C-Span Flooded With Callers Leaving The Democrats To Vote For Trump In 2020 (VIDEO) — American Lookout

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Over the last week, an amazing thing has been unfolding on C-Span.

Caller after caller, is saying that they no longer recognize their party (the Democrats) and that they are now voting for Trump.

Many of them supported Hillary in 2016, and also cite the rioting and violence as a reason for their switch.

They are also being turned by what they are hearing and seeing at the Republican National Convention.


Landslide? C-SPAN Had Tons of Callers Explaining Why They Left the Dems to Support Donald Trump

First Lady Melania Trump closed out the second night of the Republican National Convention. It was a great speech that hit on school choice, opioid addiction, the dangers of social media, and her family’s journey to America. She’s an immigrant who is now the First Lady. That’s an indelibly American story.

Given that Fox News has been cutting out of the…

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China can have them…

5 COVID-19 Charts That Democrats Definitely Don’t Want You To See | Zero Hedge

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…the US is beating the virus!

Amid his confirmation that he “shut the nation down” if scientists told him too, Joe Biden explained just what the Trump admin had got wrong (and how to ‘fix’ it)…

“In order to keep the country running and moving and the economy growing, and people employed, you have to fix the virus, you have to deal with the virus.”

Well the good news is… as thefollowing five charts from John Merline’s Issues & Insights blogshow,the US is ‘beating’ the virus…

If the Democratic National Convention made anything clear, it is that Democrats are entirely invested in making the coronavirus pandemic look worse than it is in the United States.

Almost every speaker decried the response and blamed President Donald Trump for the scale of the disease in the country.

In his acceptance speech, Joe Biden said “Just judge this president on…

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Eric Berger: Stupid Meteorologist Tricks

Iowa Climate Science Education

Guest ?Letterman shtick? by David Middleton

Who else remembers way back when David Letterman was funny? Two skits really stood out:

  1. Top Ten Lists
  2. Stupid Pet Tricks

Eric Berger provided his version of Stupid Meteorologist Tricks in this ARS Technica article:

There?s a big hurricane headed toward Texas, and it?s a nightmare forecast
As a meteorologist, all I can think is ?here we go again.?
ERIC BERGER ? 8/25/2020

It seems increasingly likely thatHurricane Laurawill continue to intensify on Tuesday and Wednesday before making landfall along the upper Texas coast, or possibly southwestern Louisiana, early on Thursday.

Of all the many named storms in 2020?and we are on the ?L? storm already with the early September peak of the Atlantic hurricane season still looming?this one has the potential to wreak the most widespread devastation yet. This is because Laura will likely become a major…

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Bette Midler under fire for racists Tweets about Melania Trump

America's Watchtower

  Once in awhile one of these elitists who like to lecture everybody on ethical and moral grounds will open up their mouths and give us a true glimpse into their souls. Such was the case last night with Bette Midler, who was driven to show us how she really felt about people who do not look or sound like her when  she watched the First Lady speak.

  Here is more:

Entertainer Bette Midler was ripped on social media after mocking Melania Trump‘s accent during the first lady’s Republican National Committee speech from the Rose Garden late Tuesday and for referring to her as an “illegal alien.”

  This is ironic, of course, because Trump supporters have been labeled as racists, Xenophobes, and white supremacists by people like Bette Midler for four years now. Actually the attacks go back even further than that, the same was said about anybody who opposed…

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From 2011-2015 The Number Of US Mail Collection Boxes Was Reduced By More Than 12,000 – OIG Audit

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Don’t use it, you lose it. If you don’t patronize a business or service and it disappears, don’t be surprised. How many were burned in the recent “protests”?

Excerpts from Collection Box Removal Process – Eastern Area
Audit Report Report Number DR-AR-16-007 August 22, 2016
Background Mail collection boxes are a visible representation of the U.S. Postal Service to the American public and are reliable, secure, and convenient receptacles for mail. As the Postal Service adapts its collection infrastructure to meet customers’ needs at a reasonable cost, it has eliminated underused collection boxes that on average receive fewer than 25 pieces a day, and added collection boxes that are convenient for customers.

To identify underused collection boxes the Postal Service uses density tests to determine the average volume of mail collected, including an annual national density test, which was last conducted over a 2-week period in August and September…

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US Elections: Absentee Voting by Mail (ballot requested) vs Universal Mail-in (ballot not requested)

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The media has made no effort, that we have seen, to explain the differences in voting by mail. Thus, people are unable to have an intelligent discussion on the topic, which is the first step in intelligent decision making.

