Something fishy is brewing in Red Wolf Country: Will the red wolf program survive?

Wild Muse

Red wolf puppies (FWS/Ryan Nordsven) Red wolf puppies (FWS/Ryan Nordsven)

For a few weeks now, I’ve been suspecting that something awfully fishy is going on in Red Wolf Country. I can’t escape the premonition that higher-ups in the Fish and Wildlife Service are positioning their pawns to kill or significantly alter the red wolf reintroduction program. Three years have passed since I finished writing my book on red wolves, and it’s been one year since it was published. But so much has changed since then I can only shake my head in disbelief. All the hope I held onto when completing the book is wavering. 

Red wolves are globally endangered, and though a captive population exists in some 40-plus breeding facilities across the U.S., the planet’s only wild red wolves, a mere 90 or so, inhabit 1.7 million acres on a spit of coastal swamp and forest known as the Albemarle Peninsula. The first reintroduced…

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 Spotted Dolphins Abaco Bahamas (BMMRO)


The BMMRO has posted several reports of dolphin and whale activity around the coast of Abaco during August, with some outstanding photos to accompany them. I had been going to post rather generally about this until a couple of days ago, when an unusual dolphin species for the region was… er… spotted and some memorable images taken.

Spotted Dolphins Abaco Bahamas (BMMRO)

These are PANTROPICAL SPOTTED DOLPHINS Stenella attenuata, whose range encircles the globe but at a lower latitude than the far more frequently encountered resident  ATLANTIC SPOTTED DOLPHINS Stenella frontalis. Here are comparative range maps. The rarity of the Pantropical species in the Bahamas is indicated in the BMMRO report of a stranding in 2011 – see below.

ATLANTIC SPOTTED DOLPHIN                                              …

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A Global Tragedy In Thailand’s Forests?

Ann Novek( Luure)--With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors

‘A global tragedy’ in the making? Thailand plans highway expansion through World Heritage Site

(08/29/2014) Dong Phayayen Khao Yai Forest Complex (DPKY-FC) is the largest tract of surviving forest in central Thailand, renowned for its biodiversity. Now, the Thai government is planning major expansions to a road that bisects the complex – which scientists say will bar animal movement throughout their natural ranges, result in higher rates of road kill, and give hunters and loggers increased access to the forest.

More trouble with tar sands: oil extraction leading to big forest loss in Alberta

(08/29/2014) Tar sands operations have been the subject of much controversy over the past few years as expected economic gains for Canada the may come at the cost of environmental damage from the proposed Keystone XL pipeline and increased greenhouse gas emissions. Now another negative impact has come to light – deforestation of the boreal forest…

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Serbia: Save Nani Deer – Sample Letter to Copy and Send to the Serbian authorities. Please do NOW.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Serbian  Flag





Dear Sir, Madam

We have been informed about the case of the baby deer NANI by Serbian media, Serbian Animals Voice and EPAR – OIPA SRBIJA.

Since Nani’s mother was killed, a kind-hearted citizen Mrs. Dragana Mitic saved this baby deer and cared for it at her home.
But the police of Cicevac village, on 1 August 2014, was confiscated the baby deer and handed to the hunting association ”Hajduk Veljko”, where it is being held in extremely inappropriate conditions at the pheasant farm.

Mrs. Mitic visited the baby deer and states it is being terrified and treated in a highly unsuitable manner.
The treatment of this tiny creature violates Serbian animal welfare law, which include the humane handling of the animals.

This is international appeal to Serbian authorities to be humane and act in accordance with…

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Say “No” to Ice Bucket Challenge

Charlie Sheen says Danish authorities are complicit in pilot whale ‘slaughter’

Japan’s annual dolphin slaughter begins at Taiji cove

THE COVE: Japan and the Slauhter of Dolphins (1:31:22)

Illegal immigrants are enrolling in our schools – DOJ forbids verifying age

The US government can brand you a terrorist based on a Facebook post

Stop Making Sense

Arjun Sethi writes for The Guardian:

facebook surveillance illustration‘The US government’s web of surveillance is vast and interconnected. Now we know just how opaque, inefficient and discriminatory it can be. As we were reminded again just this week, you can be pulled into the National Security Agency’s database quietly and quickly, and the consequences can be long and enduring. Through ICREACH, a Google-style search engine created for the intelligence community, the NSA provides data on private communications to 23 government agencies. More than 1,000 analysts had access to that information.

