Former Speaker Pelosi must have been drunk when she posted this!

Petition: Stop the Hunting, Trapping, and Killing of Endangered Wolves

Target: Greg Gianforte, Governor – State of Montana

Goal: End the killing of endangered wolves in Montana to protect the species from extinction.

Wolves are an essential part of Montana’s ecosystem, playing a critical role in maintaining balance and diversity. However, the wolf population in Montana is at risk due to the state’s policy of allowing the hunting and trapping of these magnificent animals. Endangered wolves are being killed at an alarming rate, and the population is declining rapidly, pushing the species closer to extinction.

The killing of wolves not only causes immense suffering to the animals, but also has negative impacts on entire ecosystems. Wolves help maintain healthy populations of prey species, such as elk and deer, and control the spread of disease among wildlife populations. The loss of wolves can have cascading effects on the ecosystem, disrupting food chains and causing imbalances that can harm other species.

To protect endangered wolves in Montana, it is vital to stop the hunting and trapping of these animals. It is critical to raise awareness about the importance of wolves in the ecosystem and the need to protect these animals from extinction. Additionally, we need to push for the adoption of policies that support coexistence with wolves, such as non-lethal methods of managing conflicts between wolves and livestock.

Sign the below petition to urge Governor Greg Gianforte to take action to protect endangered wolves in Montana.


Dear Governor Gianforte,

I am writing to urge you to end the hunting and trapping of endangered wolves in Montana. The wolf population in the state is declining rapidly, and the killing of these animals is pushing the species closer to extinction. Wolves are essential to the state’s ecosystem, playing a critical role in maintaining balance and diversity.

The killing of wolves not only causes immense suffering to the animals but also has negative impacts on entire ecosystems. Wolves help maintain healthy populations of prey species, such as elk and deer, and control the spread of disease among wildlife populations. The loss of wolves can have cascading effects on the ecosystem, disrupting food chains and causing imbalances that can harm other species.

It is time for Montana to take action to protect endangered wolves and prevent their extinction. We urge you to end the hunting and trapping of these animals and adopt policies that support coexistence with wolves, such as non-lethal methods of managing conflicts between wolves and livestock.


Photo Credit: Patrice Schoefolt

Collars Reportedly Responsible for Thousands of Pet Deaths and Injuries Must be Recalled – Animal Petitions

Tiffany White

Target: Michael Regan, Administrator of Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Remove potentially harmful and deadly flea collars from the market to protect pets.

An object meant to protect pets may instead be causing them grave harm. Seresto flea and tick collars have been used by millions of pet parents since first hitting the shelves in 2012. These products also gained a fast and negative reputation for their reported link to 2,500 pet deaths and nearly 100,000 “adverse incidents.” These alleged incidents ranged from skin irritation and vomiting to violent body convulsions and multiple organ issues.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates the collars, which apparently have the highest rate of “adverse incidents” of any product under the agency’s purview.  Despite years of concerns and a history of action on similar products believed to contain harmful pesticides, the EPA only launched a review in 2021. Even Congress has investigated EPA oversight of these collars and noted a failure to protect the public interest. Now, instead of heeding calls to exercise its authority and take this possibly lethal product off the market, the EPA is instead looking to offload its responsibilities onto the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In the meantime, countless more pets could be at risk. Sign the petition below to demand the EPA fulfill its duties to protect vulnerable animals and the humans who care for them.


Dear Administrator Regan,

The EPA called handing off responsibility for all pet pesticide products to the FDA a “long-term solution,” but what about the thousands of pets that could potentially suffer or die in the interim? Will you just write off these short-term effects as collateral damage? Oversight of flea and tick collars and similar products may very well be better suited for the FDA, but for the now they are your responsibility.