According to the Brookings Institute, “There are two kinds of mail balloting systems. Some states have what are called universal “vote by mail” in which states mail ballots to all voters. In most states, however, vote by mail is through absentee balloting in which the voter must request an absentee ballot… https://www.brookings.edu/policy2020/votervital/how-does-vote-by-mail-work-and-does-it-increase-election-fraud/

Trump on voting by mail: “Again, absentee good, universal mail-in very bad.” (August 13, 2020) https://youtu.be/6o0-gJy-eyI

It’s clear that mailing ballots to all voters will result in many being sent to places where the voter no longer lives, and many will end up in trash cans. And, yes, it is possible that when ballots arrive…

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Risk to Alaskan polar bear cubs from oil exploration in coastal Wildlife Refuge is small


A bill recently introduced to US Congress (30 July 2020) is supposedly meant to “safeguard the Beaufort Sea polar bear’s denning habitat”.  However, the bill is named the “Polar Bear Cub Survival Act”, which tells us this is an appeal to emotions rather than a call for rational decision-making. In fact, few Southern Beaufort Sea polar bear cubs are born on land in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge and the risks to them from oil exploration is not overwhelming.

Amstrup_only solution_with 3 cubs_Oct 8 2014

Despite a modest decline in summer sea ice since 1979, only about half of Southern Beaufort Sea polar bear females currently make their dens on the sea ice in late fall. Recent research confirms results from older studies that show denning females in Alaska are highly tolerant of the kind of disturbance associated with oil exploration and few dens are found more than about 1 km from the shore. This emotion-laden…

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Kamala Harris’ Uncle Called Russia “Steadfast Friends” After Russia Annexed Crimea

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Both Kamala’s uncle Dr Gopalan Balachandran, and grandfather, PV Gopalan, have served as high ranking public servants for India, primarily serving the Congress Party, which was mostly Soviet allied. India has remained close to Russia.

At her swearing in, in 2017, Kamala Iyer Harris told Biden that her uncle, Dr. Gopalan Balachandran, is a journalist and mathematician, which covered up his India Ministry of Defense and India government connections. India’s journalists have made his connections clear. Western media is apparently hiding it.

And after the flurry of calls Balachandran received on the selection, he jokingly says he plans to print visiting cards saying “G. Balachandran, the favorite uncle of Kamala Harris.” Cited in “Kamala Harris’ Family in India Rejoices Over VP Pick” By Anjana Pasricha August 12, 2020 10:04 AM VOA http://archive.is/1qFCU

The Big Picture – Has India-Russia relations been re-drawn? Dec. 2014, https://youtu.be/5VXdj28-u_Q…

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VP Candidate Kamala Iyer Harris: Bad News for American Workers; Pleases Wall St. & Silicon Valley (& Wanna Be Immigrants from India)

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From NumbersUSA:
VP Candidate Kamala Harris — Pleases Wall St. & Silicon Valley, which means Bad News for American Workers
Wed, AUG 12th 2020 @ 9:43 am EDT by Chris Chmielenski
In picking Sen. Kamala Harris of California to complete his ticket, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has made two groups very happy — Wall St. and Silicon Valley. If her voting record on immigration is any indication, Sen. Harris will aggressively advocate for the Biden-Sanders ‘Unity Plan’ — a list of policy recommendations that would increase legal immigration while all but eliminating immigration enforcement. That’s good news for Big Business and bad news for American workers and their wages.

Sen. Harris has only been in the Senate for three and a half years, but she’s already taken close to 50 actions on immigration and has yet to earn a single positive point on our Immigration Reduction…

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VIDEO Why the Prospect of a VP Harris Is Terrifying – Fact Check – Catholic Problem – Hands Off of Women’s Bodies


Why the Prospect of a VP Harris Is Terrifying

 By Bryan Kemper | August 13, 2020

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-CA, asks a question during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing titled Police Use of Force and Community Relations, in Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C. on June 16, 2020. (Photo credit: TOM WILLIAMS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-CA, asks a question during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing titled Police Use of Force and Community Relations, in Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C. on June 16, 2020. (Photo credit: TOM WILLIAMS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

The thought of Planned Parenthood advocate Sen. Kamala Harris being one step from the Oval Office is terrifying.

