VERIFY: No, facemasks don’t contain harmful ‘5G antennas’ | verify

A viral video claims the metal wire in medical masks actually has a sinister purpose. Author: VERIFY, Jason Puckett (TEGNA), David Tregde, Linda S. Johnson Published: 7:47 PM EDT July 10, 2020


Viewer Doreen C. sent the VERIFY team a viral video of a woman cutting open a face mask and pulling out the metal strip that fits around the nose. She says that the strip is actually a 5G antenna and is “made to kill everybody” as part of a government plot. But is that true?


Are 5G antennas in the metal strips inside face masks? null


No. Decades old patents show that wire strips have been part of face masks since before 1G cellular technology was even in use. The strips are meant to be bendable so that wearers can have them fit more snugly around their nose.


Masks have deviated little since at least the early 1970s. That’s when this patent for a surgical face mask was filed and approved.

It contained a “flexible nose strip” made of wire which could be “shaped to form compound curves.”

Modern documents about masks explain that the wire strips still serve the same purpose today.

In a post last month sharing guidance on using masks, the Illinois Department of Public Health wrote that the wire is meant to be “sewn or built into the mask” to “help it conform to the bridge of your nose.” VERIFY

The concern about 5G is that while faster, its waves don’t travel as far as those of 4G, meaning that more transmitters would have to be in place to keep up signal strength. And predictions are that they may become as common in the everyday scenery as “lampposts and graffiti,” ZDNet says.

Some worry about the possibility of cancer or other health problems from the additional transmitters as well the 5G signal itself. As for the 5G antenna, it and the parts needed for it to function wouldn’t fit on something as small as the metal strip inside a face mask, experts say.

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Although the World Health Organization cautions that only a few studies have been done on 5G, it says that as frequency increases, “there is less penetration into the body tissues and absorption of the energy becomes more confined to the surface of the body (skin and eye). Provided that the overall exposure remains below international guidelines, no consequences for public health are anticipated.” null

The WHO sees little danger from 5G. “No adverse health effect has been causally linked with exposure to wireless technologies,” it says. “Health-related conclusions are drawn from studies performed across the entire radio spectrum but, so far, only a few studies have been carried out at the frequencies to be used by 5G.”

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TikTok: Fun and Games, or Communist Weapon?

TikTok: Fun and Games, or Communist Weapon?

Social media has drastically changed the world in more ways than one. Sure, it helps people stay connected with their family, friends, and loved ones. But there are potential risks involved in it too… far more than most people realize. This is especially true of social media platforms owned by foreign powers.

When it comes to the mobile social media app, TikTok, that’s just the case. TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the world. According to Sensor Tower, since its launch in 2017, TikTok has accumulated over 2 billion downloads across the Google Play Store and the Apple Store globally. Owned by ByteDance, headquartered in Beijing, TikTok is one of many Chinese-owned technology companies under investigation by the US.

Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated the Trump administration may be looking to restrict users in the US access to the app. Concerns have arisen of the possibility that the app is being used by Beijing to surveil and propagandize people. While on “The Ingraham Angle” Pompeo expressed that he and the president were taking reports very seriously. This coming after Laura Ingraham, the show’s host, stated that India had already banned the app and Australia was looking to do so as well.

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Bad news for this blog

If anyone has any suggestions on how to help, please leave comments on her blog!

Vegan Lynx

Because of a new EU law, I may have to close down this blog, or at the very least stop posting and probably delete all posts containing a link, which means practically all posts.

Needless to say, I’m extremely displeased.

I’m not even sure I can continue blogging at all.    Even if I only use my blog and post ’ordininary’ blog posts, it may be too complicated to bother. Can I even post photos I’ve taken with my own phone? At this point, nothing is certain. My sister and I may be able to hand code our home pages/blogs like in the old days, and my sister is great at making graphics but again, I’m not sure what is allowed or not.

It may not be strictly necessary for me to post links to newspaper articles or even reblog  other people’s posts, even though I think it’s important…

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Disabling Internet Browser Cookies

TLR Technology

How to Disable Internet Browser Cookies

We, TLR Technology, never share your personal information with third-parties nor do we store information that we collect about your visit to this blog. Cookies are used by ALL websites on the web. If you do not want your information collected by cookies, here is how to disable internet browser cookies.

For Internet Explorer

Open your Internet Explorer internetexplorer and click on Tools. Once the menu shows, click on Internet Options. From there you will select the Privacy tab. Under settings there is a slider. Slide it up until you see Block All Cookies and then click apply. See image below for reference.

disable cookies How to Disable Cookies in Internet Explorer.

