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Step by step guide to getting Neonicotinoids banned

Tallbloke's Talkshop

imageEnvironmental activist groups have grown in their ambitions over recent history, they have moved from climbing trees, trying to stop bypasses being constructed, to scaring governments into bending to their will. One of the most recent examples of this power being exerted, involved the honey bee. Neonicotinoids were chosen as the bad guy. A campaign to have the pesticides banned was formulated

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Two Texas men, ages 63 and 55, charged with animal cruelty after ‘fatally mutilating a horse by cutting off her genitals’

Straight from the Horse's Heart

May there be a very hot place in hell for Arturo Aleman and Erasmo Nunez, who mutilated a mare’s genitals.  – Debbie

SOURCE: dailymail.co.uk


  • Arturo Aleman, 63, and Erasmo Nunez, 55, allegedly tied up mare, Yanaha
  • Then cut off horse’s genitals, before leaving her for dead in field in Texas
  • Mare, 5, was taken to veterinary hospital with serious injuries to genitalia
  • One rescue worker said Yanaha’s largest wound ‘was the size of football’
  • Suspects accused of cruelty to livestock animal; have both posted bond

Arturo Aleman, 63, and Erasmo Nunez, 55, reportedly tied up the mare, named Yanaha, and cut off her genitals, before leaving her for dead in a field they…

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New Company Eyes Horse Slaughter in New Mexico

Straight from the Horse's Heart

SOURCE:  koat.com

Company has ties to Valley Meat, AG says

By Alana Grimstad

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ROSWELL, N.M. —Processing horse meat for human consumption may still happen in New Mexico, but state officials are fighting to stop that.

For years a Roswell company called Valley Meat tried to slaughter horses in New Mexico and ship the meat overseas for people to eat. The company gave up the fight after years of court battles and a judge’s decision forcing it to stop.

Now a new company is trying to do the same thing, and the Attorney General is trying to stop it.

“Many of the same people who were behind Valley Meat are behind this new enterprise,” said Assistant Attorney General Ari Biernoff.

The AG argues the new company, called D’Allende Meats, is using the same plant and is proposing the same plan. Officials said the judge’s…

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NY Times spotlights major threats to the Colorado River

Climate: Can ringed seals survive the Arctic meltdown?

Summit County Citizens Voice

Ringed seals face an uncertain future in the rapidly warming Arctic. Photo courtesy NOAA. Ringed seals face an uncertain future in the rapidly warming Arctic. Photo courtesy NOAA.

Feds propose 226 million acres of critical habitat

Staff Report

FRISCO — One of the largest-ever critical habitat proposals won’t do anything to slow the decline of Arctic sea ice or halt the buildup of greenhouse gases, but it may give ice-dependent ringed seals a fighting chance to survive the Arctic meltdown.

Ringed seals were listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act in 2012 in response to a petition from the Center for Biological Diversity. This week, the National Marine Fisheries Service proposed designating 226 million acres (350,000 square miles) of critical habitat in the Bering, Chukchi and Beaufort seas. Read more about the proposed protections.

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The hottest year ever around the world – in pictures

Emilio Cogliani

These striking images capture the effects of extreme weather around the world in 2014, a year that saw record average temperatures from Australia to Europe

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from Environment | The Guardian http://ift.tt/1zjKlvB

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New study explains the role of oceans in ‘global warming hiatus’

Emilio Cogliani

New research shows that ocean heat uptake across three oceans is the likely cause of the ‘warming hiatus’ – the current decade-long slowdown in global surface warming. Using data from a range of state-of-the-art ocean and atmosphere models, the research shows that the increased oceanic heat drawdown in the equatorial Pacific, North Atlantic and Southern Ocean basins has played a significant role in the hiatus.

from Top Environment News — ScienceDaily //feeds.sciencedaily.com/~r/sciencedaily/top_news/top_environment/~3/smoJfj4HPCk/141203083754.htm

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Animal Rights Activists Kept Out of Zoo Elephant Meeting

Exposing the Big Game

Animal activists, media kept out of zoo meeting


SEATTLE — The elephant program at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo is closing.

Animal rights advocates want those elephants sent to a sanctuary instead of another zoo, and they gathered Tuesday night to voice that opinion at the Board of Directors public comment period during its scheduled meeting.

But the media and most of those who came to speak never got inside.

“They wouldn’t allow the press in, which I find appalling,” said Lisa Cane. “It is a public meeting. I don’t know how they could lawfully exclude the press and other witnesses for the rest of the community who would wish to be there.”

People were puzzled by the fact that access was limited even though the zoo is partially funded by public dollars. According to the zoo’s website, “public funding sources provide 30…

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You can hear the coral reefs dying, experts say

Emilio Cogliani

You can hear the sound of former bustling coral reefs dying due to the impact of human activity, according to new research. Scientists have found that coral reefs impacted by human activity, such as overfishing, are much quieter than protected reefs, which can have a big impact on the fish and invertebrates which rely on the reefs for survival.

from Top Environment News — ScienceDaily //feeds.sciencedaily.com/~r/sciencedaily/top_news/top_environment/~3/sPquEgaKtRQ/141203083706.htm

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TAKE ACTION after another orca birth at SeaWorld

Please Sign Petition

Ocean Advocate

Yesterday, SeaWorld posted a video of Kalia giving birth to another Blackfish baby in captivity at SeaWorld San Diego. While the park celebrates, activists cringe.

