Animal Legal Defense Fund Sues Landry’s Inc. for Endangered Species Act Violations

New Petition: Don’t Send Ringling Bros.’ Tigers to Yet Another Cruel Circus

The notorious Ringling Bros. Circus plans to sell its tigers to an overseas show instead of sending them to a sanctuary. Demand that these abused animals, who have endured years of cruelty, finally be allowed a peaceful retirement.

Source: Don’t Send Ringling Bros.’ Tigers to Yet Another Cruel Circus

“New” Petition: Stop Republican Senators’ Attack on Endangered Species


Republican senators may kill hundreds of endangered animals and plants by delegating the Endangered Species List to the states. Sign the petition and demand they not restrict the Endangered Species Act. The future of our environment is a national issue we must all care about, not an issue for the states.

Source: Stop Republican Senators’ Attack on Endangered Species

Don’t Allow Hunters to Shoot Bears Using Silencers

Grizzly bears could soon be hunted to the brink of extinction using silencers if Republicanlawmakers have their way. Allowing the use of silencers on public lands to hunt these magnificent and threatened creatures is unacceptable. Sign this petition to demand that current restrictions remain in place.

Source: Don’t Allow Hunters to Shoot Bears Using Silencers

Petition: Stop Japan From Slaughtering Whales for ‘Research’

Nearly  200 whales were killed by Japanese whalers this year, including a number of endangered whales. Sign this petition to call for the end of this cruel and barbaric practice that slaughters these majestic cetaceans and puts them at risk of extinction.

Source: Stop Japan From Slaughtering Whales for ‘Research’

Wild horses vs cattle: Who will win the waterhole?

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Source:  Heber Wild Horses

Public lands ranchers, in their effort to convince Forest Service and others that the wild horses need to be removed from the Sitgreaves National Forest, often fall back on their old propaganda spiel that the horses guard the waterholes and won’t let the cattle drink.  So we uploaded this little video showing what really takes place at a waterhole on a regular basis when cattle and wild horses wind up at the same waterhole at the same time.  Observe the drama unfold as you watch this action packed video of wild horses picking on poor little cows…see the terrified looks on the faces of the cattle as the horses plot against them!  LOL

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