GAO Is Wrong – Dershowitz Confirms Trump Had Right To Withhold Ukraine Funds | ZeroHedge News

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Authored by Alan Dershowtiz via The Gatestone Institute,

U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has gotten the constitutional law exactly backwards. It said that the “faithful execution of the law” – the Impoundment Control Act- “does not permit the president to substitute his own policy priorities for those congress has enacted into law .”

Yes, it does – when it comes to foreign policy.

The Constitution allocates to the president sole authority over foreign policy (short of declaring war or signing a treaty). It does not permit Congress to substitute its foreign policy preferences for those of the president.

To the extent that the statute at issue constrains the power of the president to conduct foreign policy, it is unconstitutional.

Consider the following hypothetical situation: Congress allocates funds to Cuba (or Iran or Venezuela). The president says that is inconsistent with his foreign policy and refuses to release the funds. Surely…

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BPA Triggers Allergic Asthma that can Last for 3 Generations

Chemical Free Life

Scientific studies have revealed numerous adverse health effects of BPA (bisphenol-A)*. BPA has been shown to be an endocrine (hormonal) disrupting chemical. BPA is used on a variety of products in the U.S., including in the lining of canned foods and plastic bottles containing a variety of drinks (in these cases, BPA is officially listed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a “food additive”).  BPA has been shown scientifically to leach or migrate into both food and drinks.

Despite public outcry demanding that food manufacturers stop using BPA, this estrogen-mimicking chemical is still present in some food and drink containers.  (Unfortunately, some food manufacturers have begun replacing BPA with BPS…a chemical in the same family as BPA, BPS, has been shown in recent studies to be even more dangerous than BPA to human health an well-being.)

Study overview

Now, new research examining BPA has discovered…

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Personal Care Product Chemicals Trigger Breast Cell DNA Damage

Chemical Free Life

There are distressing results from a new scientific study focusing on the adverse health effects from chemicals commonly found in cosmetics and personal care products:  At least two of these chemicals have now been shown to damage the DNA of breast cells–even at low doses*.  The chemicals examined:

(1) oxybenzone (aka the ultraviolet filter benzophenone-3 (BP-3) which is commonly found in sunscreen products and cosmetics with sunscreen protection)

(2) propylparaben (PP), (an antimicrobial preservative found in both cosmetics and personal care products)

*Breast cells contain estrogen receptors and scientists think this is why they may be more susceptible to the adverse effects of these chemicals. 

Study overview

The study used a new approach that identified a mechanism by which estrogens and xenoestrogens — environmental chemicals that act like estrogens — may promote breast cancer. The two chemical compounds (oxybenzone and propylparaben) were…

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Australia Calls Up 3,000 Army Reservists to Assist Firefighters

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Australia is calling up thousands of Army Reservists to help fight the fires, (while Trump sends thousands of troops to the Middle East)

What a strange understatement for a title.
From VOA News:
Australia Experiencing An Exceptional Wildfire Season
By VOA News January 04, 2020 07:45 AM
Wildfires are burning out of control in southeastern Australia.

Thousands of people have already fled their homes but some have waited too long.

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service has advised those who have not evacuated areas at risk that, “It is too late to leave.  Seek shelter as the fire approaches.”

Late Saturday evening, Victoria had 14 fires rated at emergency or evacuation warning levels, while New South Wales, home to more than 100  fires, had 11 emergency fires.

CNN reported that fire officials said Saturday three fires combined overnight in Victoria and are now larger than Manhattan in New…

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Parrots: Not Just Smart, Also Selfless


A series of new experiments has demonstrated that in addition to cleverness, African grey parrots have social intelligence making them the ‘humans of the bird world’.

Study #1 overview

Researchers trained the parrots in a new study to exchange metal tokens for treats. The parrots were then placed into paired compartments with a little opening between them. Only one bird had tokens, but only the other bird could reach the treats. From the very first trial, the parrots with tokens gave them away, even though they got nothing in return.

