Report: 21 US Cities Restrict Sharing Food with Homeless People - by F. Kaskais

Franco Folini (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Franco Folini (CC BY-SA 2.0)

By Good German

Happy goddamned holidays. Deepashri Varadharajan writes at Al Jazeera America:

In the United States, 21 cities have restricted sharing food with homeless people through legislation or community pressure since January 2013, and about 10 other cities are in the process of doing so, the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) said in a report released Monday.

“One of the most narrow-minded ideas when it comes to homelessness and food-sharing is that sharing food with people in need enables them to remain homeless,” the report said.

The report was released a day before Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was set to vote “on the city’s third ordinance this year that will target the life-sustaining activities of people experiencing homelessness,” the NCH said in a news release.

“If the biggest crimes we had to worry about in this country were sitting, sleeping (in public places)…

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Ferguson unrest leads St. Louis firm to abruptly cancel Sacramento Pet Expo

Burned Greensboro dog Susie, owner still fighting for stiffer animal cruelty laws

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When Donna Lawrence wakes up every day, she rubs her dog’s head, feeling the scars that run from her skull all the way down her back, according to the Greensboro News & Record.

Hair won’t ever grow there, and Susie, the pit bull mix with the big brown eyes and brindle coat, will always have stubs for ears.

“It reminds me what I’m in this for,” Lawrence said. She’s referring to her campaign against animal abuse, which began when she adopted Susie.

The case of Susie — horrifically beaten, burned and left for dead five years ago — spurred efforts to toughen animal abuse laws.

Since Susie’s Law went into effect four years ago today, 1,506 charges of animal abuse and 257 charges of intentionally starving an animal to death have been filed against residents statewide, according to data provided by the Administrative Office of the Court.

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African Road Rage

Funny and Interesting Stuff People Have Sent Me

Now aren’t you glad we won’t experience this on our roads??????

These photos are from Thursday, Feb. 17 by someone from Centurion in Pilanesberg game reserve, South Africa .

The guy in the white Volkswagen was trying to get past the elephant.
African Road Rage002

African Road Rage003

African Road Rage004

African Road Rage005

African Road Rage006

African Road Rage007

African Road Rage008

Road rage, it affects us all

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Family of 5-year-old boy killed by spider bite to carry out his final Christmas wish

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Five-year-old Branson Carlisle had a plan his parents are proud of, but although a rare instance changed his family’s life forever, they’re still going to carry out his wish.

“He was always barefoot. He never wore his shoes,” Jessica Carlisle says, as she clicks her way through memories on a desktop computer.

She smiles at some pictures, looks thoughtful at others.

Looking through all of the pictures will take a while. Carlisle has hundreds of them. For five years most of those pictures focus her son Branson.

Those pictures show him smiling, grinning, and in one instance, standing in a bucket, but what they don’t show is his big heart. “He wanted all the kids in Africa to have toys,” Carlisle says, “I mean he was going to give his own toys.”

Branson would go around the house collecting his own…

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Prank It Forward

Drone captures haunting footage of decaying city 28 years after Chernobyl disaster

PRIPYAT, Ukraine — It’s an eerily empty city. There’s an abandoned Ferris wheel still standing, a crumbling swimming pool and buildings with belongings left behind as thousands of people evacuated nearly three decades ago.

Daniel Cooke has made a documentary about Chernobyl, using a camera attached to a drone and a Geiger counter. The Chernobyl power plant exploded in 1986.

Cooke spent a week exploring power plant and the nearby abandoned city of Pripyat. The video of his visit has since gone viral. It’s called “Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl.”

Cooke said on YouTube:

“There was something serene, yet highly disturbing about this place. Time has stood still and there are memories of past happenings floating around us.”

Check out the video above.

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They Walk Among US!

