Medical Student Accused of Poisoning His Dog for Money Must be Prosecuted

pomeranian-by-TinaKirk-1024x683A dog died after a medical student reportedly poisoned the poor animal for financial compensation. The student apparently fed the dog an overdose of the same human medication that was found in the man’s bag. Reports claim the man was seeking to blame a transport company so he could make an insurance claim. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Source: Medical Student Accused of Poisoning His Dog for Money Must be Prosecuted

Petition: Stop Deadly Dog ExperimentsAt Wayne State University! – The Animal Rescue Site

Medical devices are surgically implanted in the dogs bodies. Then they are forced to run on treadmills, while heart failure is artificially induced.

Cat owners warned against grotesque ‘peticures’ – Katzenworld

Cat owners warned against grotesque ‘peticures’ Trend for artificial feline plastic claw caps a worrying new trend says The Vet THE UK’S 8 million cat owners are being warned against a ‘worrying’ new trend for… More

Source: Cat owners warned against grotesque ‘peticures’ – Katzenworld

Bear Hound Hunting Leads to 15 Dog Fights with Federally Protected Wolves

Wolf Patrol

So far in 2017, bear hunters using hounds have been responsible for 15 dog fights with federally protected gray wolves while training and hunting with their dog packs in northern Wisconsin. Many of these attacks have occurred on Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest lands, where its legal to maintain unlimited bear baits from Spring until mid-October.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 2.15.18 PM 2017 gray wolf/bear hound fights.

In addition to luring black bears, wolves are also attracted to prey animals like deer who also regularly feed from bear baits. When hound hunters release their dogs to trail bears visiting bait sites, they are attacked by wolves defending their families and territories.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 2.16.26 PM 2017 Sawyer County bear hound depredations.

In early September, Wolf Patrol investigated a bear hound depredation in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, in Sawyer County, where four bear hounds have been killed by wolves so far this year. Multiple bear baits are located in the Wisconsin Department of…

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Petition Update · Stop Dumpster Diving Hunters From Baiting Bears with Dunkin’ Donuts ·

 Dumpster diving Trophy Hunters are bragging on social media, about collecting hundreds of donuts that have been discarded by Dunkin Donuts stores. Please sign our new petition asking Dunkin Donuts to secure their trash cans.

Greyhounds Facing Vicious Abuse by Trainers Must be Protected

Source: Greyhounds Facing Vicious Abuse by Trainers Must be Protected

Animal Defenders International : Fur : EXPOSED: The tragic short lives of foxes on a fur farm

EXPOSED: The tragic short lives of foxes on a fur farm

Posted: 26 September 2017. Updated: 27 September 2017
“A LIFETIME” is a new film about the brutal short lives of two foxes, brothers Borys and Eryk, born and killed on a Polish fur farm. Animal Defenders International (ADI) placed hidden cameras on the farm to capture this rare insight into an industry that kills more than 100 million animals a year.

Three arctic foxes are followed from birth on the Polish fur farm – ADI named them Borys, Eryk and Aleska. We see them nursed by their mother and Aleska taking her first halting steps as a tiny cub. Their world is a small wire cage. After a few weeks their mother is removed and we see the growing cubs explore their world and play together. As their coats change to the thick white fur that would protect them through the winter months, their days are numbered; their fur is a prized product.

At less than seven months of age, Boris and then Eryk are dragged from their cage. They have seen other foxes being killed outside their cage and there is nowhere to hide; desperate to avoid their fate, Borys, Eryk and Aleska try to run from the farmer. A terrified Aleska watches as her brothers are pulled from the cage by their tails, one at a time, hung up by a back leg, electrocuted and their bodies thrown on a cart to be skinned. Aleska is spared; she will breed next year’s foxes, her babies will be taken away from her and killed like her brothers.
This is the real cost of fur – when you buy fur, you buy cruelty.

Poland is the fourth largest producer of fox fur in the world – almost all is exported, with the United States being one of the biggest importers. ADI’s previous investigations of fur farms in Finland, the world’s largest producer of fox fur, have shown similar suffering and cruel deaths. The ADI team has also filmed inside farms in the United States and UK; although the UK has banned fur farming, it remains a major dealer, importing and exporting fur.
ADI’s findings reveal a cruel industry built on an image of beauty and luxury, desperately hiding the suffering of sensitive, intelligent, animals being farmed in filthy, intensive factory conditions or trapped for their fur.

Wild foxes are forced to live in small bare wire cages.

Excrement falls through the cages and piles up beneath them.

Animals farmed for their fur are denied their most natural behaviors, the chronic deprivation and extreme confinement causing both psychological and physical damage.

Babies are torn from their mothers at just a few weeks old.

The stark, filthy fur farm – a far cry from the complex, enriched wild habitat they deserve – takes a toll on their mental and physical health.

After only seven short months, baby foxes are dragged from cages by their tails, hung upside down and electrocuted in front of their families and other animals on the farm.

