Protect Your Pets on Halloween

Happy Halloween !!!

The Veiled Life: Animals of Unseen Crimes

Bat Cat

Happy Halloween!

Want to keep your companions safe today? Here’s how.

Take care and have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!

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Aloe vera gel helps heal skin wounds and rashes

Paper to Use

Aloe vera, a spiky-looking plant in the succulent family, has gained an impressive reputation over the last few decades as the “go-to” herb for natural, drug-free soothing of minor burns and rashes. But aloe aficionados aren’t the first to extol this plant’s healing qualities, only the latest. In fact, the use of aloe vera gel to treat sunburn, wounds and skin rashes dates back thousands of years. Contemporary researchers have found that this ancient herbal remedy has scientific merit: the gel in aloe leaves is rich in phytochemicals that can ease pain, reduce inflammation and promote healing. And — because this versatile member of the lily family doubles as an attractive houseplant — relief for a mild burn can be as close as your windowsill. How did aloe become the plant of ‘immortality’? The aloe plant, scientifically known as aloe vera L. and aloe barbadensis, is indigenous to the Cape…

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Bob Barker Donates $1M to Send Rescued Elephants to California Sanctuary

Igor Purlantov

Three former zoo elephants from Canada have arrived at their new home in a California sanctuary after former “Price is Right” host and animal activist Bob Barker sought and paid for the move.The 89-year-old Barker was on hand late Sunday to welcome the pachyderms to the Performing Animal Welfare Society’s ARK 2000 compound in the hills near San Andreas, The Sacramento Bee reported.  “It was more than emotional for me, for all of us,” Barker said. “I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. It’s hard to believe they are finally here.”

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Elephant spontaneusly plays piano duet / Video

OUT OF GRANNY’S CUPBOARD – when you inherit a fur item

Top Ten Daily Uses for Essential Oils with a Giveaway!!

Paper to Use

imagesCAMW8UIAIn our hectic world, taking the necessary time to center and nourish your body, mind and spirit is so important. Essential oils are an excellent way to give your body exactly what it needs to find physical, mental and spiritual balance and wellbeing. Here are ten easy ways to incorporate the healing benefits of essential oils into your daily routine.
Wake up energized with citrus and mint.

I like to alternate between Lemon, Lime and Wild Orange essential oils in the morning along with invigorating Peppermint. Put one drop of each into the palm of your hand, cup your hand near your nose and mouth and inhale deeply for instant energy and focus. As a bonus, rub the remainder onto the bottoms of your feet (this is one of the best places to absorb essential oils quickly) and start your day feeling positive and energized!
Nourish your hair…

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Fukushima Update: The Pacific Ocean is dying

Nwo Report

Sailor: “After we left Japan, it felt as if the ocean itself was dead” — Nothing alive for over 3,000 miles — No longer saw turtles, dolphins, sharks, birds — Saw one whale, it appeared helpless with big tumor on head.

Link to Story:

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DIY Pumpkin, Sugar, and Cinnamon Exfoliating Body Scrub

Michelle Neff

Pumpkin is good for more than just eating! This easy recipe for a pumpkin exfoliating body scrub will leave you feeling great.

pumpkin scrub text.jpg


– 1/2 cup cooked or canned pumpkin, pureed
– 1/2 cup brown sugar
– 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon


Mix all ingredients in a medium to large size bowl. When in the shower, or the tub, rub the mixture onto your body with a wet washcloth. Do not put this mixture on your face. Rinse the mixture completely off with warm water when done.

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Tips for Keeping Your Best Friend Safe on Halloween

Michelle Neff

Halloween is exciting, but it’s important to protect your animal companions from hidden dangers!


1. Keep Your Pet Inside!
Pets left outdoors can encounter tricksters. PetMD notes that people harass, harm, steal and even sometimes kill pets left outside on Halloween.

2. Keep Candy Out of Reach!
Make sure that all candy is kept safely away from inquisitive pets. Don’t forget about the wrappers, too, since some pets will investigate and eat those. The American Veterinary Medical Association reminds pet parents that xylitol (often found in sugar-free candies and gum) and chocolate are especially problematic. Learn more about dangerous foods for dogs.

3. Don’t Make Your Pet Unhappy

Don’t dress up your pet if he seems unhappy about it. Some pets dislike costumes or are stressed out by them. PetMD suggests taking the time to let your pet try the costume and get used to it before the big…

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Women Who Understand Wolves (Video)

Skriv dina tankar här… (frivilligt)

Wolf Is My Soul

Re-blogged from

Women have a natural way around the wolves-if fear is not involved. Can we change the way we look at the wolf by changing our old fear programming? And bring in new knowledge of wolves? Part one with Gale Motter of Wolf Park.

