Protect Critically Endangered Himalayan Woolly Wolf

The Himalayan woolly wolf is facing extinction in Nepal. Local ranchers are killing the wolf, which they see as a threat to their livestock. We must protect this rare and exotic species before it is gone forever.

Source: Protect Critically Endangered Himalayan Woolly Wolf

Urge the Missouri Primate Foundation to Retire 17 Chimpanzees to Accredited Sanctuaries!

Seventeen chimpanzees are languishing in small, filthy cages at a notorious former chimpanzee-breeding facility called the Missouri Primate Foundation. Speak up today!

Source: Urge the Missouri Primate Foundation to Retire 17 Chimpanzees to Accredited Sanctuaries!

Lawsuit Filed Against Facebook For Text Messages

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

20150821155725-gifs-coming-facebook-posts-1So you had a cell phone, and a Facebook Page, and you agreed to receive text messages from Facebook.  Then, you exchanged, lost, or cancelled your cell phone account.  For whatever the reason, you now have a new cell phone number.   Your old phone number is assigned to someone else and guess what?  They are now receiving text messages from Facebook intended for you.

They new owner of the phone number wants Facebook to stop sending them text messages intended for you, but Facebook doesn’t stop.    The owner of the Facebook page has to confirm that they no longer want text messages sent to their old cell phone number. You’re not the owner of the Facebook page and cannot make changes to the Facebook account that belongs to someone else.

Last year, Facebook settled a case filed by a Florida woman who sued them for unwanted texts.  This time around…

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Exposed: Juvenile Ostriches Butchered for Hermès ‘Luxury’ Bags


Soon after exposing the slaughter of alligators and crocodiles for Hermès Birkin bags, eyewitnesses capture video of an Hermès supplier butchering young ostriches.


Source: Exposed: Juvenile Ostriches Butchered for Hermès ‘Luxury’ Bags

Kenya burns confiscated ivory – in pictures | Environment | The Guardian


                                                        Every 15 minutes a elephant is killed for this


                                                                                       April 30,2016


The week in wildlife – in pictures | Environment | The Guardian


Petition · VINCE stop using REAL FUR! ·


Tell Your U.S. Representative to Protect Big Cats From Cruel Captivity!


petition: Tigers slaughtered to produce bone paste to fuel the illegal tiger trade in Vietnam! Please help.



Animal Shelter #charity Post: “The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap” by Paulette Mahurin


logo-mainI’m currently collaborating with several great authors on a project in aid of the Santa Paula ‘No Kill’ Animal Rescue Center. 
While our project is getting off the ground, let me introduce you to Paulette Mahurin, who got us all on to this idea through her own generosity and kind nature. All profits from her bestseling and award winning book “The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap”

go to help The Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center: SPARC:

Buy a book – save a life!

Buy a book – save a life! 

SPARC is the first and only no-kill animal shelter in Ventura County, CA.

In June 2011, Santa Paula became “host” to the first and only no kill animal shelter in the Ventura County, providing humane care and treatment for the stray and abandoned animals of the city as well as educational, spay/neuter, vaccination, licensing and other services. Pet over…

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Petition · Ford County States Attorney’s office : Justice for Bear ·


Petition · Keep Charles Manson Cult Murderer Leslie Van Houten from Early Prison Release ·


31 Hilarious Photos Only Cat Owners Will Understand


Burn baby burn

Fight for Rhinos

I spoke to Chinese visitors who were astounded to see these mountains of ivory. After explaining where the tusks come from and the burn they agreed to pose with a tusk. It’s raw form is not beautiful or shiny; it is smelly, dirty and has hack marks on it. I explained why. At first she had no words. she just stared at the stacks. Then she called her friend and said, “I will tell Chinese people not to buy ivory”.

This was the experience of Paula Kahumbu, conservationist and CEO of Wildlife Direct, discussing Kenya’s upcoming ivory burn.

10000 dead elephants keny burn

The largest burn in history: 106 tonnes of ivory, 10,000 dead elephants (or to put in in perspective a 30 mile train of elephants trunk to tail) will be destroyed April 30th in Kenya

More than a “display”, the burn will transpire after a much larger event, the Giant’s Club Summit. African leaders…

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The story of a tusk … KG / VOI RIVER / 30/5/14

Mark Deeble

The Ivory Burn is about to happen and for days the internet has been full of pictures of the pyres being built, conservationists having their pictures taken with tusks, and heart-felt video pleas.

