KENYA:British helicopter pilot ‘#shot and #killed’ by elephant poachers while flying in purs uit of their capture – Conservation fund confirms – @AceNewsServices

Source: KENYA:British helicopter pilot ‘#shot and #killed’ by elephant poachers while flying in purs uit of their capture – Conservation fund confirms – @AceNewsServices

Petition · Members of Congress: Stop Wasting Tax Dollars to Torture and Kill Monkeys for Bad Science! ·


The week in wildlife – in pictures | Environment | The Guardian


Petition update · Oppose cruel sterilizations on PREGNANT mares by Feb 3rd! ·


petition: Stop using baby elephants in bars and hotels and beaches in Thailand


Petition · City of Lakewood OH: Allow Child with Cystic Fibrosis to Keep Her Dog, a Pit Bull ·


Marjorie Farabee with latest update on threats to shoot wild burros in Arizona 01/27 by Marti Oakley | Politics Podcasts

Hosted by Debbie Coffey, V.P. and Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation. Our guest is MARJORIE FARABEE, Dir. of Wild Burro Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, the Equine Mgr. of Todd Mission Ranch (home of TMR Rescue) and founder of Wild Burro Protection League. For over a year, Marjorie has been investigating the situation at the Black Mountain HMA in Arizona, and alerted the public that the BLM, catering to developers of wind, gas, and agriculture, threatened to roundup many of the few remaining wild burros. Recently, there has been an even bigger threat: the Mojave County Supervisors recklessly suggested selling hunting permits to shoot the wild burros. Find out the latest details in this update.

Source: Marjorie Farabee with latest update on threats to shoot wild burros in Arizona 01/27 by Marti Oakley | Politics Podcasts

SIGN: Demand the presidential candidates tell us where they stand on GMO labeling

Save Hundreds of Thousands of Squirrels From Being Murdered


Hundreds of thousands of squirrels will be senselessly bludgeoned, poisoned, and shot in the European Union starting in 2016. Urge EU officials to cancel this cruel and unnecessary program.

Source: Save Hundreds of Thousands of Squirrels From Being Murdered

Stop the Desecration of Native American Burial Grounds


A mining company is planning to begin a massive excavation of Native American burial sites in order to exploit the limestone quarries underneath. Call for Wisconsin’s governor to protect the rights of their Indigenous peoples and stop the mining company from desecrating these sacred grave sites.

Source: Stop the Desecration of Native American Burial Grounds

Punish Couple for Allegedly Murdering Family Member’s Dogs

A couple apparently hatched and executed a plan to murder two Chihuahuas belonging to the girlfriend’s father. They reportedly shot the dogs, beat the only survivor to death, and then buried them in the father’s backyard. Sign this petition to ensure this couple is punished.

Source: Punish Couple for Allegedly Murdering Family Member’s Dogs

Protect Bison from Cruel Population Control


Yellowstone bison are being slaughtered to maintain a ridiculous population control law despite the fact that Native American tribes have plenty of room for the excess animals. Tell Yellowstone there’s a better alternative to killing bison.

Source: Protect Bison from Cruel Population Control

Don’t Spray Neurotoxin in Delicate Estuaries


A dangerous neurotoxic insecticide could soon be sprayed in and estuary where oysters are harvested. This misguided plan risks doing serious harm to aquatic life. Stop the spraying of this chemical along our shores.

Source: Don’t Spray Neurotoxin in Delicate Estuaries

Take Neglected Dogs Away from Owner


Two dogs have been left without adequate care or protection from harsh weather conditions. Despite this, the ASPCA claims they cannot remove the animals. Urge the ASPCA to re-examine local animal cruelty laws and seize the dogs.

Source: Take Neglected Dogs Away from Owner

Justice for Abused Dog That Endured Surgery to Remove Choke Collar


A dog was found with signs of neglect and a choke collar that had been so severely embedded into its neck that it had to be surgically removed. Demand that the dog’s owners be held responsible and prosecuted if found guilty for the horrible suffering their dog endured.

Source: Justice for Abused Dog That Endured Surgery to Remove Choke Collar

Stop Brutally Killing Sheep for Shoes

UGG boots are manufactured out of sheepskin, obtained from brutally abused and murdered sheep. Urge manufacturers to replace sheepskin with a cruelty-free alternative.

Source: Stop Brutally Killing Sheep for Shoes

Stop Dynamiting Coral Reefs

Delicate coral reefs are being destroyed, aquatic wildlife species are endangered, and now a diver has died all due to the deadly practice of using dynamite to kill massive numbers of fish. Ban the sale of fish caught with dynamite now.

