Protect Returning Wolves in Europe

For the first time in a century wolves are returning to mainland Europe, only to be met with persecution and calls for their extermination. This is completely inhumane, especially as wolves are considered endangered. Sign this petition to demand the European Union preserve the legal protection of wolves.

Source: Protect Returning Wolves in Europe

Save Dolphins from Mistreatment: Maintain Ban on Captive Breeding

In a giant step backward for animal welfare, France has overturned a hard-won ban on breeding dolphins in captivity. Demand that these innocent animals be protected from mistreatment and this ban reissued.

Source: Save Dolphins from Mistreatment: Maintain Ban on Captive Breeding

Stop Supporting Trophy Hunting Auction

Famous comedian Tim Allen is scheduled to perform at an upcoming trophy hunting auction that will offer hundreds of permits for trophy hunters to slaughter wild lions, rhinos and other threatened species. Sign this petition to demand that he withdraw his support immediately.

Source: Stop Supporting Trophy Hunting Auction

Punish Man Accused of Running Wildlife Smuggling Ring

A man was caught allegedly illegally smuggling rhinoceros horns into Thailand from Africa. It is believed that he has run a notorious smuggling operation for the past decade. Sign this petition to ensure he is severely punished.

Source: Punish Man Accused of Running Wildlife Smuggling Ring

Website sells belts, wallets and shoes made from human skin

“Lunar Eclipse 101 ” National Geographic

France overturns ban on captive dolphin breeding. Money Means More Than The Environment !

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

France overturns ban on captive dolphin breeding

Reproduced from

France’s highest administrative court on Monday (22/1/18) overturned a ban on the breeding of dolphins in captivity, a victory for marine parks which had argued the move could put them out of business.

The previous Socialist government ordered the ban, which also applied to killer whales, last May after complaints from animal rights groups hoping to end marine and aquarium shows.

But former environment minister Segolene Royale had tightened the ban at the last minute, and failed to consult the public and others on a measure that could have forced aquariums to close.

Aquariums and parks such as Marineland in southern France—the biggest attraction of its kind in Europe—have faced growing criticism in recent years over their animals’ living conditions.

“This is excellent news for our animals and animal parks in France,” said Pascal Picot, managing director at Marineland…

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Super Blue Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse!



“Let’s connect with the rhythms of Universe and celebrate Super Blue Blood Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse!
On January 31st Mother Moon will rise as a Full Moon, Supermoon, and Blue Moon!
On the top of that, Moon will experience a total lunar eclipse and appear blood
red or copper-red in the sky. This celestial coincidence has not happened in
more than 150 years. It is a Blue Moon because it is a second Full Moon in
January. It is also a Supermoon because it is in the closest position to the
Earth and appears much larger than usual.
The eclipse symbolizes opening of new doorways and closing of old ones. It is a
transformative time to transmute old emotional scars into new understanding.
Stay positive and balanced during this time when feelings are amplified and new
unfamiliar energies of high intensity come into play. Stay true to yourself and

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Goodbye and good riddance to Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, who voted to return horse slaughter to the U.S.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

SOURCE:  Equine Advocates’ facebook

Bill Clark via Getty Images

Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen’s retirement could set off a race for the top spot on the Appropriations Committee.

By Equine Advocates

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen Who Voted to Return Horse Slaughter to the U.S. Will Retire!

In July 2017, the House Appropriations Committee voted to allow horse slaughterhouses to operate in the U.S. In a 27-25 vote, Reps Frelinghuysen (R-NJ) and Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) flipped their votes in favor of horse slaughter. Their votes led many to speculate who had gotten to them because neither rep had a record of supporting horse slaughter in the past.

Luckily, the Senate Appropriations Committee disagreed with the House and voted in November to uphold the ban and prevent horse slaughter from returning. Now the matter must come before a Congressional Conference Committee where a final decision will be made.

