You’re the Key to Preventing Dog Deaths in Hot Cars
You’re the Key to Preventing Dog Deaths in Hot Cars
Posted by credd on May 24, 2017
Rising temperatures call for greater caution:

Never leave your dog in a hot car. Temperatures in a car can rise to 100 degrees—in just minutes—on a 78-degree day.


• Dogs live in fur coats 24/7. They can only pant and sweat through their paws in order to release heat—but that’s not enough to keep them cool in a hot car.
• Cracking the window or parking in the shade will not protect them from heatstroke.
• Dogs can sustain brain damage and can even die within 15 minutes of being trapped in a hot car.
• Heatstroke leads to an agonizing death. Some dogs struggle to escape the vehicle, bloodying their paws, salivating heavily, and often losing control of their bladders.

Remember: It’s an emergency if an animal is confined to a vehicle in hot weather. If you see one, please follow these lifesaving steps:

• Take down the car’s color, model, make, and license-plate number.
• Have the owner paged in nearby stores, and call local humane authorities or the police.
• If the police are unresponsive or take too long to arrive and the dog’s life appears to be in imminent danger, find a witness (or several) who will vouch for your assessment. Take steps to remove the suffering animal, and then wait for the authorities to arrive.

Don’t wait until an animal is in danger. Prevention is key. 🔑🔑🔑

You can help by printing out the sign above and hanging it on your, your friend’s, or your parent’s rearview mirror when the car is parked. Let it serve as a reminder to your loved ones and those walking by never to leave a dog in a hot car.




Petition: Meet Yupik, a Polar Bear Suffering at Roadside Zoo in MEXICO | Save Animals
Meet Yupik, a Polar Bear Suffering at Roadside Zoo in MEXICO | Save Animals
2-3 minutes

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For over 25 years, Yupik the polar bear has been languishing in Mexico’s sweltering heat at Morelia Zoo in Michoacán. Can you imagine … a polar bear living in Mexico?

This insanely deprived animal spends her days in a barren enclosure with nothing to do. Desperate to get out, she’s chewed on the cage bars so much that she sustained dental trauma. And for years, Morelia Zoo ignored her condition, which led to a serious dental infection.

A veterinarian and bear expert assessed Yupik’s health at the request of Zoocheck and found that she was thin, had poor muscle tone, and suffered from arthritis—conditions that are all likely caused by her restricted environment, poor diet, lack of exercise, and terrible life.

According to the veterinarian, Yupik’s health conditions cannot be addressed in her current environment and a “move to a more natural enclosure in a colder climate would improve her body condition score, allow for natural feeding and foraging behaviors, build her muscle mass, support her joints and reduce her behavioral frustration.”

She was all set to go to a facility better able to meet her needs, but just two weeks before her scheduled move, Morelia Zoo and the governor of Michoacán backed out of an agreement that had been years in the making—dooming Yupik to more of the same suffering and misery that she’s endured for the last quarter of a century.

As Yupik’s legal owner, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has the power—and the responsibility—to step in and ensure that she’s moved to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, where she can get the veterinary care, enrichment, and happy ending that she deserves.

Tell the FWS not to abandon Yupik and to see to it that she’s moved to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, where she can get the care that she desperately needs.

Petition: Angora Goats Are Being Abused for Fashion, But These Brands Still Use Mohair

Angora Goats Are Being Abused for Fashion, But These Brands Still Use Mohair

by: Care2 Team
target: PVH Corp.

53,647 SUPPORTERS – 55,000 GOAL

That mohair sweater might not feel so good if you know what it took to make it.

South Africa supplies 50 percent of the world’s mohair — the long, silky fibers produced by angora goats. This mohair is highly desired for its luster and sheen as well as the ability to both insulate from the cold winters and wick away moisture in the summers.

Recently, however, an undercover report has sheared bare the mohair industry for what it was. One full of animal abuse violations and needless cruelty.

The exposé revealed footage of workers “dragging goats by the horns and legs and lifting them off the floor by the tail, which could break their spines. Goat kids being shorn for the first time cried out in fear. Afterward, workers threw them across the floor.”

After news broke of the widespread goat abuse, some of the world’s top apparel companies have decided to stop using the fabric in their products. One of the biggest names to do so is Gap Inc.

Care2 wants other apparel giants to follow in their footsteps and take a stand against animal cruelty, inclding giants like PVH Corp. — the parent company of American classics like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. In the past, both brands have taken a stand against using fur in their products and now that the word is out that the mohair industry is just as cruel, we think it’s time they cut the fabric from their lines as well.

Please join us in standing up for animal rights and ask PVH Corp. to require its brands to do the same. Sign the petition and ask PVH Corp. to stop using mohair in their brands.


Serbia: Horrific Kill Shelter Exposed In Ruma – Team Go In On 21/5/19 To Save As Many Dogs As Possible.

Petition: Justice for Suman, the 6-year-old Elephant That Faces a Terrible Fate

Justice for Suman, the 6-year-old Elephant That Faces a Terrible Fate

by: Care2 Team
target: Government of Jaipur

5,048 SUPPORTERS – 10,000 GOAL
Suman never got a chance to be a real elephant. She was born into the notorious Moonlight Circus where elephants like her were forced to do ridiculous tricks to entertain the crowd. But then, it looked like she was saved. Because of Moonlight’s terrible reputation, it was barred from using animals in its performances.

