Deaf dog was rescued after falling down a 100-foot cliff

Hobo, an 8-year-old Australian Shepherd, was rescued after the San Diego Humane Society said he slipped into a ravine near his family’s property in Sorrento Valley, falling down a 100-foot steep hill.

Heather Brinkmann

Video released by the San Diego Humane Society shows the organization’s emergency response crew saving an 8-year-old Australian shepherd after the dog fell 100 feet down a steep hill in Sorrento Valley, California. (Credit: San Diego Humane Society / MAGNIFI U /TMX)

SAN DIEGO – Thanks to the quick actions of emergency crews in Southern California, a deaf dog is safe after a terrifying fall down a 100-foot hill.

Hobo, an 8-year-old Australian Shepherd, was rescued after the San Diego Humane Society said he slipped into a ravine near his family’s property in Sorrento Valley, falling down a steep hill.


“One of our Humane Officers responded to the scene first, climbing down loose rock to reach the dog,” the humane society said.

But officers realized the hike back up was too dangerous, so they needed to call for backup.

The San Diego Humane set up safety lines to rappel down the steep terrain and worked to bring him back up the hill. 

(San Diego Humane Society)

“Members of the ERT Technical Response Unit rushed to the scene, setting up safety lines to rappel down the steep terrain,” they said.


It took five people to free Hobo from the brush before they could secure him.

After a grueling four hours, crews said they were able to make it safely back up the hill, and Hobo was reunited with his family.

Carriage horse found dead in his stall during record heat in NYC

Tuesday's Horse

Since the following report by One Green Planet, nothing has been done to help; no one in power (namely, elected officials) to help or intercede on behalf NYC’s carriage horses. It is business as usual for this immoral and unconscionably corrupt business. We are taking names so New Yorkers can vote these slackers O U T. It is sickening.

In the meantime . . . . carriage horses are being forced to work in very hot temperatures then get little relief when they are finally allowed to bed down for the night in their hot, cramped and virtually airless stalls. It is criminal. Look.

One Green Planet reported:

Last week during New York City’s record heatwave, acarriage horsenamed Billy was found dead in his stall, according to the New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (DOHMH).

This is just the latest incident that highlights the…

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Carriage horse Ryder found

Tuesday's Horse

Ryder belongs at a legitimate sanctuary that guarantees lifelong love and care, not a farm that slaughters animals.” — Edita Birnkrant, Executive Director for NYCLASS

AMNY (Aug. 30, 2022) — An animal rights advocacy organization says they have located Ryder, the horse who collapsed in Midtown after the work animal was quietly taken out of the city by the horse drawn carriage industry.

After Ryder’s collapse on Aug. 10, Ryder was deemed to be around 30 years old by an NYPD veterinarian, which has activists calling for legal ramifications.

Activists have been searching for the aging workhorse ever since Transit Workers Union Local 100 claimed he was safe and sound at an upstate farm following outrage over his treatment. Now, the Center for a Humane Economy claims to have located Ryder after a tip from a horse rescuer.

According to the Center for a Humane Economy, Ryder is…

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Lady Freethinker Launches Second Year of Urgent Need Grants – Here’s How to Apply

Lady Freethinker

Adobe Stock

Sign This Petition

Lady Freethinker is opening its Urgent Need Fund for the second year in a row — an exciting grant opportunity to connect organizations helping animals with the financial support they need.

This year’s deadline is September 23, 2022, so if you’re interested, get your application in today!

The program is open to registered nonprofits working on projects to rescue or care for animals or to raise awareness to improve the way animals are treated. This compassionate action could involve providing needed medical care, food, or housing for animals, or humane education programs.

Last year, Lady Freethinker awarded more than a cumulative $75,000 to a variety of organizations, including a safe haven for farmed animals, a therapeutic nonprofit that connected rescued animals to youth with trauma for mutual healing, and small dog and cat rescues.

This year, applicants are eligible to receive up to a maximum $10,000 to carry out their caring work. 

To be eligible for the program, you must be:

  • Registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the U.S. or registered as an NGO in your country;
  • Established for at least 2 years;
  • Able to provide your most current Form 990, Form 990-EZ, or other NGO reporting form (if you are outside of the United States).

In order to complete the application, you’ll also need to provide an overview of your organization and your mission, a link to your organization’s website, a description of the specific project that the award would fund, and documentation of your organization’s tax-exempt status.

Grant applications are due by Sept. 23, 2022. Awards will be decided by Nov. 23, 2022.

You can apply here. Please send any questions about the Urgent Need Fund to:

Sign Petition: Protect the Adorable, Tiny, Bumblebee Bat!

  • by: Care2 Team
  • recipient: Thailand Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

One of the most amazing things about Earth is the rich biodiversity that exists across it. From dense tropical rainforests to dramatic, arid deserts, our planet is literally teeming with life — and some of that life just happens to be simply adorable. Weighing on average less than .07 ounces, the bumblebee bat falls into this category. But the tiny species is at risk, and we must encourage the Thai government to protect this exceptionally cute creature before it is too late!

