Urgent Action: Stop Gadhimai festival Slaughter

Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox

‘This inhumane event is not part of the mainstream Hindu faith.
‘It is little more than a bloodlust which allows people to revel in the gory deaths of thousands of terrified creatures.’
Joanna Lumley

Nepal_gadhimai_full_5 “Beheading is no easy task and it has been reported that it often takes several attempts to behead the buffalo. Some reports state that buffalo are brought to the ground first by cutting the tendons in their legs. Furthermore, in this festival setting, with thousands of unfamiliar animals penned in together, they will experience huge levels of stress and fear, not least when other buffalo are slaughtered all around them.” CWF

This is my second post concerning this horrific slaughter of half a million helpless animals which is due to take place in Nepal on November 28th and 29th. You can read this first entry here:
http://rantingsfromavirtualsoapbox.wordpress.com/2014/07/31/stop-the-gadhimai-festival/ – Please note it would be better to take the…

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The Big Bang Bucket List Of A Buddhist Blogger

The Last Of The Millenniums

The Big Bang Theory – Leonard and Penny experiment with dating.


Extreme Parking

It's Time To Get Up - credit-bits-and-pieces It’s Time To Get Up – credit-bits-and-pieces

credit-bits-and-pieces credit-bits-and-pieces

Flying Toy Oops - credit-amy-oops Flying Toy Oops – credit-amy-oops

credit-bits-and-pieces credit-bits-and-pieces

Feeding A Wild Teddy Bear - credit-sobe-in-a-nightclub Feeding A Wild Teddy Bear – credit-sobe-in-a-nightclub

-credit-eat-liver -credit-eat-liver

credit-tastefully-offensive credit-tastefully-offensive

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Polar bear habitat update – Sea ice starting to form on Hudson Bay


Is that ice I see forming along the shore of Hudson Bay, just in time for Hallowe’en? Not enough to resume hunting but a sign that freeze-up can’t be too far off. See the ice map below and this photo posted at PolarBearAlley confirming the presence of slushy ice on the shore near Churchill.

Sea ice extent Canada 2014 Oct 31 CIS

[Map above from Canadian Ice Service updated daily, click to enlarge]

FoxeBasin_PBSG website_Oct 2013
Dead-on average ice cover in Foxe Basin this week, as it was back in 1980, see below. But look at how variable the ice has been, for the same date, since 1968! Click on graphs below to enlarge.

Hudson Bay Foxe Basin sea ice same week at Oct 29 1971_2014

What does this suggest about what’s to come? Back in 1980, by November 12 (just two weeks later), the ice in Foxe Basin was above average.

Hudson Bay Foxe Basin sea ice same week at Nov 12 1971_2013 with average

Can that tell us anything about when we can expect freeze-up this year on Hudson Bay to the south? Back in…

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Jefferson Parish woman arrested for sexually abusing a toddler and a dog

End Drift Net Fishing & Save Sperm Whales & Sea Turtles

Teach Your Children Well

Exposing the Big Game


A PETITION TO TEACH CHILDREN RIGHT—HAVING A CHILD READ ABOUT “BAMBI”, and then teaching them to kill animals, or partake in what others kill, is a destructive to their psyches and their bodies….please, sign and share below, to say we must teach ANIMAL RIGHTS IN SCHOOLS…this is the only way, to ensure a kinder and GENTLER WORLD….thanks, Animal Freedom Fighters…


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WATCH: Colbert Takes on the NRA’s Opposition to Pet Eating Ban | Ecorazzi

Life or Lunch?

colbert-592x399Thanks to the NRA people in Pennsylvania can eat their pets. No, seriously.

Stephen Colbert tackled the subject in his show on Tuesday explaining how exactly that came to be.

As it turns out, it started when local butcher shops started selling dog and cat meat and people realized there wasn’t a law prohibiting that from happening. Legislators then quickly put together House Bill 1750 that outlawed eating of household pets.

The bill, however was opposed by the NRA and never got voted on. The reason was that when the bill proceeded to the senate, a ban on live pigeon shoots was tacked on to the bill.

