Something’s Wrong on My Site


You may have received some post coming from our world that I did not post, hopefully you have only received two and I put them in the trash!

I have contacted WordPress and hopefully the problem will be straightened out….

Sorry for that intrusion and inconvenience…

I hope you enjoy your Sunday


Gutenberg – The New Editor on WordPress.

Disappearing act on my blog?


Is anyone else having problems with WordPress?

I published two posts that totally disappeared into thin air and comments are disappearing, today I found one in the trash and my comment to them has now disappeared! I also have found post from people I follow in the spam folder, and I keep getting ping backs from my homepage to post that I published a while ago…🤔


Bad news for this blog

If anyone has any suggestions on how to help, please leave comments on her blog!

Vegan Lynx

Because of a new EU law, I may have to close down this blog, or at the very least stop posting and probably delete all posts containing a link, which means practically all posts.

Needless to say, I’m extremely displeased.

I’m not even sure I can continue blogging at all.    Even if I only use my blog and post ’ordininary’ blog posts, it may be too complicated to bother. Can I even post photos I’ve taken with my own phone? At this point, nothing is certain. My sister and I may be able to hand code our home pages/blogs like in the old days, and my sister is great at making graphics but again, I’m not sure what is allowed or not.

It may not be strictly necessary for me to post links to newspaper articles or even reblog  other people’s posts, even though I think it’s important…

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If Your Reblog Bottom Has Disappeared From WordPress


    You have probably noticed by now that the reblog button has disappeared. I contacted WordPress yesterday and they answered me this afternoon. 

FromWordPress support…Thank you for letting us know! We have seen several reports that the reblog button is not appearing on some sites right now, we are working to find a solution and getting that back up on all sites. We thank you for your patience and we’ll have this problem fixed as soon as possible.


WORDPRESS UPDATES Are Really Roughly My Feathers


The New App for Windows Is Here News

You asked, and we answered—quickly! Just weeks after unveiling the all-new and desktop app for Mac, we’re thrilled to introduce our new Windows app.

07-laptopNow you can manage your sites, write and publish, and even customize your site and view stats from a dedicated app in your Windows Start Menu. Use it for your sites on, as well as for self-hosted WordPress sites. (For the latter, you’ll just need to have the Jetpack plugin installed to connect your site.)

And just like the rest of, the new Windows app is simple, seamless, and blazingly fast.

Download the app

06-desktop-with-appThe new Windows app includes:

  • The My Sites dashboard for managing multiple sites, whether or self-hosted WordPress with Jetpack.
  • The new Editor, with in-app previewing and draft auto-saving.
  • The Reader, which lets you follow and read any of your favorite sites, and the all-new Discover, which…

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The WP customer response request I received today

Tell Me About It

BELOW MY 4th or 5th response maybe 4th because I know one I received an error message in one!!! Go figure:

I like the old admin secure pages, I do not like the new stats page! I feel like we are being forced to use the new design! I DO NOT understand why WordPress cannot stop making changes! It’s VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!
Takes the fun out of blogging if I constantly have to figure out a way around the new changes!
I had several bed bound friends that have all but quit blogging because they cannot keep up or figure out how to respond to comments.
I’m techie so this of course it just a pain for me but for those who rely on WP to reach out to others it’s cruel to do to them! I realize “NEW AND INNOVATIVE” is the wave of the future, but the elderly/sick/not techie…

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10/5/14 Question


I have a question for all you experts out there. I have my blogs I follow set to “instant” or “daily” notification. However, I am not really getting any blogs that I follow showing up in my reader. I am getting a lot of “suggestions” of other blogs to follow. Is there something I have to change in my settings? Are my settings wrong? I’d like to keep up with everyone, but I feel like blogs are falling through the cracks.

Thanks so much,

Maggie (Woof!)

PS Mom’s feeling very well today, she even let me go on the computer for a while!

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Something went wrong with comments on my blog!

I want to click ‘like’ but can’t.

Yahoo ads network helps hackers spread CryptoWall ransomware

Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco

Now security researchers at Blue Coat say that they have seen CryptoWall being spread via – a major online advertising network run by, yes you guessed it, Yahoo.Innocent computer users click on an advert served up by ad networks, which takes their browser leapfrogging from website to website, until they eventually arrive at a server containing an exploit kit designed to infect the PC with CryptoWall.“What looked like a minor malvertising attack quickly became more significant as the cybercriminals were successfully able to gain the trust of the major ad networks like,” said Chris Larsen of Blue Coat Systems. “The interconnected nature of ad servers and the ease with which would-be-attackers can build trust to deliver malicious ads points to a broken security model that leaves users exposed to the types of ransomware and other malware that can steal personal, financial and credential information.”

via Yahoo ads network…

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This Phony ‘Anonymous’ Site Was Set Up to Trap Ferguson Hacktivists | Motherboard

Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco

Despite this, people are still logging on. As ihazcandy told me, “There are hundreds of people saying, ‘Hey, this is a honeypot, don’t go here!’, but I have 147 people on the site at this very moment.”As news of the site is spreading, people are clicking in from Facebook, IRC, and Twitter, he said.The creator sent me a link to the data he had collected. Reams of pages of IP addresses, which could reveal the physical location of those that decided to click the attack button. He said the collection only includes people who hit the attack button, not just people who visited the site.As you might imagine, the vast majority of them choose to “target” the Ferguson police department, but there are plenty others looking to strike the White House and other high profile institutions. While it seems unlikely that police would use the data, ihazcandy is keen for…

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Microsoft urges customers to uninstall ‘Blue Screen of Death’ update – Computerworld

Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco

The update, identified as MS14-045 in Microsoft’s numbering, was one of nine released on “Patch Tuesday,” Aug. 12, was designed to fix three separate flaws, including one related to a font vulnerability and another in the Windows kernel, the heart of the operating system.Within hours of its release, however, users reported that MS14-045 had generated a Stop 0x50 error on some systems, mostly on Windows 7 PCs running the 64-bit version of the OS.

via Microsoft urges customers to uninstall ‘Blue Screen of Death’ update – Computerworld.

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How to Avoid new “Beep-Beep-Boop” nonsense design change at WordPress!

Lantern Timeglass Journal


Friday 15 August 2014

Special Report

Regarding the newest design change at WordPress – the “BEEP-BEEP-BOOP” nonsense.

I found a work-around!!!

For a New Post:
1. Main “Dashboard” – from WordPress Site TITLE drop-down (open the main Dashboard) >
2. “Posts” >
3. “Add New” (right under “All Posts”) = old version!!!
[NOT “New” > “Post” from title drop-down. And all other options get the B-B-B nonsense.]

To do an Edit:
1. Main “Dashboard” – from title drop-down (open the main Dashboard) >
2. “Posts” >
3. “All Posts” >
4. Find the post you want to edit >
5. Select “Edit” under post title. That will avoid the B-B-B nonsense.

Hopefully this small victory is not an oversight yet to be changed to more B-B-B nonsense.

The previous recent change “improvement” a month ago eliminated the vertical scrollbar of the normal text box, and I still don’t…

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