Urgent Calls Needed Now Through June 25th To Help Turn The CA Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act Into Law! – World Animal News

By Judie Mancuso –
June 15, 2018

SB 1249, the CA Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, is two steps away from the governor’s desk and becoming law in the fifth largest economy in the world.
Unfortunately, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, L’Oreal, Unilever, Avon, NARS Cosmetics, Revlon, M.A.C., and Mary Kay Cosmetics are among the companies that are opposing the passage of the law that will save hundreds of thousands of animals from needless torture and death every year.
The companies have hired an army of lobbyists that are currently meeting with every assembly member’s office and lying about what our bill does and what the effects of it will be.
Help Us Help These Poor Innocent Animals! Call Assembly Judiciary Committee Members Now Through June 25th To Let Them Know That Californians Do Not Want Their Cosmetic Products Tested On Animals No Matter Where In The World The Testing Takes Place!
The next Capitol hearing is set for June 26, 2018, at 9:00 am, Room 437. If possible, people are also encouraged to attend the hearing.
Help us NOW by calling each member of the committee urging their support and not to be persuaded by the opposition spin! Tell them to vote yes on SB 1249!
Mark Stone (D), Chair 916-319-2029
Jordan Cunningham (R), Vice Chair 916-319-2035
Ed Chau (D) 916-319-2049
David Chiu (R) 916-319-2017
Chris Holden (D) 916-319-2041
Ash Kalra (D) 916-319-2027
Kevin Kiley (R) 916-319-2006
Brian Maienschein (R) 916-319-2077
Eloise Gomez Reyes (D) 916-319-2047
#CACrueltyFree #YesOnSB1249

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Prosecute Physicist Accused of Bestiality With Dog

A physicist has been arrested and charged with engaging in forced sex with his dog, Flash. This reprehensible allegation must be fully pursued by authorities. Sign this petition to ensure that this man faces justice for his alleged animal rape.

Source: Prosecute Physicist Accused of Bestiality With Dog

Petition: Justice for Sumomo, the chimpanzee shot dead in Malaysia

by: Malaysian Friends Of The Animals
target: Perhilitan, the Malaysian Wildlife Department

74,397 SUPPORTERS – 100,000 GOAL

In 2015, three chimpanzees were sent to the Bukit Gambang Safari Park (BGSP), a zoo in Malaysia. They were kept separated in bleak and desolate cages for more than two years.
The three chimps, Botan (17 y.o. female), Gonbay (29, Male) and Sumomo (19, Female) were kept in abusive conditions. Nothing was done by the wildlife authorities (Perhilitan) to stop their suffering.

In December 2017, they were transferred to a new zoo in Malaysia called the Langkawi Nature Park (LNP), which is owned by Sentoria Group Bhd, the same corporation that owns BGSP.

Before LNP was opened to the public, Sumomo escaped her night cage and was sadly shot dead by zoo security. Her tragic death came after years of being exploited in a Japanese TV show and abused at the zoos. No action has been taken to punish those responsible for her death.

Sign this petition to demand the Malaysian Wildlife Department:

  1. Punish Sentoria Group Bhd according to the wildlife law for keeping three chimps confined to cages for more than two years.
  2. Punish Sentoria for the death of Sumomo.

  3. Retire the two remaining chimpanzees to a sanctuary in Africa.



How Does Exploiting Elephants During “Friendly” Football Match In Thailand Help Discourage Youth From Gambling Prior To The World Cup? It Doesn’t! – World Animal News

By Lauren Lewis –
June 12,2018
Photos From The Nation
A “friendly” football match with students riding elephants was held today in Thailand as part of a campaign against gambling on the sport ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which begins on Thursday in Russia.
As per The Nation, nine elephants, adorned with “colorful cheering-squad paints” participated in a free-kick contest at the Ayutthaya Wittayalai School stadium before joining in a short game with a team of human opponents, the school’s youth athletes. The poor elephants were on loan from the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace and Royal Kraal in Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya.

The activity was reportedly held to boost the tourism of the historic province and city of Ayutthaya, the second Siamese capital after Sukhothai, and to encourage people, especially children and youth, to watch the World Cup matches in the next four weeks without placing bets.
The deceivingly vibrant photos captured at the “friendly” event reveal nothing about gambling and everything about the tragic exploitation of innocent animals for the sake of so-called “entertainment” purposes.

There is nothing friendly about animal cruelty and to anyone who cares about the welfare of animals, the photos serve more as a reason why people should not visit the area!

Sadly, they also reflect the increasingly universal failure of some schools and people entrusted to educate children by teaching them that animal cruelty is acceptable when it is not, ever!

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Petition: Justice for Frig and Freya, German Shepard Sisters Tortured and Abandoned in the Trash

by: Care2 Team
target: Oakland Police Department

69,924 SUPPORTERS – 70,000 GOAL
A missing foot, a broken and infected jaw, starving nearly to death, abandoned under a pile of trash.

That was how Frig and Freya, two German Shepherd puppy sisters, were found over Memorial Day weekend. Two days later, another puppy was found in the same location, also with a broken jaw.

The monsters who did this must be found before they can torture again. Sign now to urge the Oakland Police Department to do everything they can to find those responsible now!

Frig, whose paw was cut off, and Freya, whose jaw was broken, were treated at an animal hospital for their injuries. They have now been reunited, and all three puppies are under veterinary care.