Gale Motter works at Wolf Park. Wolf park is a wonderful place for captive wolves and offers great education to the public and more. As Mission: Wolf travels across the country with ambassador wolves we try to make an annual stop at WolfPark. During our visit they open up their “Huge” dog pen for our wolves to exrcise in.

Gale is amazing around the Mission: Wolf wolves. This footage is from 2003 and includes Rami, Raven and Magpie. gale is so confident with the wolves, its as if she has been around them all their lives.

This video demonstrates how animals mirror or reflect…

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Earth Our Home Too : 25 Intelligent Animals


Though we found them in a top 25 listing, we have removed the rating as it is better in this way. They are more intelligent than the other in some way or the other 🙂 Hope we humans do not ruin their home. Earth!

Well here the scale of intelligence is Human’s perspective, we define intelligence here as what according to human brains and ideas conceives, well maybe in Animals’ perspectives we humans may be the dumbest creatures to ruin our own habitat irreversible and moron-species 🙂

We may top their list of Dumbest Species 😛




Squids are said to be among the brainiest invertebrates in the world. Their brain structure is different from other invertebrates in the ocean, as they share complex features similar to the human brain. Like human beings, squids can be very curious about their environment. They have the ability to learn new skills…

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Cat shot for treason in World War I, poem

Dear Kitty. Some blog

British soldier ‘shakes hands’ with a kitten on a snowy bank, Neulette, 1917

In 1595, in Leiden in the Netherlands, a dog called Provetie (Prophecy) was condemned to death by hanging; as an “example for other dogs”. The judges also ordered that all property belonging to that dog should be confiscated. Provetie was hanged near the Gravensteen, where humans were hanged usually.

From the 13th-17th century in Europe, Jewish convicts got a more cruel punishment than Christian convicts: they were hanged between two dogs as death penalty.

In the twentieth century, there was similar human stupidity. Not about dogs. About a cat.

Here is a poem by Heathcote Williams from Britain.

From the site No Glory in War, 1914-1918. A site protesting against plans of the British David Cameron government to spend many taxpayers’ pounds to ‘celebrate’ the start of World War I in 1914.

Here it is:

The Cat Who was Shot for Treason

By Heathcote Williams / 11…

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Documentary : Earth in 1000 years (31min)


This edition of COSMIC JOURNEYS explores the still unfolding story of Earth’s past and the light it sheds on the science of climate change today. While that story can tell us about the mechanisms that can shape our climate. It’s still the unique conditions of our time that will determine sea levels, ice coverage, and temperatures.

Ice, in its varied forms, covers as much as 16% of Earth’s surface, including 33% of land areas at the height of the northern winter. Glaciers, sea ice, permafrost, ice sheets and snow play an important role in Earth’s climate. They reflect energy back to space, shape ocean currents, and spawn weather patterns. 

But there are signs that Earth’s great stores of ice are beginning to melt. To find out where Earth might be headed, scientists are drilling down into the ice, and scouring ancient sea beds, for evidence of past climate change. What…

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ALF Targets the home of an executive, rare photos give a glimpse inside North American Fur Auctions.

Girl for Animal Liberation

After the ALF targets the home of an executive, rare photos give a glimpse inside North American Fur Auctions.

In August, the Animal Liberation Front took credit for flooding the home of Brian L. MacMillan, head of North American Fur Auctions (NAFA)’s trapped animal division. Every year, NAFA sells the skins of millions of wild-trapped animals at its auction house in Toronto, Canada.

Animal Liberation Frontline has obtained several photos taken inside this auction, showing the skins of the trapped animals Brian MacMillan is responsible for bringing to market.

These photos were not intended to be seen publicly.

After viewing, there should be no question as to why Brian MacMillan was chosen as the target of the ALF’s first action against NAFA – one that will hopefully be the first of many until in vanishes from existence forever.


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Food We Eat : 15 Rare Fruits! :)


Exotic Fruits 15



In Jamaica, the ackee fruit is a mixed blessing. Though originally native to West Africa, it migrated to Jamaica in 1778 and is now the country’s national fruit. If improperly eaten, though, ackee can cause what has been dubbed the Jamaican Vomiting Sickness — which, other than the self-explanatory symptoms, can lead to coma or death. Unripe ackee fruit contains a poison called hypoglycin, so preparers must be careful to wait until the fruit’s protective pods turn red and open naturally. Once open, the only edible portion is the yellow arilli, which surround always-toxic black seeds. With all that risk comes a delicious payoff — Jamaica’s national dish is ackee with codfish. You have to commend the bravery of whoever first tried these strange-looking fruits. The ackee is sometimes called a “vegetable brain” because only the inner, brain-shaped, yellowish arils are edible. 


