Lyme retreatment guidance may be flawed

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Most doctors treat Lyme disease with antibiotics for two to four weeks after diagnosis, but if symptoms persist after that, medical guidelines recommend against antibiotic retreatment. That recommendation may not be warranted. A newly published statistical review of the four studies upon which those guidelines are based reports flaws in design, analysis, and interpretation that call into question the strength of the evidence against retreatment.

Allison DeLong, a biostatistician at Brown University’s Center for Statistical Sciences and lead author of the study published online Aug. 19, 2012, in Contemporary Clinical Trials, said the four studies do not prove that retreatment does not work. That questionable interpretation, however, has led doctors to forgo treatment and insurance companies to withhold reimbursement.

“The goal of the paper is to clarify what was actually found from these clinical trials and what could be said and what couldn’t be said,”…

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In Wildness is the Preservation of Raccoons, In Raccoons is the Preservation of the Wild

Video: Kitten and Donkey Smooch on Camera

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Video by Johnny Bomblast

“I have to confess, I am caught between a crazy Cat Lady (Terry, my wife), who is about only one horse away from being called the Nutty Horse Woman and a Donkey/Burro Advocate (Marjorie Farabee) who both of which are always after me about saying ‘Wild Horses AND Burros’ instead of just Wild Horses.  Well, in an effort to satisfy both camps I render, this day, a video that pulls both the feline and equine souls together…please enjoy our ‘Feel Good Sunday’ installment and enjoy your day of peace, relaxation and renewal.  To all my friends; Keep the Faith!’ ~ R.T.

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Global March for Elephants and Rhinos – October 4th, 2014 – Find your city!



Global March for Elephants and Rhinos – October 4th, 2014 – Find your city!.

11 Ways to Get Dressed for Work Without Going Crazy

8 Tricks for Thicker, Longer Lashes

Ricky Gervais: You Should Care For Animals’ Welfare | Ecorazzi

Life or Lunch?

ricky-gervais-592x400Sometimes sad stories about climate change and people hurting animals for fun can really get to our little animal loving and environment protecting hearts. Celebrities aren’t immune to that feeling either.

Comedian and activist Ricky Gervais had a moment of frustration like that this Friday. It started with a tweet about the ongoing dolphin slaughter in Taiji.

“How is this even happening? Another low point for humanity. #tweet4taiji,” he wrote to his over 6 million followers.

Shortly after, his message continued.

“How will future generations view us? Slaughtering dolphins, torturing bulls to death as entertainment, & wiping out rhinos for fake medicine?”

It wasn’t long until his followers showed him he’s not alone in his frustration by favoriting and sharing his opinion, though. After over one thousand retweets, the usually funny actor thanked his fans for supporting his work and “even more for caring about animals” being…

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Finding Iris: Saving a homeless injured dog + an unexpected surprise!!!

Talking Husky Doesn’t Want to Leave the Dog Park. Such a Diva! | One Green Planet

Life or Lunch?

Many of us have dealt with the experience of trying to get a child to leave the park or stop playing their game. For some reason, kids know how to throw a tantrum and make us feel awful for pressuring them to stop having fun. Have you ever seen a Husky act like a big baby, too? Check out this video of a husky who just won’t budge from his spot in the park.

The guardian and this dog visit the park every day, and believe it or not, the dog throws a fit every day, as well. He just never wants to leave the nice, grassy park. This pooch is having such a ball that he howls and cries, begging not to have to go home. If you listen closely, it seems like he’s actually speaking English. “Nooo, I don’t wanna goooo momma! Do we have to? Noooooo!…

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Susie, abused Greensboro dog that inspired NC law, named ‘Hero Dog of the Year’

Firefighters save hamster family from mobile home fire

No rule(s) of the day: No more cutest and /or ugliest dog contests!