Petition: Free Billy the Elephant from His Lonely, Cramped Life at the L.A. Zoo, California

Billy the elephant has lived at the Los Angeles Zoo for nearly 30 years. For most of this time he has endured living all by himself in an extremely tiny enclosure. As a result he has displayed significant signs of stress. After public protests and a lawsuit filed on Billy’s behalf a few years ago, the Los Angeles Zoo promised to close down the old elephant exhibit and built a bigger, better enclosure for Billy. After visiting the new exhibit, however, I was shocked to find that poor Billy is still being kept in a tiny area separate from the other elephants and he still is displaying the same repetitive stress, such as swaying and rocking side to side and head bobbing due to frustration, boredom, and possibly depression. His predecessors at the Los Angeles Zoo, who died prematurely due to the conditions elephants often acquire while living in  enclosed and cramp quarters.


Wild Orangutan Steals GoPro Camera And Takes Expert Selfies – The Dodo

“I went through the images and found a few which were remarkably decent photos.”
By Sarah V Schweig
Published On 12/07/2017

Encountering a wild orangutan is an increasingly rare phenomenon.

Because of threats to the rainforests where they live, the animals are considered critically endangered. That’s why Ian Wood, a wildlife photographer based in the UK, partners with the Orangutan Foundation UK to lead annual trips to Indonesia’s island of Borneo, helping to raise money for these rare apes.

It was on a recent trip that Wood was lucky to have a very rare encounter with the animals — when they decided to steal his camera.
Wild orangutan in Borneo taking selfie with stolen camera 

Wood has been photographing orangutans for decades. And this time he wanted something a little different.

Wood decided to hide the GoPro camera in a patch of forest where the orangutans often congregate. He figured that at the very least he’d get some closer images of them — but he had no idea he’d get, well, selfies. 

Some of the images Wood retrieved from his camera have the uncanny resemblance to the selfies people accidentally take when figuring out how to use a new device; others, however, were surprisingly more sophisticated.
“I went through the images and found a few which were remarkably decent photos,” Wood wrote.

“When a 3-year-old orangutan picked [the GoPro] up I was amazed at the level of interest he showed,” Wood wrote at The Guardian. “My emotions quickly turned to concern when he put it in his mouth and bit it.”

Wood said he wasn’t worried about his camera but the possibility that the young orangutan might try to eat it and choke. “After cracking the LCD screen he took it out of his mouth and accidentally took hundreds and hundreds of photos by pressing the main button,” Wood said. “After about 30 minutes he ran off with it up a tree and I thought that was the last I would see of it.”
Perhaps the orangutan lost interest, because the next moment, a stroke of luck sent the device plummeting back down.
“Eventually he dropped it and I was able to recover my damaged — but still working — camera,” Wood said.
Wood hopes that more people become interested in these amazing creatures so that they’ll be around for much longer.
“Orangutans are critically endangered mainly due to forest clearance for the palm oil industry,” Wood told The Dodo. “However, there are some beacons of hope. These photos were taken in Tanjung Puting National Park, which is well protected and home to over 4,000 of these great apes.”

Darwin’s Dog Food Recall of December 2017

December 8th 2017 – Darwin’s Natural pet products of Tukwila,Washington has notified distributors that it is recalling Select lots of Darwin’s Natural selection dog food due to possible contamination with Salmonella bacteria.

Petition · Chief Roderick Williams: Reinstate Pulse Hero: OFD Firefighter Joshua Granada ·

We want Joshua Granada reinstated into the Orlando fire department. Josh was awarded the state of Florida’s 2017 firefighter of the Year award with his partner, Carlos travarez, for their quick response and actions the night of the Pulse Nightclub Massacre, which resulted in there directly saving 13 lives. He was previously 2014 paramedic of the year. He developed PTSD as a result of the Pulse incident and the Orlando fire department repeatedly denied his request for help. Than two days before Thanksgiving, they fired him for a audio recording involving a city official.

Petition · Michigan Supreme court: Stop Robert Jensen Schwander from receiving additional resentencing hearings! ·

Robert Jensen Schwander is responsible for the brutal slaying of 16 year old Carly Lewis on June 2nd 2011. He was sentenced to 40 to 70 years. That’s far, he has received 3 resentencing hearings and is working on a 4th, trying to reduce his sentence.  Two judges have explained in length why they were justified in this punishment.  It needs to be upheld.