Why is the product with the highest adverse incident rate in the EPA still on store shelves…even after reports of death rates 25 times that of other collars …even after a Congressional review condemned the EPA’s lack of action…and even after your own scientists have reportedly raised alarms for years? The conclusions of an investigation into Seresto collars is forthcoming. Just as you have done with similar products in the past, use this data and previous information to make the right call for consumers and the pets they love.


Photo Credit: Bruno Scramgnon

Sign the Petition:

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Biden says transgender people ‘shape our nation’s soul’ in official proclamation

Anders Hagstrom

President Biden issued an official proclamation declaring that transgender Americans “shape our nation’s soul” and established a holiday relating to the group this week.

Biden issued the proclamation Thursday to mark March 31, 2023, as the Transgender Day of Visibility, a day some transgender activists have renamed to “day of vengeance.”

“Transgender Americans shape our Nation’s soul — proudly serving in the military, curing deadly diseases, holding elected office, running thriving businesses, fighting for justice, raising families, and much more,” Biden wrote in the Thursday morning proclamation.

“Today, too many transgender Americans are still denied…rights and freedoms,” the president’s statement continued. “A wave of discriminatory state laws is targeting transgender youth, terrifying families and hurting kids who are not hurting anyone. An epidemic of violence against transgender women and girls, in particular women and girls of color, has taken lives far too soon.”

President Biden issued a proclamation declaring March 31, 2023 to be the Transgender Day of Visibility.

President Biden issued a proclamation declaring March 31, 2023 to be the Transgender Day of Visibility. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Biden’s statement went on to tout what he outlined as his administration’s efforts in supporting the American transgender community. The president also pointed to his decision to allow transgender people to serve in the military once again, as well as his efforts to include what he described as “gender markers” on U.S. passports.

Several states, including West Virginia and most recently Kentucky, have joined together with nine other states in banning or restricting transgender surgeries and other care for minors — something Biden and his administration have attacked as being discriminatory and cruel.

Federal judges have blocked related laws in states including Alabama and Arkansas from taking effect, and nearly two dozen other states are said to be considering bills this year that would restrict or ban transgender medical treatments.

Fox News’ Chris Pandolfo contributed to this report.

Anders Hagstrom is a reporter with Fox News Digital covering national politics and major breaking news events. Send tips to, or on Twitter: @Hagstrom_Anders.

This Administration Is Shameful!

The Rainbow Mafia Protesting Weekend Has Started

Tell President Biden: Ban beaver hunting and trapping

Subject: Ban beaver hunting and trapping on federal lands

Your Letter:

The North American beaver was once considered a nuisance, nearly hunted to extinction for its fur. Beavers are still trapped and hunted today, with most states having no limits on beaver kills.

Beavers are our allies in restoring our environment — we should be protecting them, not hunting them. President Biden can issue an executive order to protect beavers from hunting and trapping on federal lands. Send your message to the White House today.


Petition: Don’t Kill Koalas for Coal

Tiffany White

Target: Jamie Merrick, Director-General of Queensland Department of Environment and Science

Goal: Do not approve controversial coal mine extension that would demolish habitats for endangered species and drive up detrimental emissions.

The Minister for the Environment in Australia recently vowed that no more animals within the nation would become extinct. She even touted a plan of action to safeguard them. Meanwhile, a state government is busy mulling a proposed coal mine expansion that could endanger many threatened species.

The proposal involves a metallurgical coal mine operated by conglomerate BHP. While this entity likes to proclaim itself an environmental leader, the extension in Queensland would invade over 9,000 acres of precious land. Animals that call these habitats home include greater gliders and koalas. Worse yet, the company wants this extension to last nearly a century, which would ensure the environmental effects of associated emissions would be crushing.

Sign the petition below to urge leadership to veto this dangerous proposition.


Dear Director-General Merrick,

At a time when the world has been placed on high alert about climate—and at a time when this nation has vowed to curb its own detrimental contributions and protect endangered animals—you are considering imperiling all of these critical objectives. BHC’s  90-plus-year-long metallurgical coal mine expansion would seriously set the country back in reducing its net zero emissions goals. Moreover, it would place thousands of hectares of habitats housing endangered species at dire risk.

