SIGN: Justice for Husky Who Died After Being Tased Twice

PETITION TARGET: Lodi Police Department and city of Lodi

Enzo, a 2-year-old husky beloved by his family, died after being tased twice and dragged by officers in Lodi, California, according to news reports.

Enzo reportedly escaped from his family’s home through an unlatched door and was on the loose when officers reportedly received a complaint about a reportedly “aggressive” dog.

Surrounded by police and animal control officers, Enzo first tried to escape. Surveillance video then shows the dog standing still as an officer approaches and tases the dog, who then collapses. Video then shows the officer tasing Enzo again and dragging the dog across the pavement to behind the animal control van, where the dog reportedly died, according to video footage and news reports.

Additional information about how exactly Enzo died has not been released.

Witnesses who lived nearby said that Enzo allegedly had been “wagging his tail” before being tased and that the tasing allegedly had been “unnecessary,” according to news reports.

Currently, Lodi’s animal control ordinances indicate that police may confine or seize a dog on the loose — but the ordinances say nothing specifically about repeatedly using force, including tasersthat could result in the animal’s death in order to do so.

The Lodi Police Department said they’ll carry out an internal investigation — and it’s critical that the investigation be comprehensive, thorough, and fair.

Sign our petition urging the Lodi Police Department and the city of Lodi to thoroughly investigate the use of force that led to Enzo’s death. We’re also asking the department and the city to provide additional training to all officers about other methods of humanely confining and restraining dogs that could have been used in this situation to prevent any additional, unnecessary dog deaths.

China approves two new coal plants every week to ensure stability “when renewables fail”

Iowa Climate Science Education

By Jo Nova

It?s the sixth mass extinction of life on Earth and one country is building six times as much new coal power as the rest of the world combined. But no one cares.

Sinful Australia hasn?t even built a coal plant in 12 long years, but Saint China is approving a new one every three and a half days. One nation is theoretically destroying the world?s corals, creating droughts, floods and bad storms, and making reef fish reckless but no one is gluing themselves to the Chinese Embassy. The same universities who lecture us on carbon pollution are not even boycotting Chinese students. We have to ask ? do reef fish matter? Are floods a bad thing?

Either CO2 is just a shiny amulet or everyone who cares about it is functionally innumerate. It could be both.

Meanwhile on the cat-walks of intellectual fashion shows the…

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SIGN: Stop Horrifying Proposal to Slaughter Horses for Food!

Representative image via Pixabay

Lady Freethinker

PETITION TARGET: Wyoming Legislature Travel, Recreation, Wildlife & Cultural Resources Committee 

The U.S.’s iconic wild horses could be rounded up, slaughtered, and shipped for human consumption if one Wyoming legislator gets his way.

Wild horses have been federally protected since 1971. The brutal slaughter of any horse on U.S. soil for human food — domestically or abroad — has been prohibited since 2007. The Department of the Interior also prohibited using taxpayer funds for the destruction of healthy animals for processing into commercial “products” as recently as 2020. 

But House Joint Resolution 3 (HR3), proposed by Rep. John Winter, would ravage that progress for these precious animals who already face persecution in the state.

A sole round up in one of Wyoming’s “management” areas, known as the Checkerboard region, aimed to remove more than 3,500 wild horses  — many of whom died gruesomely or sustained horrific injuries — while leaving 91 percent of that same land open to for-profit livestock grazing, according to nonprofit In Defense of Animals (IDA).

The horrors that defenseless horses face at slaughterhouses also are well documented. They often endure grueling hours-long transports in overcrowded trucks, without access to food or water. Many die or are seriously injured on the way to the facilities, where the industry then claims the survivors are “humanely” killed — most commonly by having a bolt fired into their brains, followed by their twitching bodies bleeding out.

Lady Freethinker, along with numerous other animal welfare groups, asserts that there is no such thing as humane slaughter. Prior to the shut-down of the last U.S. horse slaughterhouse in 2007, reports from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) noted rampant cruelty — including horses with broken bones, gaping wounds, and eyeballs hanging from their sockets.

Wild horses — as well as domesticated horses who have been cared for, used, or exploited by people for their entire lives — don’t deserve to end their days in cruel slaughterhouses.

This legislation must not go any further. 

