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The Republican Senate aims to destroy North Carolina’s remaining Red Wolf population. The species has been under government protection for the past 30 years, but their numbers are still critically low, only around 45 to 60 wolves remain. Now, Republicans want to terminate their protection under the reasoning that the species “has failed to meet population goals” and is “inconveniencing” land owners and other species.


Justice for Mother Wolf Murdered by Poachers | Animal Petitions

A four and a half year old female wolf and mother are several pups was discovered  slaughtered in Northeastern Oregon. she is the latest victim of illegal wolf poaching in the state.

Emergency Tweetstorm/Email  – Stop H.R. 2936  


As this is a last minute effort with a limited time frame, I will not go into detail on this post in regard to the stunning language ofthis proposal. Suffice it to say that this is one of the most extreme attacks, to date, on our national forests. Should you like more informationplease see this page,or to see the full list of egregious provisions within this bill, visitthis blog postfrom the Western Environmental Law Center. For more in-depth information on the Resilient Federal Forests Act (HR 2936) please seethis page from UCLA Berkeley Law.

An analysis of this bill can be foundhere. A letter from 71 organizations can be foundhere.

On November 1st, H.R. 2936 passed in the House of Representatives with a vote of 232-188. Below, please find a tweetsheet and email text, please…

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A Path Forward for Wolves – Defenders of Wildlife Blog

Petition: Help Save Oregon’s Wolves From Poaching and Useless Killing!

 Correction Update: Threats Mount For Wyoming Wolves 

Dear wolf advocate:

We apologize for mistakenly including Wyoming in the category of federally protected in our announcement on Tuesday. In our enthusiasm to get the word out, we made this serious error. Unfortunately, the wolf of Wyoming is under state “management” and Wyoming’s plan includes a ridiculously low number of wolves.

Thank you again for all of your support as we have journeyed this quest to save a species.

By the way, yesterday, Maureen Hackett was interviewed on 1500ESPN’s The Great Outdoors with Dennis Anderson. We think you may enjoy listening to her debate on behalf of the wolf.

-Maureen Hackett, MD, President and Founder, Howling For Wolves

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Breaking News: The Great Lakes and Wyoming wolves remain federally protected!


 Correction Update: Threats Mount For Wyoming Wolves 

Dear wolf advocates:

We have fantastic news! This morning the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia agreed the gray wolf in the Great Lakes and Wyoming should remain on the federal Endangered Species List.

Essentially, the federal appeals court has ruled against the Interior Department’s 2011 decision to delist the gray wolf under the Endangered Species Act. The court said, “Because the government failed to reasonably analyze or consider two significant aspects of the rule—the impacts of partial delisting and of historical range loss on the already-listed species—we affirm the judgment of the district court vacating the 2011 Rule.”

This decision re-affirms what we know: the wolf is a vulnerable and valuable species and needs federal protections for their long-term survival. The wolf is an important part of our state and nation’s ecology and culture. We have known all along that wolf hunting recklessly endangers this valuable asset.

Here in Minnesota, we are very pleased with recent funding approved by the state legislature to reimburse farmers for nonlethal methods to deter livestock conflicts.

We are on the right track for recovering the wolf’s genetic diversity that will keep them in existence for future generations in Minnesota and the world. You helped make this happen – let’s keep it going.
Do a dance for the wolf!

-Maureen Hackett, MD, President and Founder, Howling For Wolves

Howling For Wolves will stay in close touch with ongoing wolf issues including legal and legislative happenings. We know committees in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate have passed reckless provisions in bills to remove these federal protections and to make delisting decisions not judicially reviewable.
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Petition update · White wolf shot dead prompts $15,000 Yellowstone reward! ·

Petition: Oppose the “War on Wolves” Act

Petition: Stop the Killing of Slovenia’s Wolves, Now!

Petition · U.S. Senate: Stop Hunters from Killing Innocent Bear and Wolf Families! ·

Feds kill wolf in Wallowa County on private land with cyanide trap

Exposing the Big Game

A male yearling from the Imnaha Pack was one of eight Oregon gray wolves collared in 2013 by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. The agency uses signals from wolves’ collars to track their dispersal throughout the state. (Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife photo) (ODFW)

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on March 02, 2017 at 4:36 PM, updated March 02, 2017 at 4:57 PM

A gray wolf was killed on private land in Wallowa County by a controversial cyanide device used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, wildlife officials confirmed Thursday.

The male, 100-pound wolf was a member of the Shamrock Pack in northeast Oregon and believed to be less than 2 years old. Officials had just placed a tracking collar on the animal Feb. 10. The Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife and the USDA acknowledged Sunday’s…

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Stop Murdering Endangered Wolves Just to Protect Hunters

Endangered wolves are being slaughtered in Finland because hunters feel threatened by them. This is ridiculous and must be opposed. Wolves are majestic and social animals that must be protected, not massacred.

