Protect Rare Lizard Habitat from Fracking

The rare sagebrush lizard is threatened with extinction due to mining for the fracking industry. Sign the petition and ask that their habitat be protected.

Source: Protect Rare Lizard Habitat from Fracking


Wallabies Shot and Killed in Mass Slaughter Deserve Justice

Dozens of wallabies were found dead in a remote area of Australia, the victims of a violent massacre at the hands of an unknown culprit. These animals appear to have been shot and bludgeoned and then allowed to rot. Sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent creatures.

Source: Wallabies Shot and Killed in Mass Slaughter Deserve Justice

Stop Silencing Animal Welfare Advocates With ‘Ag-Gag’ Law

Animal abusers are currently protected under a potentially unconstitutional law in Iowa that prohibits animal rights advocates and employees from filming or photographing unsafe or inhumane conditions on factory farms. Sign this petition to challenge the agricultural industry’s desire to keep potential abuse out of the public eye and demand that this law be overturned.

Source: Stop Silencing Animal Welfare Advocates With ‘Ag-Gag’ Law

Petition · Popeyes: Tell Popeyes Chicken: End the Cruelty Now ·

Tell Oswald’s Bear Ranch to Stop Using Bear Cubs for Cruel Photo Ops!

These animals are showing signs of severe distress. Please speak up for them.

Source: Tell Oswald’s Bear Ranch to Stop Using Bear Cubs for Cruel Photo Ops!

Petition: Help Find Benny’s Family!


Petition: Transfer lonely Anne from Longleat to Elephant Haven, to be with companions, United Kingdom

Stop Hosting Cruel Animal Circus Acts

Two tigers died within a month of each other while being exploited as part of a traveling circus. Demand that the Shrine Circus, which uses tigers from the cruel company responsible for this abuse, stop hosting animal acts as part of their performances.

Source: Stop Hosting Cruel Animal Circus Acts

Petition Update: STOP THE DEATHS! Close Down South Lakes Safari Zoo Cumbria U.K, United Kingdom

Only a few more days to sign this petition before it closes327,298 have signed the Goal Is 330,000  The meeting is soon to review.

Petition: America’s Biggest Egg Producer Should Be Cage-Free

Support Stronger Animal Welfare Laws

Perpetrators of the most horrendous animal cruelty face a maximum of only six months in jail in the United Kingdom. This injustice against animals must be addressed. Sign this petition to show your support for raising the maximum penalties to five years in jail to help ensure that justice is served for those who cause harm to innocent creatures.

Source: Support Stronger Animal Welfare Laws

Please sign this petition to: Japan Ban Wild Animal Cafes and ‘Petting Bars’

Animal cafes in Japan exploit wild animals such as otters for profit, keeping them in completely inadequate living conditions so that tourists can play with them like pets. Demand that these ‘petting bars’ be banned.

Source: Japan: Ban Wild Animal Cafes and ‘Petting Bars’

Petition: Tell Vermont Attorney General to Shut Down Law-breaking Vermont Slaughterhouse

Petition: Demand Open Visitations for Owners with Hank at Shelter

Stop Killing Pigs in Medical Training Labs

Pigs are killed in medical training labs in a program at the University of Missouri. Demand that these labs be shut down before the start of the next session, sparing the lives of innocent animals.

Source: Stop Killing Pigs in Medical Training Labs

Petition: Help Bring Geordie Home!

Petition: For the love of Ruby

Katie couldn’t stand by and watch this loving puppy abused by her neighbor, now years later Ruby has been sent back to her abuser and he’s trying to sue Katie for thousands of dollars.  Sign her urgent petition and send a strong message that you shouldn’t be allowed to profit from abuse

NYC Pet Store Investigated by HSUS Shuttered, but larger policy reforms needed · A Humane Nation

In July, we posted a heartbreaking video of sick puppies and deficient care at the Chelsea Kennel Club, a pet store in Manhattan. Above, a puppy oozing mucus at the Chelsea Kennel Club in May. Photo by The HSUS
NYC pet store investigated by HSUS shuttered, but larger policy reforms needed
September 26, 2017

The Chelsea Kennel Club – a boutique Manhattan pet store that was the focus of an HSUS undercover investigation released just two months ago – appears to be shuttered. In July, we posted a heartbreaking video of sick puppies and deficient care there, which attracted five million views on Facebook. Today no one is answering the phone at the store, and photographs reveal a “closed” sign on the front door and rows of empty shelves.