Sign our petition urging the Wyoming Legislature’s Committee of Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources to strike this preposterous bill and instead uphold needed safeguards for federally-protected horses and all horses in the United States.

East Palestine Train Derailment Numbers to Call if You Need Assistance

Around 9:30 p.m. on February 3, 2023, a Norfolk Southern train had 53 cars derail in East Palestine, Ohio. The site of the derailment is less than one mile from the Pennsylvania border. Five of the derailed train cars contained the hazardous material vinyl chloride.EXPAND FOR MORE DETAILS

Accordion ‭[1]‬


Need assistance? Below are state and federal resources for people impacted by the train derailment.

Water Monitoring

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is conducting independent water quality monitoring.

DEP is contacting residents within a two-mile radius of the train derailment site to initiate water testing. Concerned residents who are beyond the two-mile radius may reach out to DEP to request testing by calling 412-442-4000.

EPA Testing

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been conducting air and water quality monitoring since the controlled vent and burn on February 6. View results and learn more about the EPA’s responseOpens In A New Window.

A new hotline number is available for residents with additional questions and concerns. Call 866-361-0526.

Well Water Monitoring

Monitoring wells are being drilled around the derailment site for sampling. Residents with concerns about private well water should contact the DEP Southwest Regional Office at 412-442-4000.

Pennsylvania Health Resource Center

The Pennsylvania Department of Health opened a free health resource center at: 

Darlington, PA 16155

It’s open on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Ohio Health Assessment Clinic

The Ohio Department of Health, in partnership with the Columbiana Ohio County Health Department and with support from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, opened a health assessment clinic for East Palestine-area residents who have medical questions or concerns.

The clinic is located at:

20 W. Martin St.

East Palestine, OH 44413

It’s open to residents of Darlington and Unity townships in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. No appointments are necessary.

Hours this week:

Monday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Tuesday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Wednesday: Noon to 5 p.m.
Thursday: Noon to 5 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

​Residents can call the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s hotline at 866-361-0526 to begin the intake process to schedule cleaning services. The hotline is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

​There is an ongoing investigation being conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board. View investigation updatesOpens In A New Window.

The Transportation Disaster Assistance DivisionOpens In A New Window also provides assistance to survivors. Email

​Norfolk Southern is offering assistance to Ohio and Pennsylvania residents.

Family Assistance Center

Abundant Life ChurchOpens In A New Window
46469 State Route 46
New Waterford, OH 44445

Phone: 800-230-7049
Online: In A New Window

Submit a Claim to Norfolk Southern

Residents who were evacuated or impacted by the derailment can request assistance with lodging, food, clothing, gas, child care, laundry, pet care, and more.

Download the claim form onlineOpens In A New Window and bring it to the Family Assistance Center.

Toxicologists Contracted by Norfolk Southern

Questions about smell, health, animals, houses, etc.: Call 234-542-6474.

Questions about in-home testing and monitoring within the one-mile evacuation zone: Call 330-849-3919.

Call between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.

​Office of the State Fire Commissioner
Governor Shapiro announced that fire departments in Western Pennsylvania will be reimbursed by Norfolk Southern for the cost of replacing equipment contaminated during response and remediation.

The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and State Fire Commissioner have reached out directly to local fire departments to help identify and catalogue damaged/contaminated equipment. They’ll streamline submissions to Norfolk Southern’s claims director.

Content Editor ‭[2]‬


Since the train first derailed on February 3, the Shapiro Administration has been working to make sure affected residents have what they need to stay safe and informed. View the timeline below for details.

Curiously, (US) Palestinian residents were offered free digital ID health tracking devices one week before the derailment/explosion

Environmental Health Watch NZ

The unfolding of this major issue is curious indeed. Listen at the Cinema Shogun YT channel as some dots are joined. This is info that raises huge red flags… coincidences? We’ve been asked to swallow quite a lot of coincidences in recent times. This one will make you gag. Could they really have used this little town as a trial run for their useful health tracking devices? If you know the history of such experiments you’ll know that this is entirely possible (see here and here also).

On topic Mike Adams has posted info today about where the toxic chemical water from said environmental ‘accident’ is going.

(Thanks to flying cuttlefish picayune for this video link).

