Injured dog to get new paw

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“Yes I agree, due to the dwindling numbers of tigers in the wild & those that are legally shot for pleasure; there aren’t many left in the wild; BUT there are some decent wildlife parks that tigers can be kept in, whilst following the proper gene protocol etc.. But to say they are better in a circus is too much for me to swallow!!! As an animal advocate of many years, I don’t think tigers are or should be allowed in CIRCUSES.” To say tigers are trained without the use of brute force or cruelty is something I can not accept, i.e jumping through rings of fire!!! Please read the following report on why this person thinks tigers are better off in zoos, someone who is an animal welfare specialist!!! PLEASE READ THIS POST…FOR ME ME IT STANDS AGAINST EVERYTHING I BELIEVE AS AN ANIMAL ADVOCATE.”


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URGENT: Please Help Bring Rhino Poachers to Justice

Fight for Rhinos

Kingpin poaching leader Hugo Ras, and his nine co-accused  have been charged with no less than 318 charges regarding their involvement in rhino poaching and related crimes. These people are REPEAT OFFENDERS; they are believed to be responsible for the brutal slaughter and mutilation of 24 rhino, including a pregnant cow and a small calf, in state and privately owned reserves around the country between June 2008 and June 2012.

Hugo Ras Hugo Ras, serial rhino killer

They were arrested Friday by South African’s Priority Investigation Unit, the Hawks. A spokesperson for the group, Paul Ramaloko called the syndicate’s operations the “serial killing” of rhino.

Via Allison Thompson from OSCAP (Outraged South African Citizens Against Poaching), here is a list of the accused:

ras and coconspirators Ras and his co-conspirators in court.

1. Hugo Ras (Ringleader)
2. Trudie Ras (wife of Hugo)
3. Mandla Magaguka (poacher)
4. Willie Oosthuizen (Organized Crime)
5. Joseph Wilkinson (Attorney)
6. Jacobus Steyn aka Bonnie…

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Hundreds of floating robots could soon surveil the oceans

Nwo Report

A deal between Boeing and Liquid Robotics, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, means fleets of seafaring robots will augment existing military aircraft and ships in monitoring the seas.


Boeing and Liquid Robotics plan to produce seafaring robots that can surveil the sea around the clock, augmenting existing systems.

Source: C/Net

Boeing and Liquid Robotics today announced a partnership to make water-borne robots that can handle a variety of surveillance jobs, ranging from hunts for submarines to the detection of drug traffickers.

Silicon Valley’s Liquid Robotics is the manufacturer of the Wave Glider SV3, a $300,000 self-powered, seafaring data center that offers customers — until now, mostly researchers and marine industry companies — tools for investigating the open seas for months at a time. SV3s have a hybrid propulsion system that can drive the robot with either solar or wave power. Boeing is the world’s second-largest defense contractor.

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Liberty and Justice for All…? Why Animals Need Their Own Bill of Rights | One Green Planet

Life or Lunch?

patriotic-pets-12-1200x792Without legal protection, innocent animals are defenseless against those who would do them harm. That’s why our laws need to represent the myriad needs of animal protection. For example, our companion animals — our beloved cats and dogs — may be harmed from abuse or neglect, hoarding, dogfighting rings, or “puppy mills,” where they are treated like disposable breeding machines. Wild animals, on the other hand, face harms like being penned, hounded, trapped, or shot. Meanwhile, exotic animals like bears, tigers, and lions are trapped in pathetically inhumane conditions at roadside zoos. All animals need the strength and consistency of protection through our legal system.

That’s why all across the nation Americans are speaking up for our nonhuman friends by signing the Animal Bill of Rights to support laws that protect animals and the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s goal is to collect one million…

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this will annoy some who follow me…but it’s working


From the day the NRA moved to Washington, D.C. in 1907, the gun lobby has operated without opposition in Congress and State Houses across the country.

So when we ran an ad highlighting an Arizona congressional candidate’s opposition to changing the law to prohibit convicted stalkers from owning guns, it raised some eyebrows.

Our ad

The fact is, in 2011, 44% of women murdered with guns were killed by a current or former intimate partner. And even among gun owners, 73% support prohibiting someone convicted of domestic violence from owning a gun.

Some called our ad “tough.” And others thought it was a bit too personal … too raw.

Headline: Giffords Group Airs Tough Ad

But keeping our communities safer from gun violence is a raw and emotional issue. And like Gabby said, we will use “every means available” to ensure we have a Congress that “puts communities’ interests ahead of the gun lobby’s.”

And it turns…

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Everyday In The USA 2,191Americans Use Their Gun In Self Defense: FBI ~ There Are 32 Guns Purchased Every Minute In The United States.

Political Vel Craft

Sigmund Freud fear of weapons guns

USA — ( Somewhere, everyday in the USA, 2100+ people use a gun for self defense, to stop a crime or save the lives of themselves or their family.

“We believe that the American public deserve to understand that on the average, guns save 2,191 lives and are used to thwart crimes every day,” says Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation
Most times you won’t see these tales on the news as it does not fit the main stream media’s story line of “Guns and Gun Owners are Bad“.

This is just one of those stories;

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35 years of shrinking arctic ice, all in one graphic

35 years of shrinking arctic ice, all in one graphic.