“They were quite intrinsically motivated to help another.”

–Dr. Désirée Brucks, cognitive biologist, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Germany

The parrots are the first non-mammals observed helping each other in this way, suggesting other animals have evolved the ability to act selflessly.  Scientists call this kind of helpful behavior prosocial.

Study #2 overview

Another in…

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Recipe for a Happy New Year


Take twelve whole months.
Clean them thoroughly of all bitterness,
hate, and jealousy.
Make them just as fresh and clean as possible.

Now cut each month into twenty-eight, thirty, or
thirty-one different parts,
but don’t make up the whole batch at once.
Prepare it one day at a time out of these ingredients.

Mix well into each day one part of faith,
one part of patience, one part of courage,
and one part of work.
Add to each day one part of hope,
faithfulness, generosity, and kindness.
Blend with one part prayer, one part meditation,
and one good deed.
Season the whole with a dash of good spirits,
a sprinkle of fun, a pinch of play,
and a cup full of good humor.

Pour all of this into a vessel of love.
Cook thoroughly over radiant joy,
garnish with a smile,
and serve with quietness, unselfishness,
and cheerfulness.
You’re bound…

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Headless body found in cave 40 years ago identified as notorious outlaw who died in 1916

Joseph Henry Loveless was a notorious outlaw and vicious murderer, according to newspaper records from the era. The composite image was created using images of his closest relatives and written descriptions.Joseph Henry Loveless was a notorious outlaw and vicious murderer, according to newspaper records from the era. The composite image was created using images of his closest relatives and written descriptions.DUBOIS, ID (East Idaho News) – Nobody could have guessed the identity of a man whose body was found in the Civil Defense Caves in 1979.For 40 years, anthropologists, scientists and investigators from Idaho State University all the way to the Smithsonian and the FBI tried to unravel the mystery of who this man was. The big question none of them could figure out was how long he had been in the caves.The answers were revealed Tuesday during a riveting news conference held by Clark County Sheriff Bart Mary and others involved in the decades-long investigation.The man’s remains were so well preserved, there was still skin on the body. Anthropologists believed that he had maybe only been in the caves for five to 10 years. When the DNA Doe Project finally put the genetic and genealogical pieces together, they learned he had been in the cave since 1916.“Through our research, following the tireless experts of innumerable experts, we have identified Clark County John Doe. His name was Joseph Henry Loveless,” DNA Doe Project team leader Anthony Redgrave said. “Joseph Henry Loveless was born Dec. 3, 1870, in Payson, Utah territory.Loveless was a notorious outlaw, bootlegger, jailbird and a vicious murderer, according to newspaper records from the era.The revelation that the man anthropologists believed had likely died sometime between 1969 and 1979 had actually died in 1916 was a shocking revelation.“This definitely threw most anthropologists — all anthropologists that looked at this (case),” ISU anthropology department assistant professor Samantha Blatt said.Loveless’s torso, arms and legs have been recovered, but his head has never been found. Researchers have not been able to uncover a photo of him either. Fortunately, the wanted poster published from when he murdered his wife has a description of what he looked like, although he was going by a different name at the time.