 Sign now to demand Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment work to increase conservation efforts of the bumblebee bat and protect the species from extinction! 

The aptly-named bumblebee bat — also known as Kitt’s hot-nosed bat — is the smallest bat in the world, and has the smallest skull size of any mammal on earth. These tiny creatures are on average 1.14 inches long, so short and tiny that they could be easily confused with a bumblebee if you didn’t know what you were looking for. In fact, bumblebee bats typically weigh less than a penny! In this case, while their size makes them extra cute for us humans to observe and appreciate, it also puts them at heightened risk for ecosystem changes and habitat loss. And like so many other species, this adorably small creature is at high risk because of human activity. The IUCN, the international body which monitors population changes of species, tragically lists the bumblebee bat as threatened. Scientists have recommended that governments improve the protection and management of the bats’ roosting caves, as well as increased protection for other habitats the species relies on, including foraging areas. These changes could immediately be implemented in Thailand, averting the extinction of the smallest bat on the planet!

Scientists are literally giving us the blueprint for how to save one of the tiniest mammals on Earth, and it is time we heed their calls. Sign the petition now to put pressure on Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to increase protections for this tiny, beloved creature! We must work quickly before the bumblebee bat is lost forever!

SIGN: Justice for Lions Trapped in Pens and Shot by Trophy Hunters

Photo Credit: Flickr/realafricasafari

PETITION TARGET: UK Prime Minister and Ministers George Eustice and Lord Zac Goldsmith 

Lions reared in cages are being shot to death by trophy hunters who shell out big bucks to hide in nearby blinds and then massacre the unsuspecting animals, according to The Mirror

The chance to gun down rhinos, crocodiles, and elephants also was advertised at the United Kingdom’s first-ever “stalking show,” which over the course of two days attracted 90 exhibitors.

An undercover investigator working for the Humane Society International-UK who attended the event reported that company representatives said that paying customers could kill any species they wanted, and also that they could kill an unlimited number of animals. 

“The only limit is how much money you’ve got,” one reportedly told the investigator.

Another representative offered the chance to shoot at “caged lions,” according to The Mirror.

“You tell them you want to hunt a lion, and a few weeks before you go, they are gonna throw them out… into a big pen,” the representative reportedly said. “Then when you turn up, you’ll sit in a blind.”

While one wildlife killing company told news media the cowardly hunts aid conservation efforts, numerous reports have shown that trophy killing doesn’t protect animals – nor does it help local people as killing companies frequently claim.

The United Kingdom has made headlines recently for touting a strong stance against trophy hunting. But the language of a bill to ban the import of animal “trophies,” pitched by a private Member of Parliament (MP), has yet to be released for serious consideration, while events like the stalking show continue to advertise these grotesque vacations.

Killing innocent and precious wildlife in order to hang their corpses or dismembered body parts on a wall is not conservation – and it’s not a “sport.”

It’s a cruel, cowardly, and reprehensible blood bath of innocent animals, and the United Kingdom must take immediate and decisive steps to end the brutal demand within its boundaries.

Sign our petition urging the UK’s Prime Minister and Ministers George Eustice MP and Lord Zac Goldsmith to strongly support and advocate for a ban on importing animal “trophies” and trophy hunted animal parts into the United Kingdom, and so help end gruesome suffering while saving countless lives.

SIGN: Justice for Horse who Collapsed Giving Carriage Rides in 104-Degree Heat

Representative image. (Photo Credit: Benjamin/Adobe Stock)

PETITION TARGETS: Palma Town Council and Mayor José Hila

When a severely exhausted and brutally overworked horse used for carriage rides, collapsed in 104-degree heat on a street in Spain, the carriage driver responded by violently jerking the animal’s head from the pavement in an attempt to coax the horse to stand up, the Daily Mail reported.

The poor horse laid on the ground while the tourists in the carriage remained seated. Although at least one passerby begged the driver to give the horse water and let the tired animal rest, the horse instead lumbered back to his feet, according to news reports.

Horse-drawn carriage rides are a common cruelty in the tourist hub of Palma, the capital city on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca.  A month prior to this horrific, documented incident, another overworked horse collapsed in the same area, and police halted a carriage pulled by an elderly limping horse that clearly should not have been working, according to news reports.

A Spanish advocacy organization reported that the horses were still being put to work in violation of new regulations prohibiting their use during high temperatures, according to the Daily Mail.

Palma’s city government is reportedly considering replacing horse carriages with some form of electric transportation, and this should be a priority before any more horses needlessly suffer.

Sign our petition urging the government of Palma to ban horse carriage rides. Tourist money is never an acceptable excuse for animal cruelty, and Palma officials should act swiftly to prevent any more horses from suffering such painful exploitation.

