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Life or Lunch?

Alison-Eastwood-1200x786As Green Monsters, we love to hear news about compassionate celebrities using their fame and public influence to help animals. Alison Eastwood is one such kind celebrity who recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on LoveAnimals to raise money for the lifelong care of 110 former research chimpanzees. These chimps were retired to California’s Chimp Haven sanctuary where they will be allowed to live out their days in a safe, natural environment.

Eastwood, daughter of star Clint Eastwood, has always been drawn to animals and has always been deeply saddened by the idea that thousands of animals unwillingly sacrifice their lives for the sake testing and research. Having taken the time to learn all she can about the topic, Eastwood was inspired to take action with the hope of spreading awareness for the plight of animals.

Eastwood explains to OGP, “I wanted to do something around animal testing as…

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