The people, from indigenous populations to law enforcement, have dissented against coal’s expanding footprint. They desperately want their leaders to wake up and protect our planet. Please honor their wishes. Do not approve another century of unchecked environmental destruction.


Photo Credit: Erik Veland

Sign the Petition!

How to watch 5 planets align in the night sky this week

Amudalat Ajasa

You’ll need a full hand of fingers to count how many planets you’ll be able to see in the night sky this week. Just after sunset, sky watchers will have the opportunity to see Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus form an arch stretching into the evening sky. And don’t forget to take a peek at the moon, too!

“The heavens are aligning,” said Noah Petro, a scientist with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter project at NASA. “If you have a telescope, you can dust them off or a pair of binoculars; it’s a great excuse to get out and look for the night sky. And if you don’t, you can still see these [planets].”

Viewers from around the world will be able to see the spectacle — as long as clear skies and a view of the westerly sky permit. The family portrait moment is called a planetary alignment because several planets are gathering on one side of the sun at the same time. In this case, the planets will form a literal line beneath the moon.

Jupiter will be beaming, and Mercury will dangle close to the horizon though a bit dim. But you can’t be fashionably late to this rendezvous: Mercury and Jupiter will descend into the horizon within about 30 minutes after sunset. If you want to watch the planets start popping up one by one, you should go when the sun is close to the horizon, according to Petro.

The best viewing of the planetary gathering is Tuesday night, but if you miss the scene, there is still time to see the show. The planetary party will happen every night this week. Jupiter just may become more difficult to see as it sinks closer to the horizon the rest of the week, said NASA ambassador Tony Rice in an email.

The week’s other days “actually provide better opportunities to see Mercury as it puts another degree between it and the horizon through mid-April,” Rice said.

With a clear view of the horizon, four of the five planets will be visible with the naked eye. But if you want to see Uranus, you will need some equipment. It’s not uncommon for planetary alignments to happen, but it’s “certainly noteworthy” when most of the planets are visible to the naked eye, Petro said.

Venus will steal the show with its brightness after Jupiter and Mercury make their grand exit. Uranus will linger near Venus but will be harder to spot. Mars will hang highest in the sky, right under the moon.

While a good reason to look up, Rice wrote the celestial lineup isn’t especially rare. “It happens every time the planets line up on one side of the Sun,” he said. “Which, given Mercury’s 88-day orbit and Venus’s 225-day orbit, is about once a year.”

Jason Samenow contributed to this report.

“Jim Jordan: This is frightening stuff”

UPDATE “Fire chief gives update on barge fire along Ohio River”

“Crews working to free runaway barges carrying methanol in Ohio River”

Here ya go!

Trans ‘Day of Vengeance’ Rallies Will Move Forward and Take Place at Supreme Court This Weekend Despite Christian School Mass Shooting — The Gateway Pundit

Truth2Freedom's Blog

The trans“Day of Vengeance” rallieswill take place this weekend at the US Supreme Court despite the shooting Monday at a Christian School in Nashville by a trans male who murdered three adults and three children.

The Daily Mailreported:

An activist group is due to hold a ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ demonstration outside the Supreme Court on Saturday, warning against ‘astronomical amounts of hate from the world’ and following the horrifying Nashville shooting which left seven dead on Monday.

The Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN) will host the event in Washington D.C. from 31 March until 2 April, starting Friday and marching on the Supreme Court at 11am on Saturday. On their website they cite Gender Affirming care ban bills and the political climate as motives for the demonstration.

But commentators are up in arms over the decision to go ahead with the protest as police say they…

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GOP responds to Nashville shooting with anti-trans rhetoric – Los Angeles Times

Erin B. Logan


Around 10 a.m. Monday, Nashville police were notified of a school shooting.