Unfortunately, that isn’t where the story gets better. Suman was then sold to a family known for buying, renting and abusing elephants. When she was only 3 years old she was sent to work on a TV show that was so horrific animal rights activists had it shut down.

Now at 6 years old, Suman’s fate still is uncertain. According to activists the Khan family — Suman’s “owners” plan to train her so she can give rides to tourists. The training process, known as “phajaan,” actually translates to “the crush” during which handlers beat the animal into submission so that it can be docile for the public.

This is not the life that Suman or any other elephant deserves.

Please sign the petition and ask Jaipur officials to rescue Suman and end this terrible treatment of Suman and other elephants owned by the Khan family.


Breaking! Osvaldo Garcia Jr. & Randy Jesus Mendez Arrested In Texas After 117 Animals Were Found Packed Into 2 U-Haul Trucks In Sweltering Heat – World Animal News



Breaking! Osvaldo Garcia Jr. & Randy Jesus Mendez Arrested In Texas After 117 Animals Were Found Packed Into 2 U-Haul Trucks In Sweltering Heat

By Lauren Lewis – May 17, 2018

In another disheartening case of “what is wrong with people,” two men have been arrested after authorities in Texas responded to an animal welfare call and discovered 117 animals crammed inside of two U-Haul trucks.
The drivers of the trucks have been identified as 22-year-old Osvaldo Garcia Jr. and 23-year-old Randy Jesus Mendez. According to KCBD News, both face charges of cruelty to animals and remain in the Parmer County Jail.

“On May 14, 2018, at approximately 12:00 in the afternoon a call was received at the Sheriff’s Office in reference to an animal welfare concern. The caller reported animals being transported in U-Haul trucks traveling into Texas from New Mexico,” the Parmer County Sherriff’s office posted on its Facebook page. “Two trucks were located and stopped by the Farwell Police Dept. and the Parmer County Sheriff’s Office, located inside one truck were 38 dairy goats. The other truck had 7 goats, 58 chickens, 5 turkeys, 3 Guineas, 2 Chinchillas and 4 dogs.”

As if it were not appalling enough, the animals were “over-heated and in distress with no water with the outside temperature being 86 degrees and the interior of the truck at over 95 degrees.”
The animals, reportedly in transport from Colorado to Florida, were rescued and cared for by a veterinarian.

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Petition: Lyka the Blind Lioness Kept in a Rusty Cage

Lyka the Blind Lioness Kept in a Rusty Cage

by: Care2 Team
target: Arthur Defensor Sr., Governor of Iloilo – Philippines

43,287 SUPPORTERS – 45,000 GOAL
The young lioness, named Lyka, lies listless in a narrow, rusty cage. Born with an eye condition, the 5-year lion has deteriorated to the point where she even can’t see the zoo visitors gawking at her enclosure.

Recent video footage of Lyka — blind, alone, and depressed in her tiny cage — is heartbreaking. Please sign and share to convince Maasin Zoo in the Philippines to send Lyka to a sanctuary and close this zoo of horrors.

The zoo has said that Lyka receives “adequate” food and care but visitors — and photos — tell a different story. One woman told the Mirror that Lyka looked weak and unhealthy, saying “I felt so sorry for her … She looks so neglected and depressed.” She said zoo staff had called Lyka a “breeding mistake.”

Visitors were also quoted as saying that other animals near Lyka were also in very poor health and living in extremely unhealthy conditions. Maasin Zoo is government-funded but staff have said that they don’t have enough money to improve the enclosures or properly care for the animals.

It’s unacceptable that Lyka and other animals at the Maasin Zoo continue to suffer from neglect in captivity while zoo officials and government do nothing.

That’s why Lyka needs your help right now! Please sign the petition to call on the Governor of Iloilo to immediately close the Maasin Zoo and free Lyka to a sanctuary.

Petition: Find the Cat Killer of Croydon – He’s Already Taken 450 Lives

Find the Cat Killer of Croydon – He’s Already Taken 450 Lives

by: Care2 Team
target: Scotland Yard

2,630 SUPPORTERS – 10,000 GOAL
The United Kingdom has been terrorized by a madman since 2014. He creeps around unsuspecting neighborhoods and kills innocent victims. To date, he has taken more than 450 lives — all of which have been cats, rabbits or even foxes.

The Croydon Cat Killer began haunting the South London neighborhood, luring trusting cats and other pets away from their yards and then murdering them in the most disgusting ways imaginable.

According to forensic reports, the victims are usually bludgeoned to incapacitate them, then taken to another location, dismembered and often brought back to their homes to be found by neighbors or owners.

Imagine coming home to find your beloved cat gutted and beheaded. For a pet lover, there isn’t anything worse imaginable.

But cat owners shouldn’t be the only ones worried. Experts warn that the sick cat killer will only get more brazen and that it is only a matter of time till he sets his sights on taking human prey.

Studies show that those that commit animal abuse are much more likely to resort to violence against humans. In fact, serial killers like Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and the “Son of Sam” killer David Berkowitz got their start abusing and killing animals. These people pose a threat not only to our pets and wildlife but also to society itself and they must be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

It is important we keep this case in the public eye and encourage law enforcement to continue their search for this horrific menace.

