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Our concern is for the long time commitment to these animals.

Petition · Ocoee Police: Justice for Duke ·

Duke was shot in his own front yard by a police officer who entered through the gate of the fence in property.

Petition update · Canada is the Only Nation that Still Allows the Killing of Polar Bears by Trophy Hunters ·

Sep 6, 2017 — If you’d like to put an end to that please contact the office of the Canadian Prime Minister:

Office Phone: 613-992-4211
Fax: 613-941-6900

September 1st is the Beginning of Hunting Season
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Petition: Stop Industrial Dairy Expansion

Please sign the petition to end Government funded irrigation schemes.

We Did It! Another Cruel Sheep Race is Canceled Thanks to a Petition | One Green Planet

Natasha Brooks
September 6, 2017

We love when public opinion is powerful enough to make serious changes for the better, for all. Petitions are an excellent way to increase public awareness of serious issues and garner support for them.

Recently, two inhumane “sheep races” were canceled due to public protest from petitions, and now, thanks to your participation, yet another sheep race has been canceled! The Llandovery Sheep Festival in Wales announced they respect people’s right to voice their viewpoints, and they will no longer be conducting sheep races at their events this September 23rd and 24th.

The woman who set up the petition, Samantha Francis, said, “Using animals for entertainment sends us back to the dark ages and is inexcusable … Sheep are not playthings here for our amusement at their expense.”

An Animal Concern Advice Line spokesperson, John Robins, said, “I am very pleased this race has been canceled …The natural habitat and behavior of sheep does not include being chased down a main street while being cheered on by a crowd of 5,000 people … Sheep racing clearly breaches animal welfare laws and is by no means the comical entertainment you might first think it is. The animals used would be terrified.”

If you are as thrilled as we are that another sheep race has been canceled, please share this good news with your friends and family!


Chiari Malformation Awareness Month And Related Rare Diseases That Can Come Along With Chiari 

 Chiari Malformations Synonyms of Chiari Malformations Arnold-Chiari Malformation (ACM) CM Hindbrain Herniation Tonsillar Ectopia Subdivisions of Chiari Malformations Chiari type 0 (Chiari malformat…

Source: Chiari Malformation Awareness Month And Related Rare Diseases That Can Come Along With Chiari 

What I learned the day a dying whale spared my life

Exposing the Big Game

It was 1975, Greenpeace’s first campaign, and the bodies of six Soviet-slaughtered whales were lying lifeless in the swell. I thought to myself, is humanity really this insane?
Greenpeace first anti whaling campaign : Phyllis Cormack ship and Paul Watson on Killed Whale
 Paul Watson on top of a slaughtered whale calf in the foreground, with the Greenpeace ship Phyllis Cormack behind, on 26 June 1975. Photograph: Rex Weyler/Greenpeace

The greatest gift that I have ever received is also my great and enduring curse.

It was June 1975 and I was a crew member on the first Greenpeace campaign to protect the whales. It was off the coast of northern California, 60 miles offshore. Before us, spread across the waters like some invading foreign armada, was the Soviet whaling fleet.

The ships were grey, black, and freckled with rust. From out of the side of the largest vessel…

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Dead Dolphins In Fukushima Found Stranded With White Radiated Lungs

The Extinction Chronicles

Dead stranded dolphins found near Fukushima with white radiated lungs

Japanese scientists have said they have never seen anything as horrific as the massive group of dead dolphins discovered stranded on a beach near the site of the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

After conducting an autopsy the scientists found that the dolphins’ lungs were white – which they say is an indication of radiation poisoning.

The translated article comes from EneNews:

Apr 11, 2015 (emphasis added):

Google Translate: Ibaraki Prefecture… for a large amount of dolphin which was launched on the shore… the National Science Museum… investigated… researchers rushed from national museums and university laboratory, about 30 people were the anatomy of the 17 animals in the field. [According to Yuko Tajima] who led the investigation… “the lungs of most of the 17… was pure white ischemic state, visceral signs of overall clean and disease and infections were observed”… Lungs white state, that…

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Montana Oil and Gas Industry “Incidents”


montana incidents mapCheck out our latest interactive map showing the location of oil and gas industry “incidents” reported in Montana from 2015 to the present.

This map was created using data reported by industry to the Montana Board of Oil and Gas.  All told, 202 incidents have been reported since 2015. That amounts to around 1.5 incidents per week reported by industry.

Among the biggest reports of incidents? Continental Resources, Inc., Denbury Onshore, LLC, and XTO Energy, a subsidiary of Exxon.

You’ll remember that Exxon was responsible for a massive oil spill in Montana’s Yellowstone River back in 2011. That spill unleashed 63,000 gallons of oil fouling 85 miles of the River and led to a $12 million fine (which, as was widely pointed out, is a drop in the bucket for Exxon and nothing short of a slap on the wrist).


This “inicident” data confirms the…

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Models Show Irma Tracking Toward 88 Degree (F) Waters Before Setting Sights on Florida, Georgia and South Carolina


As of yesterday and today, Irma was the strongest storm ever to form in the Central Atlantic. Fueled by record atmospheric and ocean heat and related high atmospheric moisture content, the storm plowed into the Leeward Islands of Barbuda, St. Martin and Anguila as a top-strength Category 5 monster hurricane.

(Alex Woolfall takes shelter in a concrete stairwell in St. Martin to avoid Irma’s catastrophic winds. It’s worth noting that hurricanes are heat engines. Tapping 87 C sea surface temperatures and producing 100 percent humidity would result in the very hot conditions Alex was experiencing…

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Model Mad, National Monument Protection Coalition


Arch Canyon, within Bears Ears national monument in Utah. Bears Ears is under threat from the Trump administration. Photograph: Francisco Kjolseth/AP

More examples of corporate social responsibility and activist collaboration taking the higher ground position over flawed public policy.

Native Americans and environmental advocates get help from outdoor retailers as they battle proposal to change monuments’ boundaries

Environmental activists, Native American groups and a coalition of outdoor retailers have vowed to redouble their efforts to protect public lands, after the US interior secretary, Ryan Zinke, recommended on Thursday that Donald Trump change the boundaries of a “handful” of national monuments.

“Secretary Zinke’s recommendation is an insult to tribes,” said Carleton Bowekaty…

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