Wolf Patrol Launches Video Campaign Exposing Wisconsin’s Wild Animal Abuse

Wolf Patrol

These are the videos Wisconsin’s politicians and trophy hunters are desperately trying to keep Wolf Patrol from sharing with the public. The videos presented here were not filmed by Wolf Patrol, but by the hound hunters themselves and shared on social media. Wolf Patrol will be releasing one such video every day, to illustrate the systematic abuse of wildlife disguised as hunting in Wisconsin.

This is what legalized hunting with dogs looks like in Wisconsin, and if you don’t like it, please share your displeasure by calling the Wisconsin elected officials listed below who are calling for an end to Wolf Patrol’s monitoring of controversial hunting practices in Wisconsin. Let them know you stand with public trust wildlife and disagree with their use of public office to push their pro-trophy hunting agenda.

Senator Tom Tiffany (608) 266-2509

Representative Mary Felzkowski (608) 266-7694

Representative Adam Jarchow (608) 267-2365

Representative Joel Kleefisch…

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Director not found; error 404

Wild Horse Education

Editorial, Laura Leigh

For those of us that have spent a lot of time in the world of “internet language” the number 404 means one thing, an error.

The HTTP 404404 Not Found and 404 (pronounced “four oh four”) error message is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) standard response code, in computer network communications, to indicate that the client was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested.

There are multiple ways to fix the error like refreshing the page, checking to make sure the url is formatted correctly or checking for malware.

In the instance of the Department of Interior failure to produce a director for National Parks Service (NPS) or the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) it is all about the “malware.”

America’s public land represents our public resources. Those public resources are part of what has…

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Animal overpasses on I-90 will grant safe passage to Washington wildlife

Exposing the Big Game


By: Ashli Blow, KIRO 7 News Dig


From snow-covered mountains to northwest ocean waters, it’s no secret that Washington is passionate about protecting all the wildlife in between.

In an effort to keep animals out of harm’s way, the state has invested millions of dollars into creating animal overpasses that stretch over busy roadways. A bridge under construction, east of Snoqualmie Pass, will be the the first of its kind in Washington, but it’s just not for conservation.

>> Related: State breaks ground on new I-90 wildlife overpass

It’s about balancing human transportation needs with wildlife habitats, according to Washington State Department of Transportation spokeswoman Meagan Lott.


“You’re improving safety, you’re relieving congestion and you’re also looking at the environmental aspects,” she told The Spokesman-Review.

Conservation Northwest has led efforts to get an overpass to connect…

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As climate change worsens, king penguins will need to move — or they’ll die (Southern Ocean, Antarctica)

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Originally posted on The ocean update:
Photo by Céline Le Bohec / CNRS / IPEV / CSM February 26th, 2018 (Alessandra Potenza). If we don’t cut greenhouse gas emissions to address climate change, then by the end of the century, 70 percent…

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Dogs Reportedly Left to Die in Abandoned House Deserve Justice

Two dogs, Bentley and Ace, were reportedly abandoned in a house without food or water and left to slowly starve. Bentley’s bones showed through his skin at the time of their rescue. Demand justice for these abused dogs.

Source: Dogs Reportedly Left to Die in Abandoned House Deserve Justice

Dog Allegedly Starved to Death in Filthy Crate Deserves Justice

A dog starved to death after the poor animal was reportedly locked inside of a crate without access to food or water. Per police, feces filled the entire crate, and the house had no heat. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Source: Dog Allegedly Starved to Death in Filthy Crate Deserves Justice

Justice for Adopted Pet Pig Slaughtered for Food

A potbelly pig rescued from a prior history of abuse was adopted by a family who then killed and ate her. Demand that existing animal welfare laws be changed to protect companion animals from being consumed by humans.

Source: Justice for Adopted Pet Pig Slaughtered for Food

End Deforestation to Protect Rare Forests of Ecuador

Rare forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate by deforestation. Sign the petition to demand that sustainable measures be put in place to protect these forests and the habitats they support.