Police in Oakland are already investigating the case, but they have not identified or located the perpetrators. We need to make sure that police find him for the safety of other animals and the public at large.

Animal abuse is not something to be taken lightly. According to HSUS, numerous studies show a link between animal abuse and violent behavior towards other humans. A 2001-2004 study by the Chicago Police Department showed that 65% of those arrested for animal abuse had been arrested for battery against another person. When examining seven school shootings that took place across the country between 1997 and 2001, another study showed that all involved boys who had previously committed acts of animal cruelty.

Please join in urging the Oakland Police Department to do everything they can to locate the horrific people responsible for hurting these puppies before they hurt again!



Petition: They Burned Three Puppies Alive

by: Care2 Team
target: Indian Government

64,701 SUPPORTERS – 65,000 GOAL
Eight teenagers in India dragged three puppies into a graveyard by their hind legs, dressed them in brush and sticks and then viciously burned them alive, and it’s all caught on video. As it stands now, the harshest punishment this kind of animal cruelty gets in India is 50 ruppees, the equivalent of hiring a rickshaw to get around town.

Sign the petition to demand harsher punishments for animal cruelty in India!

One poor puppy tries desperately to get away from the burning fire and a boy uses a pole to put it back in where it cries for minutes as it slowly dies. The boys laugh while the three puppies suffer their last few minutes alive.

The young boys committing this crime are all believed to be under 18 and therefore there is still time to get them the help they need. This kind of vile and malicious murder towards innocent beings can only be bred out of serious personal problems. But they will barely get a slap on the wrist for their indecency, let alone the psychological treatment necessary if they are to be prevented from killing again.

Not to mention, studies show that people who abuse and murder animals often go on to abuse and murder humans. It’s crucial that crimes against animals are fully investigated and dealt with from a community standpoint.

The price these boys will pay, if anything at all, is so little that it is absolutely not a deterrent for them or any other would-be abusers. There is a push from animal rights groups in the country to up the punishment for animal cruelty. Activists connect using the hashtag #NoMore50.

Sign the petition and tell India #NoMore50. Let’s ensure animal cruelty is actually taken as the serious heartless crime that it is.



Petition: This Unlicensed Breeder Shoved Pipes Down His Dogs Throats to Damage Their Vocal Chords

by: Care2 Team
target: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Office

53,008 SUPPORTERS – 55,000 GOAL

Fifteen dogs— 10 puppies and five adults — are lucky to have been rescued from an abusive breeder.

After a concerned citizen alerted authorities of a possible unlicensed puppy mill, authorities investigated and found that the breeder — who has yet to be named — had cruelly debarked at least three of his dogs. According to rescuers, they believe the breeder shoved a pipe-like object down their throats in order to damage their vocal chords.

There is no medical reason for this abuse whatsoever. The breeder, simply thought his dogs barking was a nuisance.

The inhumane manner in which this person debarked his dog could be a felony but the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office still hasn’t decided what charges the breeder will actually face.

We must encourage the DA to punish this unlicensed breeder to the fullest extent of the law. They have already shown an utter disregard for the law by not being licensed and the grotesque way they treated the dogs in their care is so severe it deserves the maximum punishment.

Make sure the DA knows you want the breeder to face felony charges. Sign the petition and demand justice for the 15 abused dogs.



Idaho teacher charged after feeding sick puppy to turtle in front of class

Preston,Idaho- and Eastern Ohio teacher accused of feeding a sick puppy to a snapping turtle in front of several students have been charged with a misdemeanor animal cruelty.

Preston Jr High School science teacher Robert Crosland was charged Friday in Franklin County Court. He faces up to six months in jail and a $5,000 fine if convicted.

The Idaho Attorney General’s office handled the investigation after Franklin County Prosecutor Vic Pearson cited a conflict of interest.

Several parents came forward to say Crosland fed the puppy to the turtle on March 7.

Several weeks later State officials seized the turtle and euthanized it as a non-native species.


Petition: Find the Poachers Who Murdered This Park’s Big Cats

by: Care2 Team
target: Government of South Africa

15,185 SUPPORTERS – 16,000 GOAL
Even in some of the most secure animal refuges, tragedy and cruelty can still strike. South African Justin Fernandes found that out in the most heartbreaking way.

The owner of Jugomaro Predator Park went out to investigate after hearing one of his wolves call out in distress. When he went to the animal enclosures he couldn’t believe what he saw before him. Behind the fences, lying dead or dying, he found three of his lions and a rare golden tabby tiger.

The animals were poisoned to death by poachers who had hoped to cut off their heads and paws and sell them for money in the lucrative endangered animal black market. Fernandes arrived just in time to scare them from his property, but not quick enough to stop them from murdering his animals.

In the video he takes of the aftermath, Fernandes films himself breaking down as he talks about the death of his beloved animals.

At the moment, no one has been arrested for these crimes, but the South African government must work quickly to catch whoever is responsible. Every day they walk free gives them another chance to more innocent animals. Last month, just 20 miles away from the Jugomaro Predator Park, another park owner suffered a similar loss when he discovered that his animals had been killed and butchered.

Sign the petition and ask the South African government to work to urgently find the poachers and protect the remaining park animals.


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Petition: They Burned the Snake Alive For Fun

by: Care2 Team
target: Onslow County Animal Cruelty officers and Jacksonville Police

21,112 SUPPORTERS – 25,000 GOAL
A group of young men gather around the snake as it tries to escape. They spray some sort of chemical on it, and light it on fire — burning it alive.