Please sign the petition and support Scotland Yard in their search for the Croydon Cat Killer.

Petition: Catch Serial Dog Poisoner Now!

Catch Serial Dog Poisoner Now!

by: Care2 Team
target: Edwardsville Police

95,234 SUPPORTERS – 100,000 GOAL
Someone is poisoning dogs in an Illinois neighborhood! Six dogs have died and four are currently sick, according to the people in the neighborhood.

Sign the petition to demand local authorities find this serial dog poisoner and bring him to justice!

One person saw a man feeding his dogs in the yard. When he called them in and looked at the food he realized they were meatballs laced with blue crystals! His dogs went right to the vet and had elevated kidney levels.

This is absurd. A man is going around poisoning dogs and the police haven’t caught him. Who knows why he’s doing this, but it’s not OK.

Animal abuse is a huge indicator of future violence against other animals and humans. Whoever poisoned these dogs is a real threat, and needs to be stopped before they kill again.

According to HSUS, numerous studies show a link between animal abuse and violent behavior towards other humans. A 2001-2004 study by the Chicago Police Department showed that 65% of those arrested for animal abuse had been arrested for battery against another person. When examining seven school shootings that took place across the country between 1997 and 2001, another study showed that all involved boys who had previously committed acts of animal cruelty.

As long as this person is out there, human and animal lives remain at risk. Sign now to urge Edwardsville police to find this animal serial killer now!

Breaking! NSPCA “Horrified” To Find Hundreds Of Horses Starving To Death On South African Military Base – World Animal News

Breaking! NSPCA “Horrified” To Find Hundreds Of Horses Starving To Death On South African Military Base
By Lauren Lewis – May 8, 2018

Inspectors from the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) were horrified to discover that horses in the care of the South African Army Special Infantry Capability (SAASIC) unit of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) were starving to death.
According to a statement released by the organization and a post on its Facebook page yesterday, “25 horses on the army base were in such emaciated condition or compromised state of health that to prevent further suffering they had to be euthanized.

In 2013, the SANDF and NSPCA entered into a Memorandum of Understanding which was formally signed in May 2016, but the SANDF has continually reneged on the agreement, particularly the SAASIC Unit, with regards to their responsibilities to adequately care for the animals in their control.
Their failure to secure suitably qualified personnel or adequate facilities, combined with a non-empathetic infrastructure that has repeatedly failed the animals in their care, has resulted in a complete breakdown in the welfare conditions afforded to the horses.
The main herd had no food, the horses had no other option but to eat soil and their own feces. Food was only provided to the horses after the NSPCA forced the SAASIC unit into taking emergency action to secure adequate feed for the animals due to process restrictions.
Further investigations revealed that prior to this inspection, the Military Veterinary Institute (MVI) had to step in and euthanize starving horses and treat others as a result of ongoing neglect.
A further 169 horses are currently being kept on the Potchefstroom property in the North West Province which is overstocked, has inadequate shelter, and is a hazardous environment for these animals.
The NSPCA will be laying criminal charges against the persons responsible for the suffering of these horses.
The NSPCA is an organization which struggles with funding and receives no assistance from the government, we rely on the public to continue the much-needed work that we do. The NSPCA will need to continually check on the remaining horses to ensure that they are being adequately cared for. This is a huge strain on already scarce resources that come from the generous public – these resources should not have to be spent on ensuring that the government upholds the law.
Donations to the NSPCA can be made here.!

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“One Person CAN Make A Difference”

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WAN Update: Important Information Regarding The Aftermath Of The Volcanic Eruption For People, Pets & Exotic Animals On The Big Island Of Hawaii – World Animal News

WAN Update: Important Information Regarding The Aftermath Of The Volcanic Eruption For People, Pets & Exotic Animals On The Big Island Of Hawaii
By Lauren Lewis – May 8, 2018

Sadly, as the local residents on the Big Island of Hawaii continue to grapple with aftermaths of the Kilauea volcano eruption on Thursday and a 6.9-magnitude earthquake on Friday, they must still plan ahead should there be any more disasters.
As of this morning, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory confirms that active venting of lava and hazardous fumes continues in the Leilani Estates Subdivision and a total of 10 fissures have occurred.
Since the initial eruption, more than 1700 people have had to evacuate their homes; sometimes with little notice.
What about the animals?
While some people either evacuated with their pets in tow, others were allowed to briefly stop by their homes yesterday to rescue pets that were left behind. Tragically, many remain in peril.

The Hawaii County Civil Defense Administrator Talmadge Magno said that while they are currently not letting people in the area with the proper respiratory gear, they have discussed rescuing animals with the Humane Society.
According to KHON News, a Hawaii County worker who is also an animal lover, is currently working Humane Society staff to enter the area with a fire department technician.
While they have not set up a formal mechanism yet, Magno said, “if residents contact the Humane Society and let them know where their residence is located, what the situation is in their home, and what animals they need to be rescued, they will work out a process.”
Contact the Hawaii Island Humane Society at 808-329-8002.
People with pets can find temporary shelter at either the Pāhoa Community Center located at 15-3022 Kauhale Street or the Kea‘au Community Center at 16-186 Pili Mua Street.
The Pet-friendly shelters are in need of volunteers to help register people and their pets as they arrive. If you are available, the Hawaii Island Humane Society requests that you call the Keaau shelter at 808-966-5458. They are also in need of dog and cat food and new or used sheets and towels.