Frelinghuysen’s own constituents were…

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Tell Furla That No Furry Key Chain or Purse Is Worth an Animal’s Life | PETA Latino

Petition · Jeff Bezos: Ban Plastics From Whole Foods Markets in 5 Years ·

Plastic is made from oil. If we ever going to wean ourselves from fossil fuels we must also wean ourselves a plastic packaging. Estimated 12.7 million tons of plastic end up in the  oceans each year, according to Greenpeace.

After Years of War, Nature is Flourishing on These Tiny Islands | National Geographic

Fur Free Poland ? – Urgent Action Required To Keep Bosnian Fur Ban – Please Act NOW.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Fur Free Poland ?

Urgent Action – Make Bosnia remain fur free.

EU Parliament Exhibition

Dear Mark

It’s been a big week for the anti-fur movement

around Europe.  After many months of planning

and preparation, the Make Fur History exhibition launched in the European Parliament, organised

by the Fur Free Alliance, including Respect for

Animals, and Eurogroup For Animals.

The event showed the facts about how real

fur is produced, and why more national

bans on fur factory farming are needed

in the EU. Many MEPs agreed to support

fur farming bans in EU Member States

where fur production is still permitted,

and signed a Fur Free Pledge.

Visitors saw a series of striking photographs,

could immerse themselves into the shocking

reality of the fur farming industry through

a virtual reality experience.

Mark Glover, Vice-chairman of the Fur Free

Alliance and Campaign Director at Respect

for Animals…

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Petition: Protect the Canada Lynx! Don’t let Trump delist this endangered species!

petition: Demand Animal Shelters Vaccinate Dogs Against the Canine Flu!

A flu epidemic is currently spreading across the United States – and it’s not the one affecting people. It’s a very contagious canine influenza (CI), which has sickened dogs in 40 States.

The dogs most ceptable to CI are those that are exposed to other dogs and dog parks, boarding facilities, grooming salons and animal shelters. The symptoms can range from mild coughing to serious complications like ammonia. CI is Deadliest for puppies and Senior Dogs, and dogs with weakened immune systems.

Petition: Don’t Murder Grizzlies – Demand Wyoming Abandon Plans for Trophy Hunt

Wyoming wants to change tourists $6,000 to hunt grizzly, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission is currently plotting where to allow hunters and their guides track down and kill this important, top-level predator.

Petition: Violet the Dog Almost Died After Owner Dyed Her Purple

This tragic picture of Violet is when she arrived at the Pinellas County animal shelter. Her eyes were swollen shut and she couldn’t move at all. She had burns all over her body and as the staff shaved her to assess the damage, her skin began to slough off. No one thought Voilet would make it through the night.

Should Your Dog Be Vaccinated Against The Canine Influenza Outbreak? | Care2 Causes

By: Laura Goldmanh
January 25, 2018

We’re all aware of the H3N2 flu epidemic that’s made tens of thousands of people sick, but did you know the highly contagious canine influenza (CI) is also spreading across the United States and parts of Canada?

Dogs are becoming infected with the canine influenza virus (CIV) through direct contact with other dogs, nasal secretions, contaminated objects like food bowls and leashes, and by people moving between infected and uninfected dogs, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). It’s important to note that dogs rarely get sick from humans with the flu, and there’s no evidence (for now, at least) that dogs with the virus can transmit it to humans – but cats in an Indiana shelter became sickened with it in 2016.

There are currently two strains of the canine influenza virus (CIV) in the U.S.: H3N8 and H3N2. The H3N8 strain, which originated in horses and then spread to dogs, was first identified in 2004 in Florida’s racing greyhounds and has since spread to dozens of other states. Three years ago, the H3N2 strain caused a CI outbreak in Chicago. It was the first time this strain sickened dogs (and cats) outside Asia, where it had previously been identified.

