USA: Fur Free Society is asking the USDA to impose the maximum fine of $13.75 million for fur farm animals suffering in extreme temperatures.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Anti Fur Society –  

Our affiliate Fur Free Society, Inc. has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) against Ruby Fur Farm Inc., an Iowa farm that repeatedly broke federal law by allowing hundreds of fur-bearing animals to suffer in dangerous and extreme heat conditions. 

Temperatures in the metal housing exceeded 100 F degrees and heat indexes reached as high as 122 F degrees on at least four separate dates.

Animals in severe heat distress were panting, drooling, lethargic, breathing heavily, non-responsive to activity around them, and unable to cool off. 

Fur Free Society is asking the USDA to impose the maximum fine of $13.75 million ($10,000 per animal affected, per violation) and to immediately terminate any and all licenses held by Ruby Fur Farm Inc. 

The complaint and USDA inspection reports can be found here:

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Trump Pledges $1 Million Of Personal Money To Harvey Relief

Nwo Report

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced Thursday that President Donald Trump will personally give $1 million to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort.

Sanders said that Trump told her he will personally give the money to help those affected by the storm and claimed the president told her he asked her to see if journalists in the White House press briefing room will also be giving to relief efforts.

A car dealership is covered by Hurricane Harvey floodwaters near Houston, Texas August 29, 2017. REUTERS/Rick WilkingA fire burns at the flooded plant of French chemical maker Arkema SA in Crosby, Texas, U.S. August 31, 2017. REUTERS/Adrees Latif

The announcement comes on the heels of a request from the Trump campaign for Americans to donate to several charities. These organizations were: American Red CrossThe Salvation ArmyThe United Way,  The SPCA of TexasThe SPCA of Louisiana,  The Houston Humane Society, and The Louisiana Humane Society.

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What Are We Talking About? your voice is being taken from you

Wild Horse Education

In spring and early summer we did outreach, articles and webinars about “your voice.” What we found is that many people do not understand where, when and how to use, voice in process. More disturbingly we found that so many people did not even understand how in many ways, they lost much of their voice this year.

We have written about advisory boards, Resource Advisory Councils (RACs) and the land use planning process. We usually end those types of articles with a statement that recognizes that piles of paper don’t make a good meme for social media but that engagement is the most crucial aspect of advocacy for wild horses.

Earlier this year (April) we wrote about trying to engage a RAC and then the RACs were shut down. Massive amounts of information was rapidly being removed from government websites. To us this represented a terrifying trend; exclude, ignore, delete…

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Petition: Demand an end to horse carriage rides in Malta traffic

Petition: Stand with John Oliver Against Big Coal!

New Petition: Cancel the Cruel Sheep Race at Llandovery Sheep Festival on 23rd-24th September, United Kingdom

Petition: In Harvey’s Wake We Can’t Go Backwards on Climate Pollution

Petition: Ask Cigarette Companies to Switch to Biodegradable Filters!

Petition: Hotel Made Family Leave Dogs in the Car During Harvey!

Petition: Dog-Killer Michael Vick Does Not Deserve His New Job


I remember the first time  I vacuum and our husky puppy was hiding her kibble and treats under the cushion  😵 I  thought they were bugs…LOL

Phoenix Rainez

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Want to Help Animals Displaced by Hurricane Harvey? Check This Out | One Green Planet

Natasha Brooks

August 28, 2017

Natural disasters affect humans and animals alike, and Hurricane Harvey is forcing many families to evacuate to emergency shelters, where pets are not permitted due to possible allergic reactions from other people at the shelters. As a result, animal guardians are unwillingly relinquishing their beloved pets to animal shelters.

Austin Pets Alive! (APA!), an animal rescue in Austin, Texas, is working hard to keep up with the growing animal shelter populations, and as of this past Saturday, they have transported 235 animals to their shelter, and they anticipate many more.

APA! says they are humbled by the outpouring of support they have received, but they still need more assistance, and they are asking you for your help to save and care for these frightened and displaced animals who have been tragically separated from their families.

Due to the generous donations they have already received, APA! is running out of storage space for crates, bags of dry food, and other large items. They are asking for financial donations in lieu of these items, which will allow them to allocate funds as needed. If you are able, you can donate to APA! here. If you are in the Austin area, they will also accept donations of flea and tick treatment, bedding, and treats.

