Adopted Dog Found Starving to Death Deserves Justice

A dog named Rudy was reportedly found emaciated after his owner had adopted him then allowed him to starve for months. Every bone in the poor dog’s body was visible. Please sign this petition to demand justice for Rudy.

Source: Adopted Dog Found Starving to Death Deserves Justice


Save Endangered Hummingbird

The population of hummingbirds is declining rapidly, with nine species in particular on the brink of extinction. Hummingbirds play a vital role in our ecosystem, and their loss would create a ripple effect that would negatively impact the planet as a whole. Sign this petition to help save these birds from dying off completely.

Source: Save Endangered Hummingbird

Petition ~ 2017: Stop Dropping Turkeys from Planes at Annual Festival

For years, a town has thrown turkeys from planes and watched them plummet to their deaths at an annual festival. This tradition is both horrifically violent and an illegal act of animal cruelty. Prevent turkeys from being killed at this year’s festivities by signing the petition.

Source: Stop Dropping Turkeys from Planes at Annual Festival

Petition ~2017: Don’t Drop Live Turkeys from Airplanes

Turkeys will be legally dropped from airplanes for spectacle at an annual festival. These poor animals will be kept in a noisy cargo hold and then tossed from 500 feet in the air. Demand that a stop be put to this horrendous crime against animals.

Source: Don’t Drop Live Turkeys from Airplanes

Oppose Continued Torture of Turkeys in Nightmare Arkansas Festival!

Exposing the Big Game

[What kind of twisted species would hurl live turkeys from airplanes? It underscores their disrespect for the animals whose death they celebrate every fall.]

Every October, the city of Yellville, Arkansas, holds its annual Turkey Trot, an event that includes the notorious “turkey drop.” This year was no exception, as live domestically bred wild turkeys—who normally would fly only short distances and low to the ground—were hurled from an airplane, the courthouse roof, buildings, and the festival stage into the clutches of a frenzied crowd. Thankfully, four birds were rescued by local PETA supporters and provided with veterinary treatment, and they’re currently safe in foster care. More information about this year’s sadistic event can be viewed here.

Once again, please urge Yellville officials to end this cruelty, which is a blight on the entire state—then forward this alert to everyone you know.

The Honorable Clinton L…

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Petition: Don’t Ban To Kill A Mockingbird

Petition: Save Thousands of Penguin Chicks from Starving to Death

Petition: Save 200 reindeers from HS2 plans at Blithbury Reindeer Lodge!

Bison in the balance: Save our national symbol – The Animal Rescue Site

Don’t Remove Protections for Endangered Panther

At the request of ranchers, the endangered Florida panther is about to have its protections removed. Sign this petition to demand the panther be protected rather than destroyed.

Source: Don’t Remove Protections for Endangered Panther

Protect Rare Lizard Habitat from Fracking

The rare sagebrush lizard is threatened with extinction due to mining for the fracking industry. Sign the petition and ask that their habitat be protected.

Source: Protect Rare Lizard Habitat from Fracking

Wallabies Shot and Killed in Mass Slaughter Deserve Justice

Dozens of wallabies were found dead in a remote area of Australia, the victims of a violent massacre at the hands of an unknown culprit. These animals appear to have been shot and bludgeoned and then allowed to rot. Sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent creatures.

Source: Wallabies Shot and Killed in Mass Slaughter Deserve Justice

Stop Silencing Animal Welfare Advocates With ‘Ag-Gag’ Law

Animal abusers are currently protected under a potentially unconstitutional law in Iowa that prohibits animal rights advocates and employees from filming or photographing unsafe or inhumane conditions on factory farms. Sign this petition to challenge the agricultural industry’s desire to keep potential abuse out of the public eye and demand that this law be overturned.

Source: Stop Silencing Animal Welfare Advocates With ‘Ag-Gag’ Law

Protect the Colorado River From Big Oil’s Fracking

The Trump Administration is about to allow oil and gas companies to conduct drilling and fracking operations along the majestic Colorado River. This not only threatens the drinking water of 40 million people, but also the habitat of countless wild animals. Sign this petition to demand these dirty plans be stopped.

Source: Protect the Colorado River From Big Oil’s Fracking

Petition · Rodeos are animal cruelty — tell CBS to stop televising them ·

Petition · New York State Department of Environmental Conservation: Don’t Kill Mute Swans in New York State – Kill the “Mute Swan Plan” ·

Petition update · We won! ·

Hank is coming home. Thank you to everyone who signed this petition and donated money.

Advice for married men

If you’re a woman….  I recommend you take time to read this…..It may save you some jail time!

bluebird of bitterness

by guest columnist Herb Hickenlooper

It’s important for men to remember that as women age, it becomes harder for them to maintain the same standards of housekeeping as when they were younger. But when you notice this happening with your wife, try not to yell at her. Some women are oversensitive, and God knows there’s nothing worse than an oversensitive woman.

Let me tell you how I handled this situation with my wife, Peggy. When I retired about a year ago, it became necessary for Peggy to get a full-time job to bring in some extra income and for the medical insurance her employer provides. Shortly after she started working, I noticed her age was beginning to show. Here’s an example: I usually get home from the golf course about the same time she gets home from work, and even though she knows how hungry I am, she almost always says she has to rest for half an hour before…

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Intelligent people more at risk of mental illness, study finds

Peace and Freedom

Study surveys 3,715 members of American Mensa with an IQ higher than 130

By Henry Austin

The Independent

The stereotype of a tortured genius may have a basis in reality after a new study found that people with higher IQs are more at risk of developing mental illness.