Source: Stop Murdering Endangered Wolves Just to Protect Hunters

Federal Court Puts Wyoming Wolves Back in the Crosshairs, Decision Poised to Impact Wolves Beyond the State | Wolf Conservation Center

Petition: Tell Congress: Don’t Mess With Wolf Recovery

Prayer of the Wolf ~ By Jack Spirko



Prayer of the Wolf

Great spirit watch over me
Through the darkness of the night
As I go to quell my hunger
Guide me with the moon’s light

I know that I am hated
By Man deep within his mind
But this world is one of the predator
That is how it was designed

I ask only to be left in peace
So that I may live from day to day
And for room to raise my family
So they may run and feed and play

And when I answer that final lonesome howl
As my ancestors who have gone on before
I hope that I will meet them
At heavens very door

I pray that will be the place
Where man can live at our side
Where the valleys are deep, mountains are high
and the spaces are forever wide

That then he may finally see
That I am his brother and not his foe
for only through losing hatred
May our spirits ever grow

Jack Spirko

Petition: Don’t Let Trump Kill the Endangered Species Act

Save Norway’s Wolves: Tweetstorm 

All Petitions are Still Available to Sign.


Wolves are listed as “critically endangered” on the 2015 Norwegian list of endangered animals, yet Norway is planning to cull more than two-thirds of its remaining wolves — a move that will be disastrous for the dwindling members of the species in the wild. Under controversial plans approved last Friday as many as 47 wolves will be shot, from an estimated population of about 68 wolves which remain in the wilderness areas of Norway. The government has justified this year’s planned cull on the basis of harm done to sheep flocks by the predators. The number of wolves the government plans to kill this year is greater than in any year since 1911.

Last year more than 11,000 hunters applied for licences to shoot 16 wolves, a ratio of more than 700 applicants to each licence.

Parliament allows the regional predator committees to have the power to adopt quotas…

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Petition: Demand that Norway stop killing off endangered Wolves, Now !

Petition: Stop Wildlife Services’ Brutal War on Wolves

Petition · Gray Wolves ·

$15,000 Reward Offered Over Illegal Killing of Oregon Mother Wolf

Wolf Is My Soul

For Immediate Release, October 14, 2016

Contact: Amaroq Weiss, (707) 779-9613,

PORTLAND, Ore.— The Center for Biological Diversity today added $10,000 to the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for shooting and killing an endangered wolf earlier this month in south-central Oregon. The wolf — a female known as OR-28, who recently had a pup — was found dead Oct. 6.

OR-28 courtesy Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is also offering a $5,000 reward in the case.

“The illegal killing of wolf OR-28 is heartbreaking. She was a pioneering animal, one of the first wolves to make the journey from northeastern to western Oregon,” said Amaroq Weiss, the Center’s West Coast wolf organizer. “OR-28 was also a first-time mother, who leaves behind her mate and single pup to fend for themselves. This was a cowardly crime. I hope…

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Only 45 Red Wolves Remain, But This Judge Just Stepped In To Help Protect Them | Care2 Causes

Washington wolf activities go beyond Profanity Peak pack – – Capital Press

The West’s AG Weekly Since 1928 • September 28, 2016

Washington wildlife managers say they are continuing to search for the surviving members of the Profanity Peak pack in the Colville National Forest, a hunt now on its eighth week.
Meanwhile, wolves in another northeastern Washington pack last week killed a calf, and a wolf was legally harvested on the Spokane Tribe of Indians reservation, according to the state Department of Fish and Wildlife.

WDFW’s plan to lethally remove the Profanity Peak pack has outraged some environmental and animal-rights groups, overshadowing other wolf activities in Washington this summer.

WDFW began hunting for the Profanity Peak pack on Aug. 4. The department has reported shooting five adults and one pup, though none since Aug. 22.

Two adults and up to four pups remain, according to WDFW. The department says it intends to eliminate the rest of the pack, but the pack is in rugged timberlands and finding the surviving wolves will be challenging.

WDFW has confirmed that the pack has killed or injured eight cattle and probably is responsible for five more attacks on livestock this summer.

WDFW’s policy calls for the state to use lethal control after four confirmed depredations, provided ranchers had taken steps to prevent conflicts between wolves and livestock.

WDFW investigators confirmed Sept. 21 that wolves in the Smackout pack, whose territory straddles Stevens and Pend Oreille counties, killed a calf, the department’s wolf policy coordinator, Donny Martorello, said in an email.

The depredation was the first confirmed attack by the pack this year. The pack fatally injured a calf in October 2015, according to WDFW records.

Also Sept. 21, the Spokane Tribe of Indians reported a wolf had been harvested on the reservation. The tribe also reported in July that a wolf had been harvested.