“Walt Cairns, age about 40 years, height about 5 ft. 8 or 9 in., weight about 165 pounds, dark brown hair, slightly gray around ears, eyes bluish brown, medium complexion, has little or no eyebrows, small scar over right eye, tattoo of star on right hand between thumb and index finger, also tattoo of anchor same place on left hand; he wore a light colored hat, brown coat, red sweater, blue overalls over black trousers,” the poster reads.A composite of what Loveless may have looked like was created by combining images of his closest relatives and from written descriptions.Joseph Henry Loveless was found wearing this shirt. His body was also wrapped in burlap.Joseph Henry Loveless was found wearing this shirt. His body was also wrapped in burlap.The story of how scientists and historians identified Loveless is remarkable. Redgrave said this is now one of the oldest cases to be solved using DNA.Road to identificationOn Aug. 26, 1979, a family was searching for arrowheads in a cave near the entrance of the Civil Defense Caves just north of Dubois. Instead of arrowheads, they found something else.Wrapped in burlap and buried in a shallow grave was the headless torso of a man. He was wearing a white shirt with blue pinstripes and a maroon sweater. He was also missing his arms and legs.Earl Holden, the Clark County Sheriff at the time, had the area searched for any other remains, but to no avail. He believed, based on the clothing the man was wearing, that he was likely a gambler from 60 years prior.Coroner Ernest Still performed an investigation and determined the man must have died within the last decade due to the presence of flesh and odor.Joseph Henry Loveless was a notorious outlaw and vicious murderer, according to newspaper records from the era. His remains were found in the Civil Defense Caves near Dubois, ID, in 1979.Joseph Henry Loveless was a notorious outlaw and vicious murderer, according to newspaper records from the era. His remains were found in the Civil Defense Caves near Dubois, ID, in 1979.Still wasn’t the only one who thought that. In 1979, the top forensic anthropologist in the world, Dr. Doug Ubelaker from the Smithsonian Institute, believed the remains could have been anywhere from six months to ten years old.“Already, at the beginning, no one could identify who this person was,” ISU anthropology department assistant professor Samantha Blatt said.Twelve years later, an 11-year-old girl was exploring the cave when she discovered a hand sticking out of the ground. An excavation led by Idaho State University and the Idaho Museum of Natural History uncovered the man’s arms and legs.In 1997, the remains were transferred to the ISU Anthropology Department where they have remained ever since.In March 2019, Drs. Amy Michael and Samantha Blatt with the Idaho State University Anthropology Department decided to ask if DNA Doe Project would be willing to help try to identify the man in the cave.DNA Doe Project is a nonprofit organization that uses a methodology known as genetic genealogy to identify unknown individuals by using their DNA to find their family tree. Volunteers search through records and other sources to piece the individual’s family history together until they are able to identify the person.Led by team leader Anthony Redgrave, 14 volunteer genealogists spent more than 2,000 hours researching Clark County John Doe’s family tree. They found 31,730 individuals in the tree and narrowed their investigation down to 250 “DNA cousins.” Searching through those family trees, they tentatively identified the man as Joseph Henry Loveless.The genealogists discovered Loveless’s parents were Latter-day Saint pioneers from the Utah valley and were polygamists, which made DNA Doe Project’s job much more difficult.“Descendants of pioneers who have done their family history will know that their ancestors had many, many children – often with several different spouses during the time period that polygamy was practiced,” Redgrave said.He explained that often leads to intermarrying, which can affect the DNA in unpredictable ways. It also leads to half-relationships or half-cousins where two people only share DNA with one parent. Redgrave said that even though they had numerous close DNA matches, it was difficult to work with and narrow down to one individual.“We took a lot of extra effort to confirm our potential identity over the course of several days,” Redgrave said.Even then, Clark County Sheriff Bart May wanted to make extra sure the identity was correct.