This kind of data sharing, however, isn’t limited to the latest from Edward Snowden’s NSA files. It was confirmed earlier this month that the FBI shares its master watchlist, the Terrorist Screening Database, with at least 22 foreign governments, countless federal agencies, state and local law enforcement, plus private contractors.

The watchlist tracks “known” and “suspected” terrorists and includes both foreigners and…

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Focus: Nevada “Battle”

Wild Horse Education

Newly captured wild horses in holding Newly captured wild horses in holding

Over the course of the last couple of years tensions in the state of Nevada have continued to rise over public land issues surrounding livestock grazing.

We have written several articles in the past and encourage you to read these two:

Rangeland Under Fire:

Deranged War (or the God complex of public land ranchers):

````AdoptDTrap_016 Diamond colt after winter roundup 2012/2013

In December the Nevada Association of Counties (NACO) and the Nevada Farm Bureau filed litigation against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to remove and destroy wild horses. In less than 30 days Wild Horse Education, through it’s President Laura Leigh, was on file to Intervene in the case to speak for Nevada’s wild horses. Intervention was granted. Our latest motion in support of dismissing this case was filed just last week.

However that is the simplistic “sound bite” that sits…

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Reveille, 2014

Wild Horse Education

tonopah01 2010 roundup in Tonopah

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will be removing wild horses from the Reveille HMA 50 miles east of Tonopah. The date for the operation is scheduled to begin sometime AFTER September 15. The operation will take place after the Triple B removal and we will keep you posted as things develop (we have not received confirmation on the start date of Triple B but expect it to be around Sept. 12).

At the end of the fiscal year for 2014 (until October 1) BLM set certain criteria for removals due to budgetary issues. These criteria included emergency, safety and court order (among others). Reveille is an area of “court order.” 

From BLM press release: “The management of wild horses in the Reveille Allotment is subject to a 1987 District Court Order and two orders issued by the Interior Board of Land Appeals (IBLA) in 2001…

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Ebola Also Devastates Wild Ape Population

The Will to Change

Exposing the Big Game

Stephen Capra

It’s ironic in so many ways; we live in a time where the earth as we know it is literally crying out in pain. The pain which comes from a human race at war with nature, a place that once was such a part of people’s lives is now something that stands in the way of profits, lifestyles beyond measure, and helps to define a world lacking in love and in need of therapy. For nature is perhaps our best reflection of love on earth.

It is not that it cannot be cruel or unforgiving; it is that in its purest form, it perfectly reflects harmony, life, evolution and beauty. Nothing synthesizes wild nature more than the wolf. It is the perdurable life force which reveals that nature is alive!

Today we confront not just ranchers, who since their first steps in the new world have killed, trapped…

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5 Worst Excuses People Make for Still Eating Meat | One Green Planet

Life or Lunch?

meat-eater-excusitarianIf we look in the history books, it makes perfect sense why humans needed to kill animals for food to survive. Without transportation methods and phone lines and the Internet, humans hunted and gathered, being limited in their food choices. However, the world has come a long way. Foods that are native to certain countries can be shipped around the globe. Humans have created simpler solutions to eating, and the question isn’t “how will I eat?” but “what will I eat?” Plus, if you think about it, humans really aren’t suited to eat meat. We lack those animalistic instincts to hunt and kill with our bare hands. As Dr. Richard Leakey, a renowned anthropologist, said, “You can’t tear flesh by hand, you can’t tear hide by hand. Our anterior teeth are not suited for tearing flesh or hide. We don’t have large canine teeth, and we wouldn’t have been able to deal…

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Will I poison myself if I reuse this plastic water bottle?

Will I poison myself if I reuse this plastic water bottle?.

The Is the Best Wi-Fi Router You Can Buy