The tribe allows enrolled members to hunt wolves within the 159,000-acre reservation, with an annual limit of six wolves.

The Spokane tribe reported in 2015 harvesting three wolves in the Huckleberry pack, the only legal shooting of wolves in the state last year, according to WDFW.

Hunting wolves is not allowed in Washington except on tribal lands.

WDFW enlisted the USDA’s Wildlife Services to shoot one wolf from the Huckleberry pack in 2014. The pack was preying on sheep.

Since then, a federal judge has barred Wildlife Services from assisting WDFW with lethal removal, unless the federal agency conducts a more thorough review of the environmental impacts of removing wolves.

Wolves are not federally protected in the eastern one-third of Washington, where attacks on livestock are occurring, but are on the state’s protected species list.

Wolf Management~ Endangered Species Act

Hearing on Wolf Management Devolves Into GOP Story Time as Republicans Repeat Debunked Myths about Iconic Endangered Species

Washington, D.C. – A just-concluded oversight hearing on federal management of wolves turned into an afternoon storytelling forum as Republican lawmakers and their invited witnesses repeated the same debunked claims they often share about wolves, which are protected under the Endangered Species Act.

“They keep telling the same stories, reality and the scientific community keep proving those stories false, and then we hold another hearing where it happens again,” said Ranking Member Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.). “Today’s hearing, just like the last hearing and the one before that, was about getting rid of as many wolves as possible, not about better management. Every day brings us closer to the end of this Congress, and every day the majority repeats the same old debunked claims that no one outside the Republican bubble takes seriously.”

Hearing “highlights” include:

Rep. Dan Benishek (R-Mich.) (to a witness): “I unfortunately have to contradict my colleague from Michigan, Ms. Dingell, in that in your opening statement you mentioned that hunting in Michigan had not suffered under the wolf. That’s not really the case in my district; there has been a dramatic drop in the deer population.”

FACT: Michigan Tech Professor Dr. John Vucetich promptly dismissed this claim: “It hasn’t been demonstrated that wolves are impacting deer on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.” In fact, cold winter temperatures are the main reason for deer declines on the Upper Peninsula. According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the large deer herd has begun to have a significant impact on its own habitat and the habitats of other animals.

Gordon Meyers, Director, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission: “The hypothesis that red wolves can become self-sustaining, particularly within landscapes that include coyotes, has been disproven.”

FACT: FWS documents show that as recently as 2010, the red wolf population in North Carolina had grown to as many as 130 individuals. Wolf expert Dr. John Vucetich testified that the FWS adaptive management program for red wolves that includes efforts to reduce hybridization between red wolves and coyotes “appears to have been effective in maintaining and growing the red wolf population.”

Rep. Steve Pearce (R-N.M.): “There are significant findings that indicate maybe there’s not a pure strain [of Mexican gray wolf] at all.”

FACT: By definition, according to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the Mexican gray wolf is the “most genetically distinct subspecies of gray wolf in North America”.

Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-Calif.): “I represent the very Northern part of California where wolves are being introduced or pushed into the state now…[people] have to put their kids in a cage at the bus stop in order for them to be protected [from wolves] when the bus comes”

FACT: As stated on the front page of California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife website: “The State of California is not reintroducing wolves.” Additionally, wolves pose little direct risk to humans. According to Dr. Daniel MacNulty, a wildlife-ecology professor at Utah State University, “[c]ages are unnecessary because wolves aren’t going to be attacking children at the bus stop… I think the ‘kid cages’ are a publicity stunt designed to stoke opposition to Mexican wolf recovery in general and to the federal government in particular.”

Alexandra Sandoval, Director, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish: “The 2015 Rule [governing Mexican wolf recovery] was not a product of cooperation but rather an example of federal imposition.”

FACT: The 2015 Rule, which extended the boundary of the experimental population area, was based on recommendations from the Mexican Wolf Adaptive Management Oversight Committee and Interagency Field Team 2005 report – with participants from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. This Department, the New Mexico Department of Agriculture, and multiple New Mexico counties have been cooperating agencies in more recent work, such as the Environmental Impact Statement that led to the 2015 Rule.

Thomas Paterson, Owner of Spur Ranch Cattle Co.: “I’ve asked about wolf tourism. The response I’ve received is that the notion is a farce.”

FACT: A 2006 study estimated the economic impacts of wolf-related tourism around Yellowstone National Park alone (a place with a stable gray wolf population) at $35.5 million annually.
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Stop Brutal Slaughter of Endangered Gray Wolves

A pack of 11 endangered gray wolves is slated for execution because the animals have been preying on local livestock. Denounce this barbaric plan and demand that a more humane solution be found.

Source: Stop Brutal Slaughter of Endangered Gray Wolves