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Petition · Houlton Police Department, Maine Animal Welfare Agency, Maine Dept. of Agriculture: Stop Severe Caspian Horse Neglect ·


Petition · Texas Legislature: Don’t punish children for their parent’s mistakes ·




Petition · ALDI Australia: stop selling cage eggs from cruel battery cage farms ·



Dairy Worker’s Manure Drowning Raises Issues with Ag | VegNews

Life or Lunch?

A 37-year-old father died at an Iowa dairy after crashing a truck into and drowning in a lagoon of liquid and sludgy excrement.

Farm labor union United Farm Workers reported that a dairy worker in Idaho drowned in a manure lagoon last month. Ruperto Vazquez-Carrera was found in a pond of liquid waste at Sunrise Organic Dairy in Paul, ID after he had arrived at work for the morning and drove off in a company truck. Suspicions were raised when Vazquez-Carrera didn’t report for his duties at other areas of the dairy later in the morning, and by 4pm, his body was pulled from the lagoon. “He was here every day, never complained, and never had a problem,” Dirk Reitsma, owner of the dairy, told Times-News. “He was a top-notch guy.” The death comes a year after a similar incident in Washington occurred, months after a father and son…

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Meet the Four Women Who Went to Court and Came Home With a Goat

Emilio Cogliani

It wasn’t a normal day. Animal rights activist Anita Kranjc was appearing in a small-town courthouse facing criminal charges for giving water to a thirsty pig en route to slaughter. The case is so outrageous that it has inspired international media attention; although the trial isn’t scheduled until this summer, even periodic pre-trial appearances have seen dozens of supporters making the trek to the courthouse with a message that compassion is not a crime.

A winter storm meant only a few supporters made it to the courthouse last Thursday. The morning was uneventful; mostly, they waited and chatted. Afterwards, the small group of activists–friends deeply bonded by their common burning dedication to creating a kinder world for animals–had lunch together. Over a shared vegan meal, activist and farm owner Anthea Larke casually mentioned that she had room to provide sanctuary to more animals, which is already home to rescued pigs…

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petition: Urge The Pennsylvania Legislature To Protect Pets and Pass A Spay and Neuter Law!, Pennsylvania



petition: Lose the Pit Bull Label to Save More Dogs from Death Row


Pit Bulls May Wait In Shelters Up To 3 Times As Long, Because Of A Meaningless Label | Care2 Causes


How We Could Save More Dogs From Death Row by Changing One Thing

By: Jessica Ramos
March 29, 2016

Whether we like it or not, labels matter — even for dogs. New research from Arizona State University published in PLOS ONE, suggests labels could even lead to a potential death sentence, if you’re a pit bull.

Pit Bulls Wait 3 Times as Long to be Adopted

The pit bull went from America’s darling dog to one of the most feared (and misunderstood) dogs today. Their fall from grace is evident in stories like Olive’s. Olive the Pit Bull was brought in as a stray and stayed in the shelter for approximately 11 years. Olive was lucky enough to find her forever home, but so many dogs like her aren’t — and our arbitrary labels aren’t helping their cause.

According to Science Daily, researchers from Arizona State University wanted to know if breed identification influences adoption. The researchers found that dogs labeled as “pit bulls” could wait three times as long to be adopted from shelters into their forever homes compared to their lookalikes without the label or labelled as another breed.

Compared to other breeds, like Labradors, pits were perceived as less friendly and more aggressive. They also were considered less “attractive” than their lookalikes. Weird, right?
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Even the researchers were surprised by how much the pit bull label influences perception and, ultimately, adoption. As researcher Lisa Gunter from Arizona State University explains, “We were surprised how very similar looking dogs sometimes get labelled ‘pit bull’ and other times as something completely different. These dogs may look and act the same, but the pit bull label damns them to a much longer wait to adoption,” reports Science Daily.

Ultimately, the researchers recommend losing the pit bull label to stop inadvertently penalizing these dogs in the shelter setting.