The video of the blatant cruelty, filmed at a North Carolina Walmart parking lot, was then posted on Facebook.

Please sign and share the petition to call on local police and animal control officials to investigate and find these men — and charge them with animal cruelty.

It’s unclear if the men accidently came across the snake or if they brought it to the parking lot — but what is clear is the shocking cruel joy they demonstrate in burning a living being alive.

The links between violence to animals and violence to people are clear. Studies have shown those that commit acts of animal abuse like these are much more likely to resort to violence against humans. In fact, between 49% and 71% of women who experienced domestic abuse reported that their abusers also threatened, harmed, and or killed pets or other animals.

These men need to pay for their actions before they escalate these levels of cruelty onto other animals — or to other people. Sign the petition to call on the Onslow County Animal Cruelty officers and Jacksonville Police to find, investigate, and charge these men to the fullest extent of the law.



Florida Teacher Resigns After Making Students Drown Raccoons


After two raccoons killed the chickens Dewie Brewton’s agricultural science class had been raising at Forest High School in Ocala, Florida, the teacher trapped them in wire cages.

Instead of releasing the creatures into the wild or even turning them over to animal control to be humanely euthanized, Brewton filled a trash can with water and forced his students to drown each raccoon during class.

When the raccoons frantically tried to come up for air, the students held them down with metal rods and sprayed their faces with water hoses, the mother of a student who took a disturbing video of the killings told WKMG.

The students also killed an opossum Brewton had caught “just for sport” according to the mother, who didn’t want to be identified. She said her son came home in tears.

As news spread about this horrifying incident, Brewton was suspended with pay. Marion County Public Schools Superintendent Heidi Maier said the school district was appalled and she intended to fire him. “Marion County’s education standards – in fact, Florida’s education standards — do not include activities for the destruction of live animals, nuisance or not,” the school district said in a statement. But before he could be fired, Brewton turned in his resignation. And because he resigned, the Marion County School District is no longer investigating the drownings. Fortunately, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is continuing to do so.

According to FWC regulations, nuisance wildlife can be caught using live traps, but the animals “must be released legally or euthanized humanely within 24 hours of capture.”

There is absolutely nothing humane about having students drown trapped wildlife. The FWC will turn over the findings of its investigation to the state attorney’s office, which will determine whether animal cruelty charges are appropriate. This decision should be a no-brainer.

This is the second case of terrible animal cruelty involving a teacher this year. In March, a junior high school teacher in Idaho fed a puppy to a snapping turtle after school as several students watched. That teacher, Robert Crosland, was placed on administrative leave. The Idaho Attorney General’s Office has taken over the case and will decide whether Crosland should be charged with criminal animal cruelty.

It’s pretty shocking that many students and parents continue to support Crosland, arguing that the heinous thing he did taught students the “circle of life.” Yet there is nothing natural about a snapping turtle eating a puppy. Not only did the puppy die, but the snapping turtle had to be euthanized. What kind of lesson is that?

Similarly, former students of Brewton are supporting him. “We would like to say that we are 100% behind our advisor and everything he does for our children/students,” the Forest High School FFA Alumni group stated on Facebook. “The media is going to make this situation escalate to lengths that are unnecessary and we must stand together and focus on the facts.”

The facts are that three animals were cruelly killed – and it’s also a disturbing fact that the students didn’t refuse to drown them. If not for one caring student who recorded the drownings, the incident might never have even been reported.

Hopefully the agricultural science teacher who replaces Brewton will teach these students the importance of treating animals humanely.

To watch video… caution some will find this extremely upsetting!


Take Action!

Please sign and share this Care2 petition seeking justice for those poor raccoons.


Photo credit: zoosnow

Petition: Teacher Drowns Helpless Raccoons in Front of Students

Teacher Drowns Helpless Raccoons in Front of Students

by: Care2 Team
target: Forest High School officials and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
49,673 SUPPORTERS – 50,000 GOAL

It’s a horrifying act by any standards — and it was all caught on video. An agriculture teacher at a Florida high school took students out of class and showed them how to forcibly drown two helpless raccoons.

The teacher, Dewie Brenton, was reportedly upset that raccoons had been harming chickens the class had been raising. The shocking video shows Brenton dunking a scared raccoon trapped inside a metal cage in a garbage bin filled with water.

This was an exercise in cruelty — plain and simple. Please sign the petition to hold this teacher accountable and have him investigated for his horrific actions.

The video was released to the media after one student showed his mother the upsetting video — saying that Brenton also had the class kill an opossum “for sport.”

The student’s mother told reporters that as the raccoons struggled to survive, Brenton and students “held them down with metal rods. And when the raccoon would try to pop its head up, they held water hoses in its face to drown it.”

According to Florida Fish and Game, raccoons and oppossums are considered “nuisance” animals and can be legally trapped during daylight hours. But they must be released or humanely euthanized. This teacher choose to torture and kill these animals in front of impressionable teenagers — even making students participate in the heartbreaking act.

Sign and share to ask Forest High School officials to fire Mr. Brenton for his cruelty and make sure that nothing like this ever happens again at the school.



Petition: This MMA Fighter Trains by Throwing Cats. He Should Be Banned From Competing.

This MMA Fighter Trains by Throwing Cats. He Should Be Banned From Competing.

by: Care2 Team
target: International Mixed Martial Arts Federation

56,109 SUPPORTERS – 60,000 GOAL
Albert “Machete” Duraev is the world’s 59th best Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) middleweight but despite his title and muscular physic it seems he would rather pick on helpless little cats.