SIGN: Pass New York Ban on Selling Cosmetics Cruelly Tested on Animals

Lady Freethinker

Representative image via Shutterstock

PETITION TARGET: New York Governor Kathy Hochul

Animals used to test ingredients for cosmetics undergo brutal and painful procedures, including having shampoos dripped into their eyes, chemicals rubbed into open wounds in their skin, or toxic substances forced into their bodies until they die.

The suffering and deaths of the thousands of animals used in these grotesque procedures — most commonly mice, rabbits, and guinea pigs — is completely unnecessary, because the United States doesn’t mandate testing on animals for cosmetics and compassionate alternatives already exist, such as computer models and human cell-based tests.

New York is the latest state to recognize the cruelty and nonsense of continuing to force defenseless animals to severely suffer to create “beauty” products for people. Senate Bill S4839B, the state’s Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act, would end the sale within the state of new animal-tested cosmetics.

“No animal should ever face abuse or unsafe conditions, and we have made it clear that New York will not tolerate their mistreatment,” said Sen. Alessandra Biaggi, the bill’s sponsor.

The bill has passed the Assembly and Senate and is on its way to New York Gov. Kathy Hochul — and it’s critical that this life-saving legislation pass.

Nine statesCalifornia, Nevada, Illinois, Louisiana, Hawaii, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and Maine — already have banned testing on animals for cosmetics, showing it’s entirely possible to have safe products for humans that don’t entail animal suffering.

It’s high time that New York follow suit.

Sign our petition urging Gov. Hochul to quickly review and whole-heartedly support the NY Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act. It’s the right thing to do — for both people and the estimated half a million animals who suffer and die in cruel cosmetic tests each year.

“Woman Pleads for Dog’s Safe Return After Car Stolen in DC”

Democrats Are Demanding An Extra $50,000,000 For Food For Illegal Immigrants.

Natalie Winters

Amidst ongoing food supply chain issues and shortages in the U.S., House Democrats introduced a bill that would designate an extra $50,000,000 for food programs for migrants in addition to a baseline of $150,000,000.

The bill, H.R. 8725, was sponsored by Representative Eleanor Norton, a Democrat representing the District of Columbia, on August 16th and has since been referred to the Committee on Appropriations.

If enacted, the proposal would “provide supplemental appropriations for the Emergency Food and Shelter Program to provide humanitarian relief for migrants, and for other purposes,” according to the bill text.

“There is appropriated, out of any amounts in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, $50,000,000, to remain available until expended, for the ‘‘Federal Emergency Management Agency—Federal Assistance’’ account,” proposes the bill.

The funds would be “made available to the emergency food and shelter program for purposes of providing shelter and other services to families and individuals encountered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).”

The Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) has already received $280 million in funding for its operations throughout 2022. The sum was broken down into $130,000,000 for U.S. citizens and $150,000,000 for migrant families and individuals encountered by DHS.

Rep. Norton’s bill appears to apply specifically to migrants who come into contact with DHS as opposed to including American citizens.

Under the Biden White House, illegal immigration into the U.S. has skyrocketed, with many migrants attempting to enter the U.S. via the porous southern border. The $50,000,000 would likely go towards these individuals, who’ve already received taxpayer-funded healthcare and cross-country flights.

The decision to allocate an additional $50,000,000 to migrant services also follows shortages of common household items and food products such as baby formula plaguing U.S. citizens, with forecasts suggesting the shortages will intensify.

It also follows the rampant inflation under the Biden White House causing a considerable increase in demand for foodbanks across the U.S.

ABC, CBS, NBC evening newscasts largely abandon ‘Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster,’ study indicates

Brian Flood

In August 2021, U.S. forces withdrew from Afghanistan and the Taliban were back in power. One group answered the call of duty and volunteered to save our allies. Their effort to rescue one interpreter turned into an evacuation saving thousands.

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles!

ABC, CBS and NBC have largely moved on from the Taliban taking Afghanistan back following the botched withdrawal of U.S. troops last August, as coverage on evening newscasts dropped to a measly seven seconds in July, according to a new study.

Last week, NBC’s “Today,” ABC’s “Good Morning America” and “CBS Mornings” failed to recognize that it was exactly one year since the Aug. 26, 2021, terror attack outside Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport in Afghanistan left 11 Marines, one Army soldier and a Navy corpsman dead. But skipping the somber one-year mark of the suicide bomb that killed 13 Americans isn’t the only thing that indicates broadcast networks are moving past Afghanistan coverage.  

The conservative watchdog Media Research Center analyzed evening newscasts on ABC, NBC and CBS and found a staggering decline in coverage in a study headlined, “CHAOS: One Year of the Networks Hiding Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster.”