Source: End Deforestation to Protect Rare Forests of Ecuador

Demand Designer Stop Using Orylag Fur

The high end retailer Dolce & Gabbana continues to use fur on many of its products, despite knowing fur comes from the bodies of tortured animals. Animal activists recently investigated a connected fur farm and found rabbits suffering from dehydration, malnutrition, open wounds, and various other injuries. Sign this petition to demand Dolce & Gabbana stop using fur.

Source: Demand Designer Stop Using Orylag Fur

ASH Adventures & Sick Trophy Hunters

Action Alert: Yupik, Polar Bear in Mexico – emails needed to USFWS & Mexican Governor & Mexican Green Party (Secretary of Environment)

Exposing the Big Game


2 hrs · Toronto · 

Morelia Zoo and Governor Sabotaging Yupik’s Future

It is with heavy hearts that we share the sad news that last night Friday 23nd of February, just days before a massive multi-year effort was about to be finalized, the Parque Zoologico Benito Juarez (Morelia Zoo) and the Governor of Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles, abruptly breached the legal agreement with Zoocheck and the Yorkshire Wildlife Park to relocate Yupik, the Morelia Zoo’s solitary polar bear, to the United Kingdom.

Yupik has been at the Morelia Zoo for more than 25 years, confined in a grossly inadequate, outdated enclosure and locked away in a tiny off-exhibit area for the majority of each day. For years, Yupik has also been suffering from deteriorating health and serious dental issues.

When Zoocheck’s world renowned team of bear veterinarians and specialist Mexican veterinarians conducted a full medical examination of Yupik in 2017…

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More Animal Abuse Scrutiny Could Stop Killers Like Nikolas Cruz – NY Daily News


Where Your Cat Goes May Blow Your Mind | National Geographic

We Could Solve World Hunger If We All Made One Simple Change – Here’s How (VIDEO) – One Green PlanetOne Green Planet



The Outdoor Retailer Snow & Rock have started selling Canada Goose products. This company is known to use live-plucked down from geese which are left with open sores and after their feathers are torn out of their skin before being plucked again and again, and using live trap capturing of coyotes for fur collars. A reason quote from CG states, “We do not condone any willful mistreatment, neglect, or acts that maliciously caused undue pain, injury, or suffering towards animals, and we are committed to providing for transparency about how we make our products.”


Stop Prairie Dog Killing Contests


Prairie dog killing contests are being held that promote the shooting of harmless creatures for fun and prizes. Take action to stop this atrocity by signing the petition to ban these merciless and needless competitions.

Source: Stop Prairie Dog Killing Contests

Stop City From Killing Coyotes

Reportedly, a city just hired a contractor is trap and kill coyotes as a means of population control. Trapping is an incredibly barbaric way to control the population and is quite ineffective. Sign this petition to demand the city stop this cruel slaughter before it is too late.

Source: Stop City From Killing Coyotes

106 Hoarded Dogs, Cats, Chickens and Birds Found Malnourished at Kennel Deserve Justice

A dog trainer was charged with over one-hundred counts of animal cruelty when authorities reportedly found 106 malnourished dogs, cats, chickens and birds hoarded into crates at her facility. Sign this petition to ask the prosecutor to pursue justice for these poor animals.

Source: 106 Hoarded Dogs, Cats, Chickens and Birds Found Malnourished at Kennel Deserve Justice

6 Cat Friendly Plants for Your Garden – Katzenworld

Hi everyone, Today’s guest post comes from Mike James: 6 cat friendly plants for your garden Source: pixabay If you think it’s difficult to please a cat, we’ve got the answer – and it could be… More

Source: 6 Cat Friendly Plants for Your Garden – Katzenworld

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Many homeless people take better care of their pets than themselves; this clinic helps them | The Seattle Times

There aren’t accurate count of the number of people with pets and no homes, but advocates estimate 5 to 10% of homeless people have pets. More than 550,000 people were counted Nationwide – more 11,600 of them in King County – on one night in 2017. That’s a lot of homeless pets, and homeless people who keep animals are often met with criticism.