It doesn’t require a conspiracy theory to predict how soon Sen. Harris could become president of the United States should Joe Biden be elected president. It’s honestly on everyone’s minds: How quickly would Biden step down, elevating Harris to the presidency? As a pro-life activist, this thought gives me chills as I think about how utterly pro-abortion she is and how in bed with Planned Parenthood she has proven to be.

Several years ago, pro-life investigative…

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EXCLUSIVE: Photo Obtained Of Epstein Victim Massaging Bill Clinton on Africa Trip


posted by Hannity Staff – 7 mins ago 10-13 minutes

As night two kicks off for the Democratic National Convention, the most famous Dem of them all will speak: Bill Clinton. The Clintons seem to be the cats of politics, and their nine lives, or rather scandals they pulled away from scot-free, have not been used up yet. Bill Clinton has profusely denied close relations with child-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein despite plane logs and a witness account of having seen Clinton on the island. There have even been rumors that Clinton was engaged in a long affair with Epstein’s vile sidekick, Ghislaine Maxwell, who helped him find and prey on young women.

DailyMail.co.uk exclusively obtained never-before-seen photographs of Bill Clinton while he “grins with pleasure as he enjoys an intimate neck massage with a young Jeffrey Epstein victim.” This is who will be endorsing the Democrats’ nominee for President tonight, Joe Biden. Epstein’s private jet used to charter dozens of under-age women around the world, dubbed the “Lolita Express” carried the former President Clinton many times.

On one particular trip, the bombshell photos took place. “Clinton sits comfortably and laughs as Chauntae Davies, then a 22-year-old massage therapist who acted as Epstein’s personal masseuse rubs her hands into his shoulders to get out the kinks in his neck” reports the Daily Mail. The published photo’s caption reads: “Clinton, then 56, had complained of having a stiff neck after falling asleep on Epstein’s notorious private jet while on a humanitarian trip with the pedophile to Africa in September of 2002. After Maxwell’s insistence, Clinton asked the twenty-something: ‘Would you mind giving it a crack?”

Davies massage took place while the group was refueling at a small airport in Portugal on their way to Africa, from New York. The Daily Mail writes that “Davies, who has claimed she was raped by Epstein after being recruited by Maxwell, said Clinton was a ‘complete gentleman’ on the trip as she described how the encounter occurred.”

Apparently, there was a kind of role-playing as Davies was invited on the trip only one week before the departure but when she arrived to the airfield, she was instructed to wear a uniform and “acted as an air stewardess on the flight and described being shocked when Clinton boarded the plane, saying he was ‘charming and sweet.”

Maxwell suggested Davis give the former president the massage. Maxwell is currently in prison on sex trafficking charges. In a statement released by Clinton’s office once Epstein’s vitriol became public knowledge, he denied knowing anything about Epstein’s crimes and said he had only taken four trips total from 2002 and 2003. However, “flight logs showed he had taken a total of at least 26 individual flights in the course of those years,”reports Daily Mail.

Source: DailyMail.co.uk

Continue reading and see more photos.


Pure Evil!!

Protesting because they don’t want to be in a crowd to vote….This is just too funny…😂

Update the guy is still unconscious

US Postal Service Office Bailout Is Unnecessarily Stuck In Bloated $3.5 Trillion Bill; US Federal Yearly Revenue is ~ $3.5 Trillion; More Than One Type of Voting by Mail

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The US Postal Service Office Bailout is unnecessarily stuck within a Massive $3.5 Trillion Bill; US Federal Yearly Revenue is approximately $3.5 Trillion https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/6800/text.

At stake is not millions or billions but $3.5 trillion – the amount of ALL US Federal revenue for a good year (eg 2018, 2019 ). This is over 19 times Jeff Bezos’ est. worth. This is $330,189 per Covid unemployed person (10.6 people million more in July than February). Media and supposed “experts” are harping on millions and billions like they don’t understand that this “Heroes” HR 6890 act is trillions. A trillion is 1,000,000,000,000, i.e. one million million. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trillion So, this bill would make 3.5 million millionaires.

Please look through the over 1800 pages and almost $3.5 trillion of Pelosi’s HR 6800 and decide the truth for yourself, rather than listening to the media: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/6800/text. It even has a table of contents.

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Was Kamala Harris’ Grandfather Part of India’s Independence Movement?

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Was Kamala Harris’ Grandfather Part of India’s Independence Movement?

That depends on if you believe her or her family in India.

