and severely injured with both ears and his nose mutilated, was likely a victim of dogfighting.

Dogfighting is an absolutely disgusting and inhumane practice that is unfortunately still too common in our society. Not only are the dogs forced to hurt one another, the people who fight them will often harm the dogs themselves. While the people who did this to Baron still haven’t been caught, Baron’s horrific injuries point to what is likely dogfighting. They could be have been carried out on him as punishment for losing a fight or as a crude way of treating injuries he sustained from another dog. Because of the extent of his injuries, investigators assume more than one person must have been involved:

“I have a hard time believing that one person could hold the dog, cut off both ears, cut off his tail, injure his back legs and slice off…

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Share your rescue dog story.


We want to hear your rescue dog story! Our dogs mean so much to all of us and we mean the world to them. Have you rescued a dog that was in need of a home? Please tell us your story using the form below.

It’s important that we share these stories because there are so many dogs all over the country in need of good homes. The more stories we can share about successful adoption, the more people we’ll inspire.

When telling your story, try to answer these questions: 

  • Include information like when you adopted your dog and how old he/she was.
  • What kind of dog did you rescue?
  • What were some challenges you had to overcome together?
  • How did you find learn your dog needed a home?
  • What are some of your favorite activities to do together?
  • How has your dog changed your life?
  • Upload photos or link to your Instagram or another photo…

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F. William Engdahl – Genetics are the New Eugenics: How GMO’s Reduce the Human Population – YouTube


Last year, we had a series of mergers in the agribusiness’ GMO-corporations worldwide. This has created an alarming concentration of corporate power in the hands of basically three corporate groups.

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GMO Potatoes Will Hit Stores and Restaurants Soon…If They Haven’t Already 


Source: The Organic Prepper, by Daisy Luther

If you prefer to avoid genetically modified foods, here’s another one to avoid. GMO potatoes will be joining  GMO apples at a store near you very soon – if they aren’t there already.

Last week, the FDA added their approval (again) to that of the EPA, giving the go-ahead for these potatoes to be planted this spring for harvest in the fall.

The rollout of the spuds has been cloaked in a fair bit of secrecy. Generally, one would expect something “new and improved” to be presented via a high-budget advertising campaign, press releases, and a giant hurrah. But, since marketers know that the public doesn’t really want anyone messing with the genetics of their favorite root vegetable, they’ve just sort of snuck them into the food supply.

Back in 2015 the FDA assessed and passed genetically modified potatoes as safe for…

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Russian NLMK Steel Import to US: NLMK Owner Lisin’s Net Worth Soared with Trump Win; Accused of Shipping Weapons to Assad in Syria in 2012

Mining Awareness +
The first of many planned steel shipments from Russian Steelmaker NLMK to the US arrived at the new Port of Paulsboro facility in New Jersey on Wednesday, March 1, 2017, according to NJ .com. NLMK is apparently a competitor to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich’s Evraz.

NLMK is controlled by majority shareholder Vladimir Lisin, who is ranked 116th on the Forbes list of world billionaires. According to Forbes, as of March 7, 2017, his net worth is $15 Billion, a huge increase from the $9.3 Billion which was his net worth in 2016.

Within three days of the Trump Victory his net worth increased by $830 million. Between Trump’s victory last November and January 9, 2017, he gained $1.4 billion in net worth, according to Forbes staff writer Dan Alexander, who credits the overall rising value of Russian stocks and currency in the wake of the Trump win.

Lisin serves…

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Whitehouse Now Says Keystone XL Builders Can Use Steel Made By Russian Company and Made in India

Mining Awareness +

Evraz is controlled-owned by Putin friend and King-maker Roman Abramovich, along with other Russian oligarchs. Some of the other owners appear to be or to have been close to Putin, as well. Evraz makes large diameter pipe in Canada, as seen below. Trump’s daughter Ivanka appears to be friends with Abramovich’s wife and to have invited her to the inauguration.
Evraz Canada Pipes
Pipes by Russian company Evraz in Canada. The steel could be made in Russia. Evraz makes some products in the US, as well as Europe. If it were Made by Evraz in USA, rather than Canada, would it be American made or Russian? If it brings in foreign workers on temp permits? Made in Russia and imported to Canada?

Keystone XL builders can use non-U.S. steel, White House says now
Posted:Fri, 03 Mar 2017 16:55:30 -0500
(Reuters) – The Keystone XL oil pipeline does not need to be made…

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The Perils of Delisting

Wolves and Writing

walla-walla-2014 Walla Walla pack wolf. ODFW photo 2/2014

Yesterday, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife released news that a male wolf from the Shamrock pack in Northeastern Oregon had been inadvertently killed by Wildlife Services. Here is the ODFW release:

March 2, 2017

Wolf dies in unintentional take in northeast Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife

SALEM, Ore.—Wolf OR48, a Shamrock Pack adult male, died on Feb. 26 on private land in northeast Oregon after an unintentional take by the US Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services.

The wolf died after encountering an M-44 device, a spring-activated device containing cyanide powder. The device was in place as part of Wildlife Services operations to control coyotes and prevent coyote-livestock conflict on private land in northeast Oregon.

“The death of this wolf shows the risk involved when wolves are in areas where Wildlife Services conducts these types of operations,” said Doug Cottam, ODFW…

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