SIGN PETITION: Justice For Dog Found Skinned & Mutilated Near Idaho Murders

Buddy (Photo Credit: Pam Colbert/Facebook)

PETITION TARGET: Moscow Police Chief James Fry 

Lex Talamo

A sweet senior dog was killed and skinned outside of a family home, and his bloody and mostly hairless corpse left for his distraught guardian, just three miles away from where four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death, according to news reports.

Buddy, a 12-year-old mini Australian Shepherd, was let out into the yard surrounding his 10-acre home in a peaceful community in Moscow, Idaho, in October. His guardians, Pam and Jim Colbert, said the intelligent dog never left their property – but that night he never returned.

A neighbor later found the dog, raised a community alarm, and alerted the Colberts that someone had skinned Buddy – leaving fur only on his face and his legs.

“They cut him around the neck and just skinned him,” Pam Colbert told the Daily Mail. “The other side of him was as though they had filleted him like they were about to eat him.”

The bereaved couple found Buddy’s collar, but not his stolen skin. Jim Colbert also discovered the corpse of a rabbit nearby whose head had been cut open and brain exposed.

Moscow Police have determined that Buddy’s killer was human. While the department hasn’t definitively linked the dog’s death to the students’ stabbings 23 days later, the community is living in fear, according to news reports.

This heinous act of fatal animal cruelty must be taken seriously. Numerous studies have linked cruelty against animals to future cruelty against humans. 

This sweet dog did not deserve such a torturous death, and a thorough investigation into the killing may lead to information that could relate to the University of Idaho murders; or, it could allow police to apprehend a separate individual who may cause additional harm to other innocent animals or people.

Sign our petition urging the Moscow Police to use all available resources to identify Buddy’s killer and hold the individual(s) accountable for this act of serious and intentional violence. 

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PLEASE SIGN: Justice for Dog Shot So Severely His Leg Was Amputated

(Photo credit: Derby Police Department via Facebook)

PETITION TARGET: New Haven State’s Attorney Patrick J. Griffin

Joe Taglieri

UPDATE (11/3/2022): A judge has granted Derby permanent custody of Thunda, which will allow Shelton/Derby Animal Control to start making long-term arrangements for this innocent animals. Meanwhile, Singletary is scheduled for a plea hearing on Dec. 16 and Perrin is scheduled for a next proceeding on Jan. 12, according to court records.

Perrin is facing misdemeanor counts of conspiracy to commit ill discharge of a firearm and conspiracy to commit first-degree reckless endangerment and felony counts of conspiracy to commit cruelty to animals and two counts of risk of injury to child; Singletary is facing misdemeanor counts of conspiracy to commit ill discharge of a firearm, conspiracy to commit cruelty to animals, conspiracy to commit first-degree reckless endangerment and felony counts for criminal possession of a firearm and two counts of risk of injury to a child. We’ll keep watching this case. — Lady Freethinker Staff


A young German shepherd had to have his leg and shoulder amputated after being ruthlessly shot twice, allegedly by his owners, in Connecticut.

One bullet shattered the dog’s front leg and another round embedded in his shoulder, according to News 12 Connecticut. Due to his gruesome injuries, the dog — now named Thunda — had to undergo an amputation and receive around-the-clock care at a veterinary center, whose staff added his road to recovery will be long. 

Police had received a call, allegedly from the dog’s owners, saying the injured animal appeared to have been hit by a car. An investigation involving surveillance footage and guns found in the people’s possession near the scene of the bloody incident led authorities to believe the callers, who deny they own Thunda, actually shot the dog, according to news reports.

Stranja Perrin, 28, and Anthony Singletary, 27, now face animal cruelty, firearm and child endangerment charges, according to media reports.

Intentional acts of brutality against animals must not be tolerated. Sign our petition demanding authorities treat this case with the severity it deserves, and call for a lifelong ban on having animals.

Anyone with information about the investigation is asked to call the Derby Police Department at 203-735-7811.

SIGN: Justice for Dog Allegedly Beaten and Choked by Veterinarian

Representative image. (Photo credit: PxHere)

PETITION TARGET: Macomb County Prosecuting Attorney Peter J. Lucido

A terrorized dog was reportedly beaten, choked, slammed on a hardwood floor and possibly bitten by a veterinarian in Detroit who allegedly committed the atrocious acts in front of his two children.

The video, reportedly recorded by the veterinarian’s son, went viral online, prompting authorities to remove three dogs from the household and file animal cruelty-related charges. Authorities also have voiced concern about the aggressive behavior, the Detroit News reported.

Violence against animals is also a precursor to violence against people,” an animal control officer said at the veterinarian’s arraignment.

While the dog showed no lasting injuries on examination, and the veterinarian’s defense counsel has argued the recorded actions were appropriate discipline measures, a judge said during court proceedings that the veterinarian should have acted more compassionately.

“You had an obligation, sir, to de-escalate,” the judge said at the arraignment hearing. “You have an obligation, not only pursuant to your training and expertise, but as a human being to de-escalate a situation and not make it worse. You did not do that.”

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior also has discredited the technique that the veterinarian’s counsel described as an “alpha roll” — saying the cruel technique makes animals fearful, anxious and more aggressive rather than obedient.

Authorities have charged Wayne Gilchrist, 52, with one count of animal cruelty that could result in up to 93 days in jail, a $1,000 fine and 200 hours of community service, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Aggression against animals is not “training” and is not “discipline.” The individual responsible for these callous actions must be held fully accountable — and his treatment of the other animals routinely in his care must also be investigated.

Sign our petition urging prosecutors to treat this case with the severity it deserves, including obtaining sentencing that requires additional professional training in non-aversive disciplinary techniques and intervention services, such as anger management therapy and psychological counseling, to prevent additional acts of unnecessary violence.

vet alleged abuse

(Photo credit: Macomb County Executive Office)

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Stop Whipping and Abusing Horses for Carriage Rides – ForceChange

Sydney Shaffer

Target: Mamata BanerjeeChief Minister of West Bengal

Goal: Put an end to horse-drawn carriages.

Horses being used for horse-drawn carriages in India are suffering. They are forced to pull heavy carriages full of people, even when physically wounded, sick, and hungry. Some horses are whipped as well. These animals pull the carriages in extremely hot weather and have also been seen standing in their own waste. The carriage rides are usually long, which causes exhaustion for the horses and means they go a long time without food and water. PETA India is demanding the end to these cruel conditions.

An investigation found cruel conditions for the horses. Many of them had injuries which could be from being struck by cars, likely while navigating through heavy traffic. It was discovered that they are left to find their own food, and some are abandoned after they can no longer work. They receive no veterinary treatment, leading to painful deaths. They went far too long without food, leaving them extremely thin.

Sign below and demand that horse drawn carriages be banned in India and the horses given proper treatment and care.


Dear Mamata Banerjee,

You must put a stop to the tourist attraction of horse-drawn carriages. The horses being used for this are put through harmful conditions like lack of food and water. This leads to exhaustion and can even lead to their deaths. They are not receiving proper medical treatment and are being forced to work.