Despite the piles of tusks rising above the plains in some grotesque parody of a rural village, I’ve found it hard to contemplate the significance of what they mean in terms of individual lives. There are so many that it is overwhelming.

We’ve tried. We worked out that the number of tusks in the pyres represents a procession of elephants over 30 miles long, and while it creates a powerful mental image, it gets us no closer to the individuals.

Procession : Burn

I was looking through images of the piles of tusks, posted by Salisha Chandra, cofounder of KUAPO (Kenyans United Against Poaching), when one close-up caught my eye. What first drew my attention, was a spiral bound notebook…

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Nearly 50 Labradors Rescued From Puppy Mill With No Food Or Water

Petition update · More executions to be scheduled for next week! ·


Greg Abbott: Fire Carter Smith!
by Alan Warren · 3,091 supporters
Petition update
More executions to be scheduled for next week!
Alan Warren
San Antonio, TX

Apr 28, 2016 — Do you want to attend?

Carter Smith’s TPWD is planning on another round of unnecessary deer executions next week about 1 hour from San Antonio.

Would you like to join me at the ranch when the Death Squad arrives and the executions take place?

I hope so!

Be advised that these executions will sicken you and you will never be the same again. Never.

Want to see healthy deer killed, have their heads cut off like Isis Terrorists do to humans and see how they dispose of the deer bodies?

How will you react? Will you cry? Will you throw up? Will you plead to the Death Squad to NOT do the unthinkable?

Or will you sit back and do nothing and allow the Reign of Death from Carter Smith to continue to march through rural Texas?

It will be bloody and emotional for all (except for the Government appointed executioners).

For them? It’ll be business as usual. As they say… “It’s nothing personal. I’m just doing my job.”

This may be your only chance to show your disgust in person. There is strength in numbers and I’m hopeful we can get an Army of people that tell Carter Smith (and Governor Greg Abbott) that Enough is Enough!

Carter Smith MUST see that the rogue actions of his TPWD are unacceptable and they must stop now!

Carter Smith and Governor Abbott….You know that there is a LIVE TEST alternative to killing these animals! The deer did nothing wrong.

Your monstrous and inhumane acts must stop immediately!

If you want to see first hand, just how our “trusted State Agency” continues to kill healthy deer and relentlessly assault Texas landowners, please Post in the Comment section of this Petition and include your email address.

Once a date and time for next weeks executions is set, I will let you all know.

Thank you for caring and for standing up for what is right.

I await hearing from you.

Alan Warren


Carter Smith doesn’t think you are aware of what is going on
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1,909 needed to reach 5,000

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Nothing Kills More Animals Than Geoengineering, HAARP, & Nuclear Contamination

Parents say “Relentless Bullying” Facebook Post led to 14-year-old’s Suicide

WARRENTON, Mo. – Parents of a Missouri middle school student are reeling after their daughter took her own life following months of alleged harassment – in person and on social media – by the girl’s classmates.

Destiny Gleason, 14, hanged herself on Wednesday from a pull-up bar in her bedroom after what her parents describe as relentless bullying culminated in a fight at school last Tuesday.

There’s A Mouse in the House!!

My Good Time Stories

micolo-j Flickr Photo Credit: Micolo-j via CC Flickr

This is a re-post of an article that I posted way back when I first began my “Good Time Stories” page. It is one of my favorite little stories. I hope you like it as much as I do!!

There are many people in today’s world that want nothing to do with helping other people. Their thought is, “why should I go out of my way to help them with the problem that they are facing? It has nothing to do with me.” Well, sometimes this decision can come back to affect them. The story today clearly illustrates why, sometimes, we should go out of our way to help others.

A mouse looked through the crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife open a package. What food might this contain? The mouse wondered – he was devastated to discover it…

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USDA Refuse To Pay For Cows Poisoned By Pesticides

Nwo Report

USDA say they will not compensate farmers whose cows were poisoned by Monsanto pesticides on nearby cropsSource: AP

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is refusing to pay compensation to two Idaho families who say a pesticide treatment contaminated their crops and poisoned their cows. 

