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Justice for Environmental Activist Murdered in Brazil


An environmental activist who worked to prevent illegal logging and other environmentally exploitative practices was recently shot and killed by two gunmen. Demand that the perpetrators of this crime are brought to justice and that the government work to protect the vulnerable Amazon rainforest.

Source: Justice for Environmental Activist Murdered in Brazil

Stop Forcing Azalea the Chimpanzee to Chain Smoke


A chimpanzee is made to chain-smoke cigarettes for the entertainment of zoo-goers in North Korea. Her health is disregarded as she is given an entire pack of cigarettes each day to smoke for human amusement. Demand that this exploitative practice be stopped and the chimpanzee’s health protected.

Source: Stop Forcing Azalea the Chimpanzee to Chain Smoke

Heroic Park Ranger Murdered While Protecting Endangered Gorillas – Demand Justice

A conservation ranger was shot dead while protecting the critically endangered Grauer’s gorilla. Demand that the perpetrators of this heinous act are found and punished harshly.

Source: Heroic Park Ranger Murdered While Protecting Endangered Gorillas – Demand Justice

Hundreds of rare snow leopards illegally killed every year: study | Reuters



Hundreds of snow leopards are killed illegally every year in remote mountains from China to Tajikistan, further endangering the big cats that number only a few thousand in the wild, a report said on Friday.

Prices ranged up to $10,000 for the carcasses, prized for thick light-colored fur with dark spots, according to the study by TRAFFIC, an international network which monitors wildlife trade.

An estimated 221 to 450 snow leopards were killed annually since 2008 despite bans in 12 Asian nations where they live, it said. TRAFFIC said there were many uncertainties because the leopards live in inaccessible regions including the Himalayas.

About half were shot by farmers to protect goats, sheep and other livestock, with many carcasses then sold, it said. Others were targeted by poachers or trapped in snares meant to catch other animals such as deer.

Still, it said there were some successes in protecting the animals. Only one leopard skin was found on sale in the central Chinese city of Linxia in a 2011 survey, against 60 in 2007.

A Red List of endangered species estimates the global population of snow leopards at between 4,080 and 6,590. International trade in snow leopards has been banned since 1975.

Before that, according to TRAFFIC, one 1960s U.S. fur coat advertisement, for instance, said:
Also In Environment

“Untamed … the Snow Leopard, provocatively dangerous. A mankiller. Born free in the wild whiteness of the high Himalayas only to be snared as part of the captivating new fur collection”.

(Reporting By Alister Doyle)

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Coffee Grounds To The Rescue

La Paz Group

coffee-grounds-2.jpgKevin O’Mara/

Thanks again, after a series of earlier excellent items, Anthropocene:

A caffeine fix for heavy metal cleanup

Each year, coffee drinkers across the globe create six million pounds of waste in the form of spent coffee grounds. Some of us chuck it in our compost pile, but most of it becomes just another garbage disposal challenge.

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US EPA had Authority, Sufficient Info to Issue Emergency Order Protecting Flint Residents from Lead-Contaminated Water by June 2015; Delayed until Jan. 21, 2016 (Office of Inspector General)

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The US EPA Office of Inspector General (OIG) states that the US “EPA had authority, sufficient information to issue emergency order protecting Flint residents from lead-contaminated water as early as June 2015“. Nonetheless, Regina “Gina” McCarthy, head of the US EPA since July of 2013, decided to let Flint drink lead. More recently the US EPA, under her rule, has determined that Americans should drink highly radioactive water, when a nuclear accident occurs – one can’t say if, the question is only how quickly the next nuclear accident occurs:
Marie Antoinette and Gina McCarthy

(We recommend that you watch the video on mute. The background music is inappropriate and appears trance inducing.)

As Common Dreams previously reported, the EPA’s region 5 office knew as early as April 2015 that Flint’s public drinking water was contaminated with high levels of toxins, particularly lead… some Flint residents still don’t have access to clean…

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Justice for Dogs Found Injured and Dead in Caretaker’s Backyard


One dog was found dead and another seriously injured in their caretaker’s backyard. The caretaker reportedly neglected to seek medical attention for either dog and denied knowledge of their condition. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Source: Justice for Dogs Found Injured and Dead in Caretaker’s Backyard

Justice for Kittens Used as Bait in Pit Bull Fights


Two kittens, with their legs bound, were reportedly used as bait in pit bull fights. One kitten had to be euthanized because of the severity of her injuries. Demand that the sadistic person who did this be found and brought to justice.

Source: Justice for Kittens Used as Bait in Pit Bull Fights

Dog Duct Taped and Abandoned on Road to Die – Take Action


A dog was found abandoned on the side of the road with duct tape around her face and puncture wounds across her body. Her injuries were so extensive that she eventually had to be put to sleep. Demand justice for this innocent dog by finding and punishing the criminal responsible for this abuse.

