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proof the globe is not warming …

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The troposphere must show a hot spot, according to the IPCC science if global warming is real. Dr David Evans left the Australian Department of Climate Change from 2010 on finding no sign of warming in the troposphere, or anywhere else for that matter. Now the latest satellite figures now out still show no warming. Drs Spencer and Christy from the University of Huntsville, Alabama, monitor one of two satellite data series, and yesterday, posted this:

New Satellite Upper Troposphere Product: Still No Tropical “Hotspot”

May 21st, 2015

One of the most vivid predictions of global warming theory is a “hotspot” in the tropical upper troposphere, where increased tropical convection responding to warming sea surface temperatures (SSTs) is supposed to cause enhanced warming in the upper troposphere.

The trouble is that radiosonde (weather ballons) and satellites have failed to show evidence of a hotspot forming in recent decades. Instead, upper…

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Aquariums in Japan Vouch Not To Buy Taiji Dolphins | Ecorazzi

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3140224.largeThe Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums (Jaza) has bowed to international pressure and agreed to stop buying dolphins captured in the province of Taiji, a place now infamous for its horrid dolphin cull.

The vote was a result of an ultimatum imposed by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (Waza), in which Jaza could either boycott Taiji’s market or stop being a part of the largest zoo and aquarium association in the world. Breaking from Waza would limit Japan’s zoos and aquariums’ access to acquiring other new and exotic species so on Wednesday, a majority of its members voted for a ban on buying any more of Taiji’s dolphins.

“We are absolutely delighted to hear Japan’s peak zoo body has voted to uphold international animal welfare standards and stop purchasing Taiji dolphins,” stated Sarah Lucas, the chief executive of the group Australia for Dolphins, which initially…

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Westlake Financial Company and Avance Auto sales are robbing People and are thinking nothing of it.

And they have a scam artist salesman CLEVELAND BEST with a bogus website http://www.avancemotors.com/


Please do not use their services for any car loans or any other type loan. Even though the loans are not lawfully valid. People still take out these to begin with bogus loans. If you think you have heard it all ponder this one.

Joe meets a car salesman at the auction to view a car he was considering buying. The car salesman by the name of CLEVELAND BEST and Joe agree on a deal. CLEVELAND BEST drives away in car…

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Minnesota wolf fur farm opening new location in Deadwood, South Dakota

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Our friends at Minnehaha Wolf Patrol (MinnehahaWolfPatrol@gmail.com) are working hard to stop a new wolf fur farm in South Dakota. Please support and share!

5559229e8abf1.image Photo from Rapid City Journal http://tinyurl.com/ny6n898

Fur-Ever Wild, a wolf fur farm owned by Terri Petter located in Lakeville, Minnesota is attempting to open a petting zoo in Deadwood, South Dakota but has met opposition due to concerns over mistreatment of animals and the belief her zoo is nothing but a front for her fur farm.

According to a deposition unrelated to the opening of the petting zoo, Petter has admitted to breeding captive wolves in addition to other animals and killing them for their fur. The deposition is available to the public and excerpts have been posted online here.

Terri Petter is currently facing a lawsuit filed by her neighbors in Eureka Township over safety and health concerns.

Shari Kosel, Co-founder and Chair of…

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Spike In Dolphin Deaths Directly Tied To Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Researchers Say

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A dramatic increase in dolphin deaths in the Gulf of Mexico is directly linked to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, scientists concluded in a report published Wednesday.

Following the 2010 explosion on the drilling rig owned by British Petroleum (BP) and the subsequent spill of 4.9 million barrels (205.8 million gallons) of oil into the ocean, scientists have documented 1,281 dead and strandedcetaceans, primarily bottlenose dolphins, along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

gulf dolphin
In this photo taken May 10, 2015, a dead dolphin washes ashore in the Gulf of Mexico on Grand Isle, Louisiana.

In 2011, Louisiana saw 163 dolphins stranded, while Mississippi had 111. By comparison, each of those states saw an average of 20 such incidents per year from 2002 through 2009, reported the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

One in three of the dolphins recovered from the coasts of Louisiana…

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Spent Nuclear Fuel Dry Cask Storage – SOS +

Originally posted on Mining Awareness Plus:

Baby Sea Lions by Eric Boerner NOAA
Baby California Sea Lions by Eric Boerner-NOAA ca 2007
Dry Storage SNF SOS Donna Gilmore 17 May 2015
San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) compared to Chernobyl

Areas one to two thousand miles away (UK and Scandinavia) remain highly contaminated by Chernobyl almost 30 years on, even though the half-life of Cesium 137 is 30 years. One curie is 37 billion becquerels (radioactive disintegrations-emissions per second).
San Onofre Cesium 137 vs. Chernobyl by Donna Gilmore SanOnofreSafety
Dry Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel Problems and Solutions", by Donna Gilmore SanOnofreSafety.org, May 17, 2015 , p. 2
Dry Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel Problems and Solutions", by Donna Gilmore SanOnofreSafety.org, May 17, 2015 , p. 4
Dry Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel Problems and Solutions", by Donna Gilmore SanOnofreSafety.org, May 17, 2015 , p. 5
Dry Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel Problems and Solutions", by Donna Gilmore SanOnofreSafety.org, May 17, 2015 , p. 6
Dry Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel Problems and Solutions", by Donna Gilmore SanOnofreSafety.org, May 17, 2015 , p. 7
From “Dry Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel Problems and Solutions“, by Donna Gilmore SanOnofreSafety.org, May 17, 2015 https://sanonofresafety.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/dry-cask-storagedgilmore2015may17a.pdf (With the exception of the baby sea lions, all images above this point, including Chernobyl vs SONGS graph are from Donna Gilmore of SOS. Chernobyl commentary our own. There are a total of 45 important slides found at the above link, including a good pic of Gorleben, above ground, interim storage in Germany.)