Background Radiation Has Increased By 600 To 60,000 Percent Globally, State By State In USA – 0 Before Nuclear Age, 1 mSv In 1950 To Over 6 mSv Today; Physicist Dr. Paolo Scampa, Dr Busby Weigh In On Evidence, Data, Root Causes | A Green Road Journal

AGR Free Press

Every single nuclear plant, nuclear accident site, nuclear disposal site, medical radiation facility, uranium mines, nuclear fuel processing facilities, nuclear fuel reprocessing facilities and anything nuclear or fossil fuel related releases large quantities of radioactive heavy metal poisons into the air.

Fukushima is just one example of many sites that are releasing huge amounts of radioactive poisons, despite being ‘shut down’ or not producing anything of value.

Because radioactive heavy metal poisons are invisible and not detectable to the senses, the public does not know or sense anything is going wrong. The public does not even know that it does not know anything.

The nuclear industry loves to keep everyone in the dark, because if the truth were known, the nuclear industry would be shut down today.

via Background Radiation Has Increased By 600 To 60,000 Percent Globally, State By State In USA – 0 Before Nuclear Age, 1 mSv…

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Welcome to the Age of Climate Migration

The Extinction Chronicles

Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas and Louisiana last August, causing $125 billion in damage, dumped more water out of the sky than any storm in U.S. history. By one calculation, roughly a million gallons fell for every person in Texas. The water rained down on a flat former bayou that had become a concrete and asphalt empire of more than 2.3 million people. Highways turned into rivers and shopping malls into lakes. As the water rose, people scrambled for safe refuge – into attics, onto rooftops and overpasses. A Texas game warden captured a nine-foot-long alligator in the dining room of a home near Lake Houston. Snakes swam into kitchens. A hawk flew into a taxicab and wouldn’t leave.

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Northwest Naturals Dog Food Recall | February 2018

Complete details of the February 2018 Northwest Naturals pet food recall as reported by the editors of the Dog Food Advisor

Source: Northwest Naturals Dog Food Recall | February 2018

TruDog Pet Treats Recall | February 2018

Complete details of the February 2018 TruDog pet treats recall as reported by the editors of the Dog Food Advisor

Source: TruDog Pet Treats Recall | February 2018

Vital Essentials Dog Food Recall | February 2018

Complete details of the February 2018 Vital Essentials dog food recall as reported by the editors of the Dog Food Advisor

Source: Vital Essentials Dog Food Recall | February 2018

Helpful Tips to Start Your Life With a Shy Cat – Katzenworld

Introducing a shy cat in your home, ideas and helpful tips to start a new life with the new member of the family.

Source: Helpful Tips to Start Your Life With a Shy Cat – Katzenworld

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Focaccia Italiana

Bad Vegan

Focaccia is such a great bread to share, it goes with so many foods that it’s my personal favourite bread.

Here is an Italian-inspired version that is both satisfying and healthy, mainly because it’s a brown wholemeal focaccia.

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Sunday snicker

This is a knock-knock joke for adults…😊

Just Cruisin 2

A new pastor moved into town and went out one Saturday to visit his parishioners. All went well until he came to one house. It was obvious that someone was home, but no one came to the door even after he had knocked several times. Finally, he took out his card, wrote on the back “Revelation 3:20 ” and stuck it in the door.

The next day, as he was counting the offering he found his card in the collection plate. Below his message was notation “Genesis 3:10”.

Revelation 3:20 reads: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If any man hear my voice, and opens the door, I will come in to him, and will dine with him, and he with me.” Genesis 3:10 reads: “And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked.”

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Demand Justice for Puppy Allegedly Dragged, Choked, and Beaten

A defenseless dog was allegedly dragged, choked, and beaten on the head with a hard, plastic leash handle. Demand justice for this animal by signing the petition to assure the alleged cruel perpetrator receives the maximum sentence provided by law.

Source: Demand Justice for Puppy Allegedly Dragged, Choked, and Beaten

Dogs Allegedly Starved to Death and Decapitated Deserve Justice

Three dogs allegedly starved to death in a gruesome case of animal cruelty. Deputies reportedly found a fourth dog decapitated inside of a black plastic tote. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Source: Dogs Allegedly Starved to Death and Decapitated Deserve Justice