Protect American Pika from Total Extinction

The American Pika, a close relative to the rabbit, has disappeared from major portions of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. Scientists have identified climate change as the driving factor in this mammal’s disappearance. Sign this petition to demand we take action to fight climate change and save wildlife before it is too late.

Source: Protect American Pika from Total Extinction

Petition: Stop selling puppy mill animals at pet stores, Florida

Petition: Save Lasah! Tell TripAdvisor to stop being complicit in elephant abuse!

Petition: L’Oréal: It’s time to #becrueltyfree

Petition: Protect Wild Spaces: Stop Northern Niobium Mine

Petition: Ban the sale of puppy & kitty mill animals in Oregon pet stores, Oregon

Petition: Seize! Detain! Kill! — Sri Lanka Readying Legislation to Kill its Dogs!, Sri Lanka

They have Government funding for spayed and neutering programs.

Petition: Stop Using Seeni the Elephant as a Baby Making Machine

Petition: We Need the Chemical Disaster Rule

Petition: No Public Money for Animal Abuse

Petition: Oregon Animal Abuse Registry, Oregon

Petition: Help save my family member

Petition: The National Trust: Revoke Land Use For ‘Trail’ Hunts, United Kingdom

Elderly couple and their dog was attacked on the beach by hounds, revoke all of their licenses.

Petition: Equifax Wants to Screw Over Users a Second Time

Pesticide-Related Autism: Possible Solution, say researchers

Finally some hopeful news to mitigate the risk of pesticides for pregnant women.  Researchers studying pesticide-related autism risks have discovered that folic acid just might mitigate the risk of…

Source: Pesticide-Related Autism: Possible Solution, say researchers

Seeking Shelter from the Storm

Flamingos shelter in Key West laundry room as Parrots seek refuge at Miami hotel window — boldcorsicanflame’s Blog A family staying at a Miami Marriott hotel found two parrots pressed right u…

Source: Seeking Shelter from the Storm

Syria: Man Massages Paralyzed Kitten’s Legs, And Something Amazing Happens.

Miracles happen when you care. 💖

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

VIDEO: Man Massages Paralyzed Kitten’s Legs, And Something Amazing Happens

When Mohammad Alsalem of Damascus, Syria found a tiny kitten meowing outside his house, he noticed something strange. The kitten could not move her back legs, but instead dragged them behind her as she tried to walk.

Alsalem named the cat Piano due to her black and white fur, and brought her to the Syrian Association for Rescuing Animals (SARA) – a group of Syrian citizens who work to rescue animals despite the civil turmoil in the region.

Alsalem thought the kitten would need a wheelchair, but still worked with SARA on healing Piano.

He moved her feet and routinely massaged the kitten’s muscles.

After a month or so, something amazing happened: Piano fully regained use of her legs, and is now able to run around like a frisky kitten.

Thank you, Alsalem and SARA, for never giving up on little Piano.


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