You already know what happened next: Police responded to the scene to neutralize the shooter, parents descended on the school to see if their children were still alive, advocates begged Washington lawmakers for gun law reforms, and many of those politicians responded by offering their thoughts and prayers.

In many ways, the shooting at the Covenant School was exactly like all the ones that came before it. But the identity of the now-deceased shooter has complicated the usual story, fueling an already raging anti-trans culture war on the right.

Hello, friends, I’m Erin B. Logan. I cover national politics for the Los Angeles Times. This week, we are going to talk about guns, kids and the culture wars.

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Anti-trans sentiment rises again

Virtually all mass shootings in the United States are perpetrated by cisgender white men. But the alleged Nashville school shooter — Audrey Hale, 28 and a former student of the Christian school — identified as transgender.

Some on the right seized on this single data point as evidence that their wide-ranging concerns about trans people are well-founded.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.)said that people should stop blaming guns for the shootings. “How much hormones like testosterone and medications for mental illness was the transgender Nashville school shooter taking,” Greene tweeted.

Former President Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. tweeted that “rather than talking about guns we should be talking about lunatics pushing their gender affirming bullshit on our kids?”

Americans’ easy access to guns is the actual cause of mass shootings in this country, gun control advocates countered. “People who are trans are much more likely to be the victims of violent crime than the perpetrators,” Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, replied on Twitter. “It’s the guns.”

The Rev. Jacqui Lewis, a New York City-based author, noted that the high levels of coverage focused on the assailant’s identity.

“All these headlines about a trans shooter when almost every other mass shooting is committed by cisgender men,” Lewis, who is also an author, tweeted. “There’s a story about shootings and gender, but you’re not writing it.”

More thoughts, more prayers

Firearms are the leading cause of death for American children.

After the Uvalde school shooting in 2022, President Biden approved a sweeping and bipartisan anti-gun-violence bill. Advocates have said that the law, though substantial, will not prevent most shootings because it did not ban assault weapons or mandate background checks for those purchasing firearms.

These measures were left out of the bill were left out to ensure it could pass.

Speaking from the South Lawn of the White House on Tuesday, Biden said he has “gone the full extent of my executive authority to do, on my own, anything about guns.”

He added: “The majority of the American people think having assault weapons is bizarre. It’s a crazy idea. They’re against that. And so, I think the Congress should be passing the assault weapons ban.”

At the moment, though, most GOP lawmakers have no appetite for banning assault weapons.

Speaking from the steps of the U.S. Capitol, Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) on Tuesday claimed that the problem of mass shootings, which are much more common in the U.S. than in other developed countries, is unsolvable.

“It’s a horrible, horrible situation. We’re not going to fix it. Criminals are going to be criminals,” he told a reporter, suggesting that nothing can stop someone who wants to do a mass shooting.

(The shooter, who had experienced “emotional issues,” had legally purchased seven firearms from five local gun stores, Times writer Alexandra E. Petri reported.)

When asked what could be done to protect people like his young daughter from shootings, Burchett replied, “Well, we home-school her,” he said.

He added: “Some people don’t have that option… It just suited our needs much better.”

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The latest from the campaign trail

— Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Fremont) announced Sunday that he will co-chair Rep. Barbara Lee’s campaign for U.S. Senate, Nolan D. McCaskill reported.

—The Manhattan grand jury that has been hearing testimony about hush money paid on Donald Trump’s behalf will not take up that inquiry again this week, meaning any potential vote on an indictment won’t happen until next week at the earliest, the Associated Press reported.

— San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher announced Sunday night he would be seeking treatment for post-traumatic stress and alcohol abuse and would be ending his state Senate campaign, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

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The view from Washington

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, is a legendary master of political survival, Tracy Wilkinson and Laura King reported. For once, he may have overplayed his hand.