Horses do not deserve to work in these harmful conditions. We demand alongside PETA India that the cruel conditions these horses are suffering from the carriage rides are stopped.


Photo Credit: Jim & Robin Kunze

SIGN: Justice for Dogs Found Stolen, Injured, and Decomposing in Alleged ‘Pet Transport’ Scam

Scooby prior to transport. (Submitted photo)

PETITION TARGET: Texas State Prosecuting Attorney

Scooby, a gorgeous white dog with warm blue eyes, entered the care of a pet transport carrier healthy, but later reportedly arrived at his destination dead and already decomposing in his crate. 

He’s tragically just one of the canine victims now tied to the carrier, whom officers recently pulled over in a U-haul at a traffic stop in Montgomery, Texas, where they discovered a cargo hold full of stolen and injured dogs left without food or water and wallowing in their own urine and feces, according to news reports.

Four dogs languished in the cargo hold, including one who appeared malnourished and another who had exposed flesh on his back consistent with a chemical burn, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputy who arrived on scene.

Authorities arrested Tiara Alsaid, 26, on charges of animal cruelty, theft, and drug warrants from various counties, and Richard Anthony, 57, on unrelated marijuana charges after they also found drugs in the U-haul. Victims reportedly scammed by Alsaid’s “transport” company have since been identified in Texas, Florida, Tennessee and California, Sgt. Jason Smith told news.

One of those reported victims is Dyaisha Jordan, who told the Houston Press she’s still waiting to find out what happened to her shepherd Blackie.

“It is just a question that we have no closure for,” she said. “We still don’t have a clue as to whether he is even dead or alive.”

Defenseless animals don’t deserve to suffer and die at the hands of a scammer — especially one reportedly followed by a trail of official complaints with numerous law enforcement and federal agencies.

The individual(s) responsible for the death and suffering of these stolen dogs must be held fully accountable, with protections immediately and permanently enacted so they can never harm animals again.

Sign our petition urging Texas state prosecutors to treat this case with the severity it deserves, including ensuring the animal cruelty charges remain on the record, ordering significant restitution paid to an animal welfare related cause as well as the mourning guardians, and issuing a maximum ban on owning or possessing animals for the individual(s) involved.

Authorities have identified the guardians for three of the four dogs. Anyone who thinks the fourth dog could be their missing companion animal is encouraged to call Sgt. Smith at 936-538-3545.

Sign Petition: A Veterinarian Choked and Beat a Crying, Cowering Dog While His Family Recorded Video

  • by: Care2 Team
  • recipient: Michigan Board of Veterinary Medicine

The video starts with the Michigan veterinarian inside someone’s home – possibly his own – and he is hollering. He directs his anger at a German shepherd, who cowers with his ears back and body trembling, holding himself low to the ground. As he shouts at the pup, he stalks up to him.

Then, on camera, the vet grabs the animal, throws him down on the ground, and begins to strangle him. Hands wrapped around the animal’s throat, he holds him there, choking him as the poor dog whimpers and cries in pain. Then, as if that weren’t enough, he picks up the dog and smashes him against the ground multiple times. The video is filled with the haunting sounds of the pup desperately yipping and screaming, unsure how to escape the abuse.

So far, authorities have charged him with misdemeanor animal abuse. But he still has his license for continuing to practice as a veterinarian. The Michigan Board of Veterinary Medicine must protect other animals by revoking his license now!

This man made a vow to protect animals and improve their welfare. That is his job as a medical professional who serves pets and other animals. So far, we only know about this one instance of cruelty towards a dog, possibly inside his own home. It’s unclear at this point if he  ever abused any animals at his veterinary office.

Following this assault on the dog, someone posted the video on YouTube. Investigators say they’ve traced the video back to the veterinarian’s family, and likely his son. 

That raises another important question: who knows what else was going on inside that house? Research has shown a strong link between abusing animals and abusing people as well. If this man has so much rage and anger that he would beat and attack an animal, what else has he been doing? 

Shortly after the video was made public, prosecutors in Macomb County, Michigan did serve the man with animal abuse charges. For some unknown reason, they refused to press for felony charges and proceeded with much lower-intensity misdemeanor charges instead. This is an important start. 

However, this does not protect future animals from possible abuse.

Authorities must conduct a full investigation into this man’s history of animal cruelty, and ban him from ever practicing veterinary medicine again! He has proved he can not be trusted with pets’ wellbeing. Sign the petition if you want to save animals from abuse!

This cruelty needs to stop!!

Demand Justice for More Than 300 Dogs Rescued From Apparent Dogfighting Operation – Animal Petitions

Victoria Paige

Target: Alan Wilson, Attorney General of South Carolina

Goal: Demand the alleged operators of the largest known dogfighting operation in South Carolina history be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law.

Recently, over 300 dogs were rescued from what officials consider the largest dogfighting ring in South Carolina history. Over 60 state and federal officers reportedly interrupted a scheduled dogfighting match in Richmond County, in addition to executing search warrants at nearby properties rumored to contain dogfighting associations. Officers were stunned by the cruelty they seemingly witnessed at these locations. Dogfighting paraphernalia was reportedly scattered about, and emaciated puppies with their rib cages showing were apparently found chained to trees and shoved in filthy cages.

So far, more than 20 individuals have been arrested for charges relating to animal cruelty. According to the Animal Welfare Act, individuals can face up to five years in prison for dogfighting charges. While the dogs are currently being taken care of by the Humane Society of the United States and Bark Nation, the sad reality is that many of these dogs will likely have to be euthanized, since their sole life purpose up until this point had seemingly been to fight and they are too aggressive to be placed into loving homes.

Sign this petition to demand all found guilty of involvement are punished at the fullest extent of the law. Dogfighting has no home here in the United States, or anywhere else.


Dear Attorney General Wilson,

It has been brought to public attention that over 300 dogs were reportedly rescued from an undercover dogfighting ring in South Carolina thought to have been the largest such operation in the states’ history. Officials on site at the 20+ search warrant properties were stunned by the apparent cruelty they witnessed, and images taken depict starved puppies with their rib cages showing chained to trees by heavy metal links, with others shoved in filthy, barren cages. Unfortunately, although the dogs are in the custody of the Humane Society of the United States and Bark Nation, most of these dogs–who reportedly spent their entire lives being trained to fight and kill–will most likely have to be euthanized.

Dogfighting is a terrible crime, and we are asking you, Mr. Wilson, that all individuals found guilty of involvement be punished at the fullest extent of the law.


Photo Credit: BBC World Service

Mandate Psychological Treatment for Kids Who Commit Animal Cruelty – ForceChange

Victoria Paige

Target: Thomas J. Vilsack, United States Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Mandate psychological treatment for kids who commit acts of animal cruelty to protect other animals and people.

It was over a year ago that Buddy the dog was found near death, with an extension cord tied around his neck, covered in burn marks from having been set on fire. The alleged perpetrator of this heinous crime: a 12-year-old Mississippi child. While this would typically be considered a felony punishable by up to three years in prison, children under 12 cannot be charged with a crime or evaluated according to Mississippi state law.