ABC’s "World News Tonight," "NBC Nightly News" and CBS’ "Evening News" spent 409 minutes and 12 seconds on Afghanistan in August 2021 and the number evaporated to a mere seven seconds in July 2022, according to Media Research Center findings. 

ABC’s “World News Tonight,” “NBC Nightly News” and CBS’ “Evening News” spent 409 minutes and 12 seconds on Afghanistan in August 2021 and the number evaporated to a mere seven seconds in July 2022, according to Media Research Center findings.  (AP Photo/Ahmad Halabisaz)


ABC’s “World News Tonight,” “NBC Nightly News” and CBS’ “Evening News” spent 409 minutes and 12 seconds on Afghanistan in August 2021 and the number evaporated to a mere seven seconds in July 2022, according to the MRC findings. 

“It’s not as though life under the Taliban suddenly became peaceful and quiet once the President removed U.S. troops. For instance, January 2022 saw a mere six minutes and 31 seconds of evening newscast coverage. But the reality on the ground was chaos, suffering and death. When journalists bothered to cover Afghanistan, they actually seemed to notice the severity of the disaster,” MRC research director Scott Whitlock wrote. 

Whitlock noted the networks quickly moved on from the ongoing story, as it was only covered for 16 total minutes in October of last year. 

“It’s also important to note that when there was Afghanistan coverage, the words ‘Joe Biden’ were often missing from the stories,” he added.

ABC, NBC and CBS rarely tie President Biden to chaos in Afghanistan, according to the Media Research Center.

ABC, NBC and CBS rarely tie President Biden to chaos in Afghanistan, according to the Media Research Center. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


The MRC reported that NBC anchor Lester Holt even referred to it as a “crisis in Afghanistan” in January 2022, but the network only spent about six minutes on the story that entire month and has softened President Biden’s role when the story is mentioned. 


“The first two months of summer 2022 saw almost a complete collapse of coverage. In June, just three minutes and 31 seconds. July was even worse: A shocking low of just seven seconds and all of that came from ‘World News Tonight.’ In an otherwise unrelated story on veterans, one service member noted, ‘Everyone I knew in the veteran community had a mental breakdown when Afghanistan fell,’” Whitlock wrote. “That was it for the month. No utterances of the name Joe Biden and no stories on Afghanistan.”

Even as interest in the story “picked up” in August 2022 because of one-year anniversary retrospectives, networks “continued to downplay Joe Biden’s role in overseeing the debacle,” according to the MRC. 


“When it comes to the media, history is often a guide. With autumn and the 2022 midterms coming, journalists will likely go back to ignoring the perilous situation in Afghanistan. After all, Joe Biden is a Democrat and he must be protected. Even if that means ignoring chaos, suffering and death in a dangerous Afghanistan,” Whitlock wrote. 

Brian Flood is a media reporter for Fox News Digital. Story tips can be sent to and on Twitter: @briansflood.


“‘Frightening insight’: Biden unleashes a ‘nonsensical word salad’”

Facebook: Don’t Promote Illegal Sale of Endangered Animals – ForceChange

Sign this petition to demand Facebook better regulate content related to animal trafficking and stop seemngly providing illegal animal traffickers with a public forum.

Victoria Paige

Target: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

Goal: Don’t provide an online marketplace for illegal animal trafficking.

Despite Facebook’s pledge to help combat exotic pet trade, the company seemingly remains at the forefront of this illicit industry, reportedly connecting traffickers from across the globe, and even allowing others to sell animals on the very site. Animal trafficking has apparently increased in the platform since 2019, when Facebook chose to self-regulate, and in the time since Facebook has seemingly done little in the way of trying to stop this terrible trade.

In a matter of seconds, most anyone can seemingly find endangered animals—including tiger cubs, leopards, ocelots, pygmy marmosets, and African grey parrots—for sale, as well as body parts of poached wildlife, including elephant tusks and pangolin scales. Most traffickers on Facebook don’t even seem to be subtle about their craft. They apparently freely give out their personal contact information, and start groups with names like “Wildlife Trade, Pangolin Scale & Rhino Horn” with the knowledge that they will not be prosecuted.


Dear CEO Zuckerberg,

Animal trafficking remains one of the world’s biggest current threats to biodiversity. For years, your company has apparently provided a public platform for animal traffickers and poachers across the globe to connect and sell their products free of consequences. In a matter of seconds, anyone can seemingly find and purchase endangered animals—ranging from tiger cubs to African grey parrots and pygmy marmosets—as well as the body parts of illegally poached wildlife, like elephant tusks and pangolin scales.

Although Facebook cofounded the Coalition to End Wildlife Trafficking Online back in 2018, your site has only reportedly seen increases in harmful animal trafficking content since your 2019 decision to self-regulate. Animal traffickers and poachers alike can apparently use your site openly and freely of consequence, as they have no qualms publishing personal information on public forums, and start groups with names such as “Wildlife Trade, Pangolin Scale & Rhino Horn.” These people are seemingly conducting illegal business in broad daylight, and no one is stopping them.