Petition: Close April Showers!! My dog was mauled to death at local dog boarder/groomer

Good News for Yellowstone Grizzlies? U.S. to Review ‘Flawed’ Ruling That Removed Protections

Lorraine Chow
Dec. 07, 2017 
Grizzly sow and cubs near Fishing Bridge. Yellowstone National Park / Flickr
Good News for Yellowstone Grizzlies? U.S. to Review ‘Flawed’ Ruling That Removed Protections

Over the summer, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) decided to strip Yellowstone grizzly bears of Endangered Species Act protections, sparking condemnation from conservationists over the agency’s “flawed” ruling.

But now, USFWS is reviewing this decision thanks to an appeals court ruling that restored protections for a completely different animal that was taken off the endangered species list: the Great Lakes gray wolf.

In August, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, DC, ruled unanimously that USFWS was wrong in its 2011 decision to de-list the Great Lakes gray wolf and should remain under federal protection. The three-judge panel wrote then, “The Endangered Species Act’s text requires the Service, when reviewing and redetermining the status of a species, to look at the whole picture of the listed species, not just a segment of it.”

As it happens, the Fish and Wildlife Service used a similar method to de-list Yellowstone-area bears. Kelly Nokes, large carnivore advocate for WildEarth Guardians, explained to Reuters, U.S. wildlife managers removed the bears from federal protections without assessing impacts on other grizzly populations in the lower 48 states.

The Yellowstone grizzly bear has long been considered endangered, with as few as 136 bears in 1975. But in June, Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke announced that the population had been recovered to the point where federal protections can be removed and overall management can be returned to the states and tribes.

There are an estimated 700 today, which “meets all the criteria for delisting,” the Department of Interior, which oversees USFWS, said.

The Associated Press reported that USFWS has now opened up a public comment session on the implications of leaving the bears unprotected. While the review is pending, the animals will stay under state jurisdiction and off the threatened species list, agency spokesman Steve Segin said. The agency plans to release its conclusions by March 31.

Conservation groups responded with fierce outcry over the government’s decision to de-list the grizzlies this summer.

“Without continued Endangered Species Act protections, the recovery of grizzly bears in Greater Yellowstone is in serious jeopardy,” said Bonnie Rice, Greater Yellowstone senior representative with Sierra Club’s Our Wild America campaign. “Inadequate requirements to protect and connect Yellowstone grizzlies to other populations and hostile state management policies will mean fewer bears restricted to an even smaller area. Grizzly bears will be killed through trophy hunts on the doorstep of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks instead of inspiring millions who come to the region just for a chance to see a live grizzly bear in the wild.”

“These iconic bears need to be protected, not gunned down so their heads can go on some trophy hunter’s wall,” said Andrea Santarsiere, a senior attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity. “Facing ongoing threats and occupying less than five percent of their historic range, grizzly bears are nowhere near recovery and continue to need the strong protections of the Endangered Species Act.”

“National Parks Conservation Association refutes the Department of the Interior’s short-sighted decision, which threatens Yellowstone grizzlies and ignores concerns, including those raised by many in the National Park Service. Despite Interior’s claim, the long-term health of Yellowstone and Grand Teton grizzlies is far from certain,” added Stephanie Adams, Yellowstone program manager for the National Parks Conservation Association. “We must ensure Yellowstone grizzlies have necessary protections in place for the population to thrive.”

16 New Vegan Holiday Products at Trader Joe’s | PETA

Drape The Flag Over My Casket


entry picture

{Drape The Flag Over My Casket} 

As I lost the war that I was facing but please deliver this message to my family and loved one’s back in the states 

I am sorry that I couldn’t make out of this nightmare but I’ll always be flying with you only from heaven above now but I do miss you and love you all and please don’t cry because this military woman is finally at peace and they are shipping my dog tags to you please if you miss me please hang them around your neck because I’ll be right there waiting in your 💓 heart for you where I’ve been the whole time and I’m sorry that I am not coming back home to you all but this is the sacrifice that I made for you all so you can continue to have freedom 

But they’ll be handing you my flag…

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Remembering Pearl Harbor Thank You For Your Services


Thank you all for your services to our country and you are hero’s to us still today

If that day never comes and we thank you heroic soldier’s

Thank you for your services to our country we appreciate it we support you until the day you all make it back home

Yes thank you for your services to our country and you are always welcomed home amen my weary troubled traveling soldier’s and until you all make it back home

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Petition update · Counting down to a court date for Lamby! ·

Dec 7, 2017 — Dear Friends of Lamby the Dog,

As we cross the 100,000 signature threshold, we want to say THANK YOU for taking time to sign the petition asking the courts to reconsider the order to have her destroyed. Destroyed. That’s the legal term for putting a dog to death and it makes your blood run cold.