Photo: screenshot

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WA State to Ban Formaldehyde and Lead from Cosmetics

Biden orders federal officials go door to door in East Palestine l GMA

Sounds like a good plan

Biden, Supreme Court Move to Make It Difficult to Sue Norfolk Southern – Global Research

Additional survival tricks

26 February 2023

Biden, Supreme Court Move to Make It Difficult to Sue Norfolk Southern

East Palestine, again. It is too symptomatic to be ignored.

By Kurt Nimmo


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How far we have come—or, rather, fallen. Once upon a time in America, corporations were required to sign a charter before doing business in a state or community. “After the nation’s founding, corporations were granted charters by the state as they are today,” writes Stephen D. Foster Jr.

Unlike today, however, corporations were only permitted to exist 20 or 30 years and could…

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Demand Action for Communities Impacted by the Toxic Train Derailment

Residents in Ohio and Pennsylvania have been repeatedly told that they are “safe” after a Norfolk Southern train derailment caused a huge release of hazardous chemicals into the air, land, and water. Meanwhile, residents are continuing to report that they are experiencing health issues—from rashes to difficulty breathing—and are expected to navigate the emergency response and healthcare systems on their own.

This needs to change.

“Safe” means people can vacuum their homes without worrying about kicking up toxic pollution.

“Safe” means having independent test results that examine every necessary parameter and indicate there’s no harm.

“Safe” means being able to be in your home without the risk that health problems will develop months or years from now.

State officials in Ohio and Pennsylvania must take transparent, proactive steps to ensure that residents are able to access the information and support that they need.

Add your name to this petition to Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro.

US EPA Arrived in East Palestine Hours After Train Derailment; EPA Chief Regan Visited Twice; EPA Ordered Norfolk Southern to Pay for Cleanup Before Lt. Colonel Tulsi Gabbard’s Roadshow of Lies Arrived

Mining Awareness +

The US EPA Arrived in East Palestine Hours After Train Accident-Derailment. The Ohio EPA was already there. US EPA Chief Regan Visited Twice and Ordered Norfolk Southern to Pay for Cleanup Before Lt. Colonel Tulsi Gabbard’s Roadshow of Lies Arrived. Commissioned as an Officer in the US military in 2007, Tulsi Gabbard’s violating 10U.S.Code §888 – Art.88 by showing disrespect to her Commander in Chief, and her lies are Conduct Unbecoming to an Officer. Gabbard is Lt. Colonel in the US Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command. Fox News-Gabbard lied pretending “Ohio Residents Abandoned After Toxic Spill”, among other things:
The accident-derailment was caused by a wheel bearing not from the track.

Michael Regan, U.S. EPA @EPAMichaelRegan: “I want the residents of East Palestine to know that we understand their fears and concerns. That’s why @EPA has had boots on the ground from day 1, leading…

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Acid rain!

What a bunch of fake hypocrites!!

Finally shows up at 7:00 a.m. 3 weeks late…what a Dillweed

Ohio Residents Grapple With Toxic Train Derailment

Petition · Save the Wolves of Greater Yellowstone ·

Wolves are being massacred in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. 

In the most recent hunting and trapping season alone, these three states slaughtered more than 700 wolves by brutal means like strangulation snares. 

At least 25 of them were killed simply for stepping outside the borders of Yellowstone National Park, where they’re safe. Pups as young as eight months old were executed.

It’s taken decades for Yellowstone’s wolves to regain a foothold in the wildlands surrounding this cherished landscape. But a wave of cruel policies enacted by states in the northern Rockies have unleashed the worst massacre of the region’s wolves in 100 years.

The Center for Biological Diversity fought tooth and nail to restore protection to wolves across the lower 48 states, but that restored protection excluded wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains. So we’re doing all we can to save them, too.

Without federal protection, more wolf packs in the state will be decimated, more packs will be torn apart and more pups will be killed sleeping in their dens. 

But there’s hope: The Biden administration can save the wolves who remain. 

The Center filed an emergency petition to protect northern Rocky Mountains wolves under the Endangered Species Act, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service missed its deadline to respond. So now we’re in court to save these intelligent, social animals, who are crucial to helping their ecosystems thrive. 

Entrusting wolf management to states has resulted in a bloody war on wolves. 

Idaho and Montana both passed laws aimed at liquidating their wolf populations. In Idaho hunters, trappers, and private contractors can kill up to 90% of the state’s estimated 1,337 wolves, using cruel hunting methods that used to be illegal — and should be again — including chasing wolves down with hounds and snowmobiles. 

