Trump Issues New Proclamation, $200 MILLION To Aid Women As Media Stays Silent

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Source: The New York Post

One of the biggest excuses given for condoning outsourcing is that not enough Americans know skills like computer coding. Now clearly, this is not true when one sees all of the very qualified coders working at Wendy’s or Taco Bell.

In the meantime, President Trump is keeping the promise to be a great president to even those who did not vote for him and even when the media will stay silent on his good work. This is seen in the fact that America’s leader made a “proclamation” today to “make teaching computer coding a priority in US schools,” the New York Post confirms. $200 million dollars per year will be set aside to make it happen, too. It is a small price to pay compared to what outsourcing is costing us.

Ivanka Trump worked on the idea with the Department of…

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2 comments on “Trump Issues New Proclamation, $200 MILLION To Aid Women As Media Stays Silent

  1. The reason they are being overlooked is that workers brought in from India and China get to claim “minority” status even though they are the most populous countries in the world! The same is true in academia – public university funding going to sometimes less qualified foreigners and professorships to foreigners who can’t speak English too. Over one million legal immigrants per year and less than 10% refugees while Americans educated or not can get nothing.

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