At any moment, the Municipal Court judge in Dallas is going to announce a new date/time for a hearing on Lamby which will decide whether she dies or can have a second chance at life with a rescue group or in a sanctuary. The attorneys – who are working pro bono — have said they expect a bond to be required by the court in the amount of $2,000 to $5,000 in addition to court filing fees.

Please help with this next stage of this challenge by contributing to Lamby’s 2nd Chance Fund at

If only 8% of your donated a single $1, we could ensure the funds are available to help Lamby at this critical time!

Once this case is over, any monies not applied to expenses and Lamby’s welfare will be contributed to worthwhile rescue groups and charities that are helping dogs recover from abuse.

BACKGROUND: Lamb of God (Lamby) is a mixed-breed female dog that has been used as a prop by an aggressive panhandler in the Dallas entertainment districts. Lamby was forced to wear comical hats and glasses that cut deep into her fur by rubber bands while she was restrained within a little milk crate that was strapped to a bicycle’s handlebars and forced to pose for photos in exchange for money that went into the pockets of the panhandler. Witnesses have seen the panhandler feed Lamby candy instead of a proper diet and he had an astounding 16 warrants for his arrest. For months, citizens in these entertainment districts have called law enforcement and Dallas Animal Rescue to help get the dog out of her abusive situation.

WFAA News Coverage:

CW33 News Coverage:

CW33 News Coverage:

Thank you!
106,884 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000.
© 2017,, Inc.Certified B Corporation

 Rescuers Go Above and Beyond to Save 2 Sheep From Devastating Fire in chile | One Green Planet

Sean McCarthy
January 27, 2017

Running an animal sanctuary has its perks, namely, you get to hang out with adorable farm animals every day! But the job also comes with grave responsibilities and sometimes rescuers are forced to wade into horrifying situations in order to save animals in need.

The rescuers from Santuario Igualdad Interespecie, an animal sanctuary in Chile, encountered one of these shockingly brutal situations on their last rescue mission. They got a call about a fire on a sheep ranch and they immediately got in their car and made the two-hour drive. When they arrived, most of the sheep had perished in the fire and the 50 that survived had already been sent to the slaughter house. But undaunted, Santuario Igualdad’s team began to pick their way through the charred rubble in the hopes of finding some surviving sheep – and they did! Here is the story of the two surviving sheep Dorothy and Anne.
The rescue team arrived on to a hellish scene of scorched earth and smoke. The team began to look for survivors and discovered Dorothy huddled under a thicket of thorns. 

Heroic Rescuers Two Save Sheep From a Fire
She was badly burned and incredibly weak so the rescuers put her in a wheelbarrow and rushed her back to the van for immediate medical attention. 

Heroic Rescuers Two Save Sheep From a Fire
While they were returning to the van, they ran into Anne. She was so terrified by the fire, she attempted to run away from her would-be saviors. 

Heroic Rescuers Two Save Sheep From a Fire
Santuario Igualidad’s team eventually caught up with here got both the sheep in the van and returned to the sanctuary to give them fluids and treat their burns. 

These two brave sheep are currently being attended to by the sanctuary’s veterinarian and fighting to survive their horrific experience. 

Heroic Rescuers Two Save Sheep From a Fire
They are getting the best medical care available, and lots of love from the people at the sanctuary.
Our thoughts are with these poor sheep and with Santuario Igualdad’s rockstar team of rescuers.

Heroic Rescuers Two Save Sheep From a Fire

Even though these sheep are in Chile, you can help them by donating to Santuario Igualdad Interespecie. Your donation will help to buy food, provide shelter, and give medical care to these sheep. You can also adopt one of these girls by sending them a monthly donation and ensuring that they are happy and safe for the rest of their lives.