Source: Stop Dynamiting Coral Reefs

Tell HomeVestors Monkeys Don’t Belong in Ads

HomeVestors of America, also known as We Buy Ugly Houses, is running a commercial nationwide that features a capuchin monkey. Urge the company to pull the ad!

Source: Tell HomeVestors Monkeys Don’t Belong in Ads

Tell GUESS to Stop Selling Angora!

 GUESS refuses to hear their screams, but it may listen to you …

Source: Tell GUESS to Stop Selling Angora!

Human-Animal Chimera | MIT Technology Review


A radical new approach to generating human organs is to grow them inside pigs or sheep.

Source: Human-Animal Chimera | MIT Technology Review

Watch the ocean-crossing tsunami generated by a NW megathrust earthquake

Nwo Report

Snapshot of an animation by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center on Friday, Jan. 22, showing the simulated motion of the waves and as they race around the globe. You can see the distance between successive wave crests (wavelength) as well as their height (half-amplitude) indicated by their color. From the beginning the animation shows all coastlines covered by colored points. These are initially a blue color like the undisturbed ocean to indicate normal sea level, but as the tsunami waves reach them they will change color to represent the height of the waves coming ashore, and often these values are higher than they were in the deeper waters offshore. The color scheme is based on PTWC’s warning criteria, with blue-to-green representing no hazard (less than 30 cm or ~1 ft.), yellow-to-orange indicating low hazard with a stay-off-the-beach recommendation (30 to 100 cm or ~1 to 3 ft.), light red-to-bright red indicating significant hazard requiring evacuation (1 to 3 m or ~3 to 10 ft.), and dark red indicating a severe hazard possibly requiring a second-tier evacuation (greater than 3 m or ~10 ft.). Photo: Image, Caption By Pacific Tsunami Warning CenterSource: Seattle PI

With the East Coast buried in snow from a megastorm sparking our natural-disaster competitiveness, we on the Pacific Rim can counter with an ocean-crossing tsunami generated by a historic megathrust earthquake.

The last one that erupted along the 600-mile-long fault of the Cascadia Subduction Zone in the Northwest was at 9 p.m. on Jan. 26 in the year 1700. Hopefully the next one won’t hit any time soon, but another is due every 300-500 years. So, we can thrill in the thought of that magnificent danger!

In fact, on Friday, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center published a re-enactment of the massive waves in a model animation. Here’s the explanation from the Center’s YouTube page:

By comparing the tree rings of dead trees with those still living they could tell when the last of these great earthquakes struck the region. The trees all died in the winter…

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This Couple Married Mid-Blizzard And The Photos Made It All Worth It


German Supermarket Chain Bans Bee-Killing Neonic Pesticides on Produce

The Truth is the LIGHT


The New Year starts with more positive news. Aldi Süd, a German supermarket chain with stores in the U.S., has become the first major European retailer to ban pesticides toxic to bees, including the neonicotinoids imidacloprid, clothianidin, and thiamethoxam, from all produce sold in their stores. [1]

The announcement was made January 1st, with the retailer expecting fruit and vegetable suppliers for their stores to comply with their new policy ASAP. The following pesticides will no longer be tolerated:

  • Thiamethoxam
  • Chlorpyrifos
  • Clothianidin
  • Cypermethrin
  • Deltamethrin
  • Fipronil
  • Imidacloprid
  • Sulfoxaflor

The decision to ban bee-toxic pesticides comes following public pressure, and follows another German retailer’s decision to ban the herbicide chemical glyphosate – another toxic compound that is fueling numerous problems.

According to a press release from Greenpeace, the chemicals are used on various commodities in Europe:

  • Thiamethoxam – applied to lettuce and endive
  • Chlorpyrifos, clothianidin – applied to kohlrabi, herbs, Brussels sprouts, head cabbage…

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Beware: Kitten Killer Finds Them on Craigslist

Making Waves 🌸utreach

Dover, DE (USA)

This guy just got out of jail after being committed for torturing/killing 19 cats in NJ. He is now in Delaware and several people on Facebook have said that they have already re-homed kittens with him. Please contact the Office of Animal Welfare (or call the cops – it is against the terms of his release!!) if he contacts or has contacted you about a cat or kitten.

Anthony Appolonia! He also goes by the names A. Smith and Michael Racanelli and lives in Dover near the Air Force Base.