The Hawaii Island Humane Society has also issued the following guidelines to help keep animals safe in the event of an evacuation:

All pet owners should be safe and prepared. If you are advised to evacuate, please consider your pet’s safety. Do not leave animals behind.
Develop your plan now for their ongoing care including transportation requirements. Reach out to family and friends to discuss arrangements in the event of an evacuation.
If you need to organize boarding elsewhere, get in touch with a boarding facility for advance arrangements.
The HIHS Keaau Shelter does not board animals. Do not drop off animals here.
Pahoa Community Center and Keaau Senior Center are pet-friendly shelters. The dogs and cats are being housed at the shelters with their owners. Note that 61 dogs and 35 cats have been dropped off since the evacuation notice was issued.
Larger animals including horses and livestock may need to be moved well in advance. Call friends or family members to locate alternate pastures.
Gather items for your pet’s emergency kit which should include the following items: Crate, Leash, Food, Water, Bowls, Towel, Identification, and Medication if applicable.
Donations can be made to the Hawaii Island Humane Society, here.!

Exotic Animals
Three Ring Ranch, Hawaii’s only fully-accredited, USDA licensed, exotic animal sanctuary, updated its Facebook page on May 4th while assuring their followers the volcanic eruption is on the other side of the island so the flow is in no way endangering the facility.
“We are offering our services to owners of exotic animals that may need to be sheltered via the disaster management group and the Humane Society. Only for exotics. We are in touch with the USDA who are offering help should we need it,” the organization explained in the post. “For those on the island, please consider being prepared to help if needed. Email or message if we can count on your aide. For those on the mainland, this would be a great time to go online and make a donation. We are ordering feed in advance via USPS as shipping may be disrupted and this is insanely costly.”
Contact Three Ring Ranch at 808-331-8778 or email Animals@ThreeRingRanch,org.
The postal address is as follows: Ann and Norm Goody at Three Ring Ranch, Inc., 75-809 Keaolani Dr., KAILUA KONA, HI 96740-8815.
As of now, the sanctuary has not been called to help any animals but if anyone hears of any exotics in need of help, they are ready to lend a hand noting that their “quarantine room is ready and waiting and we can capture, and sedate if needed.”
Donations to Three Ring Ranch can also be made here.!
People can also call The Salvation Army at 808-756-0306 for information concerning in-kind or monetary donations, or prepared meals.
WAN will continue to update this story.

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WAN’s Most Wanted: Help Needed To Identify Man Who Harassed Moose In Colorado – World Animal News

WAN’s Most Wanted: Help Needed To Identify Man Who Harassed Moose In Colorado
By WAN -May 7, 2018

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is requesting that the public help identify a man pictured on social media standing within a few feet of an angry moose along a busy stretch of road in Frisco, Colorado.
According to a witness, he and his passenger observed the man chase the moose onto the median Friday afternoon in the 900 block of 10 Mile Drive in Frisco. They were able to snap a photo of the incident as they drove past the man and the agitated animal.
“It is very evident from the photo that the moose is angry, and the man could easily have been attacked and injured, or possibly killed,” District Wildlife Manager Elissa Slezak of Summit County said in a statement yesterday. “You can clearly see that the moose’s ears are pinned back and its hackles are raised. It is likely this person does not realize how much danger he put himself in, or maybe he does not care.”
Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials stress that moose do not attack people unprovoked; however, they will defend themselves very aggressively if threatened or harassed. Moose do not fear people and will stand their ground, giving the impression they are tolerant of a human’s presence.
“I strongly advise against approaching these animals,” said Slezak. “They can weigh up to 1000 pounds, can run much faster than humans, and possess a strong instinct for self-preservation.”
Slezak noted that the individual in the photo will likely be cited for harassment of wildlife if he is identified, but the bigger concern is making sure the individual does not repeat the behavior.
Anyone with information can remain anonymous by calling Operation Game Thief at 877-265-6648 or emailing
Reward available if information given leads to an arrest or citation.

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Tiger Cub Found in Duffel Bag Deserves Justice

A two-month-old tiger cub was found unconscious in a duffel bag. Although the cub is safe, he is now living in a zoo. Demand the young tiger is sent to a sanctuary in order to get the freedom he deserves.

Source: Tiger Cub Found in Duffel Bag Deserves Justice

Vet Accused of Smuggling Heroin Inside Puppies’ Stomachs Must be Punished

Innocent puppies were reportedly used as drug carriers by a vet who surgically implanted liquid heroin inside their bellies. Demand that this man be severely punished if found guilty of this heinous crime.

Source: Vet Accused of Smuggling Heroin Inside Puppies’ Stomachs Must be Punished

Petition · United Airlines: Dog owners need Hope from United Airlines

Petition · United Airlines: Dog owners need Hope from United Airlines
Noris Mendoza started this petition to Mike Hhogan

United Airlines was the ONLY airline in the US that traveled certain breeds that Delta or American have banned for years. Now they have decided to join those same regulations.

Some of those more than 17 breeds are the sweet Boxer, the curious Boston Terrier, the smart Pekignese, the world famous American Bully, the lovely Shih Zhu, the Pitbulls and other breeds.

