Petition: Man and Dog Fleeing Irma Denied Flight for Not Having a Pet Carrier

All Airlines should have pet carriers as part of their standard equipment after all the pets do not fly free

Stopping Animal Abuse

For news about legislation, programs and research concerning how animal abuse is linked with other forms of family and community violence,  Click here   To order your copy of the book, “Silent Victims”

Source: Stopping Animal Abuse

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This guy loves to brag that his dog can be killed.

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Shut Fur-Ever Wild Down!

Petition update
Kristen Elliott
Saint Paul, MN

Sep 12, 2017 — At last night’s Eureka Township’s closed door meeting, Terri Petter asked to be able to retain ownership of 100 animals, 50 of which would be wolves.

Her offer was rejected by the Township.

She now has 21 days to appeal to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court can decline to hear the appeal.

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