If you cannot make a financial contribution, you can help save these innocent lives by volunteering as a foster or adopting one of these animals. Fostering truly does save lives, and APA! is asking for volunteers who will be able to commit to fostering until the animals are adopted to forever homes. To learn more about fostering or adopting through APA!, visit here.

There is great power in a community joining together for a common good, so please share this with your network to help gain more support for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Image Source: Pixabay/

Petition: Support Innovative Projects To Combat Climate Change and Protect Our Planet

Petition: Tell the U.S. Postal Service to Ban Shipments of Live Animals

Petition: Endangered Cheetahs Don’t Belong On A Leash. Ban The Cheetah Trade Today.

Ricky Gervais Just Reiterated How He Feels About Trophy Hunting – And It’s Perfectly Scathing | One Green Planet

Aleksandra Pajda
August 28, 2017

Animal rights and environmental issues need all the publicity they can get – and we can all agree that to get it, it is seriously helpful to have some celebrities on deck. British comedian Ricky Gervais has been a long-time advocate for animals, promoting adoption, donating money, and criticizing cruel practices, all of which generate a lot of interest in and conversation around the topics. This time, he has targeted the practice of trophy hunting – and shared what he thinks about it in no uncertain terms. 

Gervais calling out trophy hunters is not a novelty, however – in a recent post on his Facebook page, he inserted a screenshot of a post on the subject written in 2015. Unfortunately, not much has changed in the matter since then and the critique Gervais made in the post still holds true today.
Captioned “My thoughts on Trophy Hunting,” the post is a reminder that the issue of this bloody practice is still very much relevant – and Gervais’s words are not at all subtle.

Gervais especially points out the controversial financial aspects of trophy hunting and underlines how hunters claiming that they “provide a service” to communities where they hunt actually just exploit impoverished communities that have no choice but to accept their offers.

Parading as conservation, trophy hunting is a cruel pseudo-sport which has a number of seriously detrimental effects, among them the harm to the overall populations of the hunted species. Curiously, killing animals in the name of conservation is something that a number of groups actually claim.

Gervais is, without a doubt, doing a great job as an animal advocate by making use of his platform in order to reach as wide an audience as possible and spread awareness and knowledge about important animal rights issues. Public figures speaking out on the matters cause not only a heightened interest in the topics but also help inform people that animal and environmental problems are something we really should think about and engage in solving. At the end of the day, it’s something we should all feel responsible for.

Lead image source: Animal Defenders International

HSUS Harvey Update: Search and rescue operations underway

Exposing the Big Game

HSUS logo
Our Animal Rescue Team is on the ground right now helping animals impacted by the massive flooding and destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Upon our arrival in Texas City, we learned that the most urgent needs were in Dickinson and League City, where our help was requested by officials. My team is conducting animal search and rescue missions with Dickinson Animal Control. We are responding in flooded areas where roads remain impassible to rescue pets from their deluged homes.

ART van driving through floodThe flooding is so severe that road closures will have our team marooned in place until some flooding subsides.

But we’ve purchased food and crates to temporarily house animals who are rescued from the field—and we’ll ensure they have a soft and warm place to rest.

We’re also transporting animals who were available for adoption before the storm in San Antonio to other states to make room for displaced pets.


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Wednesday Memes ….

Funniest & Cutest Husky Videos #23 – Compilation 2017 – YouTube


Many Siberian Huskies are winding up in your local shelters….as a husky lover who has shared my home with these fun-loving, too intelligent for their own good Mischief Makers, loves the outdoors and sheds all over your clothes and keep you on your toes, talks and even argue with you….LOL

Please go to your local shelter and bring one or two home… Because you never can have too many good friends to have fun with and love your crazy personality. 🐺 💖 🐺


The Dogs of War Are in High Demand

Nwo Report

War is hell for almost everyone who gets near it. This includes animals—especially the hundreds of dogs the U.S. military has sent to serve alongside soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere since Sept. 11. Now, the Pentagon is taking steps to make sure more of them come home.

The armed services have had dogs since about day one. At the moment, roughly 1,600 Military War Dogs (MWDs) are either in the field or helping recuperating veterans. That’s approximately one dog for every three U.S. soldiers currently in Afghanistan.