Petition: Stop Reindeer Cruelty in Shopping Malls

Each year as Christmas approaches, shopping malls around the country begin to advertise live reindeer parades and shows. While attending these events may be innocent holiday fun for shoppers, the reindeer that are forced to perform, have a very different experience. Reindeer typically found in huge herds in icy  arctic temperatures are often isolated and confined to tiny holding  areas under unnatural, glaring light, surrounded by people and noise for days on end. Most don’t get to enjoy anything close to natural habitat.

This Viral Video of a Man Saving a Wild Rabbit Amidst California Fires Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity (VIDEO) | One Green Planet

Petition: Fire Cop Who Ordered Man to Cut Off His Dog’s Head!

The horrifying incident began when the sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to the Goodwin’s home after a neighbor called to report a dog bite involving Big Boy. While on the scene, Big Boy allegedly charged at the deputy who shot and killed him on the spot. When Goodwin arrived, he and the deputy calmly  talked about what happened. The situation was not ideal but it was under control, until the Sheriff’s investigator James Hollis arrived. What started as a series of questions about  Big Boy’s vaccination records quickly escalated and turned into the investigator ordering Goodwin’s to cut off Big Boy’s head and  for the girlfriend to put the dogs head in a bag and bring it to the health department, he was ordered to do so or he would go to jail.  Video footage of the  encounter shows Hollis threatening to arrest Goodwin if he dose not comply.

Terrified Dog Guardian Got Arrested Rushing His Dog to the Hospital – Let’s Help Him Cover the Expenses | One Green Planet

Aleksandra Pajda
December 5, 2017 

Thor, a three-year-old Doberman pinscher, had the unbelievable bad luck of getting into a grave accident in front of his own home in Holliston, Massachusetts. The dog, a beloved pet of his carers, Peter and Eunice Rogaishio, was struck by not one but two cars – and needed immediate medical care.

After the accident, Thor’s carer, Rogaishio was in shock. He waited for Animal Control to arrive, but during heavy rush hour, they were clearly taking too long. Finally, he decided not to risk the dog’s life any longer – and put Thor in the back of his car to get him to IVG MetroWest in Natick as soon as possible.

Desperate to help his dog in time, Rogaishio illegally passed several vehicles, one being a Natick Police Officer. Rogaishio was pulled over and arrested on the spot. Seeing the dog lying lifelessly in the back seat and the blood on the man, the police took his truck and rushed Thor to the emergency room at the clinic.
Miraculously, Thor emerged from the accident victorious! He was transported to Tufts Medical in Grafton with three broken legs – compound breaks to both of the front legs and a shattered femur. He also suffered facial injuries and has a number of other wounds.
Fortunately, the police did recognize that there were extenuating circumstances that made Rogaishio drive the way he did. At his hearing, he was ordered to complete a traffic safety course in the next two months.

The estimated cost of Thor’s medical care is $22,000 – which does not include the months of recovery ahead of him. To help his family with the immense costs, Lisa Zais, who witnessed the moments right after Thor’s accident, created a crowdfunding page. 

“Thor’s will to survive is amazing, he has the heart of a lion!” she writes about the pup. The beloved dog has a long way to get back to health yet – but the worst is already behind him and, with a little bit of help, he will hopefully have the chance to forget all about the ill-fated day of his accident altogether.

You can help Thor and his family by donating to his medical care via his GoFundMe page.

All image source: GoFundMe

A Look Back At The 2014 Fire Near San Onofre Nuclear Power Station Which Is Again At Risk Due To Fires

Mining Awareness +

Overlays of NOAA weather forecast, Near Real Time Fire Data, and San Onofre and Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Stations. This is just to give a general idea. Fire data changes by the second. From Day 1 to Day 2 Forecast extreme area expands well into the critical area. See population and land area at risk on twin maps below.