In Kamala’s 2019 book, “The Truths We Hold,”, she claimed that her grandfather PV Gopalan was “part of India’s independence movement”. However, her family back in India said that “there was no record of him having been anything other than a diligent civil servant”. Her uncle, Dr. Gopalan Balachandran said that “had he openly advocated ending British rule, he would have been fired”. [1]

US Congressman Ro Khanna also claims that his grandfather was a part of India’s independence movement. [2]

The very fact that we don’t know points to one reason that communities around the world generally did not trust people if they didn’t know their families back to their grandparents. When people just show up, they can make up…

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Kamala Harris is an Anchor Baby and She is not Black

Patriots for Truth

kamala harris birth certificate.

Conclusion #1: Kamala Harris is an anchor baby, born to a Caucasian Indian mother and a Jamaican father.

Conclusion #2: Kamala Harris is not African-American, she is Jamaican-Indian.

Conclusion #3: Kamala Harris is not eligible to be a United States Senator if she was an anchor baby and has not become a U. S. citizen.

Conclusion #4. Kamala Harris is not eligible to hold the position of President of the United States.


Kamala Devi Harris. (Oct. 20, 1964). Certificate of Live Birth, Mother: Goplan Shyamala, Age 26, from India, Caucasian; Father: Donald Jasper Harris, Age 26, from Jamaica, Jamaican, Occupation: Student and Teaching Fellow, Univ. of CA, date signed Oct. 23, 1964; 2531 Regent St. Apt. 5, Berkley – 4, Alameda Cty., CA; Reg. Dist. No. 6015, Reg. No. 15318, State File No. 64-295984, Kaiser Foundation Hospital, Oakland, Alameda, CA.


Unless proven with court documents –…

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U. S. Senator Kamala Harris is not a United States citizen. Demand her deportation immediately.

Patriots for Truth

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris must be arrested and deported immediately for immigration fraud.

Harris was born Oct. 20, 1964. At the time of her birth, her father Donald Jasper Harris, was a citizen of Jamaica, and her mother Gopalan Shyamala, was a citizen of India. Therefore, the laws of both Jamaica and India are clear: Kamala Harris was either a citizen of Jamaica, pursuant to Section 3C(b) of the Constitution of Jamaica, or a citizen of India, pursuant to Part II, Sec. 5 of the Constitution of India.

Section 3C(b), Citizenship by decent, Jamaica (Constitution) Order in Council 1962. (Jul. 25, 1962). Caribbean and North Atlantic Territories, Statutory Instruments, 1962 No. 1550, Amendments through 2011 appended. Queen Elizabeth and Privy Council.Section 3C(b), Citizenship by decent, Jamaica (Constitution) Order in Council 1962. (Jul. 25, 1962). Caribbean and North Atlantic Territories, Statutory Instruments, 1962 No. 1550, Amendments through 2011 appended. Queen Elizabeth and Privy Council.


Part II, Sec. 5, Citizenship. The Constitution of India. (Nov. 9, 2015). Government of India, Ministry of Law and Justice.Part II, Sec. 5, Citizenship. The Constitution of India. (Nov. 9, 2015). Government of India, Ministry of Law and Justice.

Kamala Devi Harris. (Oct. 20, 1964). Birth Certificate, m. Goplan Shyamala, Caucasian Indian, Age 26, f. Donald Jasper Harris, Age 26, Jamaican, File No. 64-295984, Alameda Cty. Oakland, CA.Kamala Devi Harris. (Oct. 20, 1964)

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Deport Kamala Harris. No proof of U. S. citizenship. SENATE FRAUD.

AIM Truth Bits

Tyla, Douglas, and Michael explain why Kamala Harris must immediately disclose her naturalization papers. We do not see any proof that she is a United States citizen.

deport Kamala Harris


Raw audio file: https://aim4truth.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Deport-Kamala-Harris.mp3

Read more and see the proof yourself:

U. S. Senator Kamala Harris is not a United States citizen. Demand her deportation immediately.

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Kamala Harris’s Ties to Marxism

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Harris Marxist

When I read that Sleepy Joe Biden came out of the basement to announce his pick for running mate; and then I read that it was Kamala Harris, I knew I needed to uncover her Socialist leanings. 

What I didn’t know was how easy it would be to find this information.

Kamala Harris is the daughter of a Marxist Professor.

And because we know that the apple does not usually fall far from the tree – folks, we have a bona fide Marxist running for VP for the Democratic Socialists of America. 

Oh, if you asked Sleepy Joe if he is on board with Marxism, you would get the ‘Deer in the headlights look’ as he would attempt to answer. He would forget where he was, and would fumble bumble over Marxism. I actually feel pretty sorry for the man.

