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By Care2 –
March 5, 2018

As previously reported by WAN, 18-year-old Luis Eudoro Valencia was recently sentenced to six months in prison for attempting to smuggle an endangered Bengal tiger cub from Mexico into the U.S. last year.
Animal advocates agree that the sentence is not nearly long enough.
Worse is the fact that the innocent tiger cub received what may be a life sentence when he was sent to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.
Our partner Care2 currently has a petition urging that the cub is transferred to a sanctuary.
It is feared that if the cub is forced to live in captivity, he may suffer from “zoochosis,” a condition that causes animals to hurt themselves and behave in other unusual ways, due to the stress of confinement.
In the wild, tigers typically roam across large distances, climb trees, run and swim, all with minimal human contact. This is not the case in captivity where animals are exploited for corporate profit.
Instead of being driven to madness, this Bengal tiger should be able to live his life in a sanctuary where he will have access to proper care, protection, and veterinary care, all without being forced to be on public display.
Please sign the Care2 petition urging the San Diego Zoo to send this precious cub to a sanctuary.

Petition: Send Endangered Bengal Tiger Cub to a Sanctuary! Care 2

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Petition update · The outcome ·


                                                                                PETITION IS CLOSED

Indiana DNR: Appeal to keep Finn the fox
by Torrey Bright · 118,178 supporters
Petition update
The outcome
Torrey Bright
Peru, IN

Jun 15, 2016 — I am only sending this update to update all the thousands who have asked..

Despite my efforts, knowledge, petition, 118,000 signatures, and fact that I already house and own an animal of the same species, whom helped me adopt and nurse Finn back to health.. The DNR ruled against me today stating that “I am not special,” that the “law is the law and I’m not changing it for you,” and stating that “I could have all the signatures in the world on my petition and it wouldn’t matter to them.”
I have to give up an animal that has done no wrong, and who knows me as his mother, all because of what’s written in an old book with no room for error or emotion.

He now is to be picked up and taken to a rehabber, who also has a fox, to be used for educational purposes. However, they refuse to tell me the location or name because “I don’t get visitation rights.” God forbid they grant me anything for doing what everyone thought was right.

For those saying to hide him or say he “ran away”, it is not an option due to the fact I will lose my other license if so. I was made a mockery of and told it didn’t matter if I have 100k people standing next to me, they wouldn’t change their stance.

No good deed should go unpunished evidentially. No one with a heart or compassion is given a second glance. No common sense is used. Someone who sits in a big office all day with no contact to wildlife itself is clearly the correct person to make the final decision right???

This petition has been closed, the case has been closed, and we have lost the battle. Thank you to everyone who tried to make a stand with us, we appreciate each one of you.

Petition Closed
118,178 supporters
31,822 needed to reach 150,000

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Susana Martinez: BAN Snare Trapping on our Public Lands
by Wick Beavers · 147,630 supporters
Petition update
Wick Beavers
Taos, NM

May 13, 2016 — We need to make them pay for their barbaric, murderous and indiscriminate Trapping Law.
Please post this on your FB page- tweet it, too- and ask your friends to sign the petition and to email each commissioner.
Here is are the email addresses of each uninformed and cruel commissioner:
The photo is of Bella, killed in a snare set for who knows what?

Taking it to the Governor! Please Sign and Post on Your Social Media Pages.
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147,630 supporters
2,370 needed to reach 150,000

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