We are asking you, Mr. Zuckerberg, to please better regulate Facebook and prohibit the illegal sale endangered animals and animal parts. There is a difference between free online speech, and unregulated illicit trade.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Ryan Moehring

Captive Orcas Reportedly Chewing Teeth Off and Banging Heads Into Walls Must be Freed – ForceChange

Captive Orcas Reportedly Chewing Teeth Off and Banging Heads Into Walls Must be Freed – ForceChange

Barney Mitchell

3 minutes

Target: Marc G. Swanson, Interim CEO SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment
Goal: Release all orcas into the wild or to accredited sanctuaries.

Despite years of efforts to free SeaWorld’s orcas, this amusement park chain is still imprisoning these majestic animals for the entertainment and profit of humans. A former SeaWorld orca trainer, John Hargrove, is continuing his push to end this inhumane practice.

According to Hargrove, it is the confinement and mistreatment of orcas that has led to numerous high profile deaths at the parks. “Physical and psychological damage endured by human prisoners in solitary confinement is well documented. Orcas at amusement parks such as SeaWorld suffer the same fate,” noted Hargrove.

Hargrove is quick to point out that the orcas, themselves, are not to blame for the deaths at the park. Instead, the orcas eventually acted out, likely because of the harsh conditions they were forced to endure.

Incredibly, Hargrove claims that more than 40 orcas, 400 dolphins, and numerous whales have died at SeaWorld. Reportedly, some of the causes of death included pneumonia, infections, traumatic injuries, encephalitis, heart failure, and intestinal gangrene.

He also claimed that the confined mammals often broke their own teeth from chewing on concrete and slammed their heads against the walls of their cages.

SeaWorld has disputed many of these claims and also has agreed to stop breeding orcas. However, they continue to imprison orcas and force them to put on shows for humans inside tiny enclosures.

SeaWorld must finally do the right thing and release these majestic creatures.


Dear Marc G. Swanson,

Numerous humans have been killed by orcas at your parks, and numerous orcas, dolphins, and other whales, have apparently died, as well. These tragedies have been attributed by many experts to the severe stress these mammals face due to years of confinement.

A former SeaWorld trainer claims some of the deaths are attributed to pneumonia, infections, traumatic injuries, encephalitis, heart failure, and intestinal gangrene.

It is cruel to continue to imprison these intelligent and majestic animals for the entertainment and profit of humans. Please do the right thing and release all of SeaWorld’s remaining orcas to the wild or an accredited sanctuary.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Gimli62

Sign Petition: It’s Time for Mayor Eric Adams to Step up and Ban Cruel Horse Drawn Carriages in NYC

  • by: Care2 Team
  • recipient: New York City Council & Mayor Eric Adams

Care2 Update(8/11/2022): Grueling bystander footage revealed that another carriage horse, a sweet 14-year-old named Ryder, collapsed in Manhattan from the brutal summer heat. The call for a ban on horse-drawn carriages STILL hasn’t been answers. Mayor Eric Adams & New York City Council must act now before another horse is hurt!

With greenhouse gas emissions climbing and temperatures rising, scientists are guessing each summer going forward will be incredibly hot. These temperatures have consequences for all of us, but we often overlook some of the animals who suffer the most from extreme heat: horses forced to pull carriages on hot asphalt and concrete. Animal rights activists say this life of captivity and labor is “fundamentally abusive.”

Sign now to demand New York City Council and Mayor Eric Adams work together to immediately ban horse drawn carriage rides in New York City!

For decades, animal rights activists have been pointing out just how dangerous these carriages are for the horses forced to pull them. A few years ago, a horse in Central Park tragically collapsed from exhaustion and had to be euthanized shortly after. While obviously devastating, this story should surprise no one — horses are not meant to walk on concrete day in and day out, towing heavy weights and breathing in dirty car exhaust. Even more recently, a car collided with a horse, knocking the horse unconscious, causing a bloody mess and a number of injuries for the poor animal.

Cities in the United States, like Chicago and Salt Lake City, and municipalities abroad have banned the use of horse drawn carriages because of their obviously harmful and abusive nature. There is no reason that New York City can’t do the same. In the past, Eric Adams has vocalized opposition to the horrific practice, tweeting with disgust that it makes no sense the practice is still continuing in New York City. Now, Mayor Adams has the chance to show that he’s not all talk, and that he’s willing to actually implement change to rescue these poor creatures from a life of unnecessary labor — a proposed bill from the New York City Council seeks to ban horsedrawn carriages by June 2023! All that needs to happen is for the city council to pass this bill and send it to the mayor’s desk to sign it, which he must do without delay. 