From theepochtimes.com

Please note that this article is from 2019…

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Why Did Kamala Harris Lie And Tell Biden That Her Uncle Was A Journalist-Mathematician When He Advises The Government Of India on Defense -Especially Nuclear Matters?

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Why did Kamala Harris tell Joe Biden that her uncle is a journalist and mathematician (2:20 on video)? She didn’t think it a good idea to point out that her uncle works for an Institute funded by India’s Ministry of Defence? US secrets going directly to India, through family ties?Americans need to stop being so naive. Her uncle Gopalan Balachandran is to the left.
Will the US accept yet another (possible) Manchurian candidate?

This looks like the same person, he has the same name as her uncle, both live in New Delhi, and more than one news reports states that Kamala’s uncle works for the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses.

US secrets going directly to India, through family ties? Kamala Harris’ uncle works for a think tank, the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, which is funded by India’s Ministry of Defence. It provides training for…

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US SNAP “Food Stamps” COVID-19 Emergency Allotments Guidance

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SNAP COVID-19 Emergency Allotments Guidance
USDA has granted waivers to the following states, allowing for the issuance of emergency allotments (supplements) based on a public health emergency declaration by the Secretary of Health and Human Services under section 319 of the Public Health Service Act related to an outbreak of COVID-19 when a state has also issued an emergency or disaster declaration.
Select from the following list to see all of the COVID-19 waivers issued to each state:
District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Virgin Islands
West Virginia

Acknowledged Extensions (through June)

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US Senator Kamala Harris’ Uncle Still Advising India Ministry of Defence Think Tank – Now Unofficially – While She Still Sits on Homeland Security-Intel Committees

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If Biden chooses her as VP, she could be President, God forbid.
Why did Kamala Harris tell Joe Biden that her uncle is a journalist and mathematician? She didn’t think it a good idea to point out that her uncle was working for an Institute funded by India’s Ministry of Defence? Her uncle Gopalan Balachandran is to the left. He has worked as a journalist, so this is a lie of omission.

Kamala Harris’ maternal uncle Gopalan Balachandran (G. Balachandran) who was, up until last year, a “consulting fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis, Delhi”, is apparently still helping out there, as seen below. Now the web site says “Dr G. Balachandran was a Consultant at IDSA“.

He is an expert primarily on nuclear and on the Americas. His official tenure at IDSA overlapped with Kamala’s positions on US Senate Committees on…

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Democrats, Leftists, Liberals and Their Dysfunctional Thinking

Liberals Backwards Think

“No Justice No Peace” is the battle cry of the hateful, racist, leftwing commie fascists of America demanding the righteous submit to their violence. By instilling fear and creating chaos they hope to force you to surrender your rights and prosperity to them and submit to be their slaves. Republicans represent the free people of America, while Democrats represent the city ghettos where they breed crime and corruption. They use the word “Progressive” to describe their backwards ideology of liberal fascist communism. Leftists see the world through the mirror of their lies. They do not teach righteousness. They commit extortion to coerce through threats and violence to force people to submit to their totalitarian dictatorship. The Great Error of conservatives has been giving them freedom to spread their lies through schools and media without smacking them down because it might “hurt their feelings.”

President Trump’s Positive Thinking

Drive-Bys Go Nuts…

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US Senator Graham Introduces Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Compromise

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A $600 per week supplement to regular unemployment insurance means that unemployed janitors receive unemployment benefits which are, on average, over 1 1/2 times more than what they earned working, “while janitors who continue to work at increased health risk in businesses deemed ‘essential’ have no guarantees of any hazard pay or increased earnings…” (Ganong et al. May 15, 2020 https://bfi.uchicago.edu/wp-content/uploads/BFI_WP_202062-1.pdf)

It’s also unfair to the teachers, police officers, firemen, healthcare workers, and others who continue to get up and go to work to have someone on unemployment making more by staying home.” (US Senator Lindsey Graham, August 4, 2020)

Remember $600 is on top of regular unemployment benefits, which varies by state and earnings.

Under the CARES Act, 68% of workers have [income] replacement rates above 100%. The median replacement rate is 134% and workers in the bottom 20% of the income distribution have replacement…

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This BLM protester calls a black police officer every foul word including the C word… Somebody needs to mix crazy glue in with her lip gloss

Help save the kangaroos

Oh good… a new cause for people to argue about!