“According to the NRA website, banning the shooting of captive pigeons might ‘begin a slide down a slippery slope and ‘the next stop will be regulated shooting grounds,’”, said Colbert. “The dogs and cats must die in order that the pigeons may…

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Captured Eric Frein shackled with handcuffs belonging to officer he reportedly killed

Nurse Nina Pham’s dog tests negative for Ebola, both will be reunited Saturday


The Easiest Candied Nuts You Will Ever Make

The Friendly Fig

I love love love candied nuts. Those stands at Christmas markets and on the street in the city – oh my God, I’ll buy it all. And can we bottle that scent as a perfume? Thanks.

You never really know what you’re getting (as far as ingredients go) when you buy from booths and food carts, so I wanted to create my own recipe that used all vegan ingredients. This is a perfect, healthier alternative to store-bought Halloween candy and is a great treat to keep on hand for the holidays. It can easily be doubled (or tripled…or quadrupled, let’s be honest) and it comes together so quickly. Keep reading for the details!

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Watch NC family’s Halloween light display put on a spooky show

Happy Halloween everyone enjoy the show

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Have You Voted Yet? If Not, The Polls Open Next Tues Morning!

East Carolina student bags rare albino deer

This fishy crime landed a man in prison

This fishy crime landed a man in prison.

Millennials, Monsanto wants to be your hipster friend

Millennials, Monsanto wants to be your hipster friend.

Gun Safety

Militarization of local police

ACTION ALERT: US Democrat Senators, Up For Re-Election, Who Voted For The 2011 Wolf Delisting Rider

Howling For Justice

Avenge wolves delist Congress Justin F 1.

October 30, 2014

Vote these Democrat bums out of office!! They sold wolves down the river for Jon Tester’s Senate seat, in the Spring of 2011, by voting for the budget bill/ wolf delisting rider. Only 3 US Democrat Senators voted no. Why did they do this? To hold onto their Senate majority. President Obama signed the bill into law.

What the rider says:

(“SEC. 1713. Before the end of the 60-day period beginning on the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary of the Interior shall reissue the final rule published on April 2, 2009 (74 Fed. Reg. 15123 et seq.) without regard to any other provision of statute or regulation that applies to issuance of such rule. Such reissuance (including this section) shall not be subject to judicial review and shall not abrogate or otherwise have any effect on the order and judgment issued by the United…

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Rediscovering Merlot

The Wine Wankers

A scene from the movie "Sideways" Merlot hate?   A scene from the movie “Sideways”

Poor Merlot!

With just one line “I’m not drinking any f*cking Merlot!” the movie “Sideways” is believed to have delivered a hiding to the quality producers of wine from this noble grape.  For some strange reason, a lot of wine consumers took this line as meaning that Merlot was now uncool and not really all that good after all.

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9 Things to Know Before Buying Another Supplement

HSLF: 2014 Animal Protection Voter Guide

Equine Preservation of North America -EPONA

Hold the Line

Please get this out to all of our animal loving friends.  This information will help those of us that are working to save our wildlife, animals and others that have no voice in the voting process.

It is imperative that we continue to hold the line!

“Only You Can Prevent Slaughter”


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Why It Matters That PetSmart Discriminates Against Pit Bulls

Emilio Cogliani

One of Michael Vick’s former dogs died this week.

Hector the pit bull was two when he was rescued out of the NFL player’s Bad Newz Kennels.

He then got to live with a wonderful family — Clara and Roo Yori — who did all they could to give this dog the great life he so deserved, after his hellish beginning.

Hector even got to work for a while as a therapy dog, while also galavanting around the country with his human parents, proving over and over again that even pit bulls who have suffered through the worst abuse can thrive, and live safely, in loving homes.

I recently asked Roo what were the best parts of having Hector in his life. He said it was a very long list.

One thing he noted was that Hector was the ultimate adventure buddy.

Another, he said, was “knowing that…

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8 Reasons Pit Bulls Are Better Than Most People

Emilio Cogliani


I do and say a lot of ridiculous things, and people don’t bat an eyelash. I walk my pit bull down the street, and I get the strangest looks I’ve ever seen. People look at me, then at my pit pull, then back at me with confusion, disgust, fear, or any mix of those.