Earlier this month a video hit the internet showing “Machete” and a friend (also assumed to be an MMA fighter) tossing a grey cat back and forth more than 10 times while “training.”

By the end of this cruel game of feline catch, Duraev, 29 and his fellow cat tosser were throwing the poor cat so far and high that it was wildly doing flips in the air. The whole ordeal looks terrifying and the cat was helpless to do anything to get away.

People are outraged that this bully and his friend could think their actions were funny and harmless. Their behavior isn’t sportsmanlike nor does it represent the values of the MMA – a sport which pits two supposedly equal up against each other to see who is the best fighter.

In a match between a cat and a full grown man, we already know the answer.

The MMA should ban Mr. Duraev and his friend from ever competing in MMA again. If he wants to use violence against a fellow fighter in the ring that is one thing, but using violence against a helpless kitten is another.

Sign the petition and let’s get Albert out of the ring!



Petition: Fire Officers Who Intentionally Ran Over Two Loose Dogs

Fire Officers Who Intentionally Ran Over Two Loose Dogs

by: Laura G
target: Paul Tiernan, Chief of Police

22,737 SUPPORTERS – 25,000 GOAL

As witnesses watched in horror, police officers with the Newark Police Department in Delaware got into their patrol car and intentionally ran over a German shepherd and pit bull that were running loose through a commercial area late in the afternoon of May 11.

Both dogs survived being hit by the SUV. The German shepherd was able to run away, but the pit bull wasn’t so lucky. The injured dog was shot multiple times and killed by one of the police officers.

Sign the petition to demand these irresponsible police officers lose their jobs for such animal cruelty.

The Newark Police Department, which is investigating the incident, released a statement the next day that said the dogs “were aggressive towards the officers by sprinting towards the officers, baring their teeth, growling and foaming at the mouth.”

But two witnesses who’d worked at a local SPCA disagreed. They said the German shepherd and pit bull weren’t behaving aggressively – the dogs were simply terrified because police and animal control officers had been yelling at them and chasing them with taser guns for 90 minutes.

According to the Newark Police Department, the decision to use lethal force was made because the dogs were near a highway, open businesses with foot traffic, and residential neighborhoods. But running over the dogs and shooting one of them in a busy area seems much more dangerous to public safety.

There are many humane ways for law enforcement to deal with dogs and other frightened animals. Laws have been passed in Colorado and Texas that require all police officers to receive training in handling stressful situations involving animals. One of the witnesses to the terrible incident in Newark has asked the police department to train its officers as well.

This is a great idea — and the officers who ran over the dogs and then unnecessarily shot one of them should also lose their jobs for these cruel actions. Please sign and share this petition asking for these officers to be fired.

Photo credit: born1945/flickr



Petition: Sheriff Deputy Shoots Groundhog in Front of Horrified Bystanders

Sheriff Deputy Shoots Groundhog in Front of Horrified Bystanders

by: Rebecca G.
target: Carroll County Sheriff’s Department

43,161 SUPPORTERS – 45,000 GOAL

When a Maryland resident stuck in traffic saw an adorable groundhog trying to cross a busy road, she decided to take a quick video from her car.

But less than a minute later, she was horrified to see a Carroll County sheriff’s deputy approach the groundhog, draw his service weapon — and shoot the defenseless animal dead.

This was a shocking, cruel, and unnecessary act — and this deputy needs to be held accountable! Please sign to demand that the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department investigate this act of animal cruelty and fire this officer for his gruesome actions.

In most jurisdictions, police officers are only supposed to use their firearms in extreme circumstances — and only as a last resort. It’s clear from this video that the groundhog was NOT a threat to the deputy or to the bystanders watching.

In an interview with HuffPost, a groundhog expert and biology professor said the groundhog seemed harmless and only wanted to cross the road. “He/she probably had a burrow on the other side. It was not attempting to go after the police officer,” the professor said.

Even if the animal was sick, procedures called for the sheriff’s deputy to call animal control instead of firing his service weapon on a busy road.

This was a dangerous and senseless act and the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department needs to answer for it. Sign and share the petition to call for the sheriff’s deputy to be held accountable.

Photo credit: Facebook Screenshot / Justyna Olkowska


Petition: “All This for a Dog?”, Washington

by: Terry F
target: Tina R. Robinson, Prosecutor, Kitsap County, Washington, Washington

645 SUPPORTERS in Washington
23,632 SUPPORTERS – 25,000 GOAL

Photo of Toby courtesy of Kitsap Humane Society

His name was Aubrey (aka Toby).Hewas just 5 months old. Not yet housebroken, and still a chewer, two annoyed roommates took him out to the woods and shot him in the abdomen. They left him in the bushes to die. He was found, but after heroic efforts to save him, he did not make it.

When police tracked the suspected killers down, one suspect asked “All this for a dog?”

The men have been charged. However, in most animal cruelty cases, laws and sentencing guidelines lack the teeth needed to take a bite out of this kind of crime.

We need stricter animal abuse laws that teach the importance of compassion for all living things.

Thanks go out to Kitsap Humane Society who did everything possible to save this puppy.

Please share this petition to convince Washington state lawmakers and enforcers that, yes, we need to do all this and more for a dog.