These animals are, however, an increasingly precious resource. With terrorists targeting public transportation and tourist sites all over the world, global demand for bomb-sniffing dogs has surged. Canines with finely trained noses now fetch $25,000 and up on the open market, where border patrol units, the State Department, and private security firms go for canine talent. Even the war on bedbugs scoops up some of the best noses in…

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#TaijiTuesday – Pacific White-Sided Dolphins

Voice For The Blue

FB_IMG_1503256934128 Pacific White Sided Dolphins near Telegraph Cove, BC, Canada – Photo Credit: John E. Marriott

The 2017/2018 Drive Hunt Quota allows for 134 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins


The Pacific white-sided dolphin is energetic, active and is frequently seen leaping, belly flopping and somersaulting. They are strong fast swimmers and enthusiastic bow riders, often staying with moving vessels for extended periods.


The Pacific white-sided dolphin has a robust body with a very short stubby beak and black lips. The dorsal fin is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of this species being tall, falcate, and bicoloured with a black leading edge fading to grey on the trailing edge. The large flippers are similarly coloured with rounded tips. Overall the Pacific white-sided dolphin is dark grey or black in colour. As its name suggests, it has a greyish thoracic patch which extends down the sides to just below the dorsal fin. Thin greyish…

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Biggest shark-smuggling bust in Galapagos history nets big Chinese ship but many get away

Hero Hurricane Dog Becomes Symbol of Texas Resilience

In Largest Track Protest Ever, Horseracing Wrongs Brings 105 Activists to Travers Day

Horseracing Wrongs

105. That’s the number of protesters Horseracing Wrongs brought to Saratoga Race Course Saturday, Travers Day. It is, to my knowledge, the single largest protest ever held at a racetrack on the North American continent. Ever. And it probably breaks our own record – the 75-80 we’ve been taking to Saratoga weekly for the past two summers. It is a tremendous accomplishment, owing mostly to the extraordinary work of HW Vice President Nicole Arciello – our mobilizer-in-chief.

105. And here’s the thing, racing industry, this is but the beginning; we’re not going away. We’re smart, we’re organized, and we’re serious. We are Horseracing Wrongs.

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Petition update · Cliff Tulpa, a self proclaimed conservationist, pays $50.000 to Kill a Polar Bear ·

Boycott Under Armour until they Stop Killing Wildlife! – Take the Pledge!

33K supporters
Petition update
Cliff Tulpa, a self proclaimed conservationist, pays $50.000 to Kill a Polar Bear
Ban Trophy Hunting
Pacific Palisades, CA

Aug 28, 2017 — His facebook page intro reads: Author / Publisher / Photographer / Explorer / Conservationist / TV Host / TV Producer / Entrepreneur

Continue your support
You and 33,281 others signed this
Contribute to the fundraiser
Help to Stop Under Armour From Killing Wildlife For Sport!
Help this petition win

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Petition · Bass Pro Shop: Urging 3 major Boat supply companies to donate their supplies for Texas Hurricane Harvey. ·

Petition update · James Tazruk of Point Lay, Alsaka, killed Polar bear while she was feeding her Cub ·

Boycott Under Armour until they Stop Killing Wildlife! – Take the Pledge!

33K supporters
Petition update 

August 28,2017
James Tazruk of Point Lay, Alsaka, killed Polar bear while she was feeding her Cub
 then poses for a picture with the bloody pelt and the orphaned cub.

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Petition update · Royal Canin responds to call to action against the dog meat trade! ·

Royal Canin:Speak out against the dog meat trade operating outside your facility in Korea!

17K supporters
Petition update
Royal Canin responds to call to action against the dog meat trade!

Aug 28, 2017 — We received a response from Royal Canin USA on August 24, 2017 regarding our campaign – Royal Canin: Speak out against the dog meat trade operating outside your facility in Korea! We appreciate Royal Canin for responding to us so quickly and positively. We would like Royal Canin to put their commitment into action by urging the North Jeolla Province government to put an end to the horrific and illegal dog and cat meat industry.

Their response states:

“We are strongly opposed to any cruelty to animals including practices associated with human consumption of dog meat. We remain committed to supporting initiatives around responsible pet ownership, enhancing relationships between people and their cats and dogs, and making a better world for their pets. We always put cats and dogs first and their health and wellbeing is our top priority.”

Click to learn more:

Photos: The Korea Observer’s documentary “The Dog Meat Professional: South Korea”

Compassion Through Action!


What you can do:

Call the South Korean Embassy and Consulate General Offices in your country:

17,299 supporters
7,701 needed to reach 25,000


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Animal Kindness

Remarkable resemblance of mothers of Charlottesville and Sandy Hook victims