In the wake of much public outrage, officials created Buddy’s, law which went into effect on July 1st of 2022. According to Buddy’s law, any child convicted of torturing animals is required to receive psychiatric evaluation and treatment. Not only will this law protect thousands of animals from abuse, it will also possibly save the lives of many people, as there is a relatively well established link between animal abuse and later acts of violence towards humans.

Sign this petition to demand Buddy’s law be passed on a federal level and hold abusers in all states across the U.S. accountable for their crimes.


Dear Secretary Vilsack,

Buddy’s law was recently passed in Mississippi after Buddy, a family dog, was found with an extension cord tied tightly around his neck and covered in burn marks. This terrible crime was allegedly committed by a child who, under the age of 12, couldn’t be charged with a crime or evaluated by the state.

Buddy’s law changes this. According to the law, any child convicted of torturing animals is required to receive psychiatric evaluation and treatment. Not only will this get children the help they need, it will also likely save animals and even other people. The correlation between early childhood acts of animal abuse and later acts of violence towards humans is relatively well-established, and perpetrators of crimes towards animals are typically capable of much more.

We are asking you, Mr. Vilsack, to encourage Buddy’s law to be passed on a federal level as an amendment to the Animal Welfare Act.


Photo Credit: AmazonCARES

Sign Petition: Strengthen Animal Cruelty Laws in Honor of Susie!

  • by: Care2 Team
  • recipient: North Carolina Legislature

Susie, the beloved pitbull mix who became a symbol of hope and perseverance after inspiring important animal cruelty laws, has passed away. The beautiful dog, who survived horrendous abuse, later went on to put her paw print to North Carolina legislation which increased the penalties for animal cruelty. Susie spent much of her amazing life visiting hospitals, schools, and even won the Hero Dog Award from the Humane Society. But animal cruelty persists in the state, and legislators must uphold Susie’s amazing legacy!

Sign now to demand that sentencing and ownership laws for animal cruelty in North Carolina be strengthened in Susie’s honor!

In 2009, Susie was found in a park, covered in maggots, horrifically beaten and even burned. After being examined by veterinarians at a shelter in the area, experts estimated that she had been left in that tragic condition for weeks. Susie was missing teeth, burns covered well over half of her body, and her jaw was broken. As a puppy, she had endured any dog’s worst nightmare. Susie’s story is a devastating example of why animal cruelty laws are so important.

North Carolina is currently ranked appallingly low for animal protections — 42nd out of all 50 states. This is a disgrace to Susie and the many, many animals who have endured horrifying abuse. But the North Carolina legislature can take a few simple steps to dramatically increase animal welfare in the state. By adding statutorily authorized sentencing to mental health evaluation or treatment and a ban on animal ownership for people convicted of felony animal cruelty to Susie’s Law, the lives of untold animals could be protected.

Sign the petition now to tell legislators in North Carolina: the time is now to stand for animal rights! Fight against animal cruelty in honor of Susie!more

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Petition · AHS Newark Shelter needs to be investigated for animal cruelty and neglect

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Our goal is to bring positive change to AHS Newark Animal Shelter. Animals there are being neglected, abused and suffering. Health code violations are EVERYWHERE. Disease is spreading. Uneducated shelter staff and volunteers are unknowingly endangering the lives of animals in their care. Adequate Medical treatment is not being provided to animals in need. Adoptions are being made that place animals in unsafe homes and situations, resulting in many returns or people simply abandoning animals. Indoor kennel temperatures are soaring near 90 degrees while pigeons spread disease throughout the building. Donations continue to be accepted with no explanation for where the money is going. 

We hope with the support of our community we can push for an investigation by the Sheriff’s Office and Health Department. 

The dog picture in this photo is Chloe, she arrived at AHS Newark in need of immediate medical care, which she was denied. By the time shelter eventually got her help it was too late and she died. Unfortunately, she is just one of many. 

**I would like to clarify that this is in no way directed at or placing blame on any of the shelter volunteers. This problem starts at the very top. To those you dedicate their time volunteering at this shelter, we support and thank you!

Mother, daughter dog trainers arrested after video of their techniques goes viral

Tina Frey and Victoria Brimer (Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office)

WKRC Staff

Tina Frey and Victoria Brimer (Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office)

LENA, La. (WKRC) — A mother and daughter who run a dog training facility in Louisiana are facing charges after a video of their controversial methods went viral, according to authorities.

Tina Frey, 52, and her daughter, Victoria Brimer, 21, own and operate the Cypress Arrow Kennel & K9 Academy.

The Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office said they received complaints about animal cruelty at the business.

Police said video was taken of a lesson that reportedly shows Frey “striking a Cane Corso dog on the head with a riding crop.”

Frey’s attorney, Brad Drell, claims she is an “expert” trainer who has never hurt or injured an animal.

He also argued that the breed of dog is well over 100 pounds it can potentially be dangerous to humans if not trained properly.

The video circulating of Ms. Frey using a squirt [a short whip] on [the dog called] Fenixx creates a false impression that dogs are being injured,” Drell said. “While the video is disturbing for many to watch, what needs to be understood is that Fenixx at the time was attempting to chew through a leash, which would have allowed Fenixx to bite either Ms. Frey or her daughter. “

In the footage, Drell added, both Frey and Fennixx can be seen using the squirt on themselves, as well.

While the quirt makes some noise, it is flexible and not painful,” he said. “While I understand that many people feel, and some quite strongly, that the use of the quirt is not what they would do to correct a dog, the use of the quirt is not inhumane under the law. Fenixx was in no way injured, as is shown in the video.”

Police said the arrests were still celebrated by many animal and rescue organizations that shared the video online as a warning to pet owners.

Frey and Brimer have each been charged with two counts of aggravated cruelty to animals. They were both released on a $10,000 bond, but police said the investigation is still active, and more charges could be filed.

“I want to thank the public for bearing with us while we conducted a complete and thorough investigation into these allegations” said Sheriff Mark Wood. “I would also like to commend our Animal Control Section and our detectives in their investigation of this incident and to staying the course, following the evidence where it leads and not bending to pressure of a quick arrest” said Sheriff Mark Wood. “We always take these animal complaints seriously as we do all crimes, but we also have to investigate and make sure the alleged crime fits the law.”

SIGN: Justice for Endangered Sea Turtles Stabbed to Death in Japan

Lady Freethinker

Representative Image via Shutterstock

PETITION TARGETS: Okinawa Prefectural Police, Kumejima Municipal Government, and Japanese Environment Ministry 

More than 30 endangered green sea turtles were found bleeding out onto a beach in the Okinawa Prefecture, Japan , with multiple stab wounds to their necks and flippers, according to Mainichi news reports.

Employees with the  Kumejima Sea Turtle Museum rushed to the beach after they fielded several complaints from distressed members of the community. Upon arrival, they found dozens of unmoving sea turtles – some dead and some fighting for their lives before they succumbed to their wounds. 