Petition: Justice for Cindy – Find the Abuser Who Threw Acid in Her Face!

by: Care2 Team
target: Clowne, Derbyshire Constabulary

140,000 GOAL
Why did someone throw acid in an Cindy the horse’s face? That is the question officials in Clowne, Derbyshire, United Kingdom are trying to answer after rescuers found her dumped on the side of the road. According to one animal rescuer, the poor 8-month-old foal had the “worst acid burns” they had ever seen, leaving her with skin peeling off her face and head.

“The injuries sustained by this poor horse are absolutely appalling…”

At the moment no one knows who committed this act of cruelty against Cindy, but what is known is that the person or persons isn’t just a danger to animals, but to people as well. There are plenty of studies that show an irrefutable link between violence against animals and and violence against people. Many of the world’s most heinous violent criminals got their start torturing or killing animals.

We must demand that animal abusers like Cindy’s attacker are taken off the streets.

Please sign the petition and let’s ask Clowne officials to do all they can to find Cindy’s abuser and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.


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Punish Woman Who Allegedly Disposed of Dead Puppy in Suitcase

A puppy died after the poor animal was allegedly denied life-saving veterinary care. The puppy’s body was reportedly locked inside of a suitcase and left near a public park. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Source: Punish Woman Who Allegedly Disposed of Dead Puppy in Suitcase

Petition: Justice for Beau, Cat Shot With an Arrow and Left for Dead!

by: Andrew M
target: Western Australia Police Force

108,051 SUPPORTERS – 110,000 GOAL

Someone with a bow and arrow thought it would be funny to shoot a cat, and it almost cost Beau his life.

Beau was probably on his last of nine lives when rescuers found him on the side of the road in Perth, Australia. The orange tabby cat was found with an arrow lodged in its head. According to rescuers, the arrow could have been stuck in its body for up to two days, causing excruciating pain and getting infected. In fact, by the time he was taken to the vet, the wound was already infested with maggots.

Rescuers say Beau is making a good recovery but he still has a long way to go. But what about the sick individual who did this to him?

The people that commit these types crimes pose a threat not only to our animals and wildlife but also to society itself. People who are prone to commit acts of violence against animals are much more likely to do the same to humans. It is imperative that animal abusers like Beau’s attacker are taken off the streets.

Please sign the petition and let’s ask the Western Australia Police Force to find Beau’s abuser and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.


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Justice for Buns



Can you help bring this man to Justice.He brutally beat, smashed and choked young rabbits to death and than he posted it to Instagram. Don’t let him get away with it. Justice for buns@BunsFor

Punish Couple Accused of Raping Their Dog on Video

A dog was reportedly forced to have sex with a man and woman in a gruesome case of animal cruelty. The suspects apparently filmed themselves having sex with the dog in their backyard trailer which had been converted into a sex chamber. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Source: Punish Couple Accused of Raping Their Dog on Video

Petition · Help us seek justice for Gabriel&Buddy. Killed by the same man. · Change.org

Petition · Help us seek justice for Gabriel&Buddy. Killed by the same man. · Change.org
Fight for the innocent, Inc. started this petition to Tulsa Animal Welfare and 5 others
5-7 minutes

The other day, a post on facebook was brought to my attention from a man asking for help regarding an incident he had witnessed. On February 21 2018, In Tulsa, Oklahoma, between 12:30-1:00 a small dog wrapped in a blanket, was viciously beat to death with a plastic covered concrete barbell weigh, that there were eyewitnesses to. The man who did this is identified as Russell Wayne Brown Senior, and the dog belonged to his roommate, who was an older woman that owned a little white dog. One of the witnesses, James Penick, called 911, Tulsa Police, and was informed, quote ” We don’t handle animal cases”.. However the city of Tulsa’s website says otherwise :


When You Witness Animal Cruelty
It can be disturbing-and heartbreaking-to witness an act of animal cruelty.

If you witness animal cruelty, please call Animal Welfare or the Tulsa Police Department immediately.

Animal Cruelty is a felony in the state of Oklahoma:

OKLA. STAT. tit. 21, § 1685 (2016). Cruelty to animals.
Any person who shall willfully or maliciously torture, destroy or kill, or cruelly beat or injure, maim or mutilate any animal in subjugation or captivity, whether wild or tame, and whether belonging to the person or to another, or deprive any such animal of necessary food, drink, shelter, or veterinary care to prevent suffering; or who shall cause, procure or permit any such animal to be so tortured, destroyed or killed, or cruelly beaten or injured, maimed or mutilated, or deprived of necessary food, drink, shelter, or veterinary care to prevent suffering; or who shall willfully set on foot, instigate, engage in, or in any way further any act of cruelty to any animal, or any act tending to produce such cruelty, shall be guilty of a felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in the State Penitentiary not exceeding five (5) years, or by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one (1) year, or by a fine not exceeding Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00). Any animal so maltreated or abused shall be considered an abused or neglected animal.

After calling 911, James was referred to by Tulsa Police to call animal control. After 20 minutes on hold, filing his complaint, Tulsa Animal Control went to the wrong address, and furthermore, did not pursue any further actions. By then… Russell Brown Senior had picked up the blanket with the beaten and dead dog and took it around the back of the house. Apparently, an ambulance and firetruck also came and took the woman (who owned the dog) away in their vehicles. The City of Tulsa then sent James an email saying case was closed, no further action needed.

That is not something we are going to accept.