The USDA told the families to file a lawsuit if they wish to claim compensation, an act that could bring farmers to bankruptcy and risk the $70 million potato pest eradication program in Idaho.

The Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN) was discovered in 2006, threatening Idaho’s $900 million potato industry. The next year, the USDA began treating infected fields with methyl bromide. The treatment reduced the pest, but it was stopped in 2014 because of concerns from a grower, said Brian Marschman, State Plant Health Director for APHIS, a branch of USDA.

Among those concerns were cattle with oozing lesions and spontaneously aborted calves, according to Idaho State Department of Agriculture documents obtained by The Associated Press.

The Eldredge-Kelley family, one of…

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Police are Creating Fake Facebook Accounts to Monitor You — Here’s How to ID a Fake Account Mon, April 25, 2016

The Truth is the LIGHT

images.duckduckgo.comKristan T. HarrisAmerican Intelligence Report

Police departments around the nation have taken predictive crime prevention to a new level by building fake user accounts, as well as posing as genuine people to gather information about local events, Tech.Mic reports.

Local agents put on a “digital mask” and pose as “members of the community,” allowing them to gather personal information about suspects they consider a high risk of being involved in a future crime or have existing charges.

In a social media guide for law enforcement officials published by the Justice Department, the document details, officers create fraudulent profiles even though Facebook officially bans the practice.

Departments are also beginning to use predictive analytical policing software, allowing authorities to patrol local neighborhoods based on social networking posts. If people are emotionally upset and publish it on social media networks, the software program labels the neighborhood high risk alerting law enforcement to occupy those areas.

In a recent article published by Business Insider one…

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petition: SAVE the Pack Animals at Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon, Arizona


Video of the Day: A Dog Named Gucci trailer

The Paw Report

A-Dog-Named-Gucci-BANNER-1-1024x624From burn victim to rock star, the story of one dog who changed a law and proved justice is a dog’s best friend.

A Dog Named Gucci is a new documentary film from Gorman Bechard, examining animal abuse laws in the United States and the animals who inspire us to make a change. The film’s title character, Gucci, was a 10-week old puppy when he was doused with lighter fluid and set on fire by his abusers. Thankfully, a man named Doug James happened to hear his cries, find him and save his life. But could there be justice for what Gucci endured? The film follows Doug as he fights to strengthen Alabama’s anti-cruelty law, working with legislators on a “Gucci Bill” to make domestic animal abuse a felony in his state.

MVD8252D.jpgI’m sure that readers of my blog understand all too well how animal abuse crimes go unpunished. If…

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Colorado poacher gets big fine after illegal elk killing

Summit County Citizens Voice

Bull elk in morning sun, Rocky Mountain National Park. A Colorado elk poacher will lose his license and pay more than $14,000 in fines after pleading guilty to numerous violations of hunting laws. @bberwyn photo.

Three other men also face fines for related crimes

Staff Report

A Colorado man has been ordered to pay more than $14,000 in fines after pleading guilty to numerous poaching charges charges.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 59-year-old Melvin Weaver killed three bull elk on the Uncompahgre Plateau west of Montrose last fall, then called friends and told them to come to the location and to use their licenses to claim the animals as their own. In Colorado, hunters can only tag animals that they have shot themselves.

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Hello Everyone! I’ve Missed You All – Part 2

Can anyone help Carol? She lives in Florida,this is a very sad situation my heart breaks for her and her cats!!

Pussy Cats 3

I contacted RU4ME organization here in Palm Beach County FL.  They are a wonderful rescue organization, and they find homes for mainly cats who need to be adopted.  Sometimes dogs too, I believe.  They accepted Rusty and Romeo.

Those two were adopted immediately.  Together.  That was the stipulation I put on them.

I texted the adopter, and she assured me, as did RU4ME, that she was a good placement for Rusty and Romeo.

For the last 3 months, I have missed them terribly, and of course, I had Patches with me, but there was an emptiness going on here.