At least one fishing operator has admitted to stabbing the vulnerable and defenseless animals, telling a reporter that the turtles had become entangled in his fishing nets. When he couldn’t untangle the heavy ones, he reportedly “stabbed them to get rid of them,” according to news reports.

The Okinawa Prefectural Police and the Okinawa Municipal Government are investigating this cruel and tragic case, given that the turtles are listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Japanese Environment Ministry. 

The brutal stabbings directly counter ongoing conservation efforts on Kumejima Island, where turtles flock to feast in seaweed and kelp beds, and whoever committed this atrocious act must be held fully accountable.

Sign our petition urging Japanese officials to thoroughly investigate and prosecute anyone involved with this heinous crime.

Sign Petition: Investigate White Birch Farm for Severe Animal Abuse!

  • by: Care2 Team
  • recipient: Oregon Animal Control Unit

A horse trainer near Portland, Oregon was arrested after an anonymous tip of allegations of violent, terrifying abuse was made to local police. The details of the case were gruesome: the woman allegedly deprived the animals of food and water and maliciously beat them. But the owner of the farm the trainer worked at has repeatedly made statements excusing her behavior, and clearly knew that she was using torturous, problematic methods. Arresting the perpetrator is the first step, and now White Birch Farm must now be held accountable.

Sign now to demand Oregon’s Animal Control Unit investigate and shut down White Birch Farm and find new homes for the horses!

The stories of what occurred at White Birch Farm are harrowing. In one video, a horse is bridled so tightly to the saddle that it appears to be struggling to breathe — its eyes look glossy, beginning to roll back into its head. In another part of the witness affidavit, the accused trainer allegedly described taking a miniature horse’s head and slamming it into the wall to intentionally inflict pain.

Local police charged the accused woman with a whopping 20 counts of animal cruelty: two counts of failing to provide proper drink, two counts of overworking, nine counts of torture, and seven counts of mutilating or cruelly beating or unjustifiably injuring an animal. That many counts of cruelty indicates long term and repeated abuse of many animals. How could the institution who employed her not know that all of this is happening? 

The reality is that it’s almost impossible White Birch Farm didn’t know the accused woman was engaging in these behaviors. In fact, when asked about the abuse, the owner replied, “you needed to have a specific training philosophy to understand the training methods used by her,” according to the warrant. In other words, the owner was literally claiming that abusive methods are simply a difference of philosophy, and not an objectively morally wrong thing to do to any animal in any circumstance.

Oregon’s Animal Control Unit must investigate and shut down White Birch Farm, as they clearly are fine with allowing horses on the premises to endure extreme and dangerous abuse. These poor horses should be relocated to a safe environment where they can receive the love and care they deserve. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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SIGN: Justice for Elephants Beaten and Starved at Thai Tourist Attraction

(Photo Credit: Chayanan Assawadhammanond / Facebook)

PETITION TARGETS: Thailand’s Department of Livestock Development; Thai Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation; Ministry of Tourism and Sports in the Department of Tourism

Intelligent elephants are being starved, chained, and hit with metal spikes and vicious hooks so they will give rides and perform tricks for tourists at the Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo in Thailand, according to news reports.

Concerned visitors to the zoo reportedly offered to donate food but were refused entrance. They then posted photos of injured and seemingly malnourished elephants on social media and alerted wildlife and livestock officials, whose investigation found the zoo was in violation of the Cruelty Prevention and Animal Welfare Act, according to Coconuts Bangkok.

But shockingly, local authorities reportedly have decided not to pursue penalties or cruelty charges — instead telling the zoo to feed the elephants more grass and loosen the animals’ chains to reduce stress and injury, according to news reports.

The zoo has previously made the news for grossly underweight elephants being forced to perform tricks and also for handlers who reportedly stabbed elephants with spikes to force them to entertain tourists, kept animals chained in crowded and unsanitary conditions, and forced tigers, chimpanzees, and an orangutan to pose with tourists for the zoo’s profit.

Wild animals do not deserve to endure such extreme suffering and degradation for people’s “entertainment.”

Thailand must enforce its animal cruelty statutes, and these atrocious acts also must be treated with the severity they deserve.

Sign our petition urging Thailand authorities who oversee elephant welfare to thoroughly investigate conditions at this zoo, crack down with maximum penalties for violations, and retire these suffering animals to a reputable sanctuary where they will no longer be abused or exploited.

Update on carriage horse that collapsed in Manhattan

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PETITION: Justice for Puppy Left in Hot Car with Mouth Taped Shut

Representative image. (Photo by Eddieccw via Wikimedia Commons)

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PETITION TARGET: Clark County District Attorney Steven B. Wolfson

A 3-month-old puppy with his mouth taped shut languished for a torturous two hours in a swelteringly hot car in a Las Vegas hotel parking garage while his owner was in the air conditioned casino, according to news reports.

Bellagio security guards rescued the dog from the car, which was parked in direct desert sunlight on the top level of the hotel-casino’s parking garage, by climbing though the vehicle’s sun roof. They found the distressed puppy breathing heavily, his mouth tightly bound by black electrical tape, with the car’s interior reaching 108 degrees, news reports noted.

Police have arrested Raul Carbajal, 50, of Corona Del Mar, California, and charged him with suspicion of willful or malicious torture of a dog.

It is crucial for pet guardians to never leave animals in dangerously hot cars. No errand, appointment or any other type of task remotely justifies such cruel and thoughtless torture. Whoever caused this innocent puppy to suffer horrifically must be held fully accountable. 

Sign our petition urging justice for this young dog who didn’t deserve to be left in dangerous — and possibly deadly — confined heat.  Clark County District Attorney Steven B. Wolfson and his prosecutors should pursue this case of severe animal abuse to the fullest extent of the law, including a lifelong ban on possessing animals and restitution to an animal charity. Authorities should also provide intervention services such as anger management or psychological counseling for the alleged perpetrator of this crime to prevent future animal abuse.

Ban Body-Crushing Traps That Paralyze And Kill Endangered Animals – ForceChange

Victoria Paige

Target: Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Goal: Ban the use of body-gripping traps within areas protected under the National Wildlife Refuge System.

Many types of body-gripping traps are still widely available for commercial use throughout the U.S. These traps, which include conibear traps, snares, and steel-jaw leghold traps, work by crushing animals bones and holding them hostage until a trapper, hunter, or furbearer comes to retrieve them. Although body-gripping traps—such as conibear traps which are designed to snap an animal’s spinal cord—are meant to kill animals instantaneously and painlessly, they are often unreliable and typically animals die a slow, agonizing death. An animal could be stuck in one of these traps for days before being retrieved, subject to extreme hunger, dehydration, and psychological trauma, and vulnerable to predators. Some animals will even resort to chewing their own limbs off to try and escape the crushing, all-consuming pain.

These types of traps are responsible for the deaths of millions of animals each year. As they are nonselective and cannot be continuously monitored, they often catch and kill non-intended targets. This includes endangered animals, such as Bald Eagles and Mexican wolves, as well as companion animals that happen to take a misfortunate step.

