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Life or Lunch?

piggs-1200x693Humans love and cherish their babies, they spoil them, endure the pain and frustration that may come with potty-training, and do their best to ensure that no harm is ever done to their precious offspring. The same can be said for our non-human babies (i.e. companion animals) who we afford the same care and compassion we would human children. And really, who doesn’t love a baby, be it human or animal!

However, when it comes to the infants in the world of animal agriculture, there is no special care or attention afforded. In fact, the treatment of the babies in this world is quite the opposite of the way we treat our own babies. When you look at the amount of love and devotion given to companion animals, and human babies it seems pretty crazy to consider that we (as a society) have formed an entire…

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Bahraini royal family horse abuse

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This video says about itself:

‘Hundreds in jail for exercising their human rights in Bahrain’

1 September 2014

A prominent human rights activist, Maryam Al-Khawaja, was arrested shortly after arriving in Bahrain to check on her father, who is hunger striking in prison along with thousands of sentenced activists, a key opposition figure, Nabeel Rajab, told RT.

In the absolute monarchy Bahrain, not only people are tortured

From Arabian Business:

Horse racing body slammed over lenient treatment of Bahrain Sheikh

By Courtney Trenwith

Tuesday, 16 September 2014 10:55 AM

Horse racing’s world governing body has been lambasted by its own tribunal for failing to adequately punish a wealthy Arab Sheikh whose horse was repeatedly beaten during two international endurance races.

According to International Equestrian Federation (FEI) rules, Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa, a member of Bahrain’s royal family, should have been automatically disqualified from…

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Vegan Pets: An Unscientific Dogma?


Cat looks intently at goldfishWritten by:  Heather Clemenceau

When meat-eaters ask vegetarians or vegans how we get our protein or nourish ourselves without meat, we can confidently refer them to the Position of the American Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada on Vegetarian Diets“Well-planned vegan and other types of vegetarian diets are appropriate for all stages of the life-cycle including during pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence.”

But pet cats and dogs share a common ancestry and belong to the order Carnivora. The very definition of a carnivore is an animal that consumes a diet consisting wholly or almost exclusively of meat. Carnivora includes domestic cats and dogs, ferrets, lions, raccoons and even the giant panda, which is herbivorous. Carnivores are well-suited to a hunting lifestyle. Most members of Carnivora are superb hunters possessing sharp teeth and eyesight, a well-developed sense of smell, and sharp claws. Dogs differ from cats in that they are not…

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Human Atrocities (video)

‘This was a mean act’: Family dog shot in eye with arrow; Sampson struggles half-mile to get home

Report: Bellingham man annoyed by barking dog shoots neighbor’s corgi in front of horrified owner

U.S.: Recognition for wildlife-friendly farmers




— “the groups actually agreed with one part of the plan: the lynx now is protected wherever it may be, even if it wanders outside the select states and their boundaries of protection”

read article: endangered species protection extended to lynx

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Dog tries to save fish by splashing them with water: Poverty Tale (1:34)

Egypt: Carrots and extra care for camels and horses

Art, animals, and the earth


On Sunday, August 3, ESAF, the Egyptian Society of Animal Friends resumed their feeding program for the Pyramids animals, which they’ve been conducting for several years now.

The animals fed and given vet care during the month of August numbered around 1,600 horses. They went five times a week in August.

Since the program for this year started in February, they’ve fed and cared for 1,943 animals in February; 3,157 in March, 3,211 in April, in May and June, a total of 4,800 animals, in July 110 animals. The total so far in 2014 is 13,381 animals. These are horses, donkeys and camels, normally used to give rides to tourists visiting the Pyramids.

Because of civil unrest in Egypt over the past few years, there’s been a sharp decline in tourism, and, due to lack of revenue, the animals owners haven’t been able to adequately care for them, so ESAF has…

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Women caught tossing cats from van window

Trapped giant manta ray approached scuba divers in desperate plea to be cut from fishing lines


  • The gentle giant was entangled off the Bat Islands of Costa Rica
  • It swam fearlessly toward the divers, who set it free from the burdensome, painful fishing line


The giant oceanic manta ray is the largest species of ray and is a type of eagle ray.