For Google Chrome

Open your Chrome browser chrome and click on more more. Once menu shows, click on Settings. At the bottom of settings there is an Advanced link. Click it. Look for Privacy and Security…

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Chrome will soon ad-block an entire website if it shows abusive ads
Jon Porter

With Chrome 71, Google is stepping up its fight against the internet’s abusive ads problem by blocking every ad on a site that persistently shows them. Abusive ads come in many forms, but broadly speaking cause your browser to misbehave by either generating fake system messages, automatically redirecting you, or attempt to steal personal information.

This isn’t the first time that Google has tried to use Chrome to address the problem. Back in July, Chrome 68 would prevent sites from opening new tabs or windows if they were reported for serving abusive experiences. Chrome 71, scheduled for release in December, will give site owners a 30 day grace period to clean up their site after an abusive experience is reported. Failure to remove the abusive ads will cause Chrome to block every ad on the site — regardless of whether they are classed as abusive or not.
Although users will have the option of turning this filtering off, the majority are likely to leave their settings at their default values, effectively withholding a huge portion of a flagged site’s revenue. It’s a big incentive for sites to prevent this bad behavior, even if it’s an uncomfortable reminder of how much power Google now holds over the internet.

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Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari are all dropping support for older versions of the onlin e security protocol TLS, used in practically any encrypted exchange online. While few peopl…
Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari are all dropping support for older versions of the onlin e security protocol TLS, used in practically any encrypted exchange online. While few people or machines are using the long-unsafe TLS 1.0 and 1.1, they’re still permitted in many connections — but no t for long #AceNewsDesk reports
3-4 minutes

AceNewsDesk – Oct.16: Transport Layer Security is a community-developed standard that got its 1.0 release nearly 20 years ago: It and its close relative, 1.1, have known flaws that make them unsafe to use for any secure communications. 1.2 addressed these major flaws in 2008 and is currently used by the vast majority of clients. 1.3, released earlier this year, both improves and streamlines the standard, but as yet has only a limited presence online as many servers and services haven’t been updated to support it #AceNewsDesk reports

The messy, musical process behind the web’s new security standard

Mozilla, Google, Microsoft and WebKit all made separate but similar announcements on their blogs, essentially that the old versions, 1.0 and 1.1, will be phased out by early 2020 — March specifically for some, which we can take as a general indicator for the others.

“Two decades is a long time for a security technology to stand unmodified,” wrote Microsoft’s Kyle Pflug. “While we aren’t aware of significant vulnerabilities with our up-to-date implementations of TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1, vulnerable third-party implementations do exist. Moving to newer versions helps ensure a more secure Web for everyone.”

As a user you don’t need to do a thing. The browsers and apps you use will work just as they have before — chances are they’re all using 1.2 already. Mozilla shared a chart showing that only a smattering of connections it sees use the earlier versions:

These connections, low by proportion but still numerous, could be lots of things. Legacy machines embedded here are there; old apps for which the security stack hasn’t been updated in years; hacked devices. It’s almost certainly not you or even your parents.

The long lead time is given because of the possibility (nay, inevitability) that there are some critical systems (for example in aging municipal infrastructure) that will cease to work because of this change. People need time to do a real audit, although they probably should have done it years ago.

This move should make everyone a little safer online, though everything will continue to act exactly as it did before. That’s by design.

Source: TechCrunch.Com/ and Published: October.15: 2018:

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Path ~ The Last Goodbye
4-5 minutes
The Last Goodbye

It is with deep regret that we announce that we will stop providing our beloved service, Path.
We started Path in 2010 as a small team of passionate and experienced designers and engineers.
Over the years we have tried to lay out our mission: through technology and design we aim to be a source of happiness, meaning, and connection to our users.

Along our journey we have laughed and cried with you, and learned valuable lessons. And it is now inevitable to wind down the service to prioritize our work to serve you with better products and services.
It has been a long journey and we sincerely thank each one of you for your years of love and support for Path.

The specific shutdown schedule is as below:

  • 9.17.2018 : Notice on Path service discontinuation
  • 10.1.2018: Unable to download/update the app in iTunes and Google Play
  • 10.18.2018: Termination of the Service (Unable to access to Path)
  • 11.15.2018: Path related customer service will be closed

The Path service and Terms of Use governing your use of Path will terminate on [10.18.2018].