The animals are aware of what will happen to them and make desperate attempts to evade capture in the small cage and cling onto the mesh.

Animals not killed outright, despite industry claims, and are electrocuted a second time.

During ADI’s Polish investigation, one fox completely regained consciousness, ran away and found somewhere to hide. The fox was dragged from his hiding place and hung up again but desperately resisted the probe that he now knew, would kill him.

Worldwide every year over 110 million animals are killed on fur farms, with more than 16 million trapped in the wild for their fur. Over 15 million foxes are killed in a year, usually for trinkets, trims and accessories but up to 35 foxes can be used to make a fur coat.

Recently, products being sold as “fake” have been found to be real fur – perhaps unsurprising that an industry that treats animals as they do, would lie about it to fool the public into buying their cruel products.

Naturally shy and secretive animals, in the wild foxes have large territories, live in dens below ground in open country and eat a wide range of foods. Arctic foxes like Borys, Eryk and Aleska are nomadic, travelling many miles each day over the ice, enjoying the existence for which they evolved.

On the Polish farm ADI documented foxes with bent feet and overgrown claws, the result of a lifetime stood on a floor of wire mesh; individuals who suffered tail loss, caused by chewing due to stress; an animal with a weeping eye, swollen with pus, that was left untreated; young foxes attempting to play but restricted by the confines of their cage; animals chewing and pawing at their cages in a desire escape and to express themselves in their natural digging behaviors.

The full report is online here. Plus information on how to stop the fur trade.

Help end the cruel fur trade!

© Animal Defenders International 2017

Trump Issues New Proclamation, $200 MILLION To Aid Women As Media Stays Silent

Nwo Report

Source: The New York Post

One of the biggest excuses given for condoning outsourcing is that not enough Americans know skills like computer coding. Now clearly, this is not true when one sees all of the very qualified coders working at Wendy’s or Taco Bell.

In the meantime, President Trump is keeping the promise to be a great president to even those who did not vote for him and even when the media will stay silent on his good work. This is seen in the fact that America’s leader made a “proclamation” today to “make teaching computer coding a priority in US schools,” the New York Post confirms. $200 million dollars per year will be set aside to make it happen, too. It is a small price to pay compared to what outsourcing is costing us.

Ivanka Trump worked on the idea with the Department of…

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Steelers Owner Begs Fans Not To Abandon Team Over National Anthem Protest

They abandoned us when they turned their back on the flag!!!!

Nwo Report

‘We appreciate your continued support for our players, coaches and staff…’

Steelers Owner Begs Fans Not To Abandon Team Over National Anthem ProtestJamie White |

Steelers’ President Art Rooney II penned a panicked letter to Steelers fans after the team didn’t show up to the field during the National Anthem before a game on Sunday.

Rooney was responding to the scores of Steelers’ fans posting videos on YouTube of them burning their Steelers gear and vowing never to support the team ever again.

“The intentions of Steelers players were to stay out of the business of making political statements by not taking the field,” wrote Rooney.

“Unfortunately, that was interpreted as boycott of the anthem – which was never our players’ intention.”

“I also know that our players have tremendous respect for the members of our military services, including their teammate…

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Trump to Navajo Nation: Screw You Again



In spite of calls from the Navajo Nation for a moratorium on fracking in the Greater Chaco region of northwestern New Mexico, the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management has continued to rubberstamp industry demands for more drilling permits.

As we wrote earlier this year, it’s as if the Bureau of Land Management couldn’t care less about the concerns of the Navajo Nation or any Tribal interests for that matter.

But now, the Bureau of Land Management is taking their disregard for Tribal concerns to new heights. Citing President Trump’s demands that American public lands be auctioned off to the fossil fuel industry, the agency is moving ahead with plans to sell nearly 4,500 acres of lands for fracking in the Greater Chaco region in March of 2018.

Many of these lands are within 20 miles of Chaco Canyon, the heart of the Greater…

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The Birds of Bali

Endangered Living

The Indonesian island famous with tourists for its beaches, yoga retreats, and waterfalls is currently under threat from one of the island’s active volcano, Mount Agung. While the volcano has not erupted in over 50 years, experts now say that eruption is imminent and the government has evacuated a 12km radius around the volcano.

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Equifax Data Breach: ‘Disaster’ That Could Sink The Economy

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The recent hack of the credit monitoring company Equifax and the exposure of sensitive information of 143 million Americans will be “disastrous” for the credit industry, and therefore the economy.

Modern capitalism is based on credit and debt, more so than on capital, and is a work in progress.

As more people get spooked by credit fraud and have their credit frozen, to stop their Social Security numbers and other sensitive information get passed on to the hands of online fraudsters, their actions will reduce economic activity.

According to Republican candidate for Idaho’s First Congressional District, Michael Snyder,”If this data breach was an earthquake, we would be talking about a magnitude-10.0 on the identity theft scale.

Equifax has a lot to answer for, says Snyder. Among other things, why did they hire a music major as the chief security officer and then tried covering it?

The Economic…

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