Heartbreaking Pit Bull Statistics

If you thought that Olive’s story was sad, she’s actually one of the lucky ones — not only for getting adopted, but for staying in the shelter system for the 11 years that she did.

According to Pit Bull Rescue Central (PBCR) 200 pit bulls are euthanized in Los Angeles County animal shelters every single day.

PBCR emphasizes that “for homeless pit bulls the death sentence is almost always automatic.”

Villalobos Rescue Center (made popular by the TV show Pit Bulls and Parolees) had this to say about the pit bull plight in Los Angeles: “The pit bull population has now risen to 40% of all the dogs in 12 shelters in Los Angeles. That means that almost half of the entire Los Angeles dog population is pits or pit mixes! Most are strays, tossed out like dirty laundry. It’s heartbreaking.”

Sadly, the plight of pit bulls is not limited to Los Angeles County. A 2013 Nat Geo Wild infographic reveals that:

60 percent of the total dogs euthanized in U.S. shelters are pit bulls
30 percent of the total dogs admitted to shelters are labeled pit bulls
86.7 percent of pit bulls admitted to open admission shelters are euthanized

Do you know what the worst part of this sad situation is? There’s no such thing as a pit bull.

As Bark Post explains, the pit bull label is just “an umbrella term that most people use to refer to different types of dogs – the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, any mixes thereof, and any dog that vaguely resembles these dogs.”

The breed isn’t real, but the stigma has real consequences. And time and again pit bulls prove that they can be great dogs with the correct guidance and training when they get a second chance. Remember how Jericho the Pit Bull went from death row to being an amazing service dog?



See how much you would pay in taxes under each presidential candidate | WPMT FOX43


See how much you would pay in taxes under each presidential candidate
Posted 10:39 AM, March 30, 2016, by Tribune Media Wire

So how much would you have to pay in taxes under each presidential candidate?

With debates already at a fevered pitch, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are all trying to convince voters to side with them – but it’s hard to size up a candidate from podium time alone. One of the crucial ways the next president will affect every citizen by the changes he or she has planned for the country’s tax policy.

Vox teamed up with the Tax Policy Center to create a handy tax calculator that uses each candidates’ proposal to give you a sharper idea of what April 15, 2017 might look like for your checking account.

If you want see how much you’d have to pay under Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, you can enter in a hypothetical amount into the calculator.

For example, let’s say you are single, have one child and make $50,000. This is what your taxes would like under the four candidates:


If you’re married, make $140,000 and have two or more children:


What about the millionaires? Here’s a married couple with no children who makes $1,000,000:


See how much you might be on the hook for under the different candidates by using this calculator.
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Why Saving Our Forests Means Saving the Future For Animals – and Us | One Green Planet

Life or Lunch?

Recently, the United Nations celebrated International Day of Forests, bringing awareness to the alarming rate at which the most biologically diverse ecosystems on land (home to more than 80 percent of the terrestrial species of animals, plants, and insects) are being destroyed.

Between 1990 and 2005, net forest loss in Africa was about 300,000 square miles – roughly comparable to the area from North Carolina to Maine along the eastern United States. The resulting loss of habitat and food, increased carbon dioxide emissions, and reduced oxygen production is a direct threat to the life cycle and our climate. Industrial logging and mining, agriculture, and urban sprawl are primary causes of forest destruction.

Why We Need Forests to Maintain a Stable Ecosystem

Forests act as catalysts, turning groundwater into moisture in the air. This provides a natural cooling effect. When forests are destroyed, this cycle is lost and temperatures increase…

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Petition · Michigan State House, Charles Brunner: Prevent pet owners in Michigan from leaving pets outside in extreme weather! ·


Petition · Mike Pence: Save Wild Indiana! Limit Logging in State Forests & Create Protected Areas ·


Man Charged with Cruelty for Transporting Sick Horse, ‘Lily,’ to New Holland Auction | WPMT FOX43


Man Charged with Cruelty for Transporting Sick Horse, ‘Lily,’ to New Holland Auction
Posted 12:56 PM, March 30, 2016, by Paul Smith, Updated at 12:58pm, March 30, 2016



NEW HOLLAND, Pa. — New Holland Police are charging a Rhode Island man with animal cruelty for transporting a lame horse to the New Holland Sales Stables for auction.