Germany, Switzerland, Japan and probably everyone else except the USA have their interim dry casks INSIDE. As seen below, comparison…

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Army Vet Who Smashed Window To Save Dog From Hot Car Won’t Face Charges

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An Army veteran who was arrested after smashing a car window to remove a dog from the hot vehicle will not be prosecuted for his actions.

Michael Hammons of Athens, Georgia, was previously charged with criminal trespassing, but District Attorney Ken Mauldin told The Augusta Chronicle earlier this week that his office was dropping the charges. Mauldin added that the car’s owner, 22-year-old Elantra Cunningham, agreed with the decision.

Hammons had been arrested on May 9, after he used a leg from his wife’s wheelchair to break a window of a Ford Mustang parked near a shopping center. It was a hot day, and Hammons said he feared for the safety of the Pomeranian mix that had been left inside the vehicle. He then gave the dog some water in a nearby shaded area, witnesses at the scene said.

Georgia law allows a person to break a car window to…

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America’s National Parks: Money for Nothing, Sunsets for Free

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Mancos Valley Overlook with areas open for leasing below

Apparently the White House is once again undermining The Constitution and using executive authority without consulting Congress. In February, President Obama designated three new national monuments in Illinois, Colorado and Hawaii and urged Americans to “find their national park” and go there. He even had the gall to declare one of the weeks in April National Park Week.

Of course, national parks or public lands in general are not mentioned in the Constitution. National parks weren’t invented until 1872, when Congress, in a rare and rash legislative action, set aside Yellowstone National Park as a perpetual pleasuring ground for Americans then and forever.

Looking back it’s something of a miracle that America in the Gilded Age could have done anything so altruistic as establish a national park without thought of economic benefit, if not outright dollars. As one French traveler and…

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DEA Literally Steals $16,000 From 22-Year-Old for No Reason

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Source: The Daily Sheeple

Joseph Rivers was a 22-year-old aspiring music video producer from outside of Detroit who managed to painstakingly save $16,000 for a music venture.

He was on an Amtrak train moving to Los Angeles to pursue his dream when his life’s savings were stolen from him.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, “A DEA agent boarded the train at the Albuquerque Amtrak station and began asking various passengers, including Rivers, where they were going and why. When Rivers replied that he was headed to LA to make a music video, the agent asked to search his bags. Rivers complied.”

His $16,000 was in a bank envelope found by DEA agents. He tried to explain that he had problems withdrawing money from out of state banks in the past and that he was moving to Los Angeles. The feds did not believe him.

Joseph called his mother to corroborate…

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Geoengineering California Drought While Shipping Great Lakes Water to China

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Feds propose multi-pronged plan to bolster decline in bees

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Image Credit: AP Photo/Andy Duback, File

WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal government hopes to reverse America’s declining honeybee and monarch butterfly populations by making more federal land bee-friendly, spending more money on research and considering the use of less pesticides.

Scientists say bees — crucial to pollinate many crops — have been hurt by a combination of declining nutrition, mites, disease, and pesticides. The federal plan is an “all hands on deck” strategy that calls on everyone from federal bureaucrats to citizens to do what they can to save bees, which provide more than $15 billion in value to the U.S. economy, according to White House science adviser John Holdren.

“Pollinators are struggling,” Holdren said in a blog post, citing a new federal survey that found beekeepers lost more than 40 percent of their colonies last year, although they later recovered by dividing surviving hives. He also said the number of…

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Pamela Anderson Reenacts Psycho Shower Scene For PETA To Protest Meat Industry’s Impact On Drought

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Cue the screeching violins.

Pamela Anderson has stripped down once again to protest the horrors of the meat and dairy industries. The 47-year-old actress and longtime PETA advocate posed nude in a “Psycho”-inspired ad that also targets the ongoing drought in California, now in its fourth year.

“Rivers are siphoned off, not just for the animals but also for crops grown to feed animals on factory farms,” Anderson said in a statement released with the ad.

Story continues below.
pamela peta

California Gov. Jerry Brown has taken drastic measures to address the ongoing crisis, which has killed more than 12 million trees and left half a million acres of farmland unusable. Cities across the state have been ordered to slash water usage by up to 36 percent, and homeowners are being fined for wasting water.

But amid all of the mandatory cuts, farmers — and by extension

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Originally posted on Our Compass:

Karen Lyons Kalmenson Karen Lyons Kalmenson

Please SignHERE

Dear Officials,

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge you to act now to stop the poisoning of pigeons in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Complaints, and photos of dying pigeons believed to be poisoned with Avitrol, have been piling in from concerned citizens working in the French Market. As of May 15, 2015, we are talking firm action to prevent this cruel and painful method of extermination from ever happening again in the City of New Orleans, Louisiana. “Pigeon poisoning is a felony in the State of Louisiana” one investigator with the New Orleans SPCA stated to me. As concerned citizens, we will push for maximum penalty. Is money and tourism more important then the wildlife of Louisiana? New Orleans residents think not and want the poisoning to stop immediately.

Avitrol is also known to be toxic to humans. What about the…

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