Orangutans Forced to Punch Each Other in Boxing Ring at Bangkok Zoo – Sign Petition to Stop This! | One Green Planet


Justice for Innocent Trainee Bomb Dog Allegedly Shot and Killed

An  innocent bomb detector puppy was reportedly shot and killed by police during training because he escaped his handlers. The police apparently didn’t bother to try using non-lethal methods to capture the dog first. Please sign this petition to bring this dog, who was killed in a senseless tragedy, the justice he deserves.

Source: Justice for Innocent Trainee Bomb Dog Allegedly Shot and Killed

Innocent Dog Allegedly Shot by Neighbor–Demand Justice

A family’s harmless pet dog died needlessly and a neighbor admitted to shooting the innocent animal for wandering into his yard. Police have refused to do anything. Help bring this family and their innocent pet justice.

Source: Innocent Dog Allegedly Shot by Neighbor–Demand Justice

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