Though these traps are banned in many states, they still remain largely under regulation. In 2021, a bill was introduced to the House of Representatives that, if passed, would end the use of these cruel, indiscriminate traps once and for all within areas protected under the National Wildlife Refuge System.

Animals do not deserve to suffer prolonged, torturous deaths. Sign this petition to end this archaic method of trapping.


Dear Representative Pelosi,

Body-gripping traps are a particularly cruel method of trapping wildlife and kill millions of innocent animals each year. These devices work by slamming shut onto helpless animals, often crushing bones or vital organs in the process. An animal can be ensnared for days without any food or water, left vulnerable to predation and infection as they die a slow and agonizing death. Some desperate animals will even chew off their trapped limbs to try and escape the devices’ powerful grip. Since these traps are indiscriminate, they don’t just catch targeted wildlife, but also endangered species and companion animals. Even so, body-gripping traps like conibear traps, snares, and steel-jaw leghold traps are still widely commercially available in the U.S. today.

Luckily, changes are underway. In 2021, a bill was introduced to the House by Congressman Jerrold Nadler to ban inhumane conibear and steel-jaw leghols traps from areas protected under the National Wildlife Refuge System. If passed, millions of innocent animals will be granted the ability to roam freely and graciously, without the possibility of having their spinal cords snapped.

We are asking you, Mrs. Pelosi, to please ban the antiquated 300-year old practice of catching animals with inhumane, bone crushing traps and to support Bill H.R. 4716.


Photo Credit: Terese Hart

Sign Petition: People Are Shooting Pets with Guns and Arrows in Louisiana. It Must Stop.


55,000 GOAL

In northern Louisiana, animal rescuers and organizations like the Humane Society of Louisiana are seeing a shocking increase in horrific, extreme animal abuse cases. People are shooting cats and dogs with guns — and also with bow-and-arrows. A local veterinarian says it’s been heart-breaking to see so many animals come in with gunshot and arrow wounds. But the situation keeps getting worse and worse.

Sign the petition to demand justice for these shot and abused animals!

Some of the violence inflicted against these defenseless pets comes from neighbors who take out their aggression on others’ beloved companion animals. And some of the violence comes from pets’ own humans, the very people who are supposed to love and protect these defenseless creatures.

That’s why it’s imperative that animal shelters and pet retail stores in Louisiana screen potential pet-adopters before they take home a new animal. Just like we would do for children, it’s important to make sure that the new adoptive pet parents don’t have any history of violence, cruelty, or similar major red flags.

Another big problem, according to area experts, is that apparently local police don’t prioritize enforcing laws against animal cruelty. That also must change. Police departments must investigate cases where their officers have broken the law by refusing to sufficiently take animal cruelty seriously. Police must be held accountable for not carrying out laws to keep animals safe!

Tell lawmakers in Louisiana that they must take action to help animals. They must pass laws to require pet adoption sites screen people before they adopt an animal, and to hold police officers accountable if they do not enforce laws against animal cruelty. Sign the petition to reduce horrific violence against pets now!more

Sign Petition… 👇

Animals Don’t Belong At The Circus

More than 300 dogs starve to death at animal shelter after Russian troops left them to die

05:40 EDT 05 Apr 2022 , updated 05:56 EDT 05 Apr 2022

  • A total of 485 dogs were locked in cages at the UAnimals shelter in Borodyanka
  • They were left for more than a month without food or water by Russian occupiers
  • Shelter workers were only able to return on April 1 after Russian troops retreated 
  • UAnimals said only 150 of the 485 dogs managed to survive, with 27 critically ill
  • Harrowing footage shows workers stacking up a huge pile of carcasses, while other videos show dozens of corpses littering the floors of the shelter 

David Averre

Hundreds of dogs have been found dead at an animal shelter in Ukraine after Russian occupiers left them to starve in their cages for weeks.

The UAnimals shelter in Borodyanka, just north of Kyiv, said that up to 485 dogs were locked in their cages by Russian forces shortly after the invasion of Ukraine began on February 24.

There they remained without food or water for about a month as the occupiers left them to die, until staff were able to return to the compound on April 1 once the Russian soldiers had retreated.

Footage released by the animal shelter on Instagram showed workers stacking up a huge pile of dead hounds which had wasted away in the presence of the occupiers.

Meanwhile, images of half mangled corpses in some of the cages suggested some dogs had begun to eat their dead cell mates in the complete absence of food. 

‘This is the number of dogs… and this is not all, this is just a part,’ a woman can be heard saying through tears as she filmed workers adding to the stack of corpses.

‘These are the animals of Borodyanka, and the consequences of war. The consequences of complete indifference and negligence. The animals went three to four weeks without food or water.’

Just 150 of the 485 dogs were found alive when the workers returned, with 27 of them transferred to local vets in critical condition.

UAnimals has since announced on social media it will pay 50,000 hryvnia (almost £1300) to anyone willing to rescue some of the animals still left alive, and hit out at the director of the Kyiv veterinary hospital – the owners of the shelter – for not organising proper care or evacuation for the dogs.

Hundreds of dogs left to die with ‘no food or water’ by Russian troops

LIVE ‘This is the number of dogs… and this is not all, this is just a part,’ a woman can be heard saying through tears as she filmed workers adding to the stack of corpses.

Footage released by the animal shelter on Instagram showed workers stacking up a huge pile of dead hounds which had wasted away in the presence of the occupiers.

Up to 485 dogs were found locked in their cages by animal shelter workers, of which only 150 had managed to survive.

Many of the dogs had wasted away after going weeks without food, and their corpses were little more than skin, fur and bone.

Workers at the UAnimals shelter push wheelbarrows full of dead dogs as they clear out the cages where the animals were left to starve by Russian forces

One video, posted by lawyer and head of Ukrainian nonprofit Centre for Civil Liberties Oleksandra Matviichuk, showed dozens of carcasses littering the floor at the UAnimals shelter. 

‘I have no words. Russians even killed dozens of dogs in Kyiv region. WHY??’ she tweeted.

Meanwhile, more footage posted by Ukrainian Interior Ministry advisor Anton Gerashchenko showed some of live dogs barking in terror as staff members slowly entered their cages and observed the dead bodies for the first time.

Some of the carcasses had remained untouched, but others had been torn apart by the ravenous dogs still trying to survive.

Though shelter staff were unable to care for the animals while the town was under the control of Russian occupiers, the UAnimals shelter announced on social media it had lodged a police complaint demanding that the deaths be investigated as animal cruelty crimes.

It argued that the head of the Kyiv veterinary hospital, Natalya Mazur, was responsible for arranging care for the animals in the early days of the war, but instead left just one man to look after the entire population.

UAnimals said this man left the dogs to die ‘in agony’, and demanded that Mazur be replaced as director of the Kyiv veterinary hospital as ‘the current director cannot act as a manager and should not interact with animals in the future’.