Scientists believe the ray has the largest brain of all fish species.

However, they’ve yet to determine just how intelligent the majestic, winged fish actually is.

Like other massive ocean animals such as whale sharks and the largest of whales, mantas are filter feeders and eat only the ocean’s tiniest organisms.

The giant oceanic manta is believed to be highly migratory, routinely crossing entire oceans.

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Monday funnies!

World Nuclear Association Symposium hears of true dangers of low level radiation


 Public needs radiation risk awareness World Nuclear Association,  World Nuclear News 12 September 2014 Educating the public on the risks of radiation should be a long-term process and not just take place in the aftermath of a major nuclear accident, a panel of radiation protection experts agreedSpeaking during a panel session at the World Nuclear Association’s 2014 Symposium, Roger Coates, vice president of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA), said that the nuclear industry and governments “have not been honest in presenting the risks of radiation at low levels.”


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Japan just does not know what to do with its masses of radioactive trash


With no plans, designated waste sits by farms  Japan News, September 12, 2014 The Yomiuri Shimbun Most radioactive-contaminated materials being kept at temporary storage sites in Fukushima and nearby prefectures still have nowhere to go.


In the Tohoku and Kanto regions, the 2011 crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant has produced a massive amount of waste tainted with radioactive substances that were released into the air from the power plant.

However, the central government is having difficulty finding locations to build final disposal sites, where the waste will be buried underground. At this stage, there are no clear prospects for construction plans anywhere in the regions.

“Authorities say it’s safe, but will it really be safe, even when we’re hit by tornadoes or typhoons? I hope it moves somewhere else soon,” said a rice farmer in his 60s in Tome, Miyagi Prefecture, referring to one of the warehouses…

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Nuclear regulatory Commission rejects expert advice on California earthquake danger


NRC-jpgRegulators reject call for nuke plant shutdown By MICHAEL R. BLOOD, Associated Press September 10, 2014 LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Wednesday rejected a senior federal expert’s recommendation to shut down California’s last operating nuclear power plant until the agency can determine whether its twin reactors can withstand powerful shaking from nearby earthquake faults……..

Michael Peck, who for five years was Diablo Canyon’s lead NRC inspector, said in a confidential report disclosed by The Associated Press last month that no one knows whether the plant’s equipment can withstand strong shaking from those faults — the potential for which was realized decades after the facility was built.

Peck, now a senior reactor instructor for the NRC in Tennessee, argued the NRC is not applying safety rules it set out for the plant’s operation……..The agency’s ruling was issued on the same day that PG&E released hundreds of pages of scientific research…

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Dogs Left Behind

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Risso’s Dolphins are First Victims of Taiji “The Cove” Dolphin Hunting Season 2014

Champions for Cetaceans

By Kirsten Massebeau

A pod of Risso's Dolphins are the first victims of the Taiji Dolphin Hunting Season. by The Ric O'Barry Dolphin Project September 16,2014 (September 15, US time)A pod of Risso’s Dolphins are the first victims of the Taiji Dolphin Hunting Season. by The Ric O’Barry Dolphin Project September 16,2014 (September 15, US time)

The string of “blue cove days” ended September 16,2014 as a innocent pod of Risso’s dolphins was driven into “The Cove” a documentary released in 2009 revealing the dolphin capture in slaughter that takes place each year in Taiji, Japan.

Dolphin hunters carefully transfer the dead, and half dead bodies of a Risso's dolphin family through deaths door. by SSCG's September 16,2014 LivestreamDolphin hunters carefully transfer the dead, and half dead bodies of a Risso’s dolphin family through “Death’s Door”. by SSCG’s September 16,2014 Livestream

For several hours the  pod of Risso’s dolphins fought bravely for their lives but sadly they were no match for the hunters with their high powered Mercury engines and banger poles. The family was driven into the cove, pushed under the killing tarps, and then were quickly transported to the butchers house, the entrance known as “Deaths…

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