Prior to [10.18.2018], you can restore retrieve a copy of your data (i.e. your images, text, videos) by following below steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Log in with your Path account
  3. Click the button and enter email address that you wish to receive the backup files


  1. Open your Path app and go to Setting
  2. Click the button and enter your email address that you would like to receive the backup files.
    *Please make sure that your Path app is the latest ver.

Please note that you will not be able to access the backup service site after [10.18.2018]. We may not retain copies of any of your data on and from that date. Accordingly, you are encouraged to download and keep copies of your data if you wish to have access from [10.18.2018].
If you have purchased a premium subscription recently and would like to get refunded, please follow the below steps.

For iOS users,

Unfortunately, we cannot proceed the refund for you.
In order to get refunded, please visit the Apple webpage and follow the steps as per the Apple’s guidelines.

  1. Visit
  2. Select the device that you have been using for Path (i.e, iPhone, iPad, and etc)
  3. Select ‘Subscriptions & Purchases’
  4. Select ‘The Topic is not listed’
  5. Explain your situation (i.e. ‘in-app purchase order has been wrongly placed’)
  6. Select ‘Email’ to receive the feedback from Apple
  7. Make sure you enter the correct full name, email address, Apple ID
  8. Enter the accurate order number with the description

For Android users,

Please send us email ( and we will process the refund.
Please make sure to indicate your path email account and google transaction ID number
(*If you are unable to provide the accurate path email account and the corresponding google transaction ID number, we will be unable to help you with the refund).

Please follow the below steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the purchase activity history to find the transaction ID for Path.
  3. Send us the email ( with your path email account and the transaction ID number.
  4. You will receive Google Play Order Cancellation Receipt within 14 days. You can also check your refund progress in this page ( )

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email at

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

Best Regards,
the Path Team

Facebook hacked as up to 90m accounts are vulnerable after ‘security breach’ – Mirror Online

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Petition · Ask the CEOs of Equifax, Experian and TransUnion for credit freezes to be #FreeFromAll3 @ITRCSD ·

Lately we have been seeing data breaches grow larger and more dangerous at a frightening pace.

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Microsoft Issues Security Patches for 25 Critical Vulnerabilities With 48 Security Updates .. So be safe and check your computer today click on this link and open instant view and update now

Source: Microsoft Issues Security Patches for 25 Critical Vulnerabilities With 48 Security Updates .. So be safe and check your computer today click on this link and open instant view and update now

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Stop Large Companies From Stealing Images on Instagram – ForceChange

ConnecTable Solar Charging Products | Universities, Resorts, Corporate Campus

The ConnecTable offers three sustainable outdoor solar charging products, the ConnecTable Café, the ConnecTable Hub and the Grid2Go solar mobile charger.

Solar Charging ProductsConnecTable Café
ConnecTable Café solar powered charging stations are an attractive, powerful business investment for those looking to keep technology-hungry consumers connected in outdoor areas.

These sustainable outdoor charging solutions utilize off-grid, solar photovoltaic technology and possess high-powered charging capability. They have been engineered to harvest more energy than any other solar charging table on the market, and to optimize the storage of that energy, providing reliable power for high volumes of daily users.

Popular with Universities, Corporate Campuses, Malls, Parks, Resorts and Theme Parks, the ConnecTable offers the perfect green solution that reduces your properties carbon footprint while also creating a clean gathering space.

HubConnecTable Hub
The ConnecTable Hub is our newest model of solar table charging station. The Hub offers the same great performance as our Café model, with key material and structural modifications that have enabled us to offer this solar charging solution at a more economical price point.

Designed for our customers looking for a more “out-of-the-box” sustainability solution, the ConnecTable Hub is the ultimate outdoor workstation.

Solar Charging ProductsGrid2Go
Grid2Go is a sustainable outdoor charging solution that provides portable solar charging to anyone, anywhere, at any time. It’s perfect for a day at the beach, camping trips, or as a backup emergency charger in any environment.

Grid2Go can fully charge an iPhone four (4) times before it needs to be recharged itself. Simply lay it in the sun, solar panels facing up, and recharge begins! In the case of multiple poor-weather days, the Grid2Go can be easily charged indoors with the included computer and wall attachments. Solar panels power the high-capacity battery, which charges up to two (2) cell phones at once.

Get Connected
601 Davisville Road
Suite 210
Willow Grove, PA 19090
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4 Personal Safety Apps For Your Smartphone

Have you ever used personal safety apps? Here are a few personal safety apps that you can use on your smartphone to protect yourself.