On Wednesday, Phillip S. Price, 65, was charged with five summary citations, regarding his handling of Lily, a pony mare now receiving treatment in Kennett Square.

New Holland police Detective Lt. Jonathan Heisse filed the charges, which will be mailed to Price.

Lancaster County SPCA investigated the case. Police, after consultation with and approval by Assistant District Attorney Christine L. Wilson, filed charges.

The injured horse was very thin and blind when it was dropped off March 14 at the New Holland Sales Stables on West Fulton Street.



Price, of East Providence, R.I., is charged with 3 counts of animal cruelty, a single count of dealing and handling animals without a license, and a single count of importing animals without an interstate health certificate.

The horse was transported from a location in New Jersey to the auction site.

Each summary citation carries a maximum fine of $300, plus additional court costs, which will be ordered by District Judge Rodney Hartman, if Price is proven guilty. At that point, restitution for the horse’s care will also be ordered.

The three cruelty charges regard Price’s neglect of Lily, the transport of the horse, and her being offered for sale.

The investigation continues into how Lily received paint markings on her body.

Lily is being cared for at Penn Vet New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, where she continues to improve and gain weight.

Her progress is updated on the center’s Facebook page.

Justice for Five Animals Shot to Death With BB Gun

Five dead animals, including raccoons, opossums, and a feral cat, were found with foam at the mouth and BB gun wounds. Authorities say that this was an act of animal cruelty but haven’t been able to find the heartless animal killer. Demand that this person be found and punished to the fullest extent possible.

Source: Justice for Five Animals Shot to Death With BB Gun

Costa Rica: Make laws to punish the torturing of animals

Target: Politicians of Costa Rica, Costa Rica is a beautiful country that has so much to offer regarding its nature, people and especially its animals. But

Source: Costa Rica: Make laws to punish the torturing of animals

Prevent Abuse by Installing Surveillance Cameras in All Slaughterhouses

Young lambs are allegedly hacked and butchered while still conscious according to video footage taken from an organic slaughterhouse. Demand that surveillance cameras are installed in slaughterhouses nationwide to ensure greater transparency in these facilities.

Source: Prevent Abuse by Installing Surveillance Cameras in All Slaughterhouses

Stop Poaching Endangered Bird for “Red Ivory”

tmp_5478-Red-ivory-helmeted-hornbill-doug-janson-310x417-491192648The rare helmeted hornbill is being poached to extinction for its ivory-like skull which is in high demand in China. Demand a stop to the red ivory trade in order to protect this critically endangered bird.

Source: Stop Poaching Endangered Bird for “Red Ivory”

Urge Footwear and Accessories Retailer DSW to End Fur and Angora Wool Sales

Selling shoes and accessories made with fur and angora wool makes DSW complicit in the torment of animals. Urge the retailer to stop immediately.

Source: Urge Footwear and Accessories Retailer DSW to End Fur and Angora Wool Sales

Cambodia rescues half a tonne of smuggled tortoises, pythons

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Vegetarian Diets Best for the Environment and Human Health


Vegetarian and vegan diets are best for the environment and human health, according to research published online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

Source: Vegetarian Diets Best for the Environment and Human Health

Number of the Day: 10,000 (Rabbits Killed in Easter Bunny Hunt)

The Paw Report

Inquisitor reports that in the Central Otago district of New Zealand, hunters killed 10,000 rabbits in its annual Easter bunny hunt. The hunt takes place every Good Friday, and according to Inquisitor the total number of bunnies killed overall in the hunts is almost 300,000.

Bunnies… or “pests”? According to the New Zealand herald, these weren’t bunnies, these were “pests”:

In its 25th year, this time around the hunt attracted 27 teams of 12 with names like “anti-pestos” and “happy hoppers”.