All dogs are at risk for getting the flu. CI is deadliest for puppies and senior dogs, as well as dogs with weakened immune systems. Fortunately, the death rate is under 10 percent.
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Symptoms to Watch For

Dogs with the flu virus may show symptoms like the following:

A persistent cough
Thick nasal discharge
Fever of 104 to 105 degrees
Lack of appetite

If your dog has any of these symptoms, go see a veterinarian. Because CI symptoms are similar to kennel cough and other illnesses, your veterinarian can run laboratory tests that will diagnose if your dog has the flu. If that’s the case, your vet may prescribe an antibiotic to fight secondary infections and an anti-inflammatory to reduce fever and pain. In severe cases, your dog may need fluid therapy to restore hydration, and hospitalization may be necessary.

About 20 percent of infected dogs show no symptoms at all, but they can still be contagious.
Does Your Dog Really Need a Flu Shot?

Fortunately, just as for people, a flu shot is available for dogs. Although it may not completely prevent dogs from getting sick, it can significantly decrease the symptoms, severity and spread of infection.

The vaccine can be given to dogs that are six weeks of age and older. The initial two vaccines are given to dogs six weeks apart. After that, dogs receive an annual booster shot.

The AVMA refers to the flu shot as a “lifestyle” vaccination, meaning it’s recommended for dogs that are frequently exposed to other dogs at parks, boarding facilities, grooming salons and other places. You should confer with your veterinarian to see if your dog needs the vaccination. Be aware that many animal hospitals, kennels and other facilities now require all dogs to be vaccinated against CI.

Prevent the Spread of Canine Influenza

In addition to vaccinating your dog against CI, here are some ways you can prevent the flu from spreading:

Isolate dogs that are infected or have been around an infected dog. Dogs infected with H3N8 should be isolated from other dogs for at least three weeks, while those infected with H3N2 should be isolated for at least one week.
Wash your hands after you touch other dogs. The virus can live on our hands for 12 hours (and on our clothing for 24 hours).
Thoroughly clean food and water bowls, crates and other shared objects. The viruses don’t typically survive longer than 48 hours in the environment, and can be killed by disinfectants (just make sure any cleansers you use are pet friendly).

Since CI can quickly spread in places where dogs are in close contact with each other, please sign and share this petition urging U.S. animal shelters to ensure all dogs stay healthy and adoptable by being vaccinated against the flu.

Photo credit: gerson_rodriguez

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Ban Shock Collars Worldwide!

One Person, One World.

As Scotland now has taken the step to finally ban shock collars just as Wales have already done, it is now time for England, Ireland and rest of the world to follow.

These collars are not needed for dogs or any kind of animal for that matter. Many who approve of them claim to use them for dogs with “behavioral problems” or to remove “unwanted behaviour”. For example a dog thats barks. Zap them and they soon learn to be quiet? A dog that constantly run away from you. Zap it so it learns to accossiate not listening with pain. It does NOT work that way! A dog needs to be trained with patience, awarding good behaviour and positive methods.

With a shock collar you use fear to control your dog. It causes the animal stress and anxiety, and increase the risk of the dog to bite thinks Ilana R…

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Patricia Randolph’s Madravenspeak: Lab-grown and plant-based meat will change everything for animals

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife


Take me to the slaughterhouse … I’ll wait there with the lamb.” ~ Leonard Cohen

Richard Branson has made a revolutionary prediction: “I believe that in 30 years or so we will no longer need to kill any animals and that all meat will either be clean or plant-based, taste the same and also be much healthier for everyone.”

In Jeremy Rifkin’s 1992 book, “Beyond Beef: The Rise and Fall of the Cattle Culture,” he wrote, “There are currently 1.28 billion cattle populating the earth. They take up nearly 24 percent of the land mass of the planet and consume enough grain to feed hundreds of millions of people. Their combined weight exceeds that of the human population on earth.

“Above all, ‘Beyond Beef’ adds up the cost of all this. It depicts a world in which the poorer peoples of the planet have been starved to…

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Exclusive: Trump Slams Elephant Hunting For Trophies, Skeptical Fees Go For Conservation

Exposing the Big Game

In an interview with Piers Morgan set to air Sunday, Trump calls the initial U.S. decision to lift a ban on trophy imports “terrible.”