— Top Democrats are warning Biden against restarting the practice of detaining migrant families who cross the U.S. southern border without authorization, Courtney Subramanian and Hamed Aleaziz reported. As he prepares for an expected 2024 presidential campaign, Biden has tried to distance himself from the left, showing more willingness to crack down on illegal immigration.

— Is it a crime or free speech for someone to “encourage” immigrants to come to this country illegally, or remain here after their visas have expired? The Supreme Court grappled with that question Monday in a clash between immigration law and the 1st Amendment, David G. Savage reported.

—A federal judge has ruled that former Vice President Mike Pence must testify before a grand jury after he was subpoenaed by the special counsel investigating efforts by Trump and his allies to overturn the results of the 2020 election, the Associated Press reported.

The view from California

— California lawmakers on Monday approved Gov. Gavin Newsom’s legislation to increase transparency in the oil industry, ending a special session he called last year to penalize excessive profits, Taryn Luna reported.

— Workers on Monday began dismantling the fence that has surrounded Echo Park Lake, two years after a massive homeless encampment was cleared out of the historic park, David Zahniser reported.

— For years, law enforcement agencies across California have been trained to quickly question family members after a policekilling in order to collect information that, among other things, is used to protect the involved officers and their department, Brian Howey reported.

So are nonstick pans safe or what?

An illustration of a nonstick pan with a skull and bones in it
Getty; The Atlantic

There are still no good answers about America’s favorite cookware.

Yasmin Tayag

I grew up in a nonstick-pan home. No matter what was on the menu, my dad would reach for the Teflon-coated pan first: nonstick for stir-fried vegetables, for reheating takeout, for the sunny-side-up eggs, garlic fried rice, and crisped Spam slices that constituted breakfast. Nowadays, I’m a much fussier cook: A stainless-steel pan is my kitchen workhorse. Still, when I’m looking to make something delicate, such as a golden pancake or a classic omelet, I can’t help but turn back to that time-tested fave.

And what a dream it is to use. Nonstick surfaces are so frictionless that fragile crepes and scallops practically lift themselves off the pan; cleaning up sticky foods, such as oozing grilled-cheese sandwiches, becomes no more strenuous than rinsing a plate. No wonder 70 percent of skillets sold in the U.S. are nonstick. Who can afford to mangle a dainty snapper fillet or spend time scrubbing away crisped rice?

Victory! Jakarta Bans The Dog & Cat Meat Trade Making It The 21st Jurisdiction In Indonesia To End The Barbaric Industry


Earlier this month, authorities from the Special Area of the City of (DKI) Jakarta, the most populous metropolitan area in Indonesia, which includes the capital city, announced they have banned the dog and cat meat trades, which will save the lives of an estimated 340 dogs and countless cats per day.

Jakarta Bans The Dog & Cat Meat Trade Credit: Jean Chung / HSI

In a significant victory for animal welfare, Jakarta, Indonesia’s bustling capital city, hasofficially banned the dog and cat meat trades. This decision will save an estimated 340 dogs and countless cats each day. The ban comes after an intensive campaign by Dog Meat Free Indonesia, a coalition that includesHumane Society International(HSI), Jakarta Animal Aid Network, Four Paws, Animals Asia, and Animal Friends Jogja. The coalition exposed the extreme cruelty and zoonotic disease risks inherent in these trades…

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Should secular leftists be prosecuted for hate speech that incites violence against Christians?


So, right now we are living in a time much like 1930s Germany. Back then, the socialist party picked the Jews to be the scapegoat for their problems. Today, socialists in America have picked the Christians to be their scapegoat for their problems. It’s not just violent groups like BLM and Antifa. It’s the left-wing news media. It’s left-wing hate groups like the SPLC.

Trans shooter outside the Children's Ministry Trans shooter outside the Children’s Ministry

Let’s see the latest news about the diversity, inclusion and equity of the secular left, as reported by The Post Millennial:

Police said during a Monday press conference that the person who killed six including three children at the Covenant Christian school in Nashville was a former student of the academy, Audrey Hale, who identified as transgender and had left a detailed manifesto with plans on how to conduct the attack at the school.