“I felt like we needed to take it a step farther to make sure we were 100 percent correct. So we tracked down living relatives, which was really hard to do. But we found an 87-year-old grandson who was willing to talk with us and meet with us and give us his DNA,” May said.Through the grandson’s DNA, authorities were able to confirm the remains did belong to Joseph Henry Loveless.“This was an amazing case because watching it progress, it was so difficult because of the intermarriages and the Latter-day Saints practice of polygamy. There were many, many complicated family relationships that we thought would take forever to untangle,” DNA Doe Project Co-founder Dr. Margaret Press said.The outlawFinding out the body was Joseph Henry Loveless was one thing. Finding out details about his life was another. To do that, DNA Doe Project searched through eastern Idaho newspaper records.The man they discovered had a notorious reputation.Joseph Henry Loveless was born to Latter-day Saint pioneers Joseph Jackson Loveless and Sarah Jane Scriggins.When he was 28, in 1899, Loveless married Harriett Jane Savage in Salt Lake City, Utah. Five years later, Harriett filed for divorce on the grounds of desertion and failure to support their child.A year after the divorce, Loveless married Agnes Octavia Caldwell in Bear Lake County, Idaho. They had four children together but Loveless wasn’t the type to settle down. In 1914, he was arrested for bootlegging in Burley. A few months later he was again arrested for bootlegging in Burley but he managed to escape from jail — and it wouldn’t be the last time.In 1916, newspaper records show a man named Walter Garron pulled off a daring escape by cutting his jail cell’s bars with a saw and then stopping a train.“The news article is strangely worded but we assume he was being transported to jail on a train and somehow stopped the train in an attempt to escape it,” Redgrave said. “He was somehow caught and put in prison and escaped again anyway.”Walter Garron was just one of the various aliases Loveless went by. Others included Walter Cairins, Curran, Currans, Cairns, Curnans and Charles Smith.On May 5, 1916, Agnes Loveless was found dead in the tent she, Loveless and their 8-year-old son lived in on the outskirts Dubois. Loveless was nowhere to be found and became the prime suspect. The problem was, he and his wife were using aliases at the time. The couple, both suspected bootleggers, were known in town as Charles and Ada Smith.This led to confusion among researchers about who killed Agnes and where Loveless was. They eventually came to the conclusion that Charles and Ada Smith were, in fact, Joseph and Agnes Loveless.On May 12, 1916, the Pocatello Chronicle published an article titled “Under Arrest on Murder Charge.” Law enforcement had arrested a man they believed to be Walter Currans (Joseph Loveless) for Ada Smith’s (Agnes Loveless) murder.“Sheriff John Spencer of Fremont County in Spencer, Ida., charged (him) with beating out his wife’s brains. Her death resulted after 50 hours of intense agony. It is charged that the ax was wielded by her common-law husband in Dubois at an early hour Saturday morning after she had returned home from a dance in that city,” the article read.According to the news article, their 8-year-old son found her and she had been beaten to death with an ax.At Agnes’s funeral, one of their children was quoted as saying, “Papa never stayed in jail very long and he’ll soon be out.”On May 23, 1916, Loveless escaped from jail again by cutting the bars using a saw he had hidden in his shoes.After that, Loveless wasn’t seen again until his headless, dismembered corpse was discovered in 1979. It’s not clear who murdered Loveless, or how he was killed. There is a near certainty though that the murderer is also dead.Despite that, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office plans to continue the investigation and hopefully discover who killed Loveless.“This is one of the most exciting cases we have worked,” forensic genealogist Lee Redgrave, Anthony Redgrave’s wife said.