Funny and Interesting Stuff People Have Sent Me

Some guy bought a new fridge for his house.
To get rid of his old fridge, he put it in his front yard and hung a
sign on it saying: ‘Free to good home. You want it, you take it.’ For three days the fridge sat there without anyone looking twice. He eventually decided that people were too mistrustful of this deal. So he changed the sign to read: ‘Fridge for sale $50.’ The next day someone stole it!
 They walk amongst us! and vote
*One day I was walking down the beach with
Some friends when someone shouted…..’Look at that dead bird!’ Someone looked up at the sky and said…’where?’
 They walk among us! And vote
 While looking at a house, my brother asked the
Real Estate agent which direction was north because he didn’t want the sun waking him up…

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Fort Lauderdale: Stop Punishing People for Feeding Those Who Are Homeless!

A Special Thanks Today from Us at Sunset and From Some of our Partners!

A Special Thanks Today to RZA

A Special Thanks Today to Alicia Silverstone

A Special Thanks today to Chrissie Hynde

Virginia man finds his lost dog listed for sale on Craigslist

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — A 22-year-old Virginia Beach woman was arrested on Sunday after police say she fraudulently took a lost dog, listing it on Craigslist and getting caught attempting to sell it.

Jessica Colleran Jessica Colleran

The owner of the 3-year-old Siberian Husky named Nikita says she escaped from their yard near Taylor Road in Chesapeake on Saturday morning around 10:00 a.m.

But, just when Nikita’s owner started losing hope, he says he found another lead in the search for his beloved pet.

“It blew me away. Until now, I would have never thought anyone would do that,” Josh King said.

Jessica Colleran, 22, of Virginia Beach, is accused of picking up Nikita later that day after she was listed on a “found dog” Craigslist ad. Colleran told the finder of the dog that she was the owner, according to Chesapeake Police.

King says his good friend Eric Simmons spotted that ad…

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Rescue volunteers looking for homes for dogs, cats in Randolph County

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — Animal rescue volunteers are working to find homes for 39 animals.

Cathey Kindley owns 27 dogs and 12 cats. Her husband recently passed away and now her landlord is asking her to vacate the home she rents in Randleman by the end of the month.

“If I could take them all I would but I can’t,” said Lisa Lewis, an animal rescuer who is fostering four dogs and looking for volunteers to help with the rest. “They are all going to have to be spayed, neutered, shots, heart worm test.”

Volunteers and friends have reached out to a number of rescue groups, many of which are already full — especially going into the holiday weekend.

The only alternative will be to surrender the animals to the Randolph County Animal Shelter.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting one of the animals call…

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Group matching veterans with retired K-9s

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ANNISTON, Ala. — A Piedmont veteran is continuing his mission to start a nonprofit and pair dogs that served overseas with men and women who served overseas.

Brian Friddle, of Stokesdale, is in the process of forming an organization called American Paws of Brotherhood.

His vision was to help bring home retired K-9s that served in Afghanistan and Iraq with contract groups or the military. He wants to pair them with veterans struggling with PTSD so they can help heal each other.

Friddle found a group in Alabama called AMK9 Academy that is helping do just that already. The company trains dogs for law enforcement, contract groups or military work.

When the dogs retire, they bring them back to Alabama to be adopted by anyone.

“They’ve served their country, and they’re retired now either because of age, medical or workability issues so we’re trying to give them…

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Tips from IRS for year-end gifts to charity

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) today reminded individuals and businesses making year-end gifts to charity that several important tax law provisions have taken effect in recent years. Some of the changes taxpayers should keep in mind include:

Rules for Charitable Contributions of Clothing and Household Items

Household items include furniture, furnishings, electronics, appliances and linens. Clothing and household items donated to charity generally must be in good used condition or better to be tax-deductible. A clothing or household item for which a taxpayer claims a deduction of over $500 does not have to meet this standard if the taxpayer includes a qualified appraisal of the item with the return.

Donors must get a written acknowledgement from the charity for all gifts worth $250 or more. It must include, among other things, a description of the items contributed.