Source: Dog Duct Taped and Abandoned on Road to Die – Take Action

Clinton Doctor Who Confirmed Hillary’s Brain Tumor Found DEAD

Nwo Report

Hillary's Doctor Mysteriously Found DeadMartin Walsh

The Clintons operate like a mob. They run a shady business (the Clinton Foundation) where the front appears to be a well-organized business that does good work, but if you go to the back, you will see all of the corruption and dirty business being done.

Over the course of 30 years, the Clintons have created thousands of enemies. In doing so, we are all well aware of the “Clinton kill list.”

It has been reported that Hillary Clintons doctor, Sandeep Sherlekar, has “died.” Dr. Sherlekar was responsible for treating Hillary Clintons brain injury in December of 2012.

Hillary's Doctor That Mysteriously "Died"

It was ruled that Dr. Sherlekar committed suicide because he was in legal trouble. That is the story the media wants you to believe, but that is a complete lie. There is a clear pattern of foul play leading up to his death, and it should be exposed to the people.


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Hillary Campaign Apologizes After Her Bus Is Caught Dumping Human Waste On Side Of Street

peoples trust toronto

In an act that some have said reeks of symbolism, the tour bus of the Clinton campaign was caught dumping human waste literally on the street, or as some less politically correct commentators have dubbed the incident, “the Hillary campaign caught shitting on main street America.

As a result, Hillary Clinton’s campaign bus is being investigated after police in Lawrenceville, Georgia, received multiple reports of Hillary’s “Forward Together” tour bus illegally dumped human waste into a storm drain along Grayson Highway on Tuesday morning.


As CBS46 reported, a local businessman took photos of the illegal activity, prompting police to launch a full probe. The photos showed off-colored liquid oozing out of the bus. Hillary Clinton was not at the…

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Beloved Horse Shot Dead With Arrow – Demand Justice

A mare slowly bled to death after being shot by an arrow in the rib cage. Police believe the horse was intentionally targeted. Demand that the culprit is swiftly found and brought to justice.

Source: Beloved Horse Shot Dead With Arrow – Demand Justice

Amy Goodman Speaks After North Dakota Judge Dismisses “Riot” Charges for Covering Pipeline Protest

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VIDEO: Amy Goodman Speaks After ND Judge Dismisses “Riot” Charges for Covering Pipeline Protest OCTOBER 17, 2016 2016 WEB EXCLUSIVE

A North Dakota judge has dismissed the “riot” charges against Amy Goodman for covering the protests against the Dakota Access pipeline. Just after the decision was announced, Amy addressed supporters outside the Morton County Courthouse. Her attorneys, Tom Dickson and Reed Brody, spoke first.

This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.
AMY GOODMAN: First of all, I would like to introduce my lawyer, Tom Dickson, and also—who is here from Bismarck, who will make a brief statement. As you may have heard, I was going into court today at 1:30 to face riot charges. Tom will speak, and then my other attorney, Reed Brody, will speak. And then I’d like to introduce you to the Democracy Now!team.


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Stop Airlines from Limiting Service Animals on Planes

Airlines are looking to restrict the type of animals that can be classified as service animals on planes to reduce costs. Sign this petition to protect people who need service animals from unnecessary regulations.

Source: Stop Airlines from Limiting Service Animals on Planes

Pedals the Bear Killed by Hunters – Take Action

Pedals the bear, who walked on two legs like a human, has been shot and killed by hunters in New Jersey. Pedals was beloved by his human neighbors who are devastated by his death. Demand New Jersey adopt protections for bears rather than sanctioning their slaughter.

Source: Pedals the Bear Killed by Hunters – Take Action

Video: Ducks Bashed Against Wall and Decapitated – Demand Justice

Farm employees were reportedly caught on video tormenting ducks to death by bashing them against walls and ripping their heads off. This sick torture must be punished. Sign this petition to demand that any employees involved be charged with animal cruelty.

Source: Video: Ducks Bashed Against Wall and Decapitated – Demand Justice

Australia: The Last Moments Of Elizabeth.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)



Elizabeth, her last moments were spent in agony and terror. Help us stop the cruelty!

We’ve just returned from the Festival of Sacrifice. We knew Australian exporters would be cashing-in during this festival — fuelling the trauma and suffering of so many animals. But while they count their money, we’ve counted their ‘crimes’. And, with your help, they won’t go unpunished.

Click here to take action now.10 investigators. 5 countries. 1 reason for hope… that’s you, Elizabeth. If we weren’t in Malaysia this year then countless cruelties against gentle sheep and goats would have gone unnoticed. Illegal sales were rife. Terrified goats cried out in sheer panic as they were manhandled before having their throats hacked open. In one horrifying location, Australian sheep were being hung by their necks from the rafters, while still alive.

If our investigators weren’t in Kuwait we wouldn’t have damning footage…

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