Mazur in the early days of the war made an appeal for financial donations to help deliver food and aid to animals in various shelters, but said that transporting the animals and arranging evacuations was not possible due to the logistical struggles facing a nation at war.

The haunting revelations made at Borodyanka’s animal shelter come just one day after Ukrainian officials warned the town is also likely to have seen horrific atrocities committed against its human population by Russian forces. Just 150 of the 485 dogs were found alive when the workers returned, with 27 of them transferred to local vets in critical condition Images of half mangled corpses in some of the cages suggested some dogs had begun to eat their dead cell mates in the complete absence of food One video, posted by lawyer and head of Ukrainian nonprofit Centre for Civil Liberties Oleksandra Matviichuk, showed dozens of carcasses littering the floor at the UAnimals shelter

Ukrainian prosecutor-general Iryna Venediktova told Ukrainian TV yesterday that there was a ‘similar humanitarian situation’ in Borodyanka to that of Bucha, where several mass graves and hundreds of dead civilians were found over the weekend.

Venediktova said ‘the worst situation in terms of the victims’ condition’ could be found in Borodyanka, which is a little further from Kyiv than Bucha and was also held by Russian forces until just days ago. 

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky yesterday said it had become harder for Ukraine to negotiate with Russia since Kyiv became aware of the scale of alleged atrocities carried out by Russian troops just north of the capital.

‘These are war crimes and will be recognised by the world as genocide,’ Zelensky said, wearing body armour and surrounded by military personnel as he observed the mass graves in Bucha.

‘It’s very difficult to talk when you see what they’ve done here,’ he said. ‘The longer the Russian Federation drags out the meeting process, the worse it is for them and for this situation and for this war.

‘We know of thousands of people killed and tortured, with severed limbs, raped women and murdered children,’ he said, adding that in Bucha and other towns in the Kyiv region ‘dead people have been found in barrels, basements, strangled, tortured’.

Visibly distressed Zelensky speaks to press on streets of Bucha

LIVE ‘You can see around what was done to this modern town. That’s a characteristic of Russian soldiers – treat people worse than animals. That is real genocide, what you have seen here today,’ said Zelensky, who appeared visibly emotional A mass grave was discovered in the grounds of the Church of St. Andrew and Pyervozvannoho All Saints in Bucha A Ukrainian policeman walks by a pit in the village of Motyzhyn, Ukraine, April 3, where over a dozen bodies, including those of the town’s mayor and her family, were uncovered

Zelensky said that despite the horrific human suffering in Bucha, residents were chipping in together to make sure homeless animals were fed.

‘That’s a characteristic trait of our people, I think – treat animals the way you would treat humans,’ he said. 

‘But you can see around what was done to this modern town. That’s a characteristic of Russian soldiers – treat people worse than animals. That is real genocide, what you have seen here today.’ 

Ukraine’s prosecutor-general said the bodies of 410 civilians, many with bound hands and close-range gunshot wounds, have been recovered from towns surrounding Kyiv after last week’s withdrawal of Russian troops.

Another mass grave containing the bodies of at least 20 civilians including a mayor and her family was also uncovered in woodland near the town of Motzyhn, around 20 miles west of Bucha.

Philadelphia men cheer as dogs savage family cat: video

The Pennsylvania SPCA is asking for the public’s help identifying two individuals who appear to be responsible for an intentional dog attack on a family’s cat in the city’s Frankford neighborhood this morning.

Authorities are searching for two Philadelphia men who encouraged their dogs to brutally savage a cat named Buddy — shouting “Get him” and “Good boy” as the heinous attack unfolded.

New York Post

Emily Crane

The Pennsylvania SPCA is asking for the public’s help identifying two individuals who appear to be responsible for an intentional dog attack on a family’s cat in the city’s Frankford neighborhood this morning.

Two men caught on video intentionally letting their dogs savagely attack a family’s cat in Philadelphia

The evil attack was captured on a surveillance camera outside a family’s home in Frankford on Tuesday, the Pennsylvania SPCA said.

The two men could be seen walking by the home with the dogs, which were on leashes, when they suddenly spotted Buddy sitting on the porch. Authorities are searching for two men who encouraged their dogs to brutally attack a cat.Twitter / @PSPCABuddy sustained life-threatening injuries and was transported to the PSPCA.Twitter / @PSPCAThe two men could be seen walking by the home with the dogs.Twitter / @PSPCA

They intentionally let go of the dogs and started cheering as the animals mauled the screeching cat, authorities said.

The Pennsylvania SPCA is asking for the public’s help identifying two individuals who appear to be responsible for an intentional dog attack on a family’s cat in the city’s Frankford neighborhood this morning.

At one point, one of the men repeatedly shouted “Get him” and “Good boy” before grabbing hold of the leashes.

The Pennsylvania SPCA is asking for the public’s help identifying two individuals who appear to be responsible for an intentional dog attack on a family’s cat in the city’s Frankford neighborhood this morning.

The dogs appeared to still have hold of Buddy as the cat’s owner rushed out of the home to intervene, the grim footage showed. The two men face felony charges of animal fighting and animal cruelty.Twitter / @PSPCAThe attack was captured on a surveillance camera.Twitter / @PSPCAOne of the men repeatedly shouted “Get him” and “Good boy.”Twitter / @PSPCA

The Pennsylvania SPCA is asking for the public’s help identifying two individuals who appear to be responsible for an intentional dog attack on a family’s cat in the city’s Frankford neighborhood this morning.

Buddy sustained life-threatening injuries and was rushed to a nearby animal hospital, where he is still undergoing treatment.

The two men, if found, face felony charges of animal fighting and animal cruelty that could result in up to seven years behind bars, the SPCA said.

DEMAND JUSTICE: Shut down animal ‘Chop Shop’ and arrest its evil butchers

Cold-hearted animal killer, Daniel Garcia, and his bloody ‘CHOP SHOP’ of horrors have been brutally killing animals for years.

His operation has been cited with grossly violating laws against the USDA’s Humane Slaughter Act…yet his business is still up and running and worse…it’s thriving!

That means NO animal is safe while Gray’s & Danny’s Slaughterhouse is in business.

SIGN NOW:Demand law enforcement to arrest and punish Garcia and his evil crew of animal butchers to the fullest extent of the law. Throw them behind bars…where they all belong! And shut down this slaughterhouse forever.

Take action to bring justice to thousands of innocent victims violently killed at Gray’s and Danny’s Slaughterhouse.

Sign the Petition NOW

Two Dead Dogs and 57 Other Animals Reportedly Found Starving to Death Deserve Justice – ForceChange Petition

Kari Maze

Target: Newton County, Missouri Prosecutor Will Lynch

Goal: Provide justice for animals that were allegedly found living in filthy conditions without food or water.

Fifty-seven dogs and several cats were rescued after many of them were allegedly found in poor health without access to adequate food and water. It is important that the person allegedly responsible for these crimes receive a harsh sentence and no longer be allowed to have pets to prevent similar future tragedies.

