Some Good News and Some Victories for Animals in 2015

Exposing the Big Game

An Animal Rights Article from

December 2015

THANK YOU for every single thing you did to make a difference for animals in 2015!

This list is about the animals and to honor animal rights activists. Congratulate yourself for your contribution and get inspired to do even MORE for animals in 2016. Please SHARE this link!

We know there are many more victories and many more good news items for animals in 2015 and we know there are LOTS of opinions of what “victory” or “good news” mean. This is a listing of what was posted as good news/victories on our 2015 weekly eNewsletters. Please subscribe here.


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Amazing Photos…

What Is the Biggest Star in the Universe?

Nwo Report

(Joannie Dennis, CC BY 2.0)

Look up at the night sky and it is filled with stars. But only a microscopic fraction are visible to the naked eye. In fact, there are estimated to be 100 billion stars in 10,000 billion galaxies in the visible universe. This means that there are roughly 1024 stars out there.

These spectacular powerhouses come in an array of different colours and sizes – and many make our own Sun look like a mere pipsqueak. But which is the true giant of the heavens?

Well, we have to start by defining what we mean by giant? Is it the one with the largest radius, for example, or the greatest mass?

(Mike Durkin, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Galactic Bohemoths

The star with possibly the largest radius is currently UY Scuti a variable bright red supergiant in the constellation of Scutum. Located around 9,500 light years from Earth, and composed of hydrogen, helium and other…

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Is This The Dogs Stocking??


Please Take Action Nosey the Elephant Needs Your Help Now.

Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox


Please read the following from PETA and take action by sending a message to Howard’s Flea Market and the USA Flea Market urging them to make the prudent and compassionate decision never to host Liebel again.

“When Hugo Liebel isn’t hauling Nosey the elephant around the country, he’s forcing her to give rides at seedy flea markets in Florida while he lies low for the winter. Howard’s Flea Market in Homosassa and the USA Flea Market in Port Richey regularly host her, despite abundant evidence of Liebel’s decades-long neglect of her.”

Please join PETA in urging Howard’s Flea Market and the USA Flea Market never to host Nosey again!

There is a template letter which you may edit but if for some reason this is not possible please send as it is.

The campaign to end the suffering of this poor elephant continues with the latest action above. Why this…

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FEATURED: #Christmas Eve & fifteen American cities destroy #homeless camps #peace & #goodwill to all




This Business Woman Recycles Your Grandma’s Old Fur Coats Into Beds for Orphaned Animals | One Green Planet

Life or Lunch?

Lions, tigers, and bears – oh my! That was what EJ Toovey, who runs an estate sales business in Anacortes, Washington, was unpleasantly surprised to come across during her home visits to help families find new owners for the items and heirlooms of their lost loved ones. Due to the nature of her work, Toovey comes across dozens of fur coats, stoles, muffs, and even fur bow ties – which were once the epitome of high-class fashion. However, real fur has largely gone out of style among today’s fashionistas, either due to their outdated look or because of the well-known animal cruelty associated with such items.

“There’s a lot of shame associated with owning them now,” Toovey told King 5 News. “And people don’t know what to do with them.”

As the items began to pile up in her store, one face stood out. She named the critter, who had…

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Wild bees are in decline. How can we take the sting out of it?

Nwo Report

Wild bees are key pollinators for agriculture across the United States, especially as managed honeybees face devastating declines. But these wild pollinators are struggling too. Can we save the bees?

Source:Eva Botkin-Kowacki

Bees are crucial pollinators for crops across the United States, but the buzzing bees are disappearing.

In recent years, scientists and policymakers have been scrambling to determine why commercial honeybee colonies have been collapsing in the phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder. However, recent research suggests that native bee species are equally important to crop pollination but most research had focused on the European honeybee, the non-native species found in commercial hives.

In response to a call for a pollinator assessment from the White House, researchers at the University of Vermont have created the first-ever map of wild bee populations across the country. Their research reveals a significant decline of wild bees across many of the nation’s…

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petition: Stop Japan’s Plan to Resume Antarctic Whaling

petition: Save the Coastal Marten!

Share petition · Trident: Take this dog-lethal ingredient out of your products. ·

New Report Reveals Best & Worst States for Animal Protection Laws | Care2 Causes

This Coffee Shop Opens Its Doors Every Night To Stray Dogs | The Dodo

Life or Lunch?

While it may not be possible to open your home to every stray pet in need, an open heart can be just as accommodating.

A photo has been making the rounds on social media showing a group of stray dogs napping comfortably on a bench of cushions as a result of one business’s act of kindness. The image was reportedly snapped at a café in Greece, where management sees fit to offer refuge to homeless pups after closing up each evening.

The cafeteria Hot Spot in Mytilene, Lesbos, once customers leave, opens its doors to local stray dogs so they can use the sofas and “sleep without being cold,” writes Greek blog Zoosos.

Such random acts of generosity toward animals isn’t uncommon in Greece, which has a large number of stray dogs. Despite being without a permanent home or family, these animals are often collared and cared for…

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Stop World’s Largest Animal Cloning Facility from Opening

Millions of animals will be cloned and then slaughtered or used for sport or research if a proposed cloning facility starts operations. Demand that this project be stopped immediately in order to prevent innocent animals from suffering and slaughter.