There are too many families that own these breeds that are ad will be affected Worldwide, but Specially in US and they Territories. And they need from United to ship their pets. They have also limited the kennel size to a 30 inches height, that means no Great Dane, and many German Sheperd, Husky, Golden Retriever, Labradors and big dogs will never fly again. Not mentioning dogs breeders and shipping companies thet also will be afected. United have been their carrier for years.

We know the risks and danger that travel in cargo have. We as owners are the only responsible people of making a decision to ship a pet or not in cargo. Some of us will need to move from State to State or to other countries either for Work, Studies, Armed Forces Duties, Medical Treatments and those dogs are part of our families. They need to be with their owners too. United was the only Hope we have. We know thousands of shippings done worldwide in United all with a positive ending. Please help us to use Pet Safe for our loved ones. One bad inccident cant compare to thousands of good positive shippments.

We agree to sign any contract or waiver making only us the owners the responsible person of choosing Cargo for our dogs. United and anyone that handle our dogs are Not responsible for any accident, issue or death in transit or after. We are the ones choosing to ship via Cargo even if its a Risky decision. We are willing to do anything to make things happen. We want to decide over the future of our dogs, hopping always the best but also with knowldge that they could be as risk in cargo.

We only ask for a few open windows, for a time frame in year that people can take their loved ones. Example from October to March is a great time. Or from November to February just to give a example. Those are not hot months. But please help us to see a little Hope. Take a week in a month to ship big dogs in giant or 700 series crates but dont let those dogs behind. United is the only Airline that f9r years have helped those breeds and owners to re unite.

No pet should be left behind.

Petition · Stop Cruel Capture of Zimbabwe’s Baby Elephants to Sell to Chinese Zoos ·


Petition · Stop Cruel Capture of Zimbabwe’s Baby Elephants to Sell to Chinese Zoos ·
Lady Freethinker started this petition to Zimbabwe Ambassador to the United States and 1 other

In a shocking and disturbing new video, the Guardian has released footage of a baby elephant in the wild, terrifyingly separated from their family by helicopters and shot with a tranquilizer rifle to be kidnapped.

A pilot then “dive-bombs the immediate vicinity so the rest of the herd, attempting to come to the aid of the fallen animal, are kept at bay.”

The captors swoop in to wrap up the motionless baby, drag them to a trailer and tie them up with ropes for shipment. The baby will most likely be sold off to a zoo in China, to live a miserable existence in captivity to entertain humans.

This sickening capture is actually performed by Zimbabwe wildlife officials, who claim what they are doing is fully legal. But the kidnapping of baby elephants from their families is not acceptable — and the government must end this brutal practice.

According to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), trading live elephants is only legal if the animals are going to an “appropriate and acceptable” destination, and the sale benefits conservation.

But conditions at Chinese zoos are notoriously inhumane; workers have been documented whipping animals and even feeding a live donkey to tigers. And the serious neglect and abuse of baby elephants shipped from Zimbabwe to Chinese holding pens has already been documented. Therefore, Chinese zoos are not “appropriate” or “acceptable” destinations — and it is not legal to sell elephants to them.

Sign this petition urging the Zimbabwe government to stop the practice of capturing baby elephants for profit at once. No more elephants deserve to suffer.

Stop Interactive Aquarium Sea Quest Littleton ·

Stop Interactive Aquarium Sea Quest Littleton · Change.or Linda Gonzales started this petition to GGP

SeaQuest’s interactive exhibit is an atrocity in the making. With its current construction inside the Southwest Plaza mall, we believe the welfare of the marine life, birds, and other animals will be put at risk. SeaQuest is planning on having over 1200 animals subject to abuse and torture with its opening at the newest location in Littleton.

Colorado is a forward-thinking, animal-friendly state that cares about the environment and the planet, this latest addition is not welcome in our state.

There is a documented history of repeated criminal convictions involving illegal acquirement and trade of exotic animals, and lying to investors linked to SeaQuest Interactive Aquariums. Employee and customer safety marks from OSHA are on record, as well as eyewitness testimony of abuse, and neglect. These aquariums also see an unusually high mortality rate compared to averages across the country.

We believe that Colorado is an amazing state, full of caring individuals who stand against what Sea Quest stands for. It is up to us to stop the construction of this building and to stand up for what is morally right for these animals. We pride ourselves on supporting ethical businesses that bring revenue to the area and educates the public. The Interactive Aquarium by SeaQuest does not meet those standards.

Don’t be captivated by their captivity. #captivitykills #banseaquest

Stop the Murder of Neighborhood Pets

Three pets in the same Florida neighborhood were found dead after their owners received letters that threatened the animals’ lives. Demand that the St. Petersburg Police Department finds those responsible for the murder of these pets before they kill again.

Source: Stop the Murder of Neighborhood Pets

Stop Competitive Horse Fights Where Rape is the Trophy in Philippines

Horses are subjected to bloody, barbaric cruelty in fights known as “derbies” in the Philippines, in which males are made to fight to the death and females are raped as the ‘prize.’ Fifteen horses die in these fights every year, and despite the best efforts of animal rights groups, the fights continue. Sign this petition to put a stop to this horrific violence in the Philippines.

