West Coast Dolphins In Trouble From Fukushima Radiation

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Vancouver Sun: Scientists concerned dolphin species on west coast to be negatively impacted by Fukushima nuclear waste — Radiation levels to be increasing for years to come along coast — Canadian gov’t sampling for Iodine-129 in Pacific

Mission 2013-17 CCGS J P Tully (pdf), Sampling – Rick Nelson of Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans, June 6 to 25, 2013: Cs-137 and I -129 Sampling […] large amounts of Cs-137 and other radionuclides [discharged] directly to the Western North Pacific ocean during the months following the [Fukushima] accident. The radioactivity plume was transported northeastward under the influence of the Kuroshio current and was expected to approach the Canadian coastline several years after the accident. A Canadian monitoring program was established to detect the arrival of Fukushima radioactivity in the water columns of the eastern North Pacific and the Arctic oceans. Water samples were collected at stations occupied on the “Line…

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A New Partner in the Humane Animal Practices Movement

Dogpaddling Through Life

Tail docking.

It’s a common practice in the dairy industry whereby part of a dairy cow’s tail is amputated in order to help keep the udders clean.

It causes pain to the cow, and it leaves her defenseless against fly attacks.

But for some dairy farmers, tail docking will no longer be an accepted practice, thanks to an unlikely ally to the animal welfare movement- Nestle.

nestle crunch

Nestle has partnered with World Animal Protection to implement humane animal practices, including ending the use of gestation crates, cage systems for chickens, and dehorning of cows.

This is big news, because Nestle is the largest food company in the world.

nestle abuelita

So why do you think Nestle is making this commitment? Is it because their CEO suddenly had a crisis of conscience?

Maybe, but I doubt it.

Nestle is making this change because their customers believe animal welfare is important. And if a customer is…

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Mozambique Moves to Make Elephant Poachers an Endangered Species

The Harley Biker – as reported by the MSM

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Who Wants Dead Chicks in the Mail?

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Photo: petition against sending live animals by mail Photo: petition against sending live animals by mail

Nowadays, you can have nearly everything shipped to you by mail. But who would have thought that this also means live animals in a cardboard box. It is hard to believe that this is legal, but you can actually send off live animals in a box and have them delivered to your mailbox, no food, no water included.

“At the post office [you could hear] the familiar sound of newly hatched chicks. They were calling out from inside a pair of cardboard boxes on the counter. No mama. No food. No water. Yes, the shipping of live, day-old baby chicks is a booming business in the States.”

Please read more and sign the petition


Thank you for spreading the word on animal awareness!

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Ex-BLM Officials Indicted in Elaborate Fraud Scheme

Straight from the Horse's Heart

From Illegally Rounding up Wild Horses in Wyoming to obvious corruption within their ranks the BLM just can’t shake the image being a “Criminal Agency”

"I LOVE Horses and Burros, and I am here to help!!!" “I LOVE Horses and Burros, and I am here to help!!!”

as published in the Billings Gazette

Two former high-level federal Bureau of Land Management officials who worked in Virginia, including a deputy state director from Montana, have denied criminal charges accusing them of defrauding the government in an employment scheme.

A federal indictment filed in U.S. District Court in Great Falls accuses Larry Ray Denny, 66, of Box Elder, and John Grimson Lyon, 60, of Clifton, Va., of devising a scheme in which Denny continued to receive his $112,224 annual salary and benefits as a BLM deputy state director even though he left and never returned to his job.

Rather, Denny relocated to Montana where he contracted with the Chippewa…

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Texas official is freaking out about school ‘Meatless Monday’

Texas official is freaking out about school ‘Meatless Monday’.

World’s tallest dog has died

Cosmetic companies’ dirty little secret