According to http://nationallinkcoalition.org:

-A police department review of national crime records found that 70% of people charged with cruelty to animals also had other reported incidents of violent behavior, including homicide. (Boat & Knight, 2000)
-43% of perpetrators of school shootings have histories of animal abuse (Verlinden, Herson & Thomas, 2000).
-Pet abuse is one of the four most significant risk factors for someone becoming a domestic violence abuser (Walton-Moss, Manganello et al., 2005)
-The International Association of Chiefs of Police wrote, “Over the last decade, social scientists and law enforcement agencies have begun to examine cruelty to animals as a serious human problem closely linked to domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, and other violent crimes. [Link efforts] cannot undo generations of abuse, but they can be an effective means of breaking the cycle of family violence from one generation to the next.” (Lockwood, 2000)

-Police researchers determined that animal abuse is a better predictor of sexual assault than are previous convictions for homicide, arson or weapons offenses. Animal cruelty offenders average four different types of criminal offenses, and 100% of sexual homicide offenders reported having been cruel to animals. (Gullone & Clarke, 2005)

The last statement, in this case especially, proves to be true. Russell Brown Senior is also a convicted offender in the county of Tulsa; sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Dogs are so much more than dogs. They are our protectors, service dogs, soldiers who fight for our country, comfort for young traumatized victims, and so much more. They are our best friends. To harm them in any way is a betrayal beyond words.

We are urging City of Tulsa Animal Welfare, The Tulsa police department, and Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler to file charges and prosecute Russell Wayne Brown SENIOR for felony Animal Cruelty under OKLA. STAT. tit. 21, § 1685. If this man is capable of beating a small defenseless dog to death with a concrete barbell, imagine what he could eventually do to a child. We are asking them to please seek justice for this innocent and defenseless creature and do what they have been sworn to do, which is to protect your city from dangerous predators, such as Russell Brown SENIOR.

Thank you

“We must, as prosecutors, recognize that it is unacceptable to excuse and ignore acts of cruelty toward animals. Anyone who can commit such cruelty is in desperate need of incarceration.” — A. William Ritter, Jr., District Attorney, Denver, Colo. (Ritter, 1996)


Petition: Justice for Beong Kok, the Elephant Starved to Death!

by: Freya H
target: Government of Cambodia

50,000 GOAL

An elephant was starved to death by its owner in Cambodia – who refused to feed him for a month as a punishment for ‘bad behaviour.’

The 35-year-old elephant, named Beong Kok, sparked outrage when he got loose and ran through a village, damaging houses in Sen Monorom last month.

His furious owner caught him two days later, on March 28, and refused to feed him – believing that weakening the elephant would stop the unpredictable behaviour.

Wildlife workers found Beong Kok, but were unable to save him. He died later that night. Khun Diyon, a worker from a local elephant conservation organisation who tended to Beong Kok, said the elephant hadn’t injured anyone when he got loose.

Sign this petition to call upon the proper Cambodian authorities to charge, try, convict and sentence the cruel man who allowed Beong Kok to die such a painful and lingering death. Elephants are sensitive, intelligent creatures and should never be allowed to suffer like this.




Petition: Justice for Pets Stolen and Killed by Almaty Animal Control Center, Kazakhstan!

by: Kira Rocha
target: Government of Kazakhstan

156,997 SUPPORTERS 160,000 GOAL


Pets are being stolen and inhumanely killed by Animal Control workers in my home country of Kazakhstan.

A dog was stolen and locked in the trunk of a car that belonged to the worker of Animal Control Center (ACC) in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The young Husky died from suffocation and heat stroke before the police were able to force the car owner to open the trunk.

Volunteers came to The Animal Control Center the morning of May 23rd to help save a few dogs, and saw a car parked outside the entrance. They heard weak crying and breathing coming out of the trunk. The workers of the ACC told the volunteers that the car didn’t belong to them. The volunteers called the police, and contrary to what they had been told, the car did belong to an employee, to man named Ilya Kamazaev, who was a driver for the ACC. By the time police were able to open the trunk, the dog was dead.

Ilya told the police that the dog belonged to him, and he decided to get rid of the dog by locking her in the trunk and leaving her to die. He assured the police that he has all documents to prove she was his dog, and that he couldn’t leave the dog at the ACC where he worked because it was closed and wasn’t accepting dogs that day.

Well, Ilya was lying, and the actual owner of the Husky was found the same day of this cruel incident. 19 year old Asem recognized her dog from the pictures that had been posted on Instagram, she was so shocked that she couldn’t stop crying all night. She submitted the report to the police right away, and at the moment Ilya is believed to have lost his job at the ACC along with another worker who was involved in the incident.

The purebred dogs are believed to be stolen from the backyards by the workers of ACC and later sold. Asem’s dog Umka disappeared from her backyard almost a month ago, and Asem was looking for her dog all the while through social media and dog related websites.

Volunteers and animals support groups of Almaty are continuously fighting to change the laws about treatment of homeless pets. The ACC, which is sponsored by the government, uses inhumane ways of catching these dogs, one of which is the use of fish line that breaks through the skin and sometimes breaks the necks of the dogs. The dogs are kept 3 days or even less in small cages without any air conditioning, water or food, and usually killed using Lysthenon without anesthesia. It means that the dogs die while slowly suffering, however it’s one of the cheapest methods available.

Please help us to spread the message about the inhumane treatment of pets in Kazakhstan. We want to ensure that all workers who are responsible for animal abuse are punished by law and are removed from their positions at Animal Control Center. Volunteers should be allowed to work at the Center to establish the quality of animals lives. In addition, our government should open a city shelter and assists in reuniting dogs with their owners and hosting adoption events. These loyal animals deserve to have safe and happy lives but they need your help!