Kalia is just shy of being 10 years old.  She was not given a choice, but rather she was artificially inseminated last year in order to be a “cash cow” for SeaWorld’s breeding program.  According to scientific studies, orcas in the wild do not produce their first calf until approximately 14-15 years of age.

Kalia’s calf will be the 11th killer whale housed at SeaWorld San Diego, cramped in a very small space.  Behind the Thrills seems “thrilled” at the new birth and proudly state “the calf will not be removed from it’s mother (contrary to popular belief) but will instead be kept with the mother at all times.”  It will be interesting to watch how long these two remain together before one…

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Birds May Carry New Diseases to a Warming North

strange behaviors

Glaucous gulls and polar bears on the carcass of a dead whale may be sharing more than a meal (Photo: USGS) Glaucous gulls and polar bears on the carcass of a dead whale may be sharing more than a meal (Photo: USGS)

We’ve all heard about insects moving northward and bringing dengue fever, chikungunya virus, and other diseases with them.  But the threat from birds, particularly to other wildlife species, hadn’t occurred to me before.  Here’s a press release about a disconcerting new study in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment:

When wild birds are a big part of your diet, opening a freshly shot bird to find worms squirming around under the skin is a disconcerting sight. That was exactly what Victoria Kotongan saw in October, 2012, when she set to cleaning two of four spruce grouse (Falcipennis canadensis) she had taken near her home in Unalakleet, on the northwest coast of Alaska. The next day, she shot four grouse and all four harbored the long…

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Obama’s Executive Action Will Finish Off America

Nwo Report

Obama's Executive Action Will Finish Off America

Obama’s unconstitutional executive action “to shield millions of undocumented immigrants,” as The New York Times puts it, is a brazen effort to further impoverish the American middle class and convert the country into a third world wasteland.

This reality is ignored by the corporate media as it celebrates Obama’s “landmark” betrayal of the Constitution.

The establishment media fails to point out the obvious: the federal government has merged a huge underclass into the system, specifically the tax system.

Details were spelled out by Neil Munro of The Daily Caller on Thursday. He noted that the legalization of illegals will impose further financial obligations on American taxpayers.

“Illegal immigrants will receive huge payments from American taxpayers under rules now being imposed by President Barack Obama’s unilateral amnesty,” Munro writes.

He points out statements by Cecilia Munoz, a former immigration lobbyist who is now a top Obama aide. Munoz admitted millions of…

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Alarm bells toll for human civilization as world’s 12th largest mega-city to run out of water in just 60 days

WebInvestigator.KK.org - by F. Kaskais


by Mike Adams

The city of Sao Paulo is home to 20 million Brazilians, making it the 12th largest mega-city on a planet dominated by shortsighted humans. Shockingly, it has only 60 days of water supply remaining. The city “has about two months of guaranteed water supply remaining as it taps into the second of three emergency reserves,” reports Reuters. [1]

Technical reserves have already been released, and as the city enters the heavy water use holiday season, its 20 million residents are riding on a fast-track collision course with severe water rationing and devastating disruptions.

But this isn’t a story about Sao Paulo; it’s a report that dares to point out that human societies are incredibly shortsighted and nearly incapable of sustainably populating planet Earth. In numerous regions around the world — including California, India, Oklahoma, Brazil, China and many more — human populations are rapidly out-growing…

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Urge Mt. Lebanon Officials to Ditch Cruelty to Deer! | Action Alerts | Actions | PETA

Urge Mt. Lebanon Officials to Ditch Cruelty to Deer! | Action Alerts | Actions | PETA.


WATCH: Joaquin Phoenix Blasts Walmart For Torturing Pigs | Ecorazzi

Life or Lunch?


Actor Joaquin Phoenix is lending his star power to lash out against the cruelty pigs endure at a Walmart pork supplier.

“Do you ever wonder where your pork comes from?” The “Inherent Vice” star asks in a Mercy For Animals video that exposes the “harsh reality” pigs undergo at a Seaborn Food factory farm in Colorado before their meat winds up in Walmart stores.

The shocking footage from an undercover investigation shows workers slicing off the tails of piglets and ripping out their testicles with razors or fingernails. Pregnant pigs are confined to gestation crates that are barely larger than their body so they are unable to walk or turn around or lie down comfortably for their entire lives.

“This is torture,” Phoenix says. “But also typical of Walmart pork suppliers across the country.”

Phoenix is the latest celebrity to join the fight against gestation crates. Bob Barker has called…

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Biodegradable Fishing Net Could Save Thousands of Dolphins, Whales, Sharks

The ocean update

Engineering student Alejandro Plasencia has created a biodegradable fishing net that aims to prevent marine animals from dying in fishing nets. Engineering student Alejandro Plasencia has created a biodegradable fishing net that aims to prevent marine animals from dying in fishing nets.

