Hank is Deteriorating Behind The Bars of His Boarding Kennel

612b9b4622f1e89d0c14cb201e3c7fb9 Hank is a sweet 2 year old pitbull through no fault of his had to be returned from his foster home because one of the dogs was bullying him now he’s back at the kennel and he doesn’t like to be alone

Hank wants a forever home


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Peter Singer: Animal abuse won’t stop until we stop eating meat – MFABlog.org

Life or Lunch?

Screen-Shot-2015-02-17-at-10.06.49-AMPeter Singer is arguably the founder of the modern animal rights movement. And it all started 40 years ago with the publication of Animal Liberation, in which he argued that the interests of animals should be considered because of their capacity to suffer.

According to a recent Guardian article, Singer states:

In 1971, when a few other students and I set up a display in Oxford to show passers-by how their eggs and veal were produced, people asked if we really imagined that we could win against the political and financial might of the agribusiness industry. But the animal movement has challenged that industry with success, achieving reforms across the entire European Union that require farm animals to have more space and better living conditions, and similar changes have now become law in California as well. Admittedly, these changes are still far from giving factory-farmed animals decent lives, but…

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Who the Fuck Hunts Giraffes for Sport and How You Can Stop Them

Exposing the Big Game


Please sign and share these petitions.

Stop trophy hunting giraffes

Stop hunting giraffes for sport

Stop any kind of safari hunting in South Africa

Stop the savage and sickening trophy and sport hunting

Complete ban on trophy hunting in South Africa and a full census

Stop the legal killing of wildlife in trophy hunting

End WWF partnership with pro-hunting lobby

Ban lion farming and trophy hunting

Stop the canned hunting of large cats in South Africa

USF&WService save the lions from mass extinction

Zambian tourist board: to reinstate ban on hunting lions and leopards

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‘”Sportsman’s” Act’: You Shall Not Pass

Exposing the Big Game

Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson Wildlife Photography ©Jim Robertson

An Animal Rights Article from All-Creatures.org


Franziska, Northwest Animal Rights Group (NARN)
February 2015

Take more action here: Oppose Trophy Hunter Supported Sportsmen’s Act

Once again, a small faction of wealthy trophy hunters is pressuring your elected officials to allow the importation of — are you SERIOUS? — threatened polar bear trophies from Canada. They also want to open millions of acres of public lands to “sport” hunting and commercial trapping. And they want to do it without evaluating possible implications for animals, habitat and the opinions of Americans.

One definition of the word “sport” is as follows:

An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

I will let you contemplate such things as baiting, blinds, beer, hunting accidents, night scopes, decoys, lures, hounds, high-powered rifles, crossbows, camouflage AND MANY MORE as…

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I Swear Because I Care so Much

Exposing the Big Game

Cut the crap about a harmless little F-word, there’s animals fucking dying out there.

Yesterday I posted a picture someone put together of multiple murderers and their “trophy” giraffe kills. I’d thought about titling the post, “Who the Hell Hunts10557040_1609109249312078_7951148989311848842_o Giraffes for Sport and How You Can Stop Them?” But the issue made me so angry that I went with my gut reaction and titled it, “Who the Fuck Hunts Giraffes for Sport and How You Can Stop Them?” But, for that I’ve been chastised across the social media by certain readers.

Apologies to anyone reading this that’s a young kid or in some other way sheltered enough to think a word is somehow more offensive than a photo of dozens of dead giraffes and the fuckers who shot them down. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t normally go around spewing obscenities, but when some asshole is out…

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