Thousands of Koalas Feared Dead in Australia Fires; Much Koala Habitat Already Destroyed By Deforestation

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The main driver of the loss and fragmentation of koala habitat are the weak and permissive laws passed by state, federal and local governments which allow excessive tree-clearing and deforestation. Without the right species of eucalypts and other trees, koalas have no homes or food… Urban growth and infrastructure development in NSW and Qld are contributing to significant ongoing decline of coastal populations… Climate change is making Australia’s normally challenging weather for koalas more extreme by exacerbating droughts, heat stress and bushfires. This kills koalas, whether directly such as by overheating and dehydration, or indirectly by degrading the eucalypt forests they live in… Extended drought across NSW and Queensland has already coincided with a decline in koala numbers, along with habitat losses, which reduces the resilience of populations.” (Paull, D. et al. “Koala Action Plan” WWF-Australia, 2019, p. 6; 10 – See link and more at…

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2019 Review

International Wildlife Bond

Banner Image – iStock (Roger Trentham)

…. and a Happy New Year

As we end 2019 and head towards 2020, the ‘line in the sand’ has been set, with increasing public awareness and empathy with the plight of wildlife.

United Kingdom – Trophy Import/Exports, UK Ivory Bill and Shooting Industry

In the New Year, there is the opportunity for the United  Kingdom to adopt tough hunting trophy import/export restrictions, sending a clear message and commitment to curtail the negative impacts of such imports and exports (including the UK’s own trophy hunting industry being reviewed as part of the  process). Meanwhile, the persecution oflions and other species targeted by trophy hunting culture continues….with reinstated elephant trophy hunting in Botswana proving unethical and on no recognisable conservation benefit.

The 2018 Ivory Bill has yet to be fully enacted, with an appeal against the Hight Court’s November 2019 decision to…

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Montreal bids farewell to its horse-drawn carriages

Tuesday's Horse

To tourists they are a time-honored, charming way of seeing the sights, but animal rights activists say Montreal’s horse-drawn carriages are a cruel and unnecessary relic of yesteryear.

A longstanding feud between the coachmen and their critics looks set to end however with the unique mode of transport set to disappear from the streets of Canada’s second city by year-end.

City Hall has ordered an end to the tourist rides out of concern for the horses. In 2018, the council passed a bylaw banishing horse-drawn carriages, starting in 2020.

Montreal carriage horse Blackjack injured and down. Photo: SPCA. 20 year-old Montreal carriage horse Blackjack collapsed on the way back to the stable and was kicked by the driver when he wouldn’t get up. He and another 20-year old carriage horse were both rescued by the SPCA. SPCA Photo.

The death of a horse in 2018 (Charlot) while pulling a carriage was the last straw for animal rights groups and…

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How To Research A Rescue

Guardians Of Life

When supporting any rescue of your choosing we recommend and encourage that you do your research first. It is imperative and crucial that you thoroughly investigate them. Otherwise, you could wind up enabling fraudulent individuals, where proceeds do not contribute to animal’s well being.

The How To:
If said rescue has a facility, make sure someone can investigate the facility in person. If you think of sending an animal there, including if you are sending pets there – it is your right to make sure that your pets will be treated well and safe before their new guardians adopt them.
Calling local animal control and other rescues in said area to get references, while also making sure the rescue of your choosing isn’t banned from pulling, is a must. Speak with the Founder or Representative of the rescue you are choosing, ask if they spay and neuter all animals…

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South Texas Father & Son Used Racehorses to Facilitate Drug Trafficking

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Monday, February 25, 2019
South Texas Father and Son Admit to Using Racehorses to Facilitate Drug Trafficking
VICTORIA, Texas – Two members of a prolific transnational, transgenerational drug trafficking organization have pleaded guilty as their trial was set to begin in Victoria federal court, announced U.S. Attorney Ryan K. Patrick. Raul Beltran Jr., 50, and his son Edward Beltran, 24, both of Rio Grande City, pleaded guilty today as they were set to begin trial before U.S. District Judge John Rainey.

The Beltran men admitted to massive amounts of drug smuggling – thousands of kilograms of marijuana.

The investigation began in January 2013 after a Victoria County Sheriff’s Office deputy interdicted approximately 600 pounds of marijuana concealed in a horse trailer. The trailer also contained two racehorses.

That event prompted a lengthy, multiple-agency, multi-jurisdictional investigation that would ultimately uncover information and evidence demonstrating the illegal…

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POLL: Do You Say “Merry Christmas?” | Culture Watch News

The left’s war on Christmas as reached a all new level.

President Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court appointment Justice Neil Gorsuch went on Fox and Friends and made a point to say “Merry Christmas.”

Now the left is flipping their lids – saying that Justice Gorsuch was echoing a “Republican talking point” by simply saying “Merry Christmas!”

Poll: Do You Say “Merry Christmas?”*

Go hear to simply hit the yes or no button and add your email address.

VIDEO: 20 times leftists went berserk on campus in 2019 | The College Fix

Truth2Freedom's Blog

TRIGGERED: Violence, destruction, rage 

Students who touted conservative, Republican, Constitutional or pro-life opinions on college campuses over the last 12 months were often met with extreme resistance.

Throughout 2019, leftists were wildly triggered by opinions they disagreed with, prompting them to vandalize or destroy displays, disrupt events, shout down speakers, scream at the top of their lungs — and even physically assault their right-of-center peers.