Time is running out for the horses of New York City. We cannot allow any more innocent horses to suffer for the sake of entertaining humans in a city of endless entertainment. Sign the petition now to urge Mayor Adams and the New York City Council to protect horses immediately!

Bobbie The Wonder Dog, The Inspiration Behind Lassie Returns.


Bobbie and his owner, G. Frank Brazier. Courtesy Vades Crockett, Silverton.

Bob was an average-looking collie puppy in every way, except for his bobbed tail . . . and maybe that’s why the Brazier family named him Bob, or Bobbie. But he was average in no other way.

In 1923, Bobbie joined Frank and Elizabeth Brazier for a cross-country drive from Silverton, Oregon, to Indiana, Frank’s home state, where they planned to visit family. During a stop in Indiana, Bobbie was chased off by loose dogs, and after a week of searching and placing newspaper ads, the broken-hearted Braziers had to give up and start the drive home.

Bobbie the Wonder Dog perches on the trunk of the Braziers’ touring car in Silverton. Photo Offbeat Oregon

Six months to the day after he was lost in Indiana, a very thin Bobbie was spotted on a Silverton sidewalk, his coat matted…

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The ‘Animal-Loving’ Ukrainian Sniper Who Rescues Abandoned Pets From Battlefield.


Oksana Krasnova with a rescued dog. (Oksana Krasnova/PA)

An “animal-loving” Ukrainian sniper and her husband fighting on the frontline have rescued dozens of pets after discovering them abandoned on the battlefield.

Oksana Krasnova, 27, uses her wages to pay for food and supplies to nurse the animals back to health before arranging for them to be transported on military vehicles to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, to be rehomed.

Oksana Krasnova (left), 27, and her husband Stanislav Krasnov, 35, holding a rescued cat. (Oksana Krasnova/PA)

Oksana had previously worked as a lawyer in the capital until Russia invaded the country six months ago and she joined the Ukrainian frontline defence, fighting in the Donetsk region.

In between working as snipers, Oksana and her husband Stanislav Krasnov, 35, have rescued almost 30 pets they have discovered when passing through abandoned villages.

Speaking to the PA news agency from the frontline, Oksana said:…

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NYC carriage horse who collapsed in viral video now retired on farm, Union says

Tuesday's Horse

The Transport Workers Union says Ryder, the downed, underweight horse who tragically collapsed recentlypulling a carriage has been transferred over to new owners who are caring for him as he is treated for a neurological parasite.

The Transport WorkersUnion says . . . . ? Really. Alright. Show us the relaxed, well cared for, on the mend Ryder in his new, safe and comfortable home. In the meantime, you . . . . New York City officials and law enforcement. Where are your balls? Never mind. Do not struggle to answer.

Here is what’s up at the moment.

Aug. 26, 2022


The union that represents horse carriage drivers said that the horse seen collapsing on a busy New York City street in a viral video has been retired to a private farm upstate.

WNBC, the local New York City NBC affiliate, reported that…

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Love this! 🤣😄😍

Doggy Dementia Risk Increases with Each Year of Age, say scientists


Researchers conducting the first large-scale study of its kind have recently found that the odds of a dog becoming afflicted with canine dementia rises by more than 50% with each year of age.  Like humans, dogs can experience decline in cognitive function as they age. Symptoms of canine dementia (Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome or CDC / CDCS) may include forgetfulness, confusion, sleep disruptions, inability to recognize familiar humans, becoming less active, difficulties adapting to change, difficulty navigating around objects and getting lost.


Study overview

Scientists analyzed data from two surveys completed by the owners of 15,019 dogs, as part of the Dog Aging Project.  Owners were quizzed on aspects of their dogs’ behavior including whether they had a tendency to get stuck behind objects or struggled to recognize familiar people, as well as factors such as the dog’s age, sex, breed, health and activity levels. The research team then…

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US Coast Guard cutter denied entry into Solomon Islands port sparking concerns of China’s growing influence

United States Coast Guard crew members work on a Cutter at the Coast Guard Sector Miami base on January 26, 2022 in Miami, Florida. 

United States Coast Guard crew members work on a Cutter at the Coast Guard Sector Miami base on January 26, 2022 in Miami, Florida.  ( (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images))

Andrew Miller

A United States Coast Guard cutter conducting patrols on an international mission in the Pacific Ocean was denied entry to a port in the Solomon Islands raising concerns about China’s growing influence in the area.

The cutter Oliver Henry was taking part in Operation Island Chief monitoring fishing activities in the Pacific, which ended Friday, when it sought to make a scheduled stop at Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, to refuel and re-provision, the Coast Guard office in Honolulu said.

There was no response from the Solomon Islands’ government for diplomatic clearance for the vessel to stop there, however, so the Oliver Henry diverted to Papua New Guinea, the Coast Guard said.

Additionally, it was reported that a British vessel was also denied entry but the British Royal Navy has not commented directly on those reports.


