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Giant panda news update

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This video is called Life of Giant Pandas – Full Documentary.

From Associated Press today:

China’s latest survey finds increase in wild giant pandas

BEIJING — Wild giant pandas in China are doing well.

The latest census by China’s State Forestry Administration shows the panda population has grown by 268 to a total of 1,864 since the last survey ending in 2003.

Nearly three quarters of the pandas live in the southwestern province of Sichuan. The remaining pandas have been found in the neighboring Shaanxi and Gansu provinces.

“The rise in the population of wild giant pandas is a victory for conservation and definitely one to celebrate,” said Ginette Hemley, senior vice president of wildlife conservation for World Wildlife Fund.

Hemley credited efforts by the Chinese government for the increase. The survey shows 1,246 wild giant pandas live within nature reserves. There are 67 panda reserves…

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Killing Echo: The “Mistaken Identity” Excuse, Part One

Howling For Justice

Echo Grand-Canyon NPS

Echo (Courtesy NPS)

February 27, 2015

It’s been a little over two months since Echo was shot dead by a coyote “hunter”. Her identity was confirmed by DNA analysis of her recovered scat, since she evaded all attempts of capture, making her one smart little wolf. I think Echo should have been called Miracle because it certainly was a miracle she managed to traverse the kill zone of the Northern Rockies and make it to the Grandest of all Canyons. She was the first wolf to set paw there in 70 years. Unfortunately she was not able to evade a bullet and so what could have been a new chapter in wolf recovery turned out to be a sad tale of loss. And the loss was huge. Echo defied the odds. She defied the USFWS who repeatedly said, no gray wolves in  Grand Canyon National Park. But Echo made it…

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How public water can contribute to obesity and more


How public water can contribute to obesity and more
Water fluoridation linked to higher rates of underactive thyroid
– The clear association found in our analyses between fluoride levels in drinking water and variations in hypothyroidism prevalence appears to confirm findings in earlier studies that ingestion of fluoride affects thyroid function.The fact that the difference is significant suggests that there is substantial cause for public health concern.
– Are fluoride levels in drinking water associated with hypothyroidism prevalence in England? A large observational study of GP practice data and fluoride levels in drinking water
– J Epidemiol Community Health doi:10.1136/jech-2014-204971

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Pig Escapes Farm, Appears to “Pray” at Buddhist Temple –

Life or Lunch?

There’s no question that farmed animals, like all other sentient beings, want to live. We’ve reported on countless accounts of animals escaping from slaughterhouses or jumping from transport trucks.

This week we came across this devastating story from China about a pig who escaped a farm and made her way to a Buddhist temple.

What makes this story so unique is that the pig kneeled down and appeared to be praying in front of the temple. This sparked a flurry on Chinese social media of people saying the pig was on a pilgrimage. In reality, this poor animal was probably exhausted from running for her life.

Sadly, she was slaughtered just after being recaptured by her owner.

Pigs are sensitive and friendly animals just like the dogs and cats we love at home. They’re also known for being highly intelligent. But instead of treating them kindly, the meat…

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Save the North Atlantic right whale

Join WDC in asking the US government to expand critical habitat and protect the endangered North Atlantic right whale.

via Save the North Atlantic right whale.

WITH PETITION NOW: The last sentence a 3-year-old Syrian said before he died: “I’m gonna tell God everything”