In an interview with Piers Morgan set to air Sunday night in the U.K., President Donald Trump used the word “terrible” to describe the initial decision last year by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to overturn an Obama era ban on the import of elephant trophies.

Trump also says he does not believe the substantial fees that hunters pay to hunt elephants and other species actually go toward conservation efforts, as is often claimed, and instead are pocketed by government officials in other countries.

Trump confirms that the ban on importing elephant trophies from the African nations of Zimbabwe and Zambia will remain in place. That was not clear after he initially put the ban reversal on hold, pending further study.

The Fish and…

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Petition : Stop the dolphin slaughter in the Feroe Island !

In the Feroe Islands not far from the capital: Torshavn, men massacre dolphins by hundreds.

It is not a matter of food, nor economic interest. It is only by tradition, perhaps their ancestors in the Middle Ages did so out of necessity. Today despicable practices have no reason to exist.

The Feroe Islands are an autonomous archipelago, but still dependent on the Danish Crown still dependent on Denmark, does member of the European Union. The massacre of these Dolphins last all year, but the maximum of this genocide is practice between June and October.

Alaska M 7.9 Earthquake Impacted Water Well Levels In Florida

Mining Awareness +

From the USGS:
Alaska Earthquake Rattles Florida’s Groundwater Plumbing
Release Date: JANUARY 24, 2018
At 12:32 am Alaska time on January 23, 2018, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake shook Alaska residents out of their beds and set off fears of a tsunami all down the West Coast. Fortunately, the tsunami was only a few inches in height, but within an hour of the earthquake in Alaska, waves of a different sort were hitting far away in Florida. 

More than 3,500 miles from the Kodiak Earthquake’s epicenter, water levels at the USGS groundwater well near Madison, Florida, spiked by about two inches, while levels at the USGS groundwater well near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, dropped by an inch and a half. Both recovered to their previous levels within an hour.

Hydrographs from two USGS groundwater monitoring sites in Florida show effects on groundwater levels from the M7.9 earthquake near Kodiak, Alaska.

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Save Apes from Merciless Smugglers

Human disregard and greed has driven many species to extinction, with little fanfare. Now some of our closest counterparts in the animal kingdom are in immediate danger of a similar fate. Help end the unforgiving ape trade that captures untold numbers of victims each day.

Source: Save Apes from Merciless Smugglers

Success: Pepsi Cuts Ties with Palm Oil Plantation

PepsiCo has cut ties with a destructive palm oil plantation accused of using illegal child labor. Thank the company for putting human rights ahead of its bottom line.

Source: Success: Pepsi Cuts Ties with Palm Oil Plantation

Stop Choking the Oceans With Plastic Straws

500 million plastic straws are thrown away in the U.S. every day, polluting oceans, harming marine life, and littering coastlines. A proposed policy in California could dramatically reduce this waste. Sign your name to protect our environment from unnecessary plastic straws.

Source: Stop Choking the Oceans With Plastic Straws

38 Members Of The U.S. Congress Sign Letter Against Establishing Council To Promote Trophy Hunting – World Animal News

Petition update · 1/25/2018 Ponce’s Law passes in the Judiciary Committee unanimously today ·

Harsher punishment for animal cruelty-Ponce’s Law

82K supporters
Petition update
1/25/2018 Ponce’s Law passes in the Judiciary Committee unanimously today
Debbie Taylor Darino
Daytona Beach, FL

Jan 26, 2018 — Ponce’s Law HB 473 passed unanimously today in the Judiciary Committee. This means that it has passed the required number of committees in the House of Representatives. The next step is the Senate committees…..I will keep you posted!! Great day and big thank you to our sponsor Rep. Tom Leek!!

1/18/2018 Ponce’s Law HB 473 passes the Justice Appropriations Subcommittee
82,415 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000.

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“Toxic Lake Bursts Into Flames” National Geographic