It’s not only rabbits being targeted – other pest and invasive species like ferrets, stoats and possums are also shot.

The event is organised by the Lions Club from Alexandra, a town in Central Otago.

Of course, I think “pest” is an awful term; it’s an example of disguising sentient beings and distancing ourselves from the act of slaughter.

The Herald writes that no animal rights activists came…

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Demand Justice for Horses and Dogs Starved to Death




One of the worst cases of animal cruelty in Oklahoma history was recently uncovered. The offender? A woman who had already been convicted of running a puppy mill. Repeat animal rights offenses need to stop before more harm is done. Sign the petition to demand that Carolyn Vaughn is brought to justice.

Source: Demand Justice for Horses and Dogs Starved to Death

Free All Captive Whales and Dolphins in Europe

Intelligent marine mammals, such as bottlenose dolphins and orca whales, are forced to perform for audiences all around the world. The European Union is one of the worst offenders and holds little respect for these amazing animals. Urge the EU to finally free its captive cetaceans.

Source: Free All Captive Whales and Dolphins in Europe

Free Lone Orca Stuck in Tank for 45 Years

Lolita the orca has been in captivity since 1970 and has been alone since 1980 at the Miami Seaquarium, which announced it will keep Lolita in her tiny tank and continue her shows. Sign this petition and demand Lolita be released to a seaside sanctuary where she can live out the rest of her days happily among other orcas.

Source: Free Lone Orca Stuck in Tank for 45 Years

Ban Private Ownership of Big Cats


In the U.S., thousands of big cats are privately held captive in backyards, basements and roadside zoos. In addition to being cruel and inhumane, private ownership of big cats is a public safety hazard. Urge the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives to help pass a law that would ban this abhorrent practice.

Source: Ban Private Ownership of Big Cats

What To Do If You See A Yellow Ribbon On A Dog’s Leash | Care2 Causes


By: Laura S.
March 27, 2016

About Laura

Editor’s note: This post is a Care2 favorite, back by popular demand. It was originally posted on October 9, 2012. Enjoy!

Anyone who has ever had an infirmed, unsocial or elderly dog is going to love The Yellow Dog Project, a global movement for parents of dogs that need space. The concept behind it is quite simple. If you see a dog with a yellow ribbon or other items tied to its leash, that signifies a dog who needs space and you should not attempt to pet the dog or bring your own dog over for a greeting. Now here’s an idea that’s long overdue.

The Yellow Dog Project has now made its mark in 45 countries and educational materials have been translated into 12 languages. Fans are calling it, “Brilliant” and “The best thing to happen since the invention of the leash!”


Some of the More Than 100 Companies That Have Banned Angora Wool


The company joins Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and other top brands. Is your favorite on the list?

Source: Some of the More Than 100 Companies That Have Banned Angora Wool

Food Conglomerate: “We Are At a Tipping Point” with Veganism | VegNews

Life or Lunch?

Frozen-food giant Pinnacle Foods—parent company of vegan brand, Gardein—is placing a new emphasis on plant-based protein.

Plant-based meat alternative company Gardein is helping to redefine consumer’s ideas about protein choices, according to the brand’s billion-dollar parent company Pinnacle Foods. “We actually think we are at a tipping point in terms of people starting to look at plants as an alternative to animal protein,” said Mark Schiller, president of North American Retail for Pinnacle Foods. “We know, in talking with consumers, a significant percentage of the population is actually [trying] to cut down on animal proteins.” Schiller also points out the success of Pinnacle’s frozen skillet meal offerings in delivering a category that has historically been saturated with dairy- and meat-laden options. With the recent unveiling of Gardein’s line of meat-free skillet meals—in flavors including Chick’n Florentino Pasta and Asian Chick’n Fried Rice—Pinnacle says it stands to drive even…

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Petition · ASPCA : Help Animals Whose Lives Depend on ASPCA Pet Insurance ·