Steelers Owner Begs Fans Not To Abandon Team Over National Anthem Protest

They abandoned us when they turned their back on the flag!!!!

Nwo Report

‘We appreciate your continued support for our players, coaches and staff…’

Steelers Owner Begs Fans Not To Abandon Team Over National Anthem ProtestJamie White |

Steelers’ President Art Rooney II penned a panicked letter to Steelers fans after the team didn’t show up to the field during the National Anthem before a game on Sunday.

Rooney was responding to the scores of Steelers’ fans posting videos on YouTube of them burning their Steelers gear and vowing never to support the team ever again.

“The intentions of Steelers players were to stay out of the business of making political statements by not taking the field,” wrote Rooney.

“Unfortunately, that was interpreted as boycott of the anthem – which was never our players’ intention.”

“I also know that our players have tremendous respect for the members of our military services, including their teammate…

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