End Dog Breed Discrimination

In many U.S. towns, dogs are discriminated against based solely on looks. Breeds such as American Pit Bull terriers are not welcome in many communities despite their long history of being the ideal family pet. Cities that allow the breed often require unrealistic and costly measures to isolate the dog from the rest of the community, and noncompliance results in removal from the family and death. Sign this petition to end dog breed discrimination.

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Justice for Puppy Reportedly Locked in Crate Until She Starved to Death

A puppy was reportedly locked in a crate where she starved to death. The poor animal’s dead carcass was reportedly emaciated and covered in urine and feces, but the dog’s owner was only sentenced to one day in jail. Sign this petition to demand that this disgusting injustice be reversed.

Source: Justice for Puppy Reportedly Locked in Crate Until She Starved to Death

Man With History of Animal Sex Abuse Must Face Prison Time

A man with a decades-long history of animal cruelty and sexual abuse, including killing animals, reportedly asked the court to release him under the condition that he receive hormone treatments. Please sign this petition to demand that this repeat offender not be allowed to escape justice.

Source: Man With History of Animal Sex Abuse Must Face Prison Time

Demand Steeper Penalties for Animal Abuse

The correlation between animal abuse and domestic violence, including child abuse is undeniable. When people in powerful positions refuse to pass laws that protect our animals, it effects the safety of victims of abuse, including children. Sign this petition requiring the support of Iowa bills that protect innocent animals in cases of domestic violence and child abuse and provide steeper penalties for those who abuse and neglect animals.

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Justice for Two Dogs Allegedly Abandoned Without Food or Water


Two dogs suffered and one had to be euthanized after they were allegedly abandoned without food or water. One of the dogs was reportedly so emaciated that his bones showed through his skin, and the other suffered from a severe flea infestation. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

Source: Justice for Two Dogs Allegedly Abandoned Without Food or Water

Justice for Dogs Barred from Hotel During Hurricane

A family was forced to leave their dogs in their car after driving hours to find a hotel during Hurricane Harvey. Sign this petition to demand the hotel change its rules for emergencies.

Source: Justice for Dogs Barred from Hotel During Hurricane

Don’t Force Owners to Cut Dogs’ Vocal Chords

A court has ordered a family to cut their dogs’ vocal chords so the animals can no longer bark. Sign this petition to oppose this barbaric “debarking” procedure.

Source: Don’t Force Owners to Cut Dogs’ Vocal Chords

Serbia: Appeal for Help With Food for Dogs and Cats. See Facebook link below.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Hi Mark,

Can You, please, help by SAV  in matter of Dogs by Duda.

She  cares for about  30 dogs and  many cats too, but now she has no food, and  the Winter is  in front of us, and in winter animals even  need more food, but she has nothing, No food  as for dogs, or for cats , and Mrs. Duda needs urgent help.

Please help Mrs. Duda, a great person  and animal lover  in Nova Pazova, near Belgrade,  she needs help as soon  as is possible..

Thanks with all my heart.

Facebook link:



Since I personally care for about 50 saved dogs and cats. I know best how desperately  she needs  an urgent help.

Unfortunately  I personally cannot help her, but please  help You by SAV.

She has no internet  and lives with 30 dogs and  many cats, and needs our help.

Everything she had she gave to the animals  and to  the vets  .

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How To Use ‘Press This’ On WordPress #bloggingtips

What is, and how do you use ‘Press This’ on WordPress? Hugh Roberts takes you through a step by step guide on using the WordPress Press This feature.

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