** Домашние животные украдены и бесчеловечно убиты работниками отлова в моей родной стране Казахстан **.

Собака была украдена и заперта в багажнике автомобиля, принадлежавшего работнику отлова (официально Центр Ветеринарии) в Алматы, Казахстан. Молодой Хаски умер от удушья и теплового удара, прежде чем полиция смогла заставить владельца автомобиля открыть багажник.

Волонтеры прибыли в отлов для животных утром 23 мая, чтобы помочь спасти несколько собак, и увидели машину припаркованную у входа. Собака слабо скулила и почти не дышала . Работники отлова сказали волонтерам, что автомобиль не принадлежит им. Добровольцы вызвали полицию и вопреки тому, что им сказали, машина принадлежала работнику, человеку по имени Илья Камазаев, который был водителем отлова. К тому времени, когда полицейские смогли открыть багажник, собака скончалась.

Илья рассказал полиции, что собака принадлежала ему, и он решил избавиться от нее, заперев ее в багажнике и оставив умирать. Он заверил полицию, что у него есть все документы, чтобы доказать, что собака принадлежала ему, и что он не мог сдать собаку в отлов, где он работал, потому что отлов был закрыт и клетки опечатаны в тот день.

Илья сказал неправду и владелец Хаски был найден в тот же день. 19-летняя Асем узнала свою собаку из фотографий, которые были размещены на Instagram, она была так потрясена, и проплакала всю ночь. Она сразу же подала заявление в полицию, и в настоящее время Илья был уволен из отлова вместе с другим работником, который был вовлечен в инцидент.

Считается, что чистокровных собак похищают с заднего двора работники отлова, а затем продают. Собака Асемы Умка исчезла со своего двора почти месяц назад, и Асем все время искала свою собаку через социальные сети и сайты.

Группы поддержки волонтеров и животных в Алматы постоянно ведут борьбу за изменение законов об обращении с бездомными животными. Отлов который спонсируется правительством, использует бесчеловечные способы ловли этих собак, одним из которых является использование лески, которая режет кожу и иногда ломает шеи собак. Собаки держатся 3 дня или меньше в маленьких клетках без обогрева/кондиционера, без воды или пищи и обычно умертвляются Листеноном без анестезии. Это означает, что собаки умирают медленно и мучительно, но это один из самых дешевых методов.

Пожалуйста, помогите нам распространить информацию о бесчеловечном обращении с животными в Казахстане. Мы хотим удостовериться чтобы все работники, ответственные за жестокое обращение с животными, были наказаны по закону и сняты со своих позиций в отлове. Волонтерам следует разрешить работать и свободно посещать отлов для того, чтобы установить контроль за качеством жизни животных. Кроме того, наше правительство должно открыть приют в городе и помочь воссоединять собак с их владельцами и проводить акции по устройству бездомных животных. Питомцы заслуживают того, чтобы жить безопасной и счастливой жизнью, но им нужна ваша помощь!

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We demand that all workers of Animal Control Center who are responsible for animal abuse, are punished by law and are removed from their positions at Animal Control Center. Volunteers should be allowed to work at the Center to establish the quality of animals lives. In addition, our government should open a city shelter and assists in reuniting dogs with their owners and hosting adoption events. These loyal animals deserve to have safe and happy lives but they need your help!

Petition · Justice for Dog Tied Up, Locked in Carrier and Abandoned in Woods to Die · Change.org

Justice for Dog Tied Up, Locked in Carrier and Abandoned in Woods to Die
Lady Freethinker started this petition to Buchanan Police Chief Bill Marx

Meadow the dog was found starving and abandoned in the woods in Buchanan, Michigan. Her leash was tied around her legs and she was locked in a cramped carrier with no hope of escape.

“I actually heard the dog whimpering and then I heard crying, so I texted one of the coworkers and said I think there’s something in the woods crying and I’m pretty sure it’s a dog,” said Danielle Hradel, who found Meadow.

Meadow was in such bad shape, she couldn’t even sit up on her own. With veterinary care, her condition is improving, but her legs are still not fully functional, according to a Facebook update.

Buchanan City Police and Berrien County Animal Control are investigating this case, but no arrests have been made yet. Sign the petition urging the Buchanan police chief to put every effort into finding and prosecuting Meadow’s abuser — and to ensure that this sick individual is never allowed to have an animal again.


Petition update · CASE UPDATE · Change.org

Petition update · CASE UPDATE · Change.org

Apr 7, 2018 — Per casenet: Preliminary Hearing is scheduled for May 22, 2018, 9:00 AM
**It looks like he did enter a plea of “NOT GUILTY” this morning.

Preliminary Hearing Scheduled: Scheduled For: 05/22/2018; 9:00 AM ; JOSEPH LESLIE GOFF JR; St. Francois

Initial Arraignment Hearing Held. State appears by Assistant Prosecutor, Ben Campbell. Defendant appears in person and by counsel Michael Hackworth.

Defendant waives formal arraignment and enters a plea of Not Guilty. Cause called and case is set for Preliminary Hearing on May 22, 2018 at 9am. State to issue subpoenas.