Source: Stop World’s Largest Animal Cloning Facility from Opening

Stop Poachers from Murdering Severely Endangered Gorillas

Thousands of eastern lowland gorillas are slaughtered by poachers every year. However, rangers lack non-lethal and reliable means to catch illegal hunters, making it so poachers oftentimes get away. Ensure that rangers are allowed to use non-lethal methods to catch poachers in order to help save these innocent animals from extinction.

Source: Stop Poachers from Murdering Severely Endangered Gorillas

Bears Chained and Attacked by Dogs for ‘Sport’ Must be Protected

Black bears are captured and have their teeth broken, noses pierced with ring harnesses and are declawed. They are then tied to a pole as “bait” while multiple dogs attack them. The innocent and scared bear is forced to fight for hours, while being bitten and viciously assaulted by the dogs trained to attack by their owners. If the bear survives, he is re-caged so he can be used as “bait” another day. This horrific and barbaric practice is happening inside America and must be stopped.

Source: Bears Chained and Attacked by Dogs for ‘Sport’ Must be Protected

Release Confined Orca Whales to a Sanctuary

SeaWorld has been abusing orca whales for years. These whales are separated from their families, confined to tiny tanks, forced to breed, and then used as props to entertain gullible audiences. Urge SeaWorld to release its orcas to an accredited sanctuary now.

Source: Release Confined Orca Whales to a Sanctuary

Protect America’s Most Wild Places from Oil Drilling

Many of America’s most iconic lands are in constant danger of being opened up to dangerous oil and gas drilling. Help put these wild lands off limits to oil and gas development.

Source: Protect America’s Most Wild Places from Oil Drilling

Stop Drivers From Viciously Murdering Cats On Streets

Hundreds of innocent cats are reportedly being tossed onto the streets of Abu Dhabi and left to be used as target practice by drivers who are allegedly running the poor cats over intentionally. This level of animal cruelty is disturbing. Demand the people who are found committing this animal cruelty be penalized to the fullest extent.

Source: Stop Drivers From Viciously Murdering Cats On Streets

Stop Drugging and Displaying Tiger Cub for Casino Profits

A casino drugged and paraded a baby tiger during its opening night simply for promotional purposes. Urge officials to remove the animal from the casino’s care, send her to a sanctuary, and charge club owners with animal cruelty.

Source: Stop Drugging and Displaying Tiger Cub for Casino Profits

Protect Coral Reefs From Poisonous Sunscreen Ingredients

Coral reefs are being devastated by a chemical compound used in many sunscreen products. Take a stand against toxic chemicals in sunscreen lotions that are causing irreparable damage to our coral reef systems.

Source: Protect Coral Reefs From Poisonous Sunscreen Ingredients

Ban Viciously Killing Foxes and Dogs

Over 1,400 dogs and foxes were pitted against each other in underground hunts during a one year time period. Demand this merciless sport be banned immediately in order to protect these innocent animals.

Source: Ban Viciously Killing Foxes and Dogs

Make Animal Welfare a Priority in New Farming Plan

A new farming plan could intensify farming practices, causing even more environmental degradation, consumer health concerns and animal suffering. Urge government officials to revise this plan, taking animals, the planet and the public into consideration.

Source: Make Animal Welfare a Priority in New Farming Plan

Demand Justice for Victims of Poisoned Water Supply

Nearly 100,000 people contracted lead poisoning after drinking contaminated water. Children suffered cognitive delays, stunted growth, and behavioral outbursts associated with lead poisoning. Demand justice for these victims.

Source: Demand Justice for Victims of Poisoned Water Supply

Stop the Slaughter of Yellowstone’s Wild Buffalo

One thousand wild buffalo will soon be slaughtered at Yellowstone National Park as part of an annual cull. Over 60 buffalo have already been shot so far this year. Demand a discussion of alternative solutions and end to this senseless death.

Source: Stop the Slaughter of Yellowstone’s Wild Buffalo

Don’t Give Away Pristine Public Lands to Loggers

Two hundred thousand acres of precious national forest land are in danger of being logged and destroyed for development. Stop this misguided proposal and protect the forest’s ecosystems, wildlife, and waterways from harm.

Source: Don’t Give Away Pristine Public Lands to Loggers

Officials discover cause of death for false killer whale (Hawaii, USA)

The ocean update

Photo by Ian Chun. Photo by Ian Chun.

December 19th, 2015 (Tom Callis). A deceased false killer whale found near South Point last month died from abnormal blood clot formations in its heart and lungs, according to state officials.

The 1,300-pound animal was found in early November along the shoreline and transported by a flatbed truck to Kona International Airport, where it was flown to Honolulu for examination.

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Another dolphin stolen : rescued dolphin moved from SeaWorld to Panhandle for long-term care (Florida – USA)

The ocean update

Stan, a rough-toothed dolphin, has joined similar animals at Gulf World, a business captivity center in Panama City Beach. Stan, a rough-toothed dolphin, has joined similar animals at Gulf World, a business captivity center in Panama City Beach.

December 18th, 2015. Rescued rough-tooth dolphin has been moved from SeaWorld Orlando to a long-term facility in Panama City Beach.

Ed Sibylline : Dolphin Discovery has nothing to see with a facility. It belongs to industry of captivity, offering to swim with dolphins, etc… Business, nothing else.

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