His main means of transportation is DART and he will have you meet him somewhere along their route. He tells people that he has anxiety among other issues and says that his doctor suggested having a cat would be good therapy for him. He will even offer to pay a small re-homing fee.

He was convicted in…

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Slaughter of stray dogs at landfill site, Bosnia


12553008_960242650729826_6676578519293042910_nA group of dogs lived in a landfill site in Cazin in north west Bosnia Herzegovina, about  300 km from Sarajevo. Local hunters entered the area yesterday and slaughtered most of the dogs: pregnant dogs, mothers, puppies, all shot and left in piles of trash. The few survivors who are mainly puppies are now sleeping next to their dead mothers and siblings.

This is not the first time this has happened in this particular landfill site  – we made a post about a similar slaughter one year ago, almost to the date. As noted there: “In Bosnia and Herzegovina torture and killing animals is a common occurrence. In adults the offence is punishable by fine or imprisonment, however the arrest and prosecution of perpetrators of such crimes very rarely occur, but the activists will not cease from attempting to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

1914917_960243150729776_1806615317131243708_nThere are approximately 10 puppies and one or two adults still in the…

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More sweeps and killing is not a solution

An Animal Advocate

Houston, TX – City Councilman, Dwight Boykins recently announced to the media his plans to spend $50,000 for BARC employees to work overtime doing more “sweeps” in neighborhoods with stray dog problems.  Click here or here for the news stories. 


The city has done “sweeps” like this before. This was Annise Parker’s “solution” for strays as well.  Click here (BARC’s 2010 intention to do more “sweeps” as a solution for bite cases)  and here (Parker’s 2008 Policy Brief on BARC) for examples.  Clearly, simply picking up strays or abandoned pets have done nothing to address the issue.  So, why continue to repeat the same failed “solutions”?     

More sweeps are a temporary patch that does not solve the stray problem, but will cause BARC’s kill rate to skyrocket because most of the dogs picked up in these sweeps, will end up dead — killed by BARC along…

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8 Resolutions to Help Keep Our Ocean Clean in 2016

Emilio Cogliani

Every January, many of us pick resolutions that help better ourselves and our lives. Whether we want to get in shape, surf 100 days this year, reconnect with friends and family, or just be a better person, each new year gives us the chance to identify the areas we want to work on and start with a clean slate. And while it’s important to self-reflect, resolutions don’t have to start and end with ourselves – our ocean could use some attention too.

Here at Surfrider we have compiled a list of resolutions to protect the ocean and coasts we love so much. Added together, these simple, everyday actions have a great impact on protecting our beaches for all of us to enjoy.

Resolution #1: Say NO to plastic by avoiding single-use plastics. Up to 80% of debris in our ocean is made of plastic. Carry your own refillable water bottle…

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The Human Hothouse Turns Bolivia’s Second Largest Lake into a Withered Wasteland


Lake Poopo in Bolivia has dried up. And Climate Change has been named as the top cause of the disaster.

After decades of drought and depressed rainfall related to a human-forced warming of the globe, the once-massive lake is now gone. Once measuring 90 by 32 kilometers and covering an area of over 1,000 square kilometers this second largest lake in all of Bolivia has turned into a dried out disaster zone. Cracked, baked earth, overturned and abandoned boats, and the desiccated remains of lake life are all that are left as sign to the fact that a giant lake once existed. The flamingos, fish and other wildlife that relied on the lake are now dead or long gone. Yet more lonely casualties of a climate changed radically by an incessant burning of fossil fuels.

(Human-forced climate change is implicated in Bolivia’s loss of Lake Poopo. Video source:

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Exclusive Interview: Sarah Palin on Animal Rights

Cosmetics Industry and Animal Testing

Emilio Cogliani


Photo by Meredith Lee/HSUS

The announcement that PETA UK has accused nine leading cosmetics brands of breaking European law by selling products tested on animals for the Chinese market is very disturbing, if not surprising.

European Union law bans the sale of any cosmetic product that has been tested on animals in finished form after 2004, as well as cosmetics containing ingredients subject to new animal testing after 2013.

According to PETA, cosmetics brands Benefit, Bliss, Caudalie, Clarins, Clinique, Dior, Estée Lauder and Gucci all sell their products in China, where the law requires pre-market animal testing for all imported cosmetics. There are also reports of Chinese authorities carrying out post-market animal testing on cosmetics already approved for sale, and also requiring companies to carry out additional animal testing for cosmetic ingredients that have not previously been approved for use in China.

There are many beauty companies, including my own

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