Many of these examples were caught on camera.

Here is a look back at some of the most extreme examples The College Fix has reported on over the last year.

Source: VIDEO: 20 times leftists went berserk on campus in 2019

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VOODOO ECONOMICS: Unmasking The Secret Landlords Buying Up America – By Aaron Glantz


Source –

“…America’s cities are being bought up, bit by bit, by anonymous shell companies using piles of cash. Modest single-family homes, owned for generations by families, now are held by corporate vehicles with names that appear to be little more than jumbles of letters and punctuation – such as SC-TUSCA LLC, CNS1975 LLC – registered to law offices and post office boxes miles away. New glittering towers filled with owned but empty condos look down over our cities, as residents below struggle to find any available housing”

Unmasking the secret landlords buying up America – By Aaron Glantz 

America’s cities are being bought up, bit by bit, by anonymous shell companies using piles of cash. Modest single-family homes, owned for generations by families, now are held by corporate vehicles with names that appear to be little more than jumbles of letters and punctuation – such as SC-TUSCA…

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We’re All Going To Die In Four Days Time!

Iowa Climate Science Education

By Paul Homewood


The usual excellent stuff from Tony Heller:



December 27, 2019 at 04:51AM

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“I like to think I made a difference”!

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

A multi-millionaire in Michigan is offering to donate money to Wayne State University– but the money comes with a big ask. The donor is asking the university to end all testing on animals.

Meanwhile, philanthropist Thomas Mackey has already made a difference in the lives of thousands of animals through his donations to animal shelters across metro Detroit.

Tom made his money over 52 years as an investment banker. He loved his work but animals stole his heart at a young age. He’s already donated many millions to help animals and his latest proposal keeps with the theme.

In a handwritten letter to Wayne State University, Tom is offering to donate $1 million to a scholarship program for Detroit kids. The caveat – in exchange he’s asking Wayne State end its animal testing, including cardiovascular research still being done on dogs.

“If people knew…

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Check your fridge: 88 egg products under recall after deadly listeria outbreak – WPMT FOX43

Multiple brands of products that include hard-boiled eggs are under nationwide recall following an alert last week by the ‘Center for Disease Control and Prevention’ about a deadly outbreak of listeria. At least seven people in five states I’ve gotten sick including one who died in Texas.

The eggs from Almark Foods in Gainesville, Georgia were sent to foodservice operators nationwide.

Continue reading here for more information and links about this recall…

“White Christmas, with Santa & his Reindeer” The Drifters

Santa is on the move



Wishing Everyone a Christmas Filled with Magic 🕊️

Puppy love — season of light edition

Please keep your pets safe this holiday season 🎄

Hallmark recalls candle due to fire, laceration hazards

FOX43 Newsroom
15 hours ago

Photo Credit: CPSC

Hallmark is recalling one type of candle due to fire and laceration hazards.

According to the CSPC, the recall involves the frosted balsom soy blend jar candle.

The scented candles are green and have three weeks, with an image of a snowy pine cone on the front of the candle.

So far, there have been six reports of the glass jar breaking, resulting in fire damage to nearby objects.

Photo Credit: CPSC

There have been no injuries reported.

The affected candles were sold exclusively at Norman’s Hallmark stores in New Jersey and Pennsylvania from September 2019 to now for about $28.

Costumers should immediately stop using the recalled candles, return them to the store where they can receive a full refund of the purchase price and a $10 Hallmark Gold Crown Gift Card, according to the CSPC.

Categories: News
Tags: candle, Hallmark, recall

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Poacher fined over $53,000 for killing elk in Colorado backyards: He ‘put a black eye on hunters’

Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting Blog

A man from Texas has had his hunting, fishing and trapping privileges suspended in 48 states — and been sentenced to pay more than 53,000 in fines — after pleading guilty to illegal hunting activities in Colorado.