48 H Fire Data Source: Fire Weather Outlook Source:
2014 Fire Near San Onofre Nuclear Power Station
May 2014 wildfire near San Onofre NGS, NRC
Zoom showing that the yellow indicates radioactive area
zoom of fire near San Onofre

Fires have been raging again in California. In 2014 a wildfire threatened San Onofre nuclear power station. The US NRC doesn’t appear to have taken it very seriously – not surprising since they appear to take virtually nothing about nuclear safety seriously. According to the NRC it was started by a fire on Highway 5. http://public-blog.nrc-gateway. gov/2014/05/20/southern-california-fire-puts-spotlight-on-nrc-regs/
San Onofre Highway 5

However, NASA took note of the…

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Southern California Fire Weather Forecast Extreme: Many Millions Of People At Risk

Mining Awareness +

If you are getting rain or snow be grateful.
The Ventura wildfire exploded to nearly 80 square miles (207 square kilometers) in a matter of hours. It was fanned by dry Santa Ana winds clocked at well over 60 mph (96 kph) and spit embers up to a half-mile (0.8 kilometers) ahead of fire lines.” (“California Communities Under Siege From Wind-driven Fires“, December 05, 2017 10:30 PM)

11:50 p.m.: –  The biggest and most destructive wildfire burning in Southern California has jumped U.S. Highway 101, nearly reaching the ocean and forcing new evacuations.” (California Wildfire Hops Highway, Nears Ocean, Tuesday, December 5, 2017, Sacramento, CA. )

California Fire Maps and more:

Overlays of NOAA weather forecast, Near Real Time Fire Data, and San Onofre and Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Stations. This is just to give a general idea…

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Petition · United States Department of the Interior: Preserve Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument! ·

The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument’s vast and austere landscape in Southern Utah’s embraces a spectacular array Of scientific and historic resources. Donald Trump’s Administration, along with Utah’s delegation, is currently engaging in efforts to substantially reduce the monument. This effect is an archaic and illogical assault on one of the crown jewels of America’s National Monuments and an economic threat to the gateway communities of the Grand Staircase-Escalante.

Petition update · 12/6/17 HB 473-Ponce’s Law PASSED in the Criminal Justice Subcommittee ·

Petition update
12/6/17 HB 473-Ponce’s Law PASSED in the Criminal Justice Subcommittee
Debbie Taylor Darino
Daytona Beach, FL

Dec 6, 2017 — Ponce’s Law HB 473 passed unanimously in the Criminal Justice Subcommittee this morning. We still have 2 more committees to get passed in the “House” and the “Senate” still needs to get it set on the committee agendas in the senate. Here is a show for today’s meeting:

Bill Number: 0473
Action: Favorable
Committee: Criminal Justice Subcommittee
Date: 12/6/2017 8:00:00 AM
Sponsor: Leek (CO-SPONSORS) Brodeur; Clemons; Killebrew; Ma…
Subject: Cruelty to Animals
Record Vote:
– Alexander Y Gonzalez Y Latvala Y Richardson Y Sullivan
– Altman – Hager – Moskowitz Y Slosberg Y Yarborough
Y Eagle (Y) Harrell Y Pritchett Y Spano

Total Yeas: 9 Total Nays: 0 Total Missed: 5 Total Votes

77,538 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000.

© 2017,, Inc.Certified B Corporation

10 Ways To Survive Christmas With Cats! 

Hunt Elephants to Save Them? Some Countries See No Other Choice

Exposing the Big Game

[New York Times does it again! With friends like them, what animal needs enemies?]

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service last month moved to allow hunters to bring home trophies from elephants killed in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Safe to say, few conservationists saw it coming.

In a 39-page report, the agency cited Zimbabwe’s progress in creating a sound management plan for its 82,000 elephants and evidence that hunting revenue is in fact reinvested into conservation. Well-managed trophy hunting “would not have an adverse effect on the species, but can further efforts to conserve the species in the wild,” the agency concluded.

The announcement, which would have turned back an elephant-trophy prohibition instituted during the Obama administration, was met with praise from pro-hunting groups, like the National Rifle Association and Safari Club International, and criticism from animal-rights advocates on all sides of the political spectrum.

Unexpectedly, President Trump intervened on…

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Tuesday Funny! Sale on NFL cover-up tattoos

Fellowship of the Minds

Capitalist ingenuity making America great again:

H/t Reddit

Meanwhile, NFL TV ratings continue to fall.

Richard Morgan reports for the New York Post, November 28, 2017, that “NFL fans flipped the league the bird over Thanksgiving” with ratings for each of the three games played on Thanksgiving falling double-digits from last year:

  • The Minnesota Vikings-Detroit Lions early game on Thursday produced a ratings decline of 10% compared with the early game a year earlier.
  • The second game, between the Dallas Cowboys and LA Chargers, saw ratings tumble 25%.
  • The late game between the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins produced a rating down 19% from 2016.

Continue #BoycottNFL!