In Montana new rules may open the door to killing about 85% of its 1,100 to 1,200 wolves. 

We haven’t come all this way to save wolves just to see rogue states wipe them out.

The best way to save these wolves is to protect them under the Endangered Species Act and we are calling on Biden’s U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to make that happen. 

Will you join us?  

Tell the Service to immediately restore protection to wolves in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

U.S. Air Force Pilot Looks Down at Suspected Chinese Surveillance Balloon Hovering Over the Central United States February 3, 2023.

Mining Awareness +

Photo by 94th Airlift Wing 
Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs     
A U.S. Air Force pilot looked down at the suspected Chinese surveillance balloon as it hovered over the Central Continental United States February 3, 2023. Recovery efforts began shortly after the balloon was downed. (Photo courtesy of the Department of Defense)

94th Airlift Wing
Mission: Provide Mission Ready Forces
Vision: The recognized leader in Rapid Global Mobility and Agile Combat Support, propelled by a culture of respect, excellence and innovation.
Unit Snapshot:
    – Strategic Airlift & Airdrop – Aeromedical Evacuation
    – Eight C-130H3 Hercules – 2,000 Air Force personnel
    – Three Groups / 13 Squadrons – $181M Economic Impact


Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, Georgia is a multi-service installation located 16 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta. Dobbins is one of only nine standalone Reserve bases in the Air Force Reserve.


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Petition · Demand Norfolk Southern Pay for Toxic Train Derailment ·
Sign the Petition
1 – 2 minutes

Evacuations. People and animals exposed to hazardous chemicals. Mounting cleanup costs. These are just a few of the reasons a community is in crisis after a tragic train derailment.

A Norfolk Southern train carrying hazardous materials, some known to cause cancer, derailed on Feb. 3rd in the town of East Palestine, Ohio. Weeks later, the situation seems to only be growing more dire. The EPA has demanded Norfolk Southern pay for cleanup costs, residents are flooding health centers with reports of illness, and people report animals getting sick and even dying.

The people impacted and American taxpayers could bear the costs for years to come. That is why it is imperative Norfolk Southern commits to paying 100% of the costs associated with the derailment. Add your name if you believe Norfolk Southern, not the victims or taxpayers, should pay for the cleanup, healthcare costs, and all other damages associated with the derailment.

Petition: Stop Stealing Animals From the Wild for Zoos – ForceChange

Photo credit: Andrew King

Carey Jameson

Target: Kevin Shea, Administrator, U.S. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)

Goal: Demand zoos use only rescued animals for human display.

Zoos can be a wonderful place to visit. They give us exposure to animals we may never see otherwise in real life. Through these experiences, people can learn more about all the creatures found on the planet and their habits and connections to one another. Zoos also offer opportunities for animals who are endangered or injured and will not survive in the wild. Not only does this give us a chance to fulfill curiosity about other creatures, it gives those animals a second chance at life.

Unfortunately, zoos do not operate so altruistically. Out of the estimated 800,000 animals in zoos, those that are bred in captivity also end up behind bars with generations after them never getting to run free. While it is understandable zoos have an invested interest in staying stocked with animals, they should not lose sight of their goal to operate in the best interest of wildlife under their supervision. Using all or mostly animals rescued from unsafe circumstances is the best way to improve zoo operations.

Rescued animals can include those that are injured or healthy animals close to extinction. Injured animals who may die in the wild can live safely in captivity given they have care sympathetic to the adjustment from their natural habitat. Those facing extinction can be protected, too, chiefly in the event any safely bred in zoos are correctly reintroduced to the wild. According to PETA, animals facing extinction only make up 18% of those in zoos, evidence there is much work to be done to make these establishments a place to sustain species the world may lose otherwise.

Sign the petition below to urge Administrator Shea towards an understanding for how important it is for zoos to be about animal conservation, not just human recreation.


Dear Administrator Shea,

Every year, animal welfare is more important to people than in previous generations. U.S. zoos have always operated on a platform revolving around conservation, though not much has been done to improve animal welfare efforts at a reasonable pace. Their cages are stocked with wildlife that may not need human help whether from injury or endangerment. Those who do face extinction are bred more for entertainment rather than their survival. This is where APHIS needs to step in.