December 2nd; 2014 (John Nassivera). Engineering student Alejandro Plasencia has created a biodegradable fishing net that aims to prevent marine animals from dying in fishing nets.

Thousands of sharks, dolphins, birds and other mammals get tangled as bycatch in nets and die every year.

The World Wildlife Fund pointed out that one dolphin or porpoise dies every two minutes from being caught in fishing gear, according to Discovery News.

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TransCanada halts pipeline terminal over endangered whales

The ocean update

Oil company TransCanada has suspended construction of a terminal on a major pipeline along the St. Lawrence River after Canadian authorities classified a nearby population of beluga whales as "endangered" Oil company TransCanada has suspended construction of a terminal on a major pipeline along the St. Lawrence River after Canadian authorities classified a nearby population of beluga whales as “endangered”

December 2nd, 2014. Oil company TransCanada suspended construction of a terminal on a major pipeline along the St. Lawrence River after Canadian authorities classified a nearby population of beluga whales as “endangered.”

The arctic white whale, with its distinctive spherical forehead and smiling mouth, is present in and around Cacouna, Quebec where the terminal is planned.

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Hudson Bay sea ice above average for this date – more good news for polar bears


It’s only the 4th of December and Hudson Bay ice formation is way up over late 2000s coverage for this date — and higher than 2012, which had the lowest overall September ice extent for the Arctic since 1978.

Hudson Bay freeze-up same week_Dec 4 1971_2014 w average

This means boom times for Western and Southern Hudson Bay polar bears as sea ice formation is several days to a week ahead of last year. And as I mentioned in my last post, average November ice coverage across the Arctic this year was higher than 2003. Don’t forget that 2/3’s of the world’s polar bears live in Canada (see recent status update here; map below).

Figure 4. The Davis Strait (DS) subpopulation region runs from just below the Arctic Circle at the north end to at least 470N in the south. About half of DS lays at the same latitude as Western Hudson Bay (WH). Courtesy Environment Canada. Polar bear population status in Canada. Courtesy Environment Canada.

More maps and charts below.

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GRAPHIC VIDEO: R.I.P… PAWS Says Goodbye To Beloved Asian Elephant Annie.‏


It is with very heavy hearts that we at PAWS share news of the passing of our dear friend,Asian elephantAnnie – best known for her joyous romps in the lake that is part of our Asian elephant habitat at the ARK 2000 sanctuary. She had endured severe arthritis and foot disease, which gradually worsened over many years. After it became clear that the medications and treatments used to treat her chronic conditions were no longer providing relief, she was humanely euthanized on Tuesday, while lying on soft soil and surrounded by those who cared for and loved her. At age 55, she was among the oldest Asian elephants in North America.

“Everyone at PAWS will miss Annie. She was a very special elephant,” said PAWS president Ed Stewart. “I’m proud we were able to give her a peaceful and more natural life at the PAWS sanctuary for nearly 20…

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Raju the elephant will stay in our care thanks to your support!

A Small Group of Humpback Whales In The Arabian Sea May Have Lived Alone For 70,000 Years

The ocean update

Arabian_Humpback_Whale_-_Amazing_findings_in_Oman_SeaDecember 3rd, 2014 (Chris Pash). A population of humpback whales in the Arabian Sea may have been isolated for 70,000 years, according to a study.

The unusual non-migratory group of humpback whales is currently classified as “Endangered” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Some experts put the numbers of these Arabian Sea whales at less than 100.

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Polar bear habitat update – November 2014 average sea ice levels higher than 2003


Average polar bear habitat for November 2014 was well within two standard deviations1 and higher than 2003, according to the November report from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (line and labels added, below).

Arctic ice Nov aver_NSIDC_sm_PolarBearScience

Notice that the lowest average November level occurred in 2006not 2007 (after the second lowest September extent since 1978) and not 2012 (after the lowest September extent since 1978). Take note that the scale on the graph above does not go to zero but to a whopping ~9.5 million square km!

Quotes from the NSIDC monthy report and sea ice maps for November 2014 and 2 December 2014 below.

UPDATE 3 December 2014: CIS has issued a new ice map corrected for ice level on Hudson Bay – new map below.

Arctic sea ice in November followed a fairly average growth pace. Ice extent was near average over much of the…

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Twitter Just Made It Easier to Block Haters

The Homeless of Fort Lauderdale Can Be Fed For Now, Judge Says

The Great Irony Of The Day Goes To: Home Instead

Save Baby Wild Animals from Abuse

Save Baby Wild Animals from Abuse.

Please Take Action by Joining this Event or Signing the Petition Attached. Thank you!

Great Cats of the "World"

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Save Big Cats from Cruel Imprisonment

Thousands of abused lions, tigers, and other big cats are kept under squalid and inhumane conditions by private owners. Help free these wild animals from lives of cruel captivity.

via Save Big Cats from Cruel Imprisonment.