During Operation Island Chief, the U.S., Australia, Britain and New Zealand provided support through aerial and surface surveillance for Pacific island nations participating in the operation, including the Solomon Islands.

China has been assertively trying to expand its presence and influence in the Pacific, and Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare alarmed some neighbors, the U.S. and others after he signed a new security pact with China.


The pact has raised fears of a Chinese naval base being established within 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) of Australia’s northeast coast. A Chinese military presence in the Solomon Islands would put it not only on the doorstep of Australia and New Zealand but also in close proximity to Guam, the U.S. territory that hosts major military bases.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission

Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission (Ju Peng/Xinhua via Getty Images)

“China is gaining ground in its efforts to gain dominance in the Pacific,” Former United States Department of Veterans Affairs Assistant Secretary James Hutton tweeted in response to the news. 

“China is now running the Solomon Islands,” Gordon G. Chang, author ofThe Coming Collapse of China, posted on Twitter.

Chinese President Xi Jinping meets with Solomon Islands' Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in Beijing, Oct. 9, 2019.

Chinese President Xi Jinping meets with Solomon Islands’ Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in Beijing, Oct. 9, 2019. (Xinhua/Yao Dawei)

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Facts About Dolphin Captivity | Dolphin Project

Facts About Captivity Dolphins Performing

Dolphins Belong In the Wild, Not a Tank

A pod of wild dolphins can travel up to 100 kilometers a day in the open ocean. Family members teach each other skills to survive in the wild and frequently remain together for life. Dolphins are known to have signature whistles much like how humans have names, and social communication and interaction among the pod is a key component of their daily lives. These mammals have perfectly evolved to thrive in the ocean, where they deserve to live freely. Captivity simply cannot provide an adequate environment for these wild species.

A Delphinus dolphin at the Xel-Ha eco-park has injuries on it's rostrum and body. Credit: Empty the Tanks/Dolphin Project

Life In Captivity

Dolphins living in captive conditions face circumstances vastly different than those of the ocean. The surroundings are bare and sterile, with little mental stimulation or diversion. Many captive dolphins are regularly treated with ulcer medication or antidepressant medication to alleviate the frustration of captivity.

Physical Detriments of Captivity

This dolphin was seen at the Dolphinaris inside the Grand Bahia Principe Resort with a wound on his or her back. Credit: Empty the Tanks/Dolphin Project

Because tanks lack the depth or size of the open ocean, captive dolphins experience a range conditions not commonly seen in their wild counterparts.

A Lifetime of Training

Wild-captured dolphins must endure significant training to adapt to captivity. They must learn to accept a new diet of dead fish, as well as to undergo a variety of invasive operations, such as tube-feeding and medical examinations.

Even captive-born dolphins must become accustomed to the human interactions required of them. This is accomplished, without exception, through food deprivation training. Labeled as “positive reinforcement” or “operant conditioning”, dolphins are kept hungry enough so that they will comply with instructions from trainers, whether to learn new behaviors or to execute them during a performance or tourist encounter.

What Else To Know About Captive Entertainment

Swim-with-dolphins programs

Swimming with Captive Dolphins

Dolphin Therapy Clinic in Indonesia Captivity

Dolphin-Assisted Therapy

See page for author; CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Dolphin Petting Pools

A dolphin with rake marks and a discolored rostrum gets medical treatment at Dolphin Discovery's Isla-Mujeres location. Picture Credit: Empty the Tanks/Dolphin Project

Captivity FAQ


Understanding the intelligence and complexity of these species, as well as how they behave in the wild helps us understand that their natural ranges in the open ocean are where they thrive. It is vital that we continue to spread awareness about dolphins to help end exploitation in captivity, and to help wild dolphin populations stay healthy!


Join the pod and take the pledge to NOT buy a ticket to dolphins captive facilities!


Sign petitions, contact authorities and take action to help protect dolphins.


Education is the first step to moving others to take action. Help spread the word about protecting dolphins!


Explore giving options to help support our mission to protect dolphins from exploitation and slaughter.

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Mexico’s Imports From Russia Up 20% in First Half of 2022 – Bank of Mexico

Cities of Russia. Vladivostok - Sputnik International, 1920, 27.08.2022

© Sputnik / Vitaliy Ankov

MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) – Mexico imported goods from Russia worth $1.193 billion in January-June of this year, according to the latest figures from the Bank of Mexico.

In June, the volume of imports from Russia exceeded $275 million, which is the second highest figure in Mexico’s history (the country purchased more from Russia only in May 2021: $283.9 million).

In the first half of 2022, Mexico’s volume of imports from Russia amounted to $1.193 billion, according to the Bank of Mexico. This is 20.85% more than last year’s figure ($987.6 million).