Source: Stop Competitive Horse Fights Where Rape is the Trophy in Philippines

25 Breeds of Dogs and Cats – FIREPAW, Inc.
25 Breeds of Dogs and Cats – FIREPAW, Inc.
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United Airlines has had a longtime sketchy track record for keeping pets safe during flights. Perhaps more important than a ban would be a trenchant review of their pet-care procedures overall.

United Airlines will ban 25 different pet breeds when it resumes flying pets this summer, four months after a dog’s death prompted the airline to review its policies for transporting animals.

The carrier will again accept dogs and cats in the cargo hold starting July 9 if the animal’s guardian is booked on the same flight… United is also teaming with American Humane (the org that oversees Hollywood’s use of animals) to “improve the well-being of all pets that travel on [their flights].”


United announced the changes less than two months after a bruising week of public-relations fiascoes involving dogs. A French bulldog died March 12 after a flight attendant had the pet and its animal crate placed in an overhead bin. In a separate incident, the airline sent a Kansas-bound German shepherd to Japan. United also took criticism over its record of animal deaths in 2017, when it accounted for 18 of the 24 animals that died on a major airline.


Breeds banned from flying United Airlines

The airline will no longer allow 21 dog and four cat breeds that are prone to physical problems from heat or other travel stress.

Effective June 18, 2018, United PetSafe will NOT accept reservations for the following brachycephalic (or short- or snub-nosed) dogs and cats and strong-jawed dog breeds*, out of concern for higher adverse health risks:
Dog Breeds

American Bully
American Pit Bull Terrier/Pit Bull
American Staffordshire Terrier/”Amstaff”
Belgian Malinois
Boston Terrier
Brussels Griffon
American Bulldog
English Bulldog
French Bulldog
Old English Bulldogges
Shorty Bulldogs
Spanish Alano/Spanish Bulldog/Alano Espanol
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Chow Chow
English Toy Spaniel/Prince Charles Spaniel
Japanese Chin/Japanese Spaniel
Lhasa Apso
American Mastiff
Boerboel/South African Mastiff
Ca de Bou/Mallorquin Mastiff
Cane Corso/Italian Mastiff
Dogo Argentino/Argentinian Mastiff
Dogue de Bordeaux/French Mastiff
English Mastiff
Fila Brasileiro/Brazilian Mastiff/Cao de Fila
Indian Mastiff/Alangu
Kangal/Turkish Kangal
Neapolitan Mastiff/Mastino Napoletano
Pakastani Mastiff/Bully Kutta
Pyrenean Mastiff
Presa Canario/Perro de Presa Canario/Dogo Canario/Canary Mastiff
Spanish Mastiff / Mastin Espanol
Tibetan Mastiff
Tosa/Tosa Ken/Tosa Inu/Japanese Mastiff/Japanese Tosa
Dutch Pug
Japanese Pug
Shar-Pei/Chinese Shar-Pei
Staffordshire Bull Terrier/”Staffys”
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Petition · UniverSoul Circus: Stop Using Animals As Props In Your Show! ·

UniverSoul Circus: Stop Using Animals As Props In Your Show!
OneProtest started this petition to UniverSoul Circus COMMUNITY RELATIONS

Our investigators recently attended your show and witnessed stressed animals running in circles on the stage as a man with a whip guided their movement. The finale was a magic show that showcased three tigers in cages suspended in the air. These tigers are kept in cages 24 hours a day. It was loud, incredibly hot, and all of the animals were panting. There is nothing magical about animals that are crammed in cages or forced to do insignificant tricks.

Now more than ever people are becoming increasingly aware of the inherent cruelty of the animal entertainment industry. There are currently several animal-free circuses.

UniverSoul Circus it’s time you did a disappearing act on your animal performances.

Your human performers are talented and the reason people come to the show, drop the animal acts, and you will have our support!

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Petition update · Victory! Kansas dog tracks will stay closed! ·
Petition update · Victory! Kansas dog tracks will stay closed! ·
1 minutePetition update

Apr 28, 2018 — After a four and one-half hour debate, the Kansas Senate rejected a bill to bring back dog racing to state. The Woodlands, Wichita and Camptown Greyhound Parks will remain closed. #Woofs to everyone who helped protect the dogs!

Abilene’s “Greyhound Racing Hall of Fame” must now be called the “Greyhound Racing Hall of Shame” #DyingIndustry #TimeToMoveOn #KeepDogsSafe Read more at

Petition · King Mohammed VI: Help Stray Dogs & Cats living in Harsh Conditions From Morocco ·

Help Stray Dogs & Cats living in Harsh Conditions From Morocco
Marisol Murad started this petition to King Mohammed VI

Your Royal Highness,

I witnessed a large population of stray dogs and cats living under extremely harsh conditions. Attached is one photo taken during February 2018 near Ouarzazate in the Atlas Mountains region showing a stray dog’s life conditions.

These sentient animals are always starving and often harmed , and are continually exposed to extreme weather conditions, without having access to shelter.

I wanted to seek your Majesty King Mohammed VI’s involvement in the following resolutions:

1.Support the prompt deployment of the Trap-Neuter-Release Pilot Program in Rabat, and oversee the expansion of the program throughout the country in the near future. This program aims to reduce the population of stray dogs and cats by inhibiting continual reproduction of these animals. Furthermore, this program promotes the health of these animals and the general population through the implementation of general check-ups and vaccinations of the former.