Native to the Malay…

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Using Participatory Video and Storytelling Method as Environmental Education Tools to Increase People’s Tolerance toward Sumatran Tiger in West Sumatra

Tigress's Journeys

Sumatran tigers are the only remaining tiger subspecies in Indonesia after two other sub species that have gone extinct the Javan tiger (Panthera tigris sondaica) and the Bali tiger (Panthera tigris balica). Sumatran tiger currently categorized as critically endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list, and is the most threatened sub-species of tiger (Linkie et al., 2008) to which HTC contributed for large extent. Mortality of tigers due to HTC is usually a major factor of declining in numbers (Goodrich, 2010). Currently, only 400-500 individuals remain in the wild, but this number could be higher (Linkie et al., 2008). During 2005-2012 in West Sumatran province, 13 tiger were killed and 2 hurt, while 14 people were killed, 4 people were wounded, and approximately 132 livestock were killed by tigers (BKSDA, 2012). On average, two tigers per year were killed due to HTC in West Sumatra province…

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Lights, Camera, Action: for Wildlife

Fight for Rhinos

Like movies? Care about world conservation? Then New York is the place to be Oct. 16th through Oct. 20th.

The New York Wildlife Conservation Film Festival attracts over 4,000 attendees from the conservation, education, wildlife film and travel industries; including representatives from NATURE, National Geographic, PBS, Smithsonian Channel as well as wildlife filmmakers, distributors, producers and newcomers to the industry.

The festival provides a chance for discussion and negotiation for business opportunities for experts and wildlife activists alike.  It also gives ample opportunity for the audience to interact with leading figures in the wildlife community.

There is a variety of film covering everything from otters to elephants. Check out the following rhino and anti-poaching  film trailers:

Spotter Come Home  (about a runaway rhino being brought back home to Lewa WIldlife Conservancy)

Boots on the Ground trailer  (about the Protrack anti-poaching rangers in the bush risking their…

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Know : Life Lessons from Dogs :) Worthy Read


Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joy ride.


Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy.


When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.


When it’s in your best interest, practice obedience.


Let others know when they’ve invaded your territory.


Take naps and stretch before rising.


Run, romp and play daily.


Eat with gusto and enthusiasm.


Be loyal.


Never pretend to be something you’re not.


If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it.


When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by and nuzzle them gently.


Thrive on attention and let people touch you.


Avoid biting when a simple growl will do.


On hot days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree.


When you’re happy, dance around and wag your entire body.


No matter how often you’re scolded…

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Vegan Pumpkin Muffins With Just Two Ingredients

Michelle Neff

Fall is here and that means pumpkin everything. I came across this recipe on Pinterest for pumpkin muffins that calls for only two ingredients. Almost sounds too good to be true, right? I decided to put the recipe to the test and veganize it.
1. All you need is cake mix (some Duncan Hines varieties are vegan) and a can of pumpkin (15 oz.). No oil, no egg substitute, no water, nothing else!
photo 3
2. Mix the batter and the pumpkin together.  I used a spoon and then switched to a mixer to get it smooth.
photo 1
3. Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.
photo 2
The end result is an amazing, incredibly moist muffin/cupcake with a hint of pumpkin flavor.
photo 1

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CELEBS AND FUR: The good the bad and the ugly

Plastic Seas: From Water Bottles to Cigarette Butts, It All Becomes Tiny Particles, and It’s the Tiny Particles that are Most Deadly


jellyfish micro purple n

This tiny jellyfish and the octopus behind it are about the size of a pencil led, translucent, and barely visible to the naked eye. Key species near the base of the food web such as herring, sardines, menhaden and mullet routinely ingest plastic fragments as they filter the water for the nutritious plankton they feed on. 

herring pacific sealife center n

Pacific herring feed by facing into the current, hanging their jaws open, and sifting out tiny plants and animals. As plastics break down into fragments – as all plastics from discarded shopping bags to cigarette butts eventually do – the fragments mix in with the rest of the planktonic drift and are consumed by small fish… which are in turn consumed by larger fish, whales, sea lions and us.

squid micro eye n

The tethered balloon that slipped from a child’s hand

The monofilament net the fisherman left hanging on a reef

The cigarette butt that doesn’t matter

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In Defense of Animals

Girl for Animal Liberation

Back in May, I had written a letter to the Editor of the Sun Chronicle.   See below:

To the editor: Actor James Cromwell has joined In Defense of Animals during World Week for Animals in Laboratories, which wraps up today, to speak out against the use of animals in testing and research.

Cromwell issued these strong statements in support of ending the use of animals in cruel and unnecessary research: “While precious dollars are being cut from every area of government, the wasteful funding of animal experiments that IDA has identified is infuriating. It is time to re-direct taxpayer health funding to actually helping people get well, rather than making animals suffer and die.”

World Week for Animals in Laboratories spotlights the millions of animals who suffer and die each year in research and testing. This is an important time to address the myth that animal experiments are a…

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