Source: 4 Personal Safety Apps For Your Smartphone

Petition · Instagram: Ban Pictures of Animal Abuse and Violence ·

9 Animal Cams You Need in Your Life – Cool Green Science

You really need to go over and watch these videos! But I warn you, they are addictive 🐼

Petition · Tell Facebook to stop the theft of photos and the impersonation of users ·

Police are Creating Fake Facebook Accounts to Monitor You — Here’s How to ID a Fake Account Mon, April 25, 2016

The Truth is the LIGHT

images.duckduckgo.comKristan T. HarrisAmerican Intelligence Report

Police departments around the nation have taken predictive crime prevention to a new level by building fake user accounts, as well as posing as genuine people to gather information about local events, Tech.Mic reports.

Local agents put on a “digital mask” and pose as “members of the community,” allowing them to gather personal information about suspects they consider a high risk of being involved in a future crime or have existing charges.

In a social media guide for law enforcement officials published by the Justice Department, the document details, officers create fraudulent profiles even though Facebook officially bans the practice.

Departments are also beginning to use predictive analytical policing software, allowing authorities to patrol local neighborhoods based on social networking posts. If people are emotionally upset and publish it on social media networks, the software program labels the neighborhood high risk alerting law enforcement to occupy those areas.

In a recent article published by Business Insider one…

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You should delete QuickTime from your computer right now, government says | WPMT FOX43

NEW YORK — The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has sent out an urgent alert telling Windows customers to uninstall Apple’s QuickTime program.

Apple has pulled support for QuickTime on Windows, the video and audio software that had once been widely used to play movie trailers and other Internet media clips.

The company decided this week not to issue any more security updates for QuickTime on Windows, despite two major vulnerabilities in the software that can allow hackers into people’s computers.

Apple’s last QuickTime update for Windows came in late January, and the company had been periodically fixing bugs over the past several years.

“The only mitigation available is to uninstall QuickTime for Windows.”But Apple hasn’t dedicated much effort to QuickTime over the past decade. The last major QuickTime release for Windows was in 2005. Apple delivered a substantial QuickTime upgrade for Mac OS X in 2009, and the company continues to support QuickTime for Mac with regular security updates.

QuickTime for Windows will continue to work, and is curiously still available for download. But Apple and DHS urged Windows customers to uninstall the program.

“Using unsupported software may increase the risks from viruses and other security threats,” DHS said in its alert. “The only mitigation available is to uninstall QuickTime for Windows.”

Security company TrendMicro blogged about the QuickTime vulnerability in a post titled “Urgent call to action.”

TrendMicro said it is unaware of any attacks that were made as a result of the QuickTime security bug, but it recommended deleting the program anyway.

Apple has created a page on its website that details how to uninstall QuickTime for Windows.

Over the past several years, QuickTime has largely been replaced by online media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and Netflix.

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Having Problems with my Computer and Electricity in Neighborhood


Having issues with Google since last update!!  Its been shutting me out, I have not been able to get to my mail,  when I  try a pop up comes up saying… Unknown Issue with Google Play services! Today I finally got in touch with Google,  but it keeps shutting down, plus our neighborhood is having electricity problems, they’re digging up the street! 😕 I would like to apologize to my followers and to all of you who left comments, I will try to get to you as soon as possible…Hugs  💗

5 Things You Need To Know About The FCC’s Net Neutrality Plan



The Citizen Media

Feds look to adopt 322 pages of fresh taxes, regulations

The Internet as it now exists with nominal government bureaucratic oversight has allowed the creation of billion-dollar companies like Google and Facebook and lets consumers even in remote parts of the landscape shop, watch videos and connect with others more or less instantly.

Just about anyone can set up a website, and it’s one of the few places in America where the sky’s the limit. Literally.

That, however, apparently is not good enough for President Obama, since the Federal Communications Commission is planning to adopt some 322 pages of secret rules to govern Web services.

L. Gordon Crovitz at the Wall Street Journal said the so-called “net neutrality” campaign could be called “Obamacare for the Internet,” but that would be “unfair to Obamacare.”

The Internet rules, which have been kept secret, are scheduled to face a vote by the Federal…

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Nwo Report

Ajit Pai, the sole Republican Commissioner on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), inferred in a Tweet that President Barack Obama’s secret, 332-page “Net Neutrality” document is a scheme for federal micro-managing of the Internet to extract billions in new taxes from consumers and again enforce progressives’ idea of honest, equitable, and balanced content fairness.

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How To Boost Your Wi-Fi With a Range Extender

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What To Do When Your Email Gets Hacked

WARNING: Your favorite websites including Netflix, Reddit, Etsy & Upworthy will be ‘loading’ all day Wednesday