2.Endorse a National Domestic Animal Sterilization Program through which veterinarians promote the sterilization of pets to prevent unwanted reproduction of the animals and an increase in the stray dogs and cats population. Subsidies to cover the cost of this procedure would enable low-income pet owners to sterilize their pets and contribute to the solution of this problem.

  1. Endorse education programs for both adults and children that promote treating dogs, cats and sentient beings with the respect, love, and dignity any living creature deserves, emphasizing the importance of keeping these animals inside homes as pets.
  2. Condemn dog shootings, and impose legislation to prohibit this activity.

  3. Endorse the installation of eating dispensers throughout the cities with food for dogs and cats. Two different options:

· A machine that is currently working in some countries such as Turkey where once someone deposits their bottle at the top, food is released at the bottom. “The Pugedon Smart Recycling Boxes” operate at no charge to the city, and the recycled bottles cover the cost of the food. Above is a link to a video where you can see the machine.

· A dispenser created with recycled material that is also currently working in Brazil.

  1. Further recommend the support of programs that allow stray dogs and cats from Morocco to be rescued and adopted by agencies throughout the world.

Thank you for your time. Respectfully;

Citizens of the World

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Petition · Dimitris Papastergiou : Save the Trikala Shelter Dogs! ·

Debbie Pownall started this petition to Mayor of Trikala Dimitris Papastergiou

On the 31st May officials from the department of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development have instructed the Municipality of Trikala to arrive at the gates of the Trikala Dog Shelter and release all 127 of our dogs on to the streets.

The reason? The shelter was created with the prospect of expanding and creating a modern one. However, because of the financial crisis, the funds have never been given or have not been found for this to be built. Despite the shelter running for many years the Ministry have decided the shelter must be closed because a new one has not been built. A vicious circle without meaning. The city, as it claims, has no money to build a modern shelter, and the letter of the law says the existing one must be closed because it is not within current specification.

We need to save these dogs from the abuse of man and an environment unknown to them. Life in this shelter is all they have known. Many are old, many need medication. To put them out on the street would mean certain death to them, one way or another. We can not let this happen.

Please sign our petition to save our dogs from this despicable fate. We can not let this happen. It is a death sentence.

As a community of supporters from all over the world we have kept this shelter going since 2011 with time, love and money. We can’t let these dogs die on the streets when there is somewhere safe for them to be!

Please email the Mayor Dimitris Papastergiou:

Letter to send:

Dear Mayor of Trikala,

We have known the city of Trikala and it’s dog shelter since 2011. We have seen your city evolving, having fun, with no improvements at all for the dog shelter. No infrastructure, just more and more dogs living there. We’ve seen the shelter in mud, we’ve seen it without water many times. Without electricity for many, many years.

We, their supporters from abroad, pay the majority of funds, with much pleasure, to keep this shelter running! Because we just don’t want to see the dogs dying on the streets.

We can see what the situation in Greece is like, due to the economic crisis, but we are watching the Municipality spend money for everything EXCEPT for the animals. It is time to prove that not only are you a smart city, but you are a city with emotions too.

We bring to your attention an extreme situation facing the 127 dogs currently housed at the Trikala Dog Shelter in Raxa.

On the 31st May officials from the Municipality have been instructed by the Ministry to release all 127 of the Trikala Shelter Dogs on to the streets! What exactly will happen on this date, will determine our own view of your city globally.

We have known most of the dogs at the shelter since they were puppies, we have followed their stories and grown to care for them! Many of us adopting them. We already know their is no place in your city that is friendly to dogs. We support the volunteers at Trikala Animal Welfare O Argos to be able to change all that, we know this takes time but we are still here.

Use your influence in order to prevent this releasing of the dogs happening, to prevent the slow death of all the dogs if they are released on the streets. We are very aware what happens to animals out there.

Please help stop this!

© 2018,, Inc.Certified B Corporation

RIP Lilbitluso: Horse Dies on First Day of Grand National Festival

The 10-year-old gelding was euthanised after falling at the Canal Turn fence.

Source: RIP Lilbitluso: Horse Dies on First Day of Grand National Festival

Petition: Bolingo the Gorilla Doesn’t Belong at an Amusement Park

by: Care2 Team
target: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

30,000 GOAL
Busch Gardens, in Tampa Bay, is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the area. The amusement park is a place where all of us, young and old can go to unwind and be entertained. But while the tourists are laughing, some of the other guests are having far less fun.

Recently, the park shared a seemingly harmless video of Bolingo the gorilla and his trainer. The trainer does a handstand on one side of the glass and the gorilla agilely does one on the other. It truly is an astounding sight to see something so big, be so quick and flexible. What’s more, it’s amusing to see the gorilla mimic his human companion.

But it’s very likely that Bolingo isn’t as amused. Busch Gardens says these kinds of tricks provide the primate with “mental and physical stimulation.” And that’s the problem — in the wild, gorillas like other animals would not need stimulation. Their natural existence would be stimulating enough. In the wild, gorillas would be able to traverse wide ranges, explore the landscape, eat at their leisure and interact with others of their kind.