While we certainly want outliers in regard to animal care and cruelty to change their ways or to go out of business, we cannot do in-depth investigations at the hundreds of places throughout the country that are supplying stores like the one in New York. That’s why the nation needs sound policies that set measurable standards of care and assure that these standards are enforced.

Sometimes puppies acquire an illness in a pet store, and the health problems are compounded by cost-cutting measures and inexperienced and inattentive personnel. But in many cases, the dogs arrive sick because of terrible conditions at puppy mills. These are precisely the mills that are the focus of our major reform efforts.

There are plenty of tricks that mill operators use to hide their abuses. Many scofflaw operators purport to having clean inspection reports, but that’s only because they dropped a noncompliant license under one name, and opened a new one under a different family member’s name or a different business name. We found this hide-the-ball strategy at work in several such businesses selling to Chelsea Kennel Club. Sadly, it’s not illegal. There isn’t even a specific rule that requires people who have been convicted of animal cruelty to disclose their conviction when applying for or renewing a USDA license.

But there’s good news. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which is in charge of enforcing the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), the federal law that requires certain animal businesses to abide by basic standards of care, is requesting public comment on a proposed rule on the topic. The proposal would close the loophole, leading to the actual shut-down of recidivist puppy millers, as well as roadside zoos and substandard circuses covered under the same regulations.

The Chelsea Kennel Club appears to have closed permanently just two months after an HSUS undercover investigation. Photo by Colin Gillooly

Allowing noncompliant licensees to continue operating is harmful to animals, a waste of government resources, and can also lead to public and animal health crises. In 2010, authorities linked an outbreak of distemper at a Wyoming pet store to Jeff Fortin, who owned a USDA-licensed dog breeding kennel in Kansas. That resulted in the killing of 1,200 dogs. Fortin had been found in violation of AWA standards for years, but he used a technique that many problem dealers have used in the past—they “erase” their histories by simply dropping a non-compliant license and getting a new one under a different business name. In addition, the CDC is currently investigating a seven-state outbreak of a bacterial disease in humans that has been linked to a major national pet store chain that buys its puppies from USDA-licensed breeders. For the safety of animals and the public, it only makes sense that the USDA require licensees to affirmatively demonstrate compliance with the AWA’s health and welfare standards before renewing a license.

The new proposed USDA rule can help prevent puppy millers from gaming the system. We have a chance to urge the USDA to make four vital changes:

Require licensees to affirmatively demonstrate compliance with the AWA before renewing a license or significantly expanding their operations
Prevent noncompliant licensees from simply transferring their operation to another person or LLC on the same (or adjacent) property
Require license applicants and renewing applicants to disclose any animal cruelty convictions, and
Make the process for denying or revoking a license more effective and efficient

The pet industry will most likely fight against closing these gaps in AWA oversight, so the agency needs to hear from you. You can help by commenting directly on the Federal Register site, or comment via our Action Alert. Please remember to personalize your comments, and to be respectful and polite.













New Petition: Don’t Send Ringling Bros.’ Tigers to Yet Another Cruel Circus

The notorious Ringling Bros. Circus plans to sell its tigers to an overseas show instead of sending them to a sanctuary. Demand that these abused animals, who have endured years of cruelty, finally be allowed a peaceful retirement.

Source: Don’t Send Ringling Bros.’ Tigers to Yet Another Cruel Circus

Petition Update · Stop Dumpster Diving Hunters From Baiting Bears with Dunkin’ Donuts ·

 Dumpster diving Trophy Hunters are bragging on social media, about collecting hundreds of donuts that have been discarded by Dunkin Donuts stores. Please sign our new petition asking Dunkin Donuts to secure their trash cans.

Petition: Justice for Kaoru, the Therapy Dog Killed by a Hunter

Petition · Alexandra Munroe: Promote Cruelty-Free Exhibits at the Guggenheim ·

Petition · PAWS: Animal Cruelty Awareness In The Philippines ·

Petition: Animals Being Brutally Killed on Penn State’s Campus: Demand Justice!

Petition · Fabio : FJ Productions: Replace Tai the elephant with a CG elephant! ·

Stopping Animal Abuse

For news about legislation, programs and research concerning how animal abuse is linked with other forms of family and community violence,  Click here   To order your copy of the book, “Silent Victims”

Source: Stopping Animal Abuse

Petition · Demand Visalia Animal Services Release Armani! ·

Petition · Police : Justice for Jack ·

This guy loves to brag that his dog can be killed.

Petition: Petland Must Stop Selling Puppy Mill Dogs!