Because zoos will always be popular for children and interested adults alike, they still can survive with a shift in business model. Plenty of animals with permanent injury can be sourced from the wild and nurtured in captivity given fair and understanding care. In addition, with more animals facing endangerment and extinction every day, zoos have a fabulous chance to not only facilitate the survival of these poor creatures, but maintain a population for people to enjoy and learn about. Remember, zoos are first and foremost for the animals.

We urge you to reevaluate the guidelines governing zoos and to enforce a more animal-centric approach to their operation.


Sign the Petition

What is Happening in California!?

Another Environmental Disaster in Ohio

I can’t brain today, I have the dumb — more adventures in distracted driving

Offshore wind (whale) impact probe proposed

Iowa Climate Science Education


New Jersey Congressman Chris Smith is outraged by the ever growing whale death toll, that coincides with rapidly increasing offshore wind development. He has introduced a much needed bill calling for an investigation of the impact assessment practices of those federal agencies that approve and oversee OSW.

His bill ? HR 1056 ? is here.

Smith?s Bill is short but sweeping. It requires the Government Accountability Office (GAO)?commonly known as the congressional watchdog?to investigate the sufficiency of the federal environmental review process for ?offshore wind projects, including the impacts on whales, other marine mammals, commercial and recreational fishing, air quality and greenhouse gas emissions, vessel traffic, tourism, and the sustainability of shoreline beaches and inlets.?

Smith?s press release puts it this way: ?As part of a full-court press for answers, my legislation will investigate the level of transparency from federal agencies that green-lighted this aggressive offshore wind development…

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Tuesday Memes …

Dog Days …

What Toxic Chemicals were Released in Ohio Train Derailment?

Chemical Free Life

On February 3, 2023, a 150-car freight train operated by Norfolk Southern was derailed outside of East Palestine, Ohio, a small village town of 5,000 residents.  The derailment caused 38 cars to be thrown off the track by a broken axle; 20 of those cars were listed as containing hazardous materials. Evacuation orders were issued to all households within a two-mile radius. During the evacuation, emergency services breached five of the derailed cars in order to conduct a “controlled combustion” of around 250,000 gallons of liquid vinyl chloride, a hazardous material.  Vinyl chloride was the most toxic of the chemicals being transported on the train, but there were other toxic chemicals released as well…


Vinyl chloride

Vinyl chloride (vinyl chloride monomer, VCM) was the primary chemical of concern in the derailment. The precursor to polyvinyl chloride (PVC), one of the most ubiquitous plastics, vinyl chloride has been an…

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Dog Days …

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble In Ohio Town Water Area

MN Prager Discussion Group

‘We just need answers’: distrust grows in Ohio town after toxic train derailment

Man cleaning floor of car wash wearing mask at night.
Residents have received contradictory information as to how to clean their homes.Photograph: Michael Swensen/Getty Images

Residents of East Palestine grapple with mixed safety messages two weeks after leak of hazardous chemicals from train

Tom Perkinsin East Palestine, OhioSun 19 Feb 2023 03.30 EST

During his Thursday visit to the site of a fiery train derailment that may have poisoned a small easternOhiotown with a range of highly toxic chemicals, the Environmental Protection Agency chief, Michael Regan, told residents: “All families need to know that they are safe.”

But Regan’s words, along with those from the Ohio governor Mike DeWine’s administration and Norfolk Southern officials, have been of little comfort to Jami Cozza.

After evacuating for days after the 3 February derailment, she was told it was safe to return home, but a chemical…

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Presidential Horses

Tuesday's Horse

IT is difficult to imagine that just one hundred years ago horses were still the primary means of transportation. For some presidents, horses were not just a necessity but also a part of their image. Before photographs, the military presidents, especially, were often portrayed in paintings on horseback.

Numerous portraits of George Washington in his role as general during the American Revolution depict him on a horse. Andrew Jackson’s equestrian statue climaxes Lafayette Park, across the street from the White House. Other presidents known for their military exploits include William Henry Harrison, who rode on horseback to his inauguration.

Horses that belonged to the presidents often achieved fame in their own right. The public was interested in knowing what horses and what style of carriage the president had. Zachary Taylor’s horse from the Mexican War, Old Whitey, accompanied him to Washington and enjoyed a pampered retirement on the White House…

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Cat Tails