The fact that Busch Gardens has to devise things to keep Bolingo occupied is a sad reminder of just how boring life in captivity can be.

What’s worse is that Busch Gardens isn’t even a zoo, it’s a theme park where families go to ride waterslides and rollercoasters. Its abuzz with activity and noise, no place for a gorilla who would normally be tucked away in the thick jungles of the mountains of Africa, hidden from the noise of the cities far below.

Please ask Busch Gardens to stop subjecting their gorilla to a boring life. Sign the petition and ask them to release Bolingo to a sanctuary.

Petition: No Captive Animals as Entertainment at The World Cup!

by: Care2 Team
target: FIFA World Cup

25,000 GOAL
In a third division match between Mashuk-KMV vs. FC Aungusht, a bear was used to entertainment the crowd at the of start the game. That’s right, a real live captive bear was brought to the soccer field and forced to clap his hands just to amuse the audience. This kind of animal exploitation is not only unsafe, but inhumane.

The incident had some commenters speculating that the World Cup might do something similar or try to outdo it, but we want to make sure nothing like this happens again. Sign this petition asking FIFA to commit to an animal cruelty-free World Cup in Russia this June.

Bears and other animals that are used as entertainment are usually “trained” at a young age. This often involves being taken away from their natural environments and from their mothers almost instantly, being defanged and declawed, and then being taught – via fear and intimidation – to do the trainers bidding. There is no excuse for treating animals this way.

Using wild animals as entertainment isn’t just harmful to the animals – it also poses a real danger to humans. When startled or stressed, as animals often become in unnatural environments, they often react instinctually, understandbly so, putting people at risk of injury or worse.

Animals belong in their natural environments, living life as they natrually would. They don’t belong in circuses, cruel roadside zoos, or sporting events. Please sign this petition urging FIFA to stand against animal exlpoitation and keep animals out of the World Cup.


Levi’s: Leave Cows Alone! | Save Animals | peta2

Levi’s claims to be big on sustainability. Sooo we’re not sure where it gets off using cows skin for patches on it’s jeans, it knows that animal leather has at least three times the negative impact on the environment of most vegan leather. Levi’s also claims that one of its core values is empathy. Well aside from the fact that taking someone’s skin isn’t empathetic by any stretch of the definition, animal leather often comes from cows who are branded, mutilated, confined, and deprived of everything that’s natural and important to them. Levi’s must recognize that if it’s actually committed to sustainable and progressive practices, it needs to replace its leather jean patches with vegan leather immediately.

Petition: This Man Waterboarded a Dog and Now He Wants His Charges Dismissed

by: Care2 Team
target: Washington County District Judge Curtis Thompson

16,456 SUPPORTERS 17,000 GOAL
What kind of person would waterboard a dog?

That horrible question was answered last year when authorities raided the house of Frederick Frameli after numerous complaints of animal abuse had reached officials.

One complainant saw the dog owner grab “a pup by the scruff of the neck and slam it to the ground” and hold another dog’s head underwater in a small tub of water.

When authorities arrived, they found eleven female dogs, including three wolfdog hybrids, in horrible condition. The dogs were emaciated or underweight, several had skin problems, curling toenails, and dead fleas, urine or feces on their fur. Frameli’s own home also reeked of urine.

Luckily the dogs were taken to a rescue facility and Mr. Frameli was held accountable for his actions. Judge Curtis Thompson, found him guilty of 12 counts of animal cruelty and he was fined $1400 plus $500 for waterboarding one of his dogs.

Now, despite some of the abuse being caught on tape and used in evidence at his trial, Mr. Frameli is trying to get the charges dropped.

This is unacceptable. Frameli did the crime, now he must pay the fine. He should consider himself lucky that he isn’t doing any time.

Please sign the petition and ask Washington County District Judge Curtis Thompson not to dismiss Mr. Frameli’s charges and hold him accountable for the horrible acts of animal cruelty he committed.

3 Alleged Dog Meat Traders Arrested In The Philippines; Help Needed To Care For Rescued Dogs – World Animal News

By Lauren Lewis –
April 19, 2018
Following extensive surveillance work and a recent raid, three people suspected to be members of a dog meat trading group have been arrested in the Philippines.
Animal welfare organization, International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals (IAPWA) which collaborated with its partner Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) and the local authorities on the case, announced the news on its Facebook page.
While IAPWA noted that most of the photos from the raid were extremely graphic and not suitable for posting, the organization did include a photo of four dogs that were discovered on-site who have now been rescued and are safe at the sanctuary.
According to the organization, the rescued dogs were due to be killed by the traders who are suspected to have been slaughtering approximately 40 dogs a week.
“A dozen animal carcasses were also found,” IAPWA shared in its post noting that the raid took place in a region in the south of Luzon, which is known to supply dog meat to the North. “These illegal activities are carried within an underground market and this work is highly dangerous for the investigation team.”
“This is the fourth raid in recent months which has seen all traders involved arrested and one by one we will close down these activities through this project,” IAPWA continued. “At the sanctuary, there are many victims of this trade and with new rescues coming in, we are appealing for donations to support them through their rehabilitation.”
“These dogs really need your help and with your support,” stated the organization, “we can achieve this for them and many others who need all of us to fight on their behalf against this injustice and cruelty.”
People are encouraged to make donations to IAPWA either through PayPal at

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