The WP customer response request I received today

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BELOW MY 4th or 5th response maybe 4th because I know one I received an error message in one!!! Go figure:

I like the old admin secure pages, I do not like the new stats page! I feel like we are being forced to use the new design! I DO NOT understand why WordPress cannot stop making changes! It’s VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!
Takes the fun out of blogging if I constantly have to figure out a way around the new changes!
I had several bed bound friends that have all but quit blogging because they cannot keep up or figure out how to respond to comments.
I’m techie so this of course it just a pain for me but for those who rely on WP to reach out to others it’s cruel to do to them! I realize “NEW AND INNOVATIVE” is the wave of the future, but the elderly/sick/not techie…

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