Pit bulls get a bad rap, and they haven’t earned it. It’s the jerks who train pit bulls (and other breeds) to be aggressive that deserve the bad rap. Those are the ones that deserve the “looks” (and in many cases jail time).

But still, I get some mighty odd glares when walking my pit bull. No matter. I’d rather hang out with a pit bull than most people any day. Here’s why:

  1. Pit bulls are smart. They’re darn smart. Heck, my pit bull is even smarter than I am. She ignores commotion around her and…

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Dead bobcat found hanging on high school goal post

WATCH: Woody Harrelson Wants You to Vote for the Environment | Ecorazzi

Life or Lunch?

woody-harrelson-592x442Woody Harrelson is getting political, encouraging people to use their vote to save the environment.

In a new television commercial from the political action committee NextGen Climate, Harrelson takes on climate change deniers. The ‘True Detective’ star, vegan and activist narrates the ad likening those who say climate change is not happening to people who denied the earth was round, cigarettes were bad for you and pollution was no biggie.

“Now they tell us climate change is a hoax. Some powerful people want to hold us back,” he says while images of crumbling glaciers and forest fires fill the screen. “But the truth is undeniable. This is a fight we will win.”

In the end of the commercial, people are reminded to vote on November 4th with that knowledge in mind.

The NextGen Climate political action committee was started by billionaire activist Tom Steyer with the intent of campaigning for…

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Great Cats of the "World"

Thank you U.S. FISH and WILDLIFE SERVICE (FWS) for Sealing the Fate of The “African Lion”.
You have shown The World once again, where your compassion, and your priorities lie..
The Almighty Buck is going to help Wipe out the Remaining of this Species………………………………………………………………………………..

Safari Club International For Immediate Release: October 27, 2014
Major Setback for Anti-Hunting Efforts; FWS Rejects Attempts to Stop Lion Hunting;
Washington, D.C. – Today, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) rejected the claim that the African lion merited listing as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act. After a long and comprehensive review of the species status, which included information from the foremost lion researchers in the world, the FWS concluded that the African lion simply is not on the brink of extinction and did not merit listing as an endangered species.
“SCI raised over $ 1 million for SCI Foundation to combat…

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Good News: Seventh Generation Got the Message

Alexandra´s Animal Awareness Blog

Photo: AAVS Photo: AAVS

It is clear that through social media, petitions, e-mails and other forms of communication companies feel the pressure of the consumers and are able to react fast. So adding your voice to a petition, writing an e-mail or picking up the phone makes a difference – for many animals in this case.

“After receiving tens of thousands of calls and e-mails and after 85,000 angry consumers signed our petition, Seventh Generation now understands the importance of animal-protection issues to consumers, and it has cleaned up its act! The company reversed course and signed on to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s letter to Congress acknowledging that animal tests are “slow, unreliable, and expensive” and calling for non-animal methods and strategies to be used first and foremost, and it has committed to advocating for this principle in all of its lobbying efforts.”

Thank you for spreading the word on…

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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Wolf biologists’ second letter urges emergency relisting of Wisconsin wolves

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife

red wolf pups

 “(E)xisting regulatory mechanisms are inadequate to detect substantial change in the Wisconsin wolf population. Therefore we urge emergency relisting pending independent scientific review.” — Oct. 15, second letter sent to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service by wolf biologists

Adrian Treves, director of the Carnivore Coexistence Lab for the UW-Madison’s Nelson Institute, joined other wolf biologists Oct. 15 in directing a second letter to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, this time not just “recommending” but urging emergency re-listing of Wisconsin wolves.

In 2011, shortly after the delisting, Treves contributed to the article “Rescuing Wolves From Politics: Wildlife as a Public Trust Resource.” Politics are destroying our wolves and wildlife. It seems the courts are the only check and balance left.

Meanwhile the DNR’s botched and bungled cruelty to wolves played out in killing 98 wolves in the first eight days of this third wolf hunt. Renown naturalist John Muir would…

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Use science to make a bubbly brew this Halloween!