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Petition · The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA): FIFA: Take a stand in FIFA U-20 World Cup Korea 2017 against the dog and cat meat trade! ·

Petition · Swiss Olympic Association: Take a stand in Pyeongchang 2018 against the dog meat trade! ·

Petition: Stop Deputy Allison Cardona from KILLING “Aggressive Dogs” ·

Petition · Pass a Virginia law requiring dog owners to keep their dogs inside in harsh temperatures ·

Tell Congress to DEFUND Dog Abuse at Veterans Affairs Labs!

The White Coat Waste Project has revealed that ( more than 1,100 beagles, hounds and mixed-breed dogs—even puppies—are subjected to secretive, wasteful and cruel experiments at the Department of Veterans Affairs ( and other government agencies each year. As reported in the Washington Post (, WCW has exposed how taxpayers are forced to pay untold millions for these studies with virtually no access to information about what’s being done, why and how much it costs. Is this how you want your money spent? ACT NOW to end wasteful spending and increase transparency and accountability about taxpayer-funded experiments on dogs! p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} span.s1 {font-kerning: none}

Source: Tell Congress to DEFUND Dog Abuse at Veterans Affairs Labs!

Stop Wasting Taxpayer Dollars on Cruel Animal Experiments

Despite acknowledging that animal experiments are a waste of money and often lead to inconclusive results, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) gives almost half its grant money to animal research. Sign this petition and demand the NIH stop funding useless and cruel research.

Source: Stop Wasting Taxpayer Dollars on Cruel Animal Experiments

End Cruel and Painful Animal Body Modification

Puppies as young as eight weeks are being forced to undergo cosmetic surgery to conform to unnatural breed standards set by the American Kennel Club. Please sign this petition to protect dogs from such vain and painful procedures.

Source: End Cruel and Painful Animal Body Modification

Save the Last Northern Sportive Lemurs

As few as 19 individuals of a critically endangered lemur species are left in the wild. Encourage Madagascar’s government to immediately protect this nearly-extinct species by declaring its known range to be protected land.

Source: Save the Last Northern Sportive Lemurs

Save the Bactrian Camel From Extinction

Fewer than one thousand wild Bactrian camels are left, and time is running out to save them. Their numbers are threatened due to poaching, habitat loss and cross-breeding that could wipe out their unique genes. Please sign this petition to save these special creatures.

Source: Save the Bactrian Camel From Extinction

Stop Clubbing Baby Seals and Their Mothers to Death

A horrific commercial hunt in which countless seals are brutally murdered started early this year. Now, baby seals are at risk and their mothers are being shot, clubbed, or impaled with sharp picks. Demand an end to this abominable hunt.

Source: Stop Clubbing Baby Seals and Their Mothers to Death

Pennsylvania Residents: Support Increased Penalties for Animal Abusers!


Please urge legislators to vote yes on S.B. 298! The measure is currently under consideration in the state Senate, so your voice is urgently needed.

Source: Pennsylvania Residents: Support Increased Penalties for Animal Abusers!

Prtition: Help stop plans for ‘new Tiger Temple’ | World Animal Protection International

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He walked….no charges!!

Petition · National Farm Animal Care Council: Stop the Torture of Rabbits in Canada ·

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