Raymond P. Muse, 50, pleaded guilty to a felony charge of willful destruction of wildlife, as well as 11 other misdemeanor charges, in connection with the illegal poaching at least five elk from Evergreen and Conifer, “right under the noses or in the backyards” of local residents, officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife said on Friday.

Officials say Muse would leave his car in a less suspicious area before hopping on his bike to scout and kill the elk.

Officials say Muse would leave his car in a less suspicious area before hopping on his bike to scout and kill the elk. (Colorado Parks and Wildlife)


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Safe Travels

Petition · Let DoD personnel defend themselves on base. ·


Let DoD personnel defend themselves on base.
David Ritchey started this petition to President Donald J. Trump and 1 other

Since the implementation of Regulation 90-114 in 1993, military personnel have been restricted in their ability to carry firearms on government property and in federal facilities. The justification of such action has historically been the belief that military bases feature robust security and trustworthy employees. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the failures of those assumptions leading to active shooter and related incidents on military bases located in the United States since 1993.

1993 – Fort Knox (3 Patriots lost)

1994 – Fairchild AFB (4 Patriots lost)

1995 – Arlington Virginia (2 Patriots wounded)

1995 – Fort Bragg (1 Patriot lost)

2009 – Fort Hood (13 Patriots lost)

2011 – Fort Hood (planned bombing thwarted)

2013 – Quantico Virginia (2 Patriots lost)

2013 – Washington Navy Yard (12 Patriots lost)

2014 – Fort Hood (3 Patriots killed)

2015 – Chattanooga Tennessee (4 Patriots lost)

2016 – Lackland AFB (2 Patriots lost)

2019 – NAS Oceana (1 Patriot lost)

2019 – Pearl Harbor (2 Patriots lost)

2019 – NAS Pensacola (3 Patriots lost)

That tally includes 52 Patriots killed or wounded by terrorists, disgruntled service members, or civilian employees on a base or post that doesn’t include overseas bases or federal buildings such as court houses, jails, schools, on-base housing, post offices, airports, National Parks, BLM buildings, IRS buildings, and so on. It would be unfair to say all of those Patriots would be with us today had personnel been allowed to carry firearms for personal defense, but at least one life could have been saved at an incredibly minimal risk level.

The Citizens of the United States have, through the Constitution and the US Code via the Oath of Office, entrusted members of the United States Armed Forces with the defense of the country and all we hold dear. The fact that those same service members can obtain a permit to carry a concealed weapon in each state they happen to get stationed in, but can’t carry that same firearm in the most highly targeted location in that state – the military base – flies in the face of that trust and is contrary to good sense.

This petition, and your signature, is designed to drive legislation leading to the establishment of an open and concealed carry permit that is extended to Department of Defense civilian and military personnel, is NOT subject to the discretion of lower levels of command, includes reciprocity in all 50 US states and it’s territories, and permits concealed carry in all federal facilities regardless of duty status.

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Petition · UK Parliament: Re-open empty Army Barracks for Homeless Ex Serviceman ·


Re-open empty Army Barracks for Homeless Ex Serviceman
Annabelle Johnson started this petition to UK Parliament

Please everyone sign this. There are ex servicemen on our streets. The Army Barracks are sitting empty not being used! If they open them, they will have a roof over there head somewhere safe to sleep, they can maintain the up keep and anyone suffering with stress disorder can help eachother. No one who served for our country deserves to be failed by the system

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World Animals Voice

Animal news from around the world.


Where Creativity and Imagination Creates Wonderful Ideas for Your Home!

Noellie's Place

There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind. - Mr. Fred Rogers


KINDNESS IS FREE, sprinkle it all over the world and 😁 smile

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

AIM Truth Bits

Citizens Addicted to Truth

Anti-Propaganda News

No more Clown News Network #FreeMedia

Positive Outlooks Blog

News and stories that make you feel better after reading.

The New Divine Humanity

L' Aura Pleiadian

Get all the latest fascinating, entertaining, and mind-blowing stories on the Web. This is the stuff everyone's talking about.

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