Petition: 2,400 Sheep died because of carelessness. Demand Justice now.

by: David Littleproud, Minister of Agriculture

10,000 GOAL
Emanuel Exports doesn’t seem to be too good at its job. The company has, once again, caused the death of a staggering number of sheep that was in their care. The live exporter was shipping around 64,000 animals to the Middle East but just under 62,000 made it there alive.

Now the Australian Department of Agriculture is investigating just how a company whose sole duty is delivering products in good condition, managed to lose a pretty hefty chunk of their cargo.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Emanuel Exports has been responsible for a mass death of sheep. In 2016 the Perth-based exporters lost more than 3,000 head of sheep.

Australia has strict live animal shipping laws and regulations that help ensure animals aren’t treated cruelly during the journey nor in the country for which they are destined. In fact, the government has banned or suspended live exports to countries like Indonesia and Egypt in the past.

If Emanuel Exports can’t comply with Australian laws and are unable to deliver live sheep in healthy condition then the government should no longer allow them to do so. After more than 5,000 animals have died under their care in just two shipments, the government should have all the proof they need.

Please sign the petition and ask David Littleproud, the agriculture minister, to ban Emanuel Exports from live animal shipments.


petition: Justice for Laxmi. The Elephant beaten for 30 years and left dead in her own excrement

target: Indian Forest Department

10,000 GOAL
Laxmi the elephant never stood a chance. When she was young she was snatched from the wild by heartless poachers. Stripped away from her mother and her herd she never got to know what life could be.

From that moment on she was forced to toil and work. For thirty years she endured the harsh treatment of the men who owned her. She was neglected and malnourished and after years of such horrific treatment, it left her so week she couldn’t even support the weight of her own body on her nearly muscleless frame.

After three decades of torture, three decades of mistreatment and pain you would think that perhaps her owners would finally let her enjoy her last remaining years in peace.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

In a heart-wrenching video, her captors can be seen attacking her with spears, bull-hooks, and sticks. The unrelenting men whale on her body as if they were trying to force the life out of her.

When rescuers finally arrived, they found her carcass chained and shackled surrounded by urine and feces that had not been cleaned in months. Yet, her “owners” were nowhere to be seen.

Such treatment for privately owned elephants is not uncommon. And if the government refuses to prosecute people who treat their animals cruelty it will unfortunately continue.

That is where you come in. Please help tell the Indian government you want Justice for Laxmi. Sign the petition and demand that the Indian Forest Department find and prosecute Laxmi’s killers.


Petition: Demand the maximum sentence for the one who left 70 horses to starve on top of a mountain

by: Jasmina Tzvetanova
target: https://ec.europa.eu/anti-fraud/home_en; http://www.babh.government.bg/en/; http://www.justice.government.bg/; http://www.vss.justice.bg/en/page/view/2068; dfz@dfz.bg; https://www.prb.bg/en; http://www.nij.bg/Default.aspx?lang=en-US; http://kjustendil.cou

35,000 GOAL

This man has decided to keep horses. Applied for European funding and received it. Yet he abandoned them on a high mountain, in 5 feet of snow, with no food or shelter, at least a couple of months ago.

According to the volunteers who managed to reach the place on motor sleds yesterday, it was a mournful sight. At least 40 of the horses were dead, the rest bearly alive, buried in the snow, with eyes pecked out by birds of prey, and worse; not able to stand up or chew the food that was brought to them.

There is an Animal Protection Act here in Bulgaria. The maximum penalty in it is 3 years imprisonment. However, the local courts are extremely lenient towards animal abusers. There have only been a couple of mild sentences for the past 7 years since animal abuse was classified as felony. Despite the fact that this type of crime is widely spread! 😦

My friends and I are going to make sure that charges are pressed but fear that it will result in just another slap on the wrist. And this is neither just nor acceptable. Sign and share, please! Your help is highly appreciated!


Update #33 days ago
Friends of the Horses, I don’t have good news today. Apparently, the government agency in charge of animal welfare, http://www.babh.government.bg/en/, refuses to seize the surviving horses. For lack of setting they say. Lack of common sense whatsoever I’d say, as volunteers and activists offer their help to organize both transport and shelter. What will happen to the horses when the perpetrator goes to prison! Please, keep sharing this cause! Change will have to happen!
Full Update
Update #26 days ago
2000 signatures and counting! Thank you all! An investigation is taking place. Though rumour has it that a prison sentence is not guaranteed. Please spend another minute and share our cause again. This petition may turn out to be the key to justice being served in this outrageous case.
Best Regards, Jasmina
Full Update
Update #19 days ago
Thank you, kindred spirits from all over the world. ❤ For your time, for your care and for your support! We reached more than 1000 signatures in 24 hours. What a great response! Please keep sharing our cause! We will not let this criminal slip through the system! Best Regards, Jasmina

Petition: These girls threw a hamster against a wall so hard it died. Tell the police to find and prosecute them.

by: Andrew M
target: Devon and Cornwall Police

2,000 GOAL

Two girls in Plymouth, United Kingdom wanted to be “Snapchat famous.” But what they did to garner likes will disgust you.

The two teenagers filmed themselves throwing a pet hamster against a wall to so hard it died. The young animal abusers could be heard chuckling as the poor rodent thudded against the hard surface.

They then posted the video of the small critter’s still body on social media. Writing “killed it.”

When police were approached for comment on whether the case was being investigated, they refused to answer. That is unacceptable. Studies show that those that commit animal abuse are much more likely to resort to violence against humans. These girls need to be caught, tried and treated.

Please sign the petition and demand that police find these two girls and bring them to justice.