A team of US researchers surveyed 3,715 members of American Mensa with an IQ higher than 130. An “average IQ score” or “normal IQ score” can be defined as a score between 85 and 115.

The team asked the Mensa members to report whether they had been diagnoses with mental illnesses, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

They were also asked to report mood and anxiety disorders, or whether the suspected they suffered from any mental illnesses that had yet to be diagnosed, as well as physiological diseases, like food allergies and asthma.

After comparing this with…

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International Group Of Award Winning Photographers Came Together To Expose The Illegal Wildlife Trade

Openhearted Rebel

By Amanda Monteiro, Collective Evolution

People in developed nations are rarely exposed to wildlife or animals beyond domestic pets. This, of course, doesn’t mean that they aren’t around us, but rather that their relative invisibility makes them easy to forget about — out of sight, out of mind. Yet as our demand for land increases, their habitats become increasingly threatened, and now, more than ever, we are seeing them occupy ‘our’ spaces once more because they simply have nowhere else to go. In Toronto there is a raccoon crisis, for example, and in Mumbai, it’s leopards.

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Just in time for Halloween: a sex-offenders map of your city

Fellowship of the Minds

All 50 states in America, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, have Megan’s Law web sites containing information on sex offenders.

For links to the 52 Megan’s Law web sites, go here.

Those web sites enable you to look up a map of your city (or by your zip code, your street address, or the sex offender’s name), which shows the locations of registered sex-offenders.

When you click on a location, it’ll show that sex offender’s name, address, height, weight, date of birth, charge(s) and other information.

As an example, I went on the California Megan’s Law Website, and searched for the sex offenders map for Long Beach, CA — home of the Long Beach Public Library that invited a frightening-looking horned-demon drag queen to read to little children.

The map shows there are 813 registered sex offenders in Long Beach. I clicked on…

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Petition: Congress: Ban Trapping In Our National Wildlife Refuges

Petition: Protect People and Animals. Stop Dangerous and Inhumane Products.

Right now two U.S. Representatives are pushing bills that could force states and localities to allow the sale of dangerous and inhumanely produce products like for foie gras, horsemeat and eggs from caged chickens.

Petition: URGENT: Save the Rainforest – Tell the EPA To End Deforestation for Biofuels

Petition: Owner of Paw’sh Paws in Cumming GA beats small dog before hanging by a leash till dead, Georgia

Petition: Stop the Maryland Black Bear Trophy Hunt

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Offshore Louisiana: LLOG Exploration Estimates Quantity as 7,950 to 9,350 Barrels

Mining Awareness +

At least oil spills can be seen, unlike the legal and illegal lethal discharges from nuclear power stations and the entire nuclear fuel chain.

BP Oil Spill 2010: Dr. Brian Stacy, NOAA veterinarian, prepares to clean an oiled Kemp’s Ridley turtle. (Photo: NOAA and Georgia Dept of Natural Resources)

BSEE Responds to Oil Release in the Gulf of Mexico
NEW ORLEANS, LA – The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) is responding to a report from LLOG Exploration Offshore, LLC of an oil release from subsea infrastructure in 4,463 feet water depth in the Gulf of Mexico approximately 40 miles southeast of Venice, La.

The offshore oil and gas operator, LLOG Exploration Offshore, LLC reported to BSEE that production from the field that flows through the subsea infrastructure is shut-in at this time. The release of oil has ceased. A sheen was observed and reported through…

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So you want to win this scratch tree? Then read on… – Katzenworld

Hi everyone, It’s me Oliver again. : D Just in case you missed our review of the cat scratch tree that the giveaway info included I thought it would be best to share this again… More

Source: So you want to win this scratch tree? When read on… – Katzenworld

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In Memoriam ~ Tony the Tiger 2000 – 2017

No words… From The Animal Legal Defense Fund: We are deeply saddened to share the death of Tony, the Siberian-Bengal tiger held captive in the Tiger Truck Stop parking lot in Grosse Tete, Louisiana.

Thank you to everyone who donated,boycotted, protested and sign petitions!

Source: In Memoriam ~ Tony the Tiger 2000 – 2017

Add your name to demand the EPA stop Dow Chemical from poisoning our children!

88,157 signatures
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Partners: Chispa Daily Kos

Environmental Working Group
Friends of the Earth
League of Conservation Voters
Organic Consumers Association
Sierra Club
The Nation

Public health advocates and the EPA have been pushing to ban the use of the harmful pesticide chlorpyrifos for years. But even with substantial evidence that chlorpyrifos can interfere with children’s brain development and expose farmworkers to serious health risks, Dow Chemical – a company that sells these harmful pesticides regardless of the dangerous consequences – has been pushing the Trump administration to ignore the facts and let this poisoning continue unchecked.

Now, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is siding with Dow instead of the American people, reversing a proposed ban to prevent the use of this hazardous chemical on our food. We can’t stand idly by as Dow Chemical buys its way into the ear of Donald Trump to keep destroying our people and our planet with these highly toxic chemicals.

Scientists agree this pesticide shouldn’t be anywhere near the foods we eat, and even doctors are speaking out against this dangerous decision. The EPA exists to protect Americans – but under Scott Pruitt, all it’s doing is protecting the profits of corporations like Dow at the expense of everyone else. We need 100,000 people to speak out and show the EPA that we won’t stand for this dangerous scheme.

Add your name to demand the EPA stop Dow Chemical from poisoning our children!
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