Russia is the main international supplier of fertilizers to Mexico with a share of about a quarter of all imports of nitrogen and mixed nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilizers. Other important imports from Russia include rolled steel, aluminum and synthetic rubber.—bank-of-mexico-1100049042.html

Oh boy…it’s national dog day we can do whatever we want

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It’s National Dog Day

On their special day have some fun with your pup and enjoy the fresh air

IKEA Recalls METALLISK Espresso Makers Due to Burn and Injury Hazards

Recalled IKEA METALLISK Espresso Maker

IKEA Recalls METALLISK Espresso Makers Due to Burn and Injury Hazards

  • Recalled IKEA METALLISK Espresso Maker
  • Bottom of IKEA METALLISK Espresso Maker
Bottom of IKEA METALLISK Espresso Maker

Name of Product:

IKEA METALLISK Espresso Makers


The recalled espresso makers with the stainless-steel safety valve can burst and expel hot contents, posing burn or other injury hazards to consumers.

Recall Date:

August 25, 2022


About 2,100 (In addition, about 5,200 were sold in Canada and about 200 were sold in Mexico)

Recall Details


This recall involves IKEA METALLISK Espresso Makers with a stainless-steel safety valve for cooktop 0.4 1. The label engraved on the bottom of the product includes the IKEA logo, other product information, and a date stamp in (YYWW) format, where the first two digits represent the year and the last two digits represent the week of manufacture. The recalled espresso makers bear a date stamp between 2040 and 2204.


Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled IKEA METALLISK espresso makers with the stainless-steel safety valve. Units bearing date stamps 2040 through 2204 can be returned for a full refund to any Ikea store location or by mail using a pre-paid label. Proof of purchase (receipt) is not required.


The firm has received 16 reports worldwide of the espresso makers bursting, including four reports of burns, scald injuries and hearing damage. No injuries have been reported in the U.S.

Sold At:

IKEA stores nationwide and online at from September 2020 through January 2022 for about $20.

IKEA US Retail LLC, of Virginia


IKEA Supply AG, of Switzerland


This recall was conducted, voluntarily by the company, under CPSC’s Fast Track Recall process. Fast Track recalls are initiated by firms, who commit to work with CPSC to quickly announce the recall and remedy to protect consumers.

About the U.S. CPSC

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is charged with protecting the public from unreasonable risk of injury or death associated with the use of thousands of types of consumer products. Deaths, injuries, and property damage from consumer product-related incidents cost the nation more than $1 trillion annually. CPSC’s work to ensure the safety of consumer products has contributed to a decline in the rate of injuries associated with consumer products over the past 50 years.

Federal law prohibits any person from selling products subject to a Commission ordered recall or a voluntary recall undertaken in consultation with the CPSC.

For lifesaving information:

RECALL: Health Alert Issued After Plastic, Blue Dye Found In Frozen Chicken Tenders


The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is issuing a public health alert for Perdue’s frozen ready-to-eat (RTE) chicken breast tenders “gluten free” that may be contaminated with extraneous materials, specifically small pieces of clear plastic and blue dye. A recall was not requested because the product is no longer available for purchase.

The frozen RTE chicken breast tenders “gluten free” were produced on July 12, 2022. The following product is subject to the public health alert:

  • 42 oz. plastic bags containing “PERDUE CHICKEN BREAST TENDERS GLUTEN FREE” with a “Best if Used By: 07 12 23” and a lot number of 2193 above the use by date.

The products bear establishment number “P-33944” immediately below the “Best if Used By:” date on the back of the plastic bag. These items were shipped to BJ’s Wholesale Club retail locations nationwide.

The problem was discovered when the establishment reported to FSIS that it received a complaint from a consumer reporting a chicken tender had a small piece of clear plastic and blue dye inside it.

There have been no confirmed reports of adverse reactions due to consumption of these products. Anyone concerned about an illness should contact a health care provider.

FSIS is concerned that some product may be in consumers’ freezers. Consumers who have purchased these products are urged not to consume them. These products should be thrown away or returned to the place of purchase.

Biden’s Loony-Tune Female Selling False Economics!

MN Prager Discussion Group

Did Warren defend Biden’s student-loan giveaway by endorsing … trickle-down economics?

ED MORRISSEY Aug 25, 2022 at HotAir: 

Yes she did … and a particularlydumbform of so-called “trickle-down” economics at that. CNN’s Bianna Golodryga challenged Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on the massively unfair distribution of the benefits and burdens of Joe Biden’s student-loan “forgiveness” plan, which will cost between $300 billion and perhaps as much as $1 trillion. Why should people who didn’t receive the education benefit pay the tuition for those who did, especially on that scale?

Warren’s answer? All that debt forgiveness will create economic activity that will benefit everyone!

GOLODRYGA: Well, as you know, this hasn’t been received well by everyone in Congress.Senator Mitch McConnell says that this plan is a slap in the face to working-class families.

Let me ask you, what do you say to a family that says, listen, I just…

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