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Doggie Daycare Worker Accused of Beating Pets Must be Prosecuted | Animal Petitions

The Dog Day Care Center terminated Alex Malone after she was accused of multiple dogs by a fellow employee. Security footage reportedly showed Malone hitting a dog and dragging dogs around by the collars on several occasions during her year-long employment. Owner of  Dog E. Woggy’s West reported the abuse to Lollypop Farm Humane Society of law enforcement, animal cruelty charges where file.

Watch “Inside the Black Market Sale of Jaguar Parts “National Geographic” 

Petition · Food and Drug Administration: Reduce drug waste and environmental hazards by changing FDA drug expiration policy ·

Every year, drugs have been reached there published expiration dates are thrown away, creating billions of dollars in waste and causing an environmental hazard. Multiple researchers and the US military have proven that drug expiration dates can be extended safely. There is no recorded case of a patient being harmed by the use of an expired drug.

Petition · Debbie Taylor Darino: Harsher punishment for animal cruelty-Ponce’s Law ·

Harsher punishment for animal cruelty-Ponce’s Law

77K supporters
Petition details

Petitioning Office of State Attorney, 7th Judicial Circuit, Daytona Beach, FL 32114 R. J. Larizza and 6 others
Harsher punishment for animal cruelty-Ponce’s Law
Debbie Taylor Darino Daytona Beach, FL

I have presented a proposed amendment to our State Legislature for consideration of amending the current animal cruelty laws specifically F.S. 828.12 (2)(a)(b) which is a third degree felony to impose stricter, harsher punishment and penalties in the event of the abuse, torture,and killing of innocent animals. It will give the Judge more freedom to sentence these abusers to jail while also sentencing them to have no contact or owning animals, etc. at the court’s discretion.

This petition will be delivered to:

Office of State Attorney, 7th Judicial Circuit, Daytona Beach, FL 32114
R. J. Larizza
State Representative
Tom Leek
State Representative
Paul Renner

4 more decision makers…

Debbie Taylor Darino started this petition with a single signature, and now has 77,449 supporters. Start a petition today to change something you care about.

12 hours ago
Petition update
12/4/17 Ponce’s Law HB 473 on agenda for 12/6/17 Criminal Justice Subcommittee agenda

Ponce’s Law HB 473 is on the agenda for the Criminal Justice Subcommittee scheduled for 12/6/17. Go Ponce!!

3 days ago
Petition update
11/28/17 Article on Ponce’s Law in the Florida Bar

Animal Abuse Legislation “Ponce’s Law” House Bill Introduced November 28, 2017 Representative Tom Leek has introduced HB 473, called “Ponce’s Law,” that…

3 weeks ago
Petition update
11/16/17 Senator Greg Steube files Companion Bill SB 952-Ponce’s Law
Calendar for 11/17/2017 – The Florida Senate

Florida Senate – 2018 SB 952 By Senator Steube 23-01107-18 2018952__ Page 1 of 22 A bill to be entitled: An act relating…
4 weeks ago
Petition update
11/9/17 Ponce’s statue now permanently placed in doggy park

The statue of Ponce was placed in the doggy park in Ponce Inlet, FL today. In the picture, while waiting to be moved…

4 weeks ago
Petition update
11/7/17 Article in American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
Fla. bill would let judges ban pet ownership after cruelty conviction

Article in AVMA about Ponce’s Law!
4 weeks ago
75,000 supporters
4 weeks ago
Petition update
11/5/17 Article in “Florida Politics”…please read

Takeaways from Tallahassee — Seeking justice for puppies Peter Schorsch 1 day ago After a puppy was beaten to death in Volusia County earlier this year, the…

1 month ago
Petition update
The ASPCA Supports Ponce’s Law!!!!!!!!

The State Director of the ASPCA confirmed today that they are supporting Ponce’s Law HB 473 and will help support it at the Capitol!!

1 month ago
Petition update
The Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association (FPAA) will support Ponce’s law!!!

The Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association is in support of Ponce’s Law-HB 473……RJ Larizza is the current president of the association and confirmed…

1 month ago
Petition update
Article on Ponce’s Law
‘Ponce’s Law’ bill allows animal abusers to be barred from having pets

The Daytona Beach News Journal did an article on Ponce’s Law, HB 473, with statements from our sponsor, State…
1 month ago
Petition update

Today, Ponce’s Law was filed and is now officially a “house bill” sponsored by State Rep. Tom Leek and co-sponsored…

1 month ago
Petition update
Ponce’s Memorial
Ponce Inlet unveils statue of puppy found beaten to death

Daytona Beach News-Journal Yesterday at 8:58pm The memorial is expected to be placed in Happy Tails Dog Park…
1 month ago
Petition update
Ponce’s Memorial

Ponce’s Memorial was beautiful with a life sized bronze statue in memory of Ponce and all abused animals. It will be placed…

2 months ago
Petition update
10/13/17 Ponce’s Law

Ponce’s Law is currently with the Senate Staff to make a few changes, giving it the best chance possible to pass. It should be filed in the next month or so and once it is…

2 months ago
Petition update
Memorial for Ponce set for 5pm on 10/25/17

There will be a memorial for Ponce, the nine-month old pup brutally beaten to death allegedly by his owner. This is…

3 months ago
Petition update
8/25/17 Update on status of the Amendment to F.S 828.12 (2)(a)(b)

The Amendment to F.S. 828.12 (2)(a)(b) is now OUT of drafting and in the hands of the State Representative that is sponsoring it. They will make any last minute…

3 months ago
Petition update
8/25/17 Letter of support from the CEO of the Humane Society-Big Thank You to the Humane Society!

As one of the largest and oldest Charities in Animal Welfare, Halifax Humane Society would like to urge your support of the bill named Ponce’s Law to help elevate…

4 months ago
Petition update
8/3/17 Defense attorney has filed their Cross-Notice of Appeal!

Aaron Delgado, the defense attorney for Travis Archer, who is accused of the horrific murder of his 9 month old pup named Ponce, has filed his cross-notice of appeal…
4 months ago
Petition update
7/31/17 UPDATE: The State Attorney files Appeal!!

GREAT NEWS! The State Attorney filed their appeal to the 5th District Court of Appeals today after their request to the Attorney General last week was…

4 months ago
Petition update
The Meetings with Senators and State Representatives

To date I have met with State Representative David Santiago, State Representative Jason Brodeur, State Representative Tom Leek, and State Representative…

4 months ago
50,000 supporters
5 months ago
Petition update
The Amendment to F.S. 828.12(2)(a)(b) is on its way to drafting!

The proposed amendment is now in “drafting” so that it can be presented when the session returns for 2018. It will amend the current F.S. 828.12 (2)(a)(b) from a third…

6 months ago
20,000 supporters
8 months ago
Petition update
Necropsy report

The necropsy report done on Ponce said this nine (9) month old pup had “blunt force trauma to the skull, fracturing and crushing multiple teeth, broken jaw…

77,434 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000.
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Updated Privacy Policy For January 3,2018 On WordPress Here


Updated Privacy Policy

by hollyannehogan

As part of our commitment to privacy and transparency, we’re updating our Privacy Policy. We want to give you more and clearer information about how we collect and use personal information — in a more organized and readable format.

Your privacy is critically important to us. These are the first words of our Privacy Policy, and words we live by when designing and building our products.

Here are some of the updates you’ll see:

  • We split the Privacy Policy up into sections titled: “Information We Collect,” “How We Use Information,” “Sharing Information,” “Choices,” and “Security.” Our aim is to make the Policy easier to follow and understand. We really want you to read the whole thing!
  • We added specific information about how our Privacy Policy applies to Jetpack sites and the WordPress mobile app.
  • We included real-world, concrete examples to illustrate our policies and…

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Petition update · Victory! YOU saved Kevin, Dazz and Driver ·

374K supporters
Petition update
Victory! YOU saved Kevin, Dazz and Driver
Dec 4, 2017 — Three hero dogs facing lethal injection have been saved by YOU.
The Sun tomorrow reports how Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has ordered Kevin, Dazz and Driver to be rehomed.
Thankyou to everyone who signed the petition.

This petition made change with 374,300 supporters!
© 2017,, Inc.Certified B Corporation

Protect Marine Life: Ban Glitter | Animal Petitions

Glitter may not seem like much of a threat but according to scientists and researchers, it is extremely hazardous to see life. The health of the ocean creature suffers immensely from the pollution of their waters, and tiny pieces of plastic like glitter are especially threatening because of how frequently sea creatures mistake them for food.