Require Pet Stores to Partner with Rescue Groups


Shelter animals face a daunting road when trying to find a forever home. If pet stores were to partner with animal shelters and rescue organizations, shelter animals could get the help they need in finding homes. Please sign this petition to urge Colorado to create a statewide partnership between pet stores and animal rescues.

Source: Require Pet Stores to Partner with Rescue Groups

Petition · Edgar Hernandez, Senior Manager Customer Care: HGVC Waikoloa – Allow Animal Rescues to Help Your Cat Communities! ·

Petition · Swiss Olympic Association: Take a stand in Pyeongchang 2018 against the dog meat trade! ·


He walked….no charges!!


Husky neglected by its owner on the outskirts of Lisbon SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION NOW!

Capone: DNA Tests Are In! – Rapid Response Team for Animals

The DNA test results are back, and they show that Capone is…. just a dog, not a wolf hybrid as Aurora, CO officials believed he was. So what is the next step? There is an active petition ongoing and the next court date is this Wednesday to determine this dogs fate. While this latest news is certainly great news, we don’t know how far longer Aurora, CO wish to drag this out.  Please sign the petition

Petition Help Rescue Chimpanzees – The Animal Rescue Site

USDA: Stop Hiding Animal Welfare Records and Covering For Abusers – The Animal Rescue Site

URGENT! Help Ensure Rejected Rabbit Farm Doesn’t Go Ahead in Staffordshire | Take Action | – 1

Free Kina: Lonely Confined Whale Deserves a Better Life

A false killer whale named Kina is apparently being forced to live a sad and miserable life of isolation. This whale has been used in research for decades serving the U.S. Navy and deserves better. Demand that this poor whale be released to a reputable seaside sanctuary where she can finally have a taste of freedom.

Source: Free Kina: Lonely Confined Whale Deserves a Better Life

Ban Cruel Pig Scramble Event

A California town has for years featured a cruel annual “pig scramble” where children chase, wrestle and harass young piglets in the name of “good, clean fun.” This event is torturous for these intelligent creatures. Sign this petition to demand that it be banned.

Source: Ban Cruel Pig Scramble Event

Stop Grinding Up Millions of Chicks Alive

Male chicks are drowned, ground up alive, or suffocated to death by the egg industry. Demand a crackdown on this unnecessary cruelty and push the egg industry into a new, more humane era.

Source: Stop Grinding Up Millions of Chicks Alive


Petition · Greenwich Council: Allow the Continued Fostering of Abandoned and Unwanted Cats at Howarth Rd ·

Please sign the petition only 32 more signatures needed!

Petition · Make it illegal to hit an animal and leave it suffering on the side of the road. ·