Rafael Hermida Fonseca Savagely Abused Girlfriends Dogs Caught on Hidden Camera

Wildlife in crisis! – protect the Western Ringtail Possum

Santander: Financing Extinction

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

“Diggers are tearing up Indonesia’s rainforest – home to endangered tigers, orangutans and sun bears – and Santander is bankrolling the paper company that’s leading this destruction.

“The greatest threat to Indonesia’s rainforests is a pulp and paper company named APRIL. It is chopping down tens of thousands of hectares of forest and feeding rainforest trees into its pulp mill to make cheap paper and packaging” (Source: www.greenpeace.org.uk).

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Family pit bull may pay ultimate price for saving 11-year-old girl

Is ‘Humane’ Meat Possible? Can it Ever Be Enough? | One Green Planet

Life or Lunch?

051a-500In the last several years, multiple farmed animal welfare improvements have been announced and implemented through the enactment of new laws and company initiatives. These welfare improvements have included actual or planned bans on battery cagesgestation cratesveal crates, and bodily mutilations. Each of these welfare victories have been the result of intense campaigning by many animal rights activists and organizations, sometimes over a period of many years.

There is no doubt that these improvements make a difference to animals. Battery cages, gestation crates, veal crates, and bodily mutilations are terribly cruel practices that totally rob animals of the ability to live natural and healthy lives. But is focusing on the production of meat and other animal products with higher animal welfare standards worth the time and resources that we pour into them? Is there any chance that they may actually have unintended negative consequences?

What are Animal…

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The Best Ways to Print Photos From Your Smartphone

Protection by @JoRobinson176

Lit World Interviews

Imagine your eighty thousand word novel disappearing before you publish it – never to be seen again. Obviously you know what your story is about, but there’s no way you could ever get it down just the way you had it after months or years of scribbling, tweaking, and editing. Imagine also all of those bits and pieces on your computer – plotlines for future tales – research – links – bookmarks – pictures – covers – lots of other important things – also disappearing. Or how about some crazy hacker fellow getting into all your online sites and wreaking havoc, stealing your stuff, and breaking all the windows. Scary thought, but all of these things have happened many, many times.

Spending money on protecting these things is even more important than spending money on editing or cover art to begin with. *Ducks to avoid missiles thrown by editors and…

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