Two weeks ago, I got a text from the adopter, telling me that she couldn’t keep them any longer, and even though she has tried to get someone to take Rusty and Romeo, she was getting panicky.  (She wasn’t the only one.)  Could I take them?  I said I couldn’t, but…

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video shows woman walking her dog while driving

Video shows woman walking her dog while driving
by Cale Ahearn

Stockton, Ca. – A very upset woman in California claims she confronted a dog owner who was walking her dog while driving a car.

In the video a dog runs alongside its owner’s car, tethered by what Amanda Brajkovich described as a rope.

“You’re going to be a dog owner, a responsible dog owner, then you need to get out and walk your dog you know, don’t be lazy,” said the Stockton resident.

The owner of the dog, though hard to hear in the video, defended herself. She claimed the dog wasn’t dragged and there was no tension on its leash.

Despite the owner’s defense, Brajkovich was furious and posted her video on Facebook warning others this kind of treatment of an animal is not acceptable.

“First thought was ‘oh my god this dog is going to get hurt’ you know, maybe a car’s going to go past him and hit him,” she said.

Pet owners in Stockton agree.

“They should… shouldn’t be doing that, they should think twice about it, it’s too dangerous. The dog could get hurt running out in the street like that,” said David Pericle.

“You shouldn’t have a pet if you’re going to doing that because that’s not right to be walking your dog through a car,” Ramon Gonzalez of Stockton told FOX40.

The Stockton Police Department said their animal control department reviewed the video. They say, “At this point it appears there was no animal cruelty.”

However, if officers had witnessed it, “the driver would have been cited for distracted driving.”

“Like even if it wasn’t hurting the dog, you’re taking the chance of somebody else hurting your dog,” Brajkovich said of the officer’s statement.

Brajkovich said she hopes by sharing the video, other pet owners will step up and do right by their pets.

“Give people more courage to actually stand up and say something to speak for the animals who can’t speak for themselves,” she said.

Cale Ahearn | April 26, 2016 at 11:04 AM | Tags: car, dog, dog walking | Categories: News | URL:

Frozen vegetable recall: Possibly-tainted products sent to 35 states, Canada | WPMT FOX43

Frozen vegetable recall: Possibly-tainted products sent to 35 states, Canada
Posted 9:16 AM, April 26, 2016, by Tribune Media Wire


PASCO, Wash. – A Washington company is recalling its frozen vegetables in the United States and Canada over a possible listeria contamination, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned over the weekend.

CRF Frozen Foods of Pasco, Washington is taking the voluntary precaution after Ohio state health officials found the organism in one lot of peas and another of white sweet cut corn.

The vegetables involved in the recall were distributed to the following states in the U.S. but may have been redistributed nationwide: AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, LA, MD, MA, MI, MN, MO, MT, NV, NH, NJ, NY, NC, OH, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV and WI. In Canada, the vegetables were sent to British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Listeria can cause potentially fatal infections in young children, elderly people or those with weakened immune systems. Pregnant women may suffer a still birth from an infection. In healthy adults, symptoms include high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

No listeria infections have been connected to the company’s vegetables as of Monday.

The following is a list of the items under recall:













Anyone who purchased the vegetables is urged to discard them or take them back to the store for a refund. Anyone with questions should call (844) 551-5595 or visit the website.

Topics: CRF Frozen Foods, frozen vegetables, States

Petition update · End Dolphin Captivity in Australia ·


Wake Bali Dolphins: Free four wild dolphins contained in a tiny resort pool
by Craig Brokensha · 447,996 supporters
Petition update
End Dolphin Captivity in Australia
Craig Brokensha
Sydney, Australia

Apr 26, 2016 — It’s been brought to my attention that Dolphin Marine Magic at Coffs Harbour in Australia is also keeping dolphins in a small chlorinated pool as a tourist attraction.

A baby dolphin within this facility died a few weeks ago as a result of its stomach filling up with litter.

Please help by signing and sharing this petition to bring the captive dolphin industry in Australia to an end..

Stop Hammerhead Sharks in Adelaide Nightclub
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Wake Bali Dolphins: Free four wild…

Save Penguins and Their Habitat

Penguins are facing grave threats from pollution, climate change and fishing. If the penguins are to be saved, we must protect environmentally sensitive areas of Antarctica before it is too late.

Source: Save Penguins and Their Habitat