Guidelines for Monetary Donations

A taxpayer must have a bank…

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Funny and Interesting Stuff People Have Sent Me

“In The Heat Of The Moment”

An Airplane’s View Of A Distant Storm

Open Water Roll Cloud

Creative Mirror Positioning

Light Show at the Grand Canyon

“UFO” Spotted In Seattle

Waterspouts Over The Adriatic

A Full Circle Rainbow

The Studley Tool Chest

Praising The Sun

San Francisco is Steep

San Francisco Fog

Sunset In Santorini

The Sky Whale

When Art Meets Nature

Shelf Cloud Over Timisoara

Flyby Eclipse

Underwater Perfection

Beautiful Barn Conversion

Just Room Enough for One Island 

Abandoned Parisian Railway

Forest on Shipwreck

Their First Flight

Time-Lapse Moonrise Over LA

World’s Coolest Duck .. . . Ever!

Down The Spiral Staircase

Whiskey On The Rocks . . . Ahhhh

Moon Jelly

Forces Of Nature

Coal Train At Sunset

The Eye Of The Moon

 Dubai: Cloud City

Easter Island Sunrise

Olympic Moonrise

Tail-Pinching Buddha

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India’s Circus Elephants

Ordinance to Protect Elephants and Ban Bullhooks

End Animal Cruelty: Ending Hatred and discrimination

VIDEO – Vietnam: Cat Snatchers Arrested With Pet Cats

Wisconsin DNR Hints that Statewide Kill Quota Will Be Ignored and Season Will Not Close

Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife

Courtesy: Joseph Ogrodnik Courtesy: Joseph Ogrodnik

As we pointed out earlier this week something very fishy is going on with the Wisconsin DNR and our wolf population. The silence of the DNR told us that as usual something nefarious was going on behind the scenes and that indeed appears to be the case. When the Wisconsin DNR and their anti-wolf group stacked sham “Wolf Advisor Committee” met earlier this year a statewide kill quota of 150 wolves was agreed upon by a majority of the group. Suspiciously as of today the DNR report 146 wolves “legally” killed. This number does not include the vast number of wolves killed illegally. Now there comes word that the Wisconsin DNR and their real estate developer turned political appointee secretary, Cathy Stepp, may ignore the 150 kill quota and allow the kill season to continue far beyond that number.

The situation has created a quandary for Cathy…

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HELP NOW: Sanctuary NOT zoo for Bamboo and Chai

Exposing the Big Game

Woodland Park Zoo just announced it will be closing the elephant exhibit permanently.  That’s the good news.  Unfortunately the Zoo wants to send Bamboo and Chai to another zoo.  This is patently unacceptable.
Bamboo and Chai need the peace, autonomy, and space that no zoo can provide
Bamboo and Chai need your help to get to PAWS sanctuary

Woodland Park Zoo has clearly shown that they don’t make good decisions on behalf of the elephants:  Poor Chai was artificially inseminated 112 times.  The zoo didn’t monitor Watoto even though she was lame or call in the fire department to help raise her. She is now dead.  And see below how Woodland Park Zoo condemned poor Sri to a torturous life. If Bamboo and Chai are sent to a zoo, we lose control and they could be moved . . . again . . .  and again.  Please ask Seattle’s Mayor…

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A Cop Hugs a Tearful Boy in This Powerful Ferguson Protest Photo

Oil prices keep plummeting as OPEC starts a price war with the US

Nwo Report

Oil prices have been dropping sharply over the past three months — a huge energy story with major repercussions for dozens of countries, from the United States to Russia to Iran.

But on Friday, prices went into serious free-fall. The reason? OPEC — a cartel of oil producers that includes Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and Venezuela — had a big meeting in Vienna on November 27. Before the gathering, there was speculation that OPEC countries might cut back on their own oil production in order to prop up prices. But in the end, the cartel couldn’t agree on how to respond and did nothing.