While police have not released the name of the suspect, they did state that some deceased animals were found on the man’s property. Witnesses said that his other dogs had been running around the area, which reportedly led to one of them being hit by a car. According to officers, two of the dogs died shortly after being discovered, even after being provided with proper food and water. Reports state that some of the dogs were living in crates that were filled with waste. A Dachshund and cat were further allegedly crammed inside a crate together without food or water.

Authorities claim that the property was not habitable because of a prior fire and that the dwelling had no power or water access. The man further allegedly threatened to blow up the local police station if any of his animals were taken from his property. The suspected individual is currently being evaluated by mental health officials. Sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent animals if it is found they were harmed, neglected or killed by this person.


Dear Prosecutor Lynch,

A man is currently being observed during a 96-hour hospital watch after many dogs and cats were allegedly found dead or living in poor conditions without food or water on his property. It is important that justice is served for these animals if they were mistreated so that more creatures will be less likely to be harmed.

Deceased animals were reportedly found at the residence. It is also claimed that one dog was run over by a car while running around loose. Authorities claimed that two dogs were so sick that they died shortly after they were rescued and that some of the animals were living in feces filled crates. They also stated a dog and cat were being held in a small crate together and that they had no room to move around, or any way to gain access to water or food.

According to reports, the property had no power or water access because it had previously been destroyed by a fire. The man also allegedly threatened to blow up the police department if authorities seized his animals. For these reasons, I demand you suggest the accused party no longer be allowed to be around animals and that he receive an appropriate sentence as well as professional counseling if he is found guilty of such blatant animal cruelty.


Photo Credit: Keniett J. Vazquez

West Ham’s Kurt Zouma KICKS & slaps his pet cat in horrific video

West Ham has condemned Kurt Zouma's actions
West Ham has condemned Kurt Zouma’s actionsCredit: Shutterstock

Ben LeoAndy Robinson 6 – 8 minutes

PREMIER League ace Kurt Zouma could be prosecuted after being filmed booting his cat like a football across his kitchen floor.

The West Ham star, 27, is also seen slapping his pet’s face.

Horrifying sight . . . footage begins with West Ham star Zouma dropping the cat and booting it across the kitchen floor, before the petrified puss scrambles away
Horrifying sight . . . footage begins with West Ham star Zouma dropping the cat and booting it across the kitchen floor, before the petrified puss scrambles away

The club has condemned his actions and will “deal with the matter internally”.

The West Ham defender is seen attacking the pet at his £2million mansion while his brother films him.

Zouma, 27, drops the moggy and boots it in mid air across the kitchen floor.

The French international then chases the animal around his dining room in front of a child as the cameraman laughs.

Zouma also hurls a pair of designer shoes at the pet — which frantically tries to escape.

In a final clip, he is seen forcefully slapping the cat in the face — and out of the child’s arms.

It comes as:

While the Met Police says it won’t launch a probe, thousands of people have contacted the RSPCA.

The charity has its own powers, meaning it could choose to bring its own prosecution.

Last night, Zouma issued a grovelling apology for the attack and insisted it was an isolated incident.

He said: “I want to apologise for my actions. There are no excuses for my behaviour, which I sincerely regret.

“I also want to say how deeply sorry I am to anyone who was upset by the video. I would like to assure everyone that our two cats are perfectly fine and healthy.

“They are loved and cherished by our entire family, and this behaviour was an isolated incident that will not happen again.”

It is understood the £30million former Chelsea player was furious that the Bengal — an expensive breed of domesticated cat that looks like a small leopard — messed up his house.

West Ham statement

“West Ham United unreservedly condemns the actions of our player, Kurt Zouma, in the video that has circulated.

We have spoken to Kurt and will be dealing with the matter internally, but we would like to make it clear that we in no way condone cruelty towards animals.”

A source said: “It seemed that Kurt had got angry at the cat for accidentally smashing some sort of vase and tearing down a light fixture from the kitchen cupboard.

“But what he does next is completely unacceptable. Kurt kicks it, throws shoes at it and then slaps it. The poor cat looked so scared.”

The disturbing footage was filmed by Zouma’s brother Yoan and posted to Snapchat on Sunday afternoon — a day after the centre-back appeared for West Ham in the FA Cup.

The first clip was captioned “sa commence”, which translates into English as “it is starting”. It is replaced with a dozen laughing face emojis in later clips.

Disgusted animal welfare charities slammed the Premier League ace — who could now face a criminal probe.

Forceful swipe . . . the French international lashes out as child clutches cat on table — slapping pet around the face & out of the youngster’s arms — in disturbing final clip
Forceful swipe . . . the French international lashes out as child clutches cat on table — slapping pet around the face & out of the youngster’s arms — in disturbing final clip

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “This is a very upsetting video. It’s never acceptable to kick, hit or slap an animal, for punishment or otherwise.”

Dr Maggie Roberts, of charity Cats Protection, said: “Any person seen or suspected of treating an animal badly, whether this is physical violence, neglect or any other form of cruelty should be reported to the RSPCA.

“The police work closely with the RSPCA to investigate cases of animal cruelty. Cats are sentient beings and experience pain and fear. Beating up a cat will only cause it to suffer physically and mentally.

“We noticed that some people viewing the video online thought it was funny. We can assure them that this is not a laughing matter.”

Last night, West Ham issued a statement “unreservedly condemning” their player’s actions

Zouma — who won the Premier League twice with Chelsea after joining them in 2014 — has scored one goal in 12 games since moving to the Hammers in the summer.

Emojis on footage as Zouma hurls designer shoes at puss
Emojis on footage as Zouma hurls designer shoes at puss

Five years in jail under tough new laws

ANIMAL abusers now face tougher prison sentences under a new bill passed in Parliament last year.

The worst offenders can be caged for five years instead of just six months under the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill.

Dog fight organisers, farmers who neglect horses and thugs who abuse puppies or kittens can all be hit by the long jail term.

The new legislation — championed by PM Boris Johnson and his animal-loving wife Carrie — came after a four-year campaign by Battersea Cats & Dogs Home in London.

It makes CCTV mandatory in every slaughterhouse in England and bans the export of live animals for fattening and slaughter.

Standards in zoos must be improved and household pets even have their feelings protected.

The law says animals with a backbone have a right to happiness as well as avoiding suffering.

The Battersea home launched the crusade after discovering fly-tippers were given harsher sentences than animal abusers.

When the bill came into effect last June, comedian Ricky Gervais, 60 — a dedicated animal rights campaigner — said: “Justice will finally be served to anyone who perpetuates animal cruelty and a proper punishment brought in.

“It’s one I hope will serve as a deterrent to anyone who’d contemplate harming an innocent creature.”

£2,000 prized puss

BENGALS are one of the UK’s most expensive and rarest domesticated cats.

The breed originated in the US in the 1970s from wild Asian leopard cats crossed with tabbies.

Bengal kittens now cost around £2,000 each.

Their spotted coats make them look like mini-leopards and their athletic, slender physiques have seen them become prized pets in the cat world.