Hale entered the building by shooting through…

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Saudi Aramco To Build $10 Billion Refinery And Petrochemical Complex In China

Iowa Climate Science Education

By Paul Homewood




Saudi Aramco plans to build a $10-billion refining and petrochemical complex in China over the next three years, taking advantage of the country’s growing demand for energy.

The complex will have a capacity of 300,000 barrels of crude daily, Aramco said in a news release. The Saudi major will supply 201,000 barrels per day to the facility.

The project will be carried out in partnership between Aramco and two Chinese companies. Construction works should begin in the second half of this year, with the project scheduled for completion in 2026.

“This important project will support China’s growing demand across fuel and chemical products. It also represents a major milestone in our ongoing downstream expansion strategy in China and the wider region, which is an increasingly significant driver of global petrochemical demand,” said Aramco’s head of downstream, Mohammed Al Qahtani.

The news follows another

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“…President Joe Biden, his press secretary, and other politicians disgustingly spun the attack to blame so-called “assault weapons” and imply conservatives are complicit in mass murder…”

MN Prager Discussion Group

Nashville Tragedy Shows Why It Isn’t Compassionate To Fuel Mental Illness

BY: KYLEE GRISWOLD at the Federalist:

MARCH 28, 2023

kids walking past a banner at Nashville Covenant School

Behind all the partisanship of the shooting story is an unavoidable reality: Our modern mental-health crisis is out of control.

Author Kylee Griswold profile


It’s difficult to fathom that several families started their day with one less precious child around the breakfast table this morning. It’s also hard to fathom responding to that reality — caused by a transgender mass shooter who left three 9-year-olds and several adults dead in a “targeted attack” at a Christian elementary school — byconfessingyou misgendered the murderer andblastingyour political opponents over the same tired gun-control talking points.

But behind all the partisan smoke and mirrors of the Nashville story is an unmistakable and unavoidable reality: Our modern mental health crisis is out of control.

You don’t even have to dig…

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Biden fulfilling Trump’s cruel policy on wild horses

Tuesday's Horse

The record-breaking roundups of iconic Western mustangs are a gift to ranching and mining interests.

» Via The Interceptby Christopher Ketcham

THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION was supposed to have been a reprieve from the Trump years, but for conservationists who want the wild horses of the American West to live long and prosper, this didn’t happen. The anti-horse policies formulated under Donald Trump have been dutifully carried out by his liberal successor.

“We feel betrayed, because we thought this was an administration that really believed in wildlife protections,” Manda Kalimian, president of the wild horse and environmental advocacy group Cana Foundation, told me recently. “For all the hope we placed in Biden, it turns out he’s almost worse than Trump when it comes to wild horses.”

The protections for horses are enshrined in federal law. The 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act mandated that the animals “are to be…

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Fire at Migrant Center in Mexico Near El Paso Texas Kills at Least 39 as Migrants Set Mattresses Afire in Protest

Mining Awareness +

It’s very sad for those who are naive and innocent, but not for those who intentionally set the mattresses on fire, if this is really what happened. The facility only held 68 people, and 39 died and 29 were injured.

China, Russia, and even Iran, have taken over Latin America, in conjunction with cartels, while the USA has focused on the Middle East. US immigration policy has more than doubled the US population since the 1950s. It’s socially and environmentally unsustainable, and simply unfair. This has destroyed opportunity for many American born Americans, especially African Americans, whose ancestors were enslaved within the United States. We don’t need any more immigrants and certainly not more pyromaniac arsonists, who burn everything down during protests. We also don’t need this: “In January, the Biden administration also created a new immigration plan that would allow 30,000 migrants per month from Cuba, Haiti…