Oil prices promptly nosedived, with the price of Brent crude now hovering around $70 per barrel:

(<a href="">NASDAQ</a>)

This marks a big shift in global oil politics. Essentially, OPEC is now engaged in a price war with oil producers in the United States. The cartel will let prices keep falling…

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Americans ‘Feel A Deep Connection To Nature’ But Aren’t Too Worried About Climate Change

Emilio Cogliani

(RNS) Most Americans say they feel a deep connection to the wider world.

But all that spiritual stargazing makes no difference in views about the facts of climate change and global warming, a new survey finds.

Just 5 percent of Americans thought climate change was the most important issue in the U.S. today. And religion was a major dividing point on how much — or how little — they think it’s a matter of concern, according to a new survey by the Public Religion Research Institute.

“We asked about spiritual measures such as being in awe of the universe, and you might think it would correlate with views about the universe. But, in fact, they have very little relationship,” said Robert Jones, CEO of PRRI, which conducted the survey on U.S. adults’ attitudes toward climate change, environmental policy and science.

The survey found:

  • 70 percent of Americans said they…

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South Africa Turns To New Breed Of Anti-Poaching Crime Fighters

Emilio Cogliani

RUSTENBURG, South Africa (AP) — Venom and Killer. These are members of a furry breed of anti-poaching operatives, dogs that can detect a whiff of hidden rhino horn in a suspect’s vehicle or follow the spoor of armed poachers in South Africa’s besieged wildlife parks.

Dogs are a small part of an increasingly desperate struggle to curb poaching in Africa, where tens of thousands of elephants have been slaughtered in recent years to meet a surging appetite for ivory in Asia, primarily China. In South Africa, poachers have killed more than 1,000 rhinos this year, surpassing the 2013 record. Countries and conservationists are trying more robust patrols and surveillance, community programs and other tactics against criminal gangs that sometimes benefit from official corruption.

As the conflict rages, elite dogs and handlers are drilling at an anti-poaching academy northwest of Johannesburg. The course prepares canine units to find firearms or contraband…

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Petition richtet sich an Bundesminister für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft Christian Schmidt und an 4 mehr

Diese Petition wird versendet an:

Bundesminister für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft

Christian Schmidt

The European Parliament’s Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of The Animals

The European Parliament’s Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of The Animals
The Belgian State Secretary for European Affairs

European Parliament/Committee on Petitions

Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

Dr. Anton Hofreiter, MdB



htp:// “Die Würde des Schweins ist unantastbar” Sänger: Reinhard Mey Overuse of Electric Prod on Pigs 2009 PART I Overuse of Electric Prod on Pigs 2009 PART II Schwein gehabt? Video Annamaria Grabowski

ENGLISH:These videos showing how the vast majority of pigs are treated upon arrival at a slaughterhouse. They are exhausted and water-deprived. During the winter, still-lactating sows may become frozen to the sides of the…

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◾Virginia Range Wild Horses Rescued from Slaughter! All 31 horses have found homes & been saved from the slaughter auction!

  • Tell the NPS to Protect Wild Horses in Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado

    A humane management plan is urgently needed.

    Elimination: via @YouTube



  • Take A Stand: #Justice4Mustangs

    We’re calling on the President, Congress and the Dept. of the Interior to halt the BLM wild horse and burro roundup program.



  • Tell BLM: Don’t exile our burros!

    The BLM is planning to send 100 federally protected wild burros to Guatemala as “working” animals. We have to stop this.

    Make your voice heard!


  • Keep Wild Horses Wild

    Ask your representatives in Washington to sign the pledge to Keep Wild Horses Wild.

    Don’t Wait


Our goal

31 Wild Horses Rescued from Carson City Prison
An Animal Rights Article from


  • Virginia Range Wild Horses Rescued from Slaughter

    All 31 horses have found homes & been saved from the slaughter auction!

    Read more…

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