Save Rare Forest Animals from Extinction


The imperiled and elusive fisher is in danger of extinction due to logging, forest fires, and poisoning. Help save these beautiful mammals before they disappear forever.

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Denounce Decision to Return Animals to Appalling Conditions

Denounce Decision to Return Animals to Appalling Conditions.

Stop Using Meat to Make Cheese

Stop Using Meat to Make Cheese.

Save Rare Elk

Save Rare Elk.

Stop Hunting With Drones

Stop Hunting With Drones.

Shut Down Abusive Animal Park

Shut Down Abusive Animal Park.

Demand Stricter Regulation on Dietary Supplements

Demand Stricter Regulation on Dietary Supplements.

Protect Neighborhoods from Exposed Oil Waste

Protect Neighborhoods from Exposed Oil Waste.

End Capture of Killer Whales for Entertainment

End Capture of Killer Whales for Entertainment.

Applaud Charges Against Men Who Mutilated Llama

Three men who stabbed and dismembered a llama have been apprehended and charged by police. Praise the charges, which could result in a lengthy prison sentence for the offenders.

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Applaud Termination of Abusive Slaughterhouse Workers

Several slaughterhouse employees captured on video deliberately engaging in acts of animal cruelty have been fired or suspended pending an investigation. Applaud the abattoir’s tough stance on misconduct and ask them to take measures to prevent similar cruelty in the future.

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Don’t Allow Endless Slaughter of Harbor Seals

Harbor seals are dangerously close to extinction in Alaska. Due to hunting and other human activities, their populations have swiftly declined within a very short time period. Demand lawmakers protect harbor seals in order to better preserve this beautiful species now and in the future.

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Support Animal Welfare Law

An animal welfare bill will ensure the welfare and protection of live animals in Lebanon if it is passed by the Parliament of Lebanon and becomes a law. Sign this petition and offer your support.

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Prosecute Man for Beating and Burying Puppy Alive

A man allegedly beat his puppy with a shovel and buried her alive under two feet of snow, leaving her to die. Please sign this petition to ensure he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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Capture Person Who Stuffed Malnourished Dog Into Suitcase to Die

Capture Person Who Stuffed Malnourished Dog Into Suitcase to Die.

McConaughey Missteps: Is Celebrity Shaming Good Animal Rights Activism?

Emilio Cogliani

Last week, word got out that Matthew McConaughey is a part owner of a canned hunting ranch. That’s a ranch where, for a fee, people can shoot animals who are fenced in. According to Snopes, the ranch is primarily used to raise Angus beef cattle but includes a section where customers can participate in captive whitetail deer hunts. McConaughey’s representatives have told TMZ that the actor sold his interest in the ranch in 2011. His family members, who own and manage the ranch, left his name and photograph on the website, presumably for publicity purposes.

The connection spread fast via tweets, blogs and Facebook pages, and soon media headlines read “Matthew McConaughey gets death threats from animal rights activists.” Few people would think such headlines are good for a movement that is trying to pave its way into the mainstream. But given the tone of many of the posts…

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Polar bears out on the sea ice eat few seals in summer and early fall


We hear endlessly about the polar bears ‘forced’ to go without food for months because of receding summer sea ice — what about all the bears that stay out on the ice over the summer? Presumably, those bears keep hunting for seals – but how many do they actually catch?

Polar Bear Breaks Ice

As it turns out, not very many – and for some unlucky bears in late summer, probably none. While they probably eat a bit better in late fall, if they’re lucky and persistent, by the time winter comes, biologists assume most bears again eat very little. This explains why all polar bears are at their lowest weight in late winter (March), just before Arctic seal pups are born.

[Winter – January to March; Spring – April to June; Summer – July to September; Fall – October to December (e.g. Pilfold et al. 2015, in press)]

To put it another…

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