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A Cut Above

Outbreak of Hepatitis A Infections Linked to Frozen Organic Strawberries from Baja California Mexico for Second Year in a Row; US CDC Refuses to Name Farm-Supplier

Mining Awareness +

This is the second year in a row that strawberry farms in Baja California Mexico have been associated with hepatitis outbreaks. It is notable that these were out of season produce-purchases: strawberry prices still show a distinct seasonal pattern, despite the expanded geographical and varietal diversity that has smoothed seasonal price effects (particularly since 2000). In most years, strawberry grower prices tend to decrease through the first four months of the year, stabilize at low levels from May through August when supply volumes are at their peak, and rise from September to December. While increasing imports have helped bolster year-round availability of fresh strawberries in the United States, they remain a small, albeit growing, part of U.S. fresh strawberry use, with volume concentrated in the winter and early spring.”

Some of these products are labeled Mexico, but California Splendor sent in blurry pictures, so it’s…

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Health Risks from Lead-Based Ammunition in the Environment

Mining Awareness +

Health Risks from Lead-Based Ammunition in the Environment
Perspectives, Editorial A 178, volume 121, number 6, June 2013, Environmental Health Perspectives

Lead is one of the most studied toxicants, and overwhelming scientific evidence demonstrates that lead is toxic to several physiological systems in vertebrates, including the nervous, renal, cardiovascular, reproductive, immune, and hematologic systems (Health Risks from Lead-Based Ammunition in the Environment—A Consensus Statement of Scientists 2013).

Furthermore, there is no level of lead exposure in children known to be without adverse effects [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 2012a, 2012b]. In light of this evidence, there is an urgent need to end a major source of lead for animals and humans: spent lead bullets and shotgun pellets. Notably, production of lead-based ammunition in the United States accounted for >  69,000 metric tons consumed in 2012; this is second only to the amount of lead used to manufacture…

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Residents near Georgia reservoir evacuated; dam could fail

ArcaMax Publishing, Inc.

People who live in the Heads Creek Reservoir area of Spalding County in Georgia are being evacuated Monday as the dam is at risk of failure, according to officials.

The National Weather Service confirmed the dam has not failed as of noon, but it is vulnerable and anyone downstream should prepare for flooding. The sheriff’s office had already closed roads to traffic entering the area and started evacuating residents around 9 a.m.

Flooding can be expected on roads such as West McIntosh, Vaughan, West Ellis and Moon, the NWS reported. Ga. 16 could also be impacted by the rising water.

“Avoid these areas!” the NWS said.

“This is to ensure the safety of our community as we have experienced 7 inches of rain with more coming,” county Manager Steve Ledbetter said.

Widespread heavy rain and severe storms have continued to pummel areas in central west Georgia and the south side of metro Atlanta after a radar-confirmed tornado decimated parts of Troup County on Sunday.

“In fact, the radar looks almost identical from just 24 hours ago,” Channel 2 Action News meteorologist Eboni Deon said Monday morning. “It is definitely going to be one of those mornings where if you have any flexibility at all, probably a better idea just to stay put and wait for the storms to move out.”

Storms moved in from the west, with severe thunderstorm watches and warnings popping up across areas southwest of the city as pockets of strong weather passed through. Northern areas stayed mostly dry.

The storms brought heavy rain and lightning, along with damaging winds and hail in some areas. For the city, flash flooding and standing water was the main threat.

The severe storm risk diminished by 10 a.m., and conditions were looking better at noon, meteorologist Brian Monahan said.

Temperatures are going to warm up into the mid-to-upper 70s as the day goes on and the rain clears out.

Tuesday will be quieter weather-wise, with only a 20% chance of rain, according to the forecast. It’ll be partly cloudy Tuesday, and mostly sunny for the next couple of days.

A small chance of showers returns to the forecast by Friday, with more thunderstorms expected to kick off the weekend.

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“Nashville police ID school shooter, say incident was a targeted attack”