They are known for their extremely friendly personalities and are loved for being similar to dogs with displays of loyalty.

Celebrity owners include Twilight star Kristen Stewart, 31, TV favourite Jonathan Ross, 61, and reality star Kourtney Kardashian, 42.

Petition · Prosecute Kurt Zouma & remove all his animals to a place of safety immediately! ·

(Français en dessous)

Shocking video footage shared on social media shows French international and West Ham footballer Kurt Zouma drop kicking and slapping his pet Bengal cat in the presence of both his brother and a young child (the example set?) . Both Zouma and his brother can be heard laughing throughout the footage.

The mere fact that Zouma considers this funny and worthy of sharing on the Snapchat platform shows his disdain for animals and leads us to wonder what happens to animals in Zouma’s ‘care’ privately?

In the UK we have laws against the abuse of animals, laws which should be applicable to everyone rich or poor, famous or not!

We ask that the Metropolitan Police and RSPCA carry out an urgent investigation and prosecute the perpetrators of this heinous act.

Further we ask that the RSPCA remove all animals from Zouma’s ‘care’ immediately!

Failure to take action in this case will send the message that animal abuse for entertainment is justified, that for the rich and famous breaking the law is no problem! Neither are acceptable!

The offending footage can be viewed here –

Poursuivez Kurt Zouma et emmenez immédiatement tous ses animaux en lieu sûr !

Des séquences vidéo choquantes partagées sur les réseaux sociaux montrent l’international français et footballeur de West Ham Kurt Zouma en train de donner des coups de pied et de gifler son chat Bengal en présence de son frère et d’un jeune enfant (l’exemple donné ?). Zouma et son frère peuvent être entendus rire tout au long de la séquence. Le simple fait que Zouma considère cela comme drôle et digne d’être partagé sur la plateforme Snapchat montre son mépris pour les animaux et nous amène à nous demander ce qu’il advient des animaux dont Zouma est “soigné” en privé ? Au Royaume-Uni, nous avons des lois contre la maltraitance des animaux, des lois qui devraient s’appliquer à tous, riches ou pauvres, célèbres ou non ! Nous demandons à la police métropolitaine et à la RSPCA de mener une enquête urgente et de poursuivre les auteurs de cet acte odieux. De plus, nous demandons à la RSPCA de retirer immédiatement tous les animaux des « soins » de Zouma ! Ne pas agir dans ce cas enverra le message que la maltraitance des animaux pour le divertissement est justifiée, que pour les riches et célèbres enfreindre la loi n’est pas un problème ! Ni l’un ni l’autre ne sont acceptables !

Video : cliquez sur le lien rouge

The horses of “Las Luminarias”, the Festival of Fire

Tuesday's Horse

Every year, in the central province of Avila in Spain, locals honour San Antonio Abad (Saint Anthony).

Saint Anthony is a patron saint of animals and locals celebrate him in the traditional festival of Las Luminarias. The night before the festival, dozens of locals ride horses through bonfires to honour the saint.

Is this how any Saint would want to be remembered or honoured? It is savage. And man-made.


January 17, 2022

Featured Image: A man rides a horse through a bonfire during the traditional ritual in honour of San Antonio Abad (Saint Anthony the Abbot), patron saint of domestic animals. Photo / Getty.

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Sign Petition: Screaming in Pain as Their Fur Is Ripped From Their Bodies, Angora Rabbits Endure Horrific Cruelties

Angora fur is considered some of the softest wool around – but the way it’s produced is anything but soft and cuddly.

Luckily, more and more fashion brands are admitting the cruelty behind this “cozy” fabric and banning its use. Sign the petition to demand Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Chanel join the movement!

While in our minds, we might think of angora being harvested on happy farms where bunnies are politely groomed and buzzed down every so often to relieve them of excess fur, and as a happy consequence, provide wool for our coats, the truth is much more grim.

Angora fur comes from a type of rabbit, mostly kept locked up in dingy, feces-coated cages their entire lives to satisfy our fashion demands. Because longer fur fibers are considered the most desirable, for the most part, the rabbits aren’t gently shaved and sent off to continue leading their happy (albeit less fluffy) lives. Instead, workers are told to get the entire hairs out of the animals, right down to the follicles’ bulbs – leading to horrific scenes.

Videos document rabbits screaming in pain while garment workers rip their fur lengths of fur from their skin and even being strapped onto boards where staff stretch them out and hack off their fur. Then these poor creatures are sent right back into their filthy, tiny cages where they sit, trembling, trying to recover from the terror they just endured… until eventually, they are subjected to it all over again.

Fortunately, public pressure from animal lovers like you has been forcing fashion houses to cease their use of angora wool. In 2021, both Valentino and Armani banned angora in their products, and before them, dozens of other brands had already made similar pledges.

Yet Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Prada have been disturbingly silent when it comes to these rabbit abuses. It’s time for these major money-making, high fashion brands to realize: animals’ pain isn’t fashionable. Sign the petition to demand these corporations end angora wool use now!

Kansas police officer’s German Shepherd puppy beheaded in targeted attack, police say

Ranger, a German shepherd belonging to a Kansas police officer, was beheaded in a targeted attack, authorities said.

Louis Casiano

A 3-month-old puppy belonging to a Kansas police officer was shot and beheaded in what investigators said was a targeted attack because of the owner’s career in law enforcement. 

The officer with the Parsons Police Department was off-duty when she reported on Dec. 3 that her German Shepherd puppy, named Ranger, had been killed, authorities said this week. 

“I cannot even describe my feelings of disdain for the person(s) responsible. I am an avid dog lover as I have made it clear to the community over the years that I have been here, I have 2 rescue dogs, one that I adopted from our local shelter,” Parsons Police Chief Robert Spinks said in a statement. “The level of cowardice that would lead someone to kill a little puppy named ‘Ranger’ is astonishing.”

Ranger, a German shepherd belonging to a Kansas police officer, was beheaded in a targeted attack, authorities said.  (Parsons Police)

The puppy was let into a fenced backyard around 7 a.m. and later found at 2 p.m. lying dead in the yard with its head severed. 

“It appears that Ranger was removed from the backyard by the suspects and taken to another location where he was probably shot in the head,” a police statement said. “It’s head was then sliced off.”

The dog’s decapitated body and head were then brought back to the yard, police said. Investigators believe the dog was targeted because its owner is a police officer. 

“If someone is willing to mutilate an innocent puppy due to the very nature of the owner’s career, then it is possible that the suspect is willing to go even farther and attack innocent children or family members to make a statement,” the police statement said.

Fox News has reached to the police department. 

Parsons Police Deputy Chief Dennis Dodd said the suspect knew the puppy belonged to a police officer.

“Our officers are attacked, hit, kicked, bit, scratched, called every name in the book and even spit on, as a part of our job, but this kind of senseless attack on a puppy at the home of an officer can’t be tolerated,” he said. 

Authorities initially offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. That ballooned up to $4,